but i also wanted to show what i was talking about


…n-no? if someone votes third-party, it’s a vote for a third-party candidate, not for trump. i mean, yeah, we have a fucked-up political system in which it is so greatly defined by a binary choice due to both capitalism and the media that any third-party vote is cast aside, so voting for hillary is important, but this kind of fear-mongering is uncritical and self-aggrandizing for hillary supporters.

also, when i see people talk about how hillary “dragged” trump, all i can think is, that’s great and all, but…this is donald trump we’re talking about, the fascist that comedians and late night talk show hosts love to either use as a punching bag or humanize. i could drag his headless chicken ass across the stage with a shoe-string and that doesn’t automatically imply that what i say or do is of great importance.

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Honestly, it may be best just to ignore them. Textbook troll. If you respond to them (Whether negatively or positively) You're giving them what they want. I'd say either stop responding or just turn off anon.


-{Actually I’m having fun with it. Not my fault they want to hate on one of my favorite shows, and if they hate the art style, why not just throw more of it in their face just to piss them off?

Sides, if they want to try and pull off what they’re actually talking about, that’s their fault for being stupid enough to announce it on the internet. Pretty sure cops will track them down soon enough if he does actually go after him.

Okay but… I’m really conflicted about this extended/uncut/alternate/added scenes version of Ghostbusters. Cause on one hand SO MUCH HOLTZMANN GAYNESS! SO MUCH KATE AWESOMENESS! ALSO HOLTZBERT! And on the other hand, it just shows us really to what extend the studio execs didn’t want her to be marked as gay. They (Paul and Kate) had to say it wasn’t adressed in the movie or wasn’t relevant… BUT IT WAS! IT FUCKING WAS! And that’s messed up.

On the other hand. Thank you Paul Feig. From the get go, I loved that he underhanded confirmed Holtzmann’s sexuality on numerous occasions on twitter, liking all those “like this post if Holtzmann is gay” tweets and all. And I feel like this DVD cut of the movie is the biggest ‘fuck off’ he was able to do to the studios and I am happy and grateful he did.


P.S. Y’all I’m working ona doing a Kate McKinnon gif hunt post but I need to put order in my almost thousand gifs before then… stay on the look out if that’s something that might interest you!

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Could I please get shipped? I'm a 5'8 English female with turquoisey blue eyes and very short hair which is currently blonde but naturally is dark mouse(ish). I'm a very passionate person who loves animals and cares slot about the environment. I also love science and geography (I'm a bit of a nerd). I'm a social butterfly who gets on with most everyone and I'm naturally quite defensive of people I care about. Also I love music and books (and ur blog❤️). Thanking you:)!

Hello! I ship you with Denmark! I think you guys would initially get along because you’re both sociable people and would have no problem talking right away. And he would love you’re nerdiness and think it’s the most adorable thing ever! He’d love to listen to you talk about your passions and science and other things for hours, never once getting bored! He might try and show off and act like he knows what he’s talking about, but really he just wants to impress you XD (and THANK YOU! <3)

-Admin music

Oppa! Notice Me: SNS Edition

I wished you a happy birthday. Did you see it? I put it everywhere. I wanted to make sure you saw it.

I like and comment on all of your posts. I try my best to show you I’m sincere and I care about you as a person. I wonder if I what I tell you just gets lost in the thousands of comments you get all at once.

Also, how come you never talk to me? I know you can’t talk to everyone. I know you don’t want to say something that’ll get you tons of backlash. I understand. Believe me I do. I just want some indication that it’s really you.

Oh! I see you have a new post…It’s a fanchat!!! Oppa, please notice me…

@flylikeg7: Hi oppa! I hope you got some sleep today.

@flylikeg7: Thank you for talking to us :)

@flylikeg7: Guys, stop saying you’re gonna kill yourself if they don’t talk to you. That might upset them. They can’t talk to ALL of us.

Member: Thank you for understanding us :)

@flylikeg7: Oppa! Is that really you?!

Member: Of course! Who else would it be?

@flylikeg7: Thank you for talking to me! Saranghae!!!


Do you know what I did after that oppa? That’s right! I screen-capped it and put it everywhere. I wanted the world to know that you acknowledged me. I know I said it a lot already but thank you from the bottom of my heart. You seem more real to me now. Ahgase forever. Saranghae!!!

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Going off of the anon who talked about the US article, I think it just goes to show that we really have no idea what it going on. Especially since I think that the US article also had the angle saying that the publicity had gotten to Tay, Tom wanted to be more public, etc. The blogs hating on Tay right now are using that against her, but then why would US have that angle if Luke gave them the exclusive? Gossip Cop and People later said similar things which also lends some credibility to it.

Yeah. We don’t know anything and frankly we don’t have a right to know.


“-You’ve ruined my kid’s life!
-What, no hello kiss?
-I meant it! I remember the first time I heard your name. Michael said “There’s this new boy in school, Brian Kinney.” For weeks that’s all he could talk about: “Brian Kinney this, and Brian Kinney that .” Next thing, you’re cutting classes. And then I come home from work one day and I find the two of you, and it was when I knew you were trouble. And you haven’t disappointed me a day since then.
-Well, at least, you can’t accuse me of being inconsistent.
-Consistent heartbreak.
-Come on Deb, you know I’ve looked after Mikey.
-I’ve never said that you weren’t there for him. You’ve been there too much. Always giving him just those extra little tidbits of your affection, uh? To make him believe that maybe someday you’d be his.
-Well, who knows? Maybe we’ll end up a couple of old queens in Palm Springs. 
-Only what’s he supposed to do until then? He had a chance with David, but you had to fuck it up.
-He wasn’t having any fun.
-He’s had enough fun. You’ve all had enough fun. It’s time for him to be a man.
-And what do you want me to do about that?
-Well, I don’t know. Something. You owe my kid something.
-Okay. You win. I’ll do something. [Pause] It’s Mikey’s 30th birthday. He should have a party he never forgets.”

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Why don't Zane and Madison take many photos together?

Your guess is as good as mine anon. 

It could be PR reasons for the show or it could be personal reasons. It could also be a Canadian thing lol. Zane strikes me as a very down to earth reserved individual. I know he’s crazy about all his Dusk castmates [just as they are about him]; Zane is the closest with DJ Cotrona for obvious reasons. Keep in mind too that Zane is married in real life [yes ladies he’s unavailable unfortunately lol] with a 10 year old daughter and maybe he doesn’t want fans to get any ideas you know?

I have no idea what his off-screen relationship with Madison is like but its pretty  apparent how much they really adore one another as well. They retweet and tweet each other on twitter all the time, comment on one another’s photos on Instagram, and Madison has been making it pretty obvious how much she loves the Richiekate dynamic on FDTD. She’s talked a bit about why she’s likes Kichie a few times now. Still nothing on Zane’s end though lol.

It would be nice if we at least got more insight to what Zane and Madison think of each other professionally, like I really want to know how much they enjoy working together because the chemistry in their scenes on Dusk is so electrifying! I’m sure as the show goes on we might get little surprises here and there. Like you anon I’m very curious as about them. 

But hey you want Zane and Madison pictures? Here ya go:

Here’s one Madie took of Zane sleeping onset last year lol:

They also did these shots together I think Brandon took them lol:

We got these hilariously adorable gems from the Dusk 3 wrap party:

But this recent picture of Zane and Madison with the Dusk cast has got to be my favorite by far: 

So as you can see anon they adore one another it couldn’t be more obvious!

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🐇 what do you always daydream about?

uhm i daydream costantly tbh but about literally anything !! from tv shows that i want to watch to the future and stuff

☕️ talk about your ideal day

um waking up late, having all my fav foods fo breakfast, PIZZA FOR LUNCH / DINNER !!! also going to the comics store and being able to stay out and chat with some close friends of mine who UNDERSTANDS me on a deep level would be rlly Nice !! going to some pet store or places where there are a lot of cute animals would fuel me with lots of energy !!
i would end it with watching a ghibli/animation movie and playing games or just drawing.

imm a girl who doesnt know how to have fun…. this is such a bland answer.  ;;;;;

Last Week Tonight: September 25, 2016

One joke format that I love when it is delivered well is the “ruthless overkill” joke. John Oliver saying “fuck you” to an eight-year-old Ron Howard is exactly what I mean by that. Also, this show’s occasional compilations of ads for WCBS News features are always hysterical and remind me why I mostly hate television. The main course was especially relevant since I watched this immediately after subjecting myself to the first presidential debate. More than any specific factual misrepresentation or shameless dogwhistle, I found myself enraged at the general tenor of the debate, which was light on policy and heavy on accusations of scandal. This helps put a lot of that in perspective, but it is still absolutely not what I want to hear the candidates talk about. And I think we can expect more from exactly one of the two.

Rule: tag 10 people you want to know better

Tagged again, wowie! This time I was tagged by @remyrony!

Favorite anime/manga: Code Geass, Fullmetal Alchemist, Sailor Moon, Madoka Magica and Blue Exorcist

Favorite videogames: Skies of Arcadia, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Xenoblade Chronicles, Bravely Default, Atelier Escha & Logy (mostly for Logy), Fire Emblem: Awakening, Tales of Vesperia and Persona 4. We’ll stop there.

Favorite books: I don’t read my dudes

Favorite tv shows: Avatar: The Last Airbender and Voltron I guess? The Voltron fandom is ready to fight about literally anything, but the show is good. I also like anything Cartoon Network had in like…the early 2000s, I can’t possible name them all.

Last song I listened to: Okami- Kamui of the Northern Lands, apparently

First language: English

I tag 10 of you, go do this now. The first ten to do this gets a smiley face!

Back to school

EZ went to the hospital over the weekend with back problems, so I’ve been working overtime around the house. The boys are so used to me being in charge that they’ve gotten demanding, even rude, but I’ll save my thoughts on that for another post.

Today was my first subbing job of the year, and I was getting myself ready, while making coffee, breakfast, taking dogs out, etc. Normally, EZ would do all of that just to make the day easy for me.

As I struggled in the kitchen, Bear asked for juice AND a snack. “I’m making you a boiled egg.”

“I want a snack right now.”

He wanted to show me a Lego sloth he made and talk about sloths. There was also a demonstration of how high he could kick. When his egg was ready, he said his egg was like Kirby or PacMan. I had no idea what he was talking about, until I looked and saw he put the two halves of his egg together to look like a character with an open mouth. It is hard for me to concentrate on tasks and converse with children. But I reminded myself that this is it. Next year, he’ll be in Kindergarten. And I will be nostalgic for this morning. 

Gus complained that he wanted his own room. “Bear doesn’t clean up.”

“We have to teach him to clean, even if you have your own room.”

I told Bear I’d see him at school, since I was teaching in the preschool class next to his. He lit up, like this was the best thing ever. Gus turns the other way when he sees me at school. I reminded him there was a time when he wanted me on the bus, in his class and at all the field trips. That was only a few years ago. 

Gus was at school when I arrived. He said, “There’s my mom,” to his friends on the playground and sort of turned away. When Bear later arrived for his class, he wanted to tell me things, play with me, show me what he could do, hug me and hold my hand. I had to find that balance between wanting to fulfill his every request and doing my job. Today, as another kid said, I was teacher-mom.

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Also... is there any chance for even a tiiiiny Finding Pack sneak peak for the week? I meant to creep by and ask on Friday, but work was exhausting. I basically come home and collapsed (after my boss kept distracting me as I tried to leave by talking at me about things we need to do on cases.)

Hope you’re well rested now! Treat yourself with anything for working until exhaustion? You better have! Some chocolate perhaps, or candy in general, go on a small binge with your favorite show or even read stuff you enjoy. 

Weeeeell, I have a very, veery, small little peek. Can’t really cut it anywhere else without it feeling awkward, sort of, and I also want to leave everyone on the edge. The aaaangst. 

Here ya go! Finding Pack chapter 17 sneak peek! 

Tony stirred to movement over his body. With his mind a haze he didn’t piece together where the movement was on him or what could possibly doing the movement. What he did notice was how comfortable and blissful he felt. Comfortable he had recently started getting accustomed to since leaving the shacks and spending the night on an actual bed. Blissful on the other hand? Not so much.

He hadn’t felt this happy after having woken up in so long. He didn’t think there was ever an occasion where he was this content shortly after waking. There had to be a reason for it.

Then his mind slowly caught up and the movement became more defined and he felt what could only be hands running over his stomach. His stomach, that he was apparently exposing for he was lying on his back, and other hands that didn’t belong to him were rubbing over his belly in a circular motion. Up from the spot just below his ribs and down to his navel the hands were running soothingly with enough pressure to make it known, but not hurt.

Tony’s first instinct upon realizing that someone was touching his stomach, an area very sensitive and with important meaning, was to flinch and push himself away. So he did. He went stiff, grounded his feet and elbows on the floor and nearly jumped in his hurry to back away from the hands. The culprit responsible was left shocked and frozen and it took a moment for Tony to recognize those blue guilt-ridden eyes belonging to Steve. When he did he finally took notice of their surroundings. They were in the mansion, Tony lying on the still present pile of blankets and pillows left in the center of the common room and Steve kneeling next to him. His hands were out in an angle that suggested he was about to run them over something. Run them over Tony’s stomach. Run them over his stomach while he was still asleep and never being the wiser of it happening.

Betrayal was an emotion Tony hadn’t felt in years. He needed to trust in order to feel the disappointment and the hurt for when someone took advantage of it, but there had been no trust with his old pack and no trust with Hammer. There was nothing for him to feel let-down for. But this, what he was experiencing, he’d know the emotion anywhere. He just didn’t understand how he could be feeling it in the first place. He had only met Steve days ago, how was it possible for him to have Tony’s trust already? Why had Tony himself started to subconsciously give him the trust?

Tony had started to believe Steve different. Steve was supposed to be different. He wasn’t supposed to have a single trait shared with Hammer. He wasn’t…

He shouldn’t be surprised by this. He was nothing but a mate meant to stand by the side and be used whenever his alpha got the urge. For a hopeful and delusional moment he thought he was more, and maybe it held truth, maybe Steve saw him as more than someone to pleasure himself with, but that didn’t mean Steve wasn’t going to take what he wanted. Tony was used to his mate touching without question. He’s had years of experience for it. He should’ve been prepared, but here he was, pushing Steve away and rejecting his contact.

Tony knew better.

Gotta cut it here. Don’t wanna to spoil the drama~ 

i really hate everything

i hate people talking behind my back

i hate people who dont fucking realize what the fuck they’re doing esp to other people

and then they point fingers blaming others for shit they did 

I hate also myself

I want to kill myself

Like, this fucking bitch can’t even fucking have the audacity to fucking come up to my god damn face and talk to me about shit

i just want to fucking die

i did all that fucking work while that bitch sat back and did nothing looking for all these fucking apartments to suit her fucking ass

wasted my gas and mileage

but you know i dont do shit

I can’t even fucking laugh out loud when watching a show in this fucking apartment where i dont even have a fucking room

because you know why? because then the bitch thinks im not looking for jobs and i just hang out all day like yay im free loading

and then ppl fucking tell me im fucking parnaoid and to fucking CHILL when WILL YOU FUCKING LOOK AT THAT MY PARANOIA ABOUT HER TALKING BEHIND MY BACK IS ACTUALLY COME TRUE

always saying why do you always think about these different outcomes like just chill out tha doesnt happen

how the fuck do i know your family members better than you know them


its funny though

i guess she thinks i dont do shit

when for some reason she invites one person over they leave a mess like 10 people came over

with like 15 plates and bowls in the sink

and so what do i do

i wash all thatfucking dishes


but you know shes paying the rent and im not cuz im jobless i should just shut up and clean

because you have no dignity and no right when you’re poor right?

you get nothing

so you should act like nothing

a masterpost on what mental illnesses some of the clique six might have- and why

in response to @theowldetective saying none of them do and saying they do is wrong

none of this is meant to be implied or interpreted as negative or a bad thing

if anything i say in this is ableist or needs to be changed or corrected, please tell me



general discontent- throughout the show riley had shown multiple times she is very discontent with a lot of thing. she frequently talks about how she wants to be maya,and often puts herself down and is very insecure.

focusing on morbid topics- throughout all seasons riley has shown that when something bad happens to her or just in general, she tends to go to very dark topics. for example, when she became morotia, or when she has referenced her death in multiple episodes.

feelings of worthlessness- we all know riley is an insecure character, but it also goes a lot deeper than that. she constantly puts herself down as a way to build her friends up, and had said multiple times how she doesn’t matter. in girl meets cory and topanga, she was also full of hatred for herself because she couldn’t live up to her parents.

suddenly switching from being very sad to being very calm or appearing to be happy- riley does this very often, for example when she found out pluto wasn’t a planet, or in girl meets sneak attack, or even in girl meets she don’t like me when she turned around and changed to get chai to like her and when she got very, very upset when she didn’t.

trouble concentrating- this was covered in girl meets the real world, when riley said she doesn’t really pay attention to the news. it’s been mentioned a few times how riley is very unaware of things happening in ‘the real world’, mostly due to her lack of concentration.

borderline personality disorder

fear of abandonment- this symptom is debatable, and could cross over into dependent personality disorder, but riley seems to rely on maya and has talked about how she fears losing her friends.

dissociation- in girl meets she don’t like me, she passed out which could mean she had shut out reality or had felt very light/faint because she dissociated and it caused her to pass out.(when i dissociate i get very faint and it causes me to pass out frequently)

quick changing emotions- explained above in depression.

unstable self image- also explained above in depression

bipolar disorder

exaggerated positive outlook- pretty self explanatory with riley.

low self-esteem- already covered.

guilt- in the texas trilogy, riley felt very guilty over her feelings

difficulty concentrating- already covered

negative thoughts about the future- in girl meets cory and topanga, she was worried that she wouldn’t live up to her parents

talk of suicide or death- not suicide, but she talks about her death very often.

generalized anxiety disorder

excessive worry- in girl meets jexica (i think) riley says that worrying about what other people think is all she does. she also had shown multiple times she worries a lot.

difficulty concentrating- already covered

dissociative identity disorder/multiple personality disorder

pretty self explanatory, riley frequently changes into acting/being another person entirely (harajuku girl, jexica, morotia)

dependent personality disorder

difficulty making everyday decisions without an excessive amount of advice and reassurance from others- riley relies on maya when it comes to decisions, in almost everything.

difficulty expressing disagreement with others because of fear of loss of support or approval-when riley thought farkle was a bad actor, she had a hard time telling him in fear he would be angry about it. also, when maya got caught cheating, she sided with maya and became a communist so she wouldn’t have to diagree with maya

seeks another relationship- riley is always looking for new friends, she wants to be friends with everyone  

self doubt- already covered with riley’s insecurities

fear of separation- already covered

clingy behavior- her relationship with maya is very clingy. in gm the bay window, the older version of themselves had said they had only ever been a few feet away from each other. also in girl meets jexica, her and maya talk about how hard it is to have different class schedules. riley also tends to be clingy towards lucas throughout season one



general discontent- throughout all of the seasons, maya has shown to be very discontent with her life, whether it’s her mother or comparing herself to riley (for example, the identity crisis)

loss of interest- maya doesn’t really seem to care about much outside of riley, even when it’s something really important like her mother missing her birthday. she just seems to brush it off and not care at all.

making comments about being hopeless- she’s made quite a few comments in the past about loosing all hope or not hoping for anything.

trouble sleeping- only really seen in girl meets i do, but maya did have a very hard time sleeping due to her anxiety and worry (which could obviously tie into anxiety as well)

generalized anxiety disorder

excessive worry- maya worries a lot about being abandoned, but that could tie into multiple other illnesses as well.

feeling of impending doom- maya’s said that she doesn’t get her hopes up because she thinks something bad might happen to ruin it, which could mean she feels as if things will end up bad.

borderline personality disorder

fear of abandonment- already covered. maya worries about people leaving her like her father did. this was especially shown in girl meets i do when she worried that shawn would leave her and katy.

impulsive behaviors- maya spray painted a wall to prove a point about how she hadn’t changed

paranoid personality disorder

suspects people are deceiving them- i think maya is very suspicious of people, especially with how she reacted to shawn and etc

dependent personality disorder

clingy behavior- her and riley are very clingy with each other, finding it difficult to be apart from each other.

avoidant personality disorder

unwilling to get involved with people- in girl meets she don’t like me, maya talked about how she really didn’t want to get involved with anyone else, or be friends with anyone else

post traumatic stress disorder (because of her father leaving)

persistent fear, horror, anger, guilt, or shame- maya blamed herself for her father leaving

persistent inability to experience positive emotions- maya has been shown to be hopeless and sad a lot more often then she’s been happy

feelings of detachment or estrangement from others- in girl meets world of terror she said who was important to her, and she said only riley was important to her, and said later in the episode that she was barely remembering zay’s name. furthermore, outside of the group, she refuses to interact/become friends with anyone else (girl meets she don’t like me)

difficulty falling or staying asleep or restless sleep- already covered, plus her inablity to sleep was due to her worrying that shawn would leave like her father did.


autism (i know autism isn’t a mental illness, im just including it for the point of the post)

explained in girl meets i am farkle

generalized anxiety disorder

irritability- farkle gets irritated very easily, such as when he gets mad over people liking lucas

excessive worry- in girl meets yearbook, he got worried over what people thought about him to the point he completely changed himself. in girl meets money, he refused to let his friends come to his house because he was worried they would hate him because he had more than them. in girl meets the forgiveness project, when lucas and zay said they forgave him, he nearly started crying he was so worried, and a few other things.


feelings of worthlessness- when he got called nothing in s1, he very strongly believed it to the point he hid himself away. and as well as yearbook when he completely changed himself.

irritability- already covered

sadness- since girl meets yearbook, farkle has changed a lot. his clothes have gotten darker and he’s been considerably less happy then he used to be.


narcissistic personality disorder

grandiose sense of self-importance- smackle very often refers to herself as superior to others

regularly shows arrogant behaviors- she quite frequently believes zay and lucas are hitting on her


intermittent explosive disorder

low tolerance for frustration- this is mainly shown in season three, in girl meets high school, he got very frustrated with riley which resulted in him walking away from her. again in girl meets ski lodge, he was very harsh towards maya after she broke the rules.

intense anger- you can mostly imply this from the references to lucas when he lived in texas, as well as in girl meets rileytown when he broke the counter.

borderline personality disorder

impulsivity- again, mostly implied from texas!lucas, and in the secret of life when he went to find zay when zay got in trouble.


dependent personality disorder

seeks another relationship- in the secret of life & bear, whenever it seems as if lucas is becoming closer to someone else, zay tends to go to maya

clingy behavior- explained above, also zay moved across the country to be in the same school as lucas

all in all; they all show signs of mental illness. saying the don’t have any just because it hasn’t been stated directly in canon is ableist and gross.

feel free to add on.

Also, there’s this opportunity to be part of the blogging team at Imperial. If chosen, we get to talk about our daily experiences and show people what life is truly like at Imperial from a student’s perspective. I’m actually pretty excited to apply for it, this would be perfect for me since I pretty much blog my life away (well, academic anyway) on here. This time I get to do it as a hobby for my dream university! Cuteeeeeee. 

This is the first thing I’ve been excited about in terms of extra curricular stuff at Imperial. I really hope I get chosen for it aww I already have a theme in mind- PENGUINS. LOOOL. The only thing I’m not looking forward to is having to take weird pictures of myself but as long as I have Gunter and Tinka with me, I’ll be okay. Or maybe I should go along the lines of a 12 year old living the life at ICL. We’ll see. 

but Lord, please! I really want this opportunity! Ah, I can’t wait!

But even if I don’t get it, I’ll still act as if I do. Just watch me here blogging about my time at my dream university. 

Since year 7 guys. I’ve said I wanted to go to Imperial. Here I am, almost reaching my dream. 5 more days. Ich freue mich darauf! 


I have three theories on what is going to happen next.

I) my personal fav. Gray starts to talk to Natsu. Try to get him to calm down, snap out. Then ‘boom’ aconolgia shows.

2)gray talks with end/natsu. And fights only to capture him so he can later find a way to get rid of the demon within.

3)gray and natsu join forces to go after zeref.

Why do I not have gray angrily fighting natsu? I just don’t see it. Sure, gray is upset about Juvia, but natsu has been his friend since they were 8/10. There are too many memories and emotions between them for him to blindly attack Natsu in rage. Also remember a few chapters back when Natsu had a plan against zeref and gray wanted to stop him, fearing for his friend because he was still human and that people might be expecting to much from him.

I wish nothing but the very best for you because of all that you have done for me. You showed me a new way of looking at life and love. I felt love for the first time. A kind touch and a warm place to lay my head. You gave me a safe place to be at peace and a safe place to talk about my insecurities and demons. For once I was loved for who I am and not for who I was. You built me up and made me feel beautiful and confident, more then I ever have in my life. You taught me what it was like to let my walls down, make a home out of a person. So with the end of this I hope you find love and happiness, a place where you feel secure. But I also hope after time passes and you think back to nursing school, you think of me, and the memories we made. When you thought I hated you but I actually liked you but I was so scared to want another person that I was just plain mean. The first time we sat together in class, just listening to music and doing our work and I would pick on you because your notes were all over the place but you always seemed to do so well. Secretly or openly talking shit about the people around us because we both hated everyone. Going out to lunch almost every single day and sitting in our back corner just laughing and enjoying each other (even if we were gaining way to much weight). Staying up late together, through phone calls or facetiming to “study” but we always got off topic because we were so wrapped up in one another. Our hours long conversations. Facetiming until morning hours because you were working but we just had to see each other. Our very first night together. The first time you grabbed my hand was that night. Driving back to Norwich and the two of us just singing our hearts out the whole way back, pulling over on the side of the road to pee and dancing in a field. You touching my waste, holding my hand, just touching me made me feel more alive then I ever have. Our first kiss, where time stood still and we were the only two people in the room. But when reality came back our friends were cheering for us, and none of them had seen us smile that hard before. And later in the night when I was trying to tell you to come over so I could “make you breakfast in the morning”. Then the morning after when we woke up, I realized I didn’t want you to leave. I wanted to love you forever, from that point on I never wanted to live a day without you. The first time I told you I loved you I promised you I wouldn’t say it first but it came out, so naturally. Saying I love you was like breathing it just happened. I hope when you see sunflowers you think of me because they are my favorite flower and you were the first person to give me sunflowers. I hope remember the times when pjs and no makeup were the norm. When you stop at that fresh water spring on your way to Ithaca you remember the couple of times we stopped and the time you completely soaked me and I had to change in the back of the car. I hope when you are driving to Oneonta you remember the day we got out of clinical early and you dropped me off on the side of the road because I had an attitude and how I laughed so hard it made my stomach hurt and when you pass the antique place how I always wanted to stop to check everything out. I hope that every time you lay out on a roof top you think of me because rooftops are my favorite place to be. When you are staring at the stars and trying to find a shooting star it reminds you of how I was different and I already enjoyed these smalls things that people don’t take the time to enjoy. I hope that when you go out to eat and you see french onion soup you think back to the times when we went out to eat we both had to get a bowl because it seemed to be just what we did. When you watch How I Met Your Mother I hope you know that Marshall and Lily reminded me of us and how you were my “marshmallow”. I hope whenever you eat a chocolate chip cookie you remember the time I baked chocolate chips cookies but we got so wrapped up in one another we completely forgot about them and the apartment was filled with smoke. One day when you have a family of your own I hope you remember the days when the three of us would be spending time with your family. I hope you remember the time when the three of us turned into a family of our own. When weekends were lazy days, and Sundays were spent at your parents house eating breakfast, playing the piano, watching the fish, fighting with Jake to stay off of Allie and Sundays turned into days where I couldn’t leave, I just had to stay another night. I hope you never forget the love I have for your family. How they accepted Allie and I exactly how we are. Hugs and kisses were always a must and Allie giving love to each of them was routine. I hope you never forget the day that your sister and I told each other we loved one another, when Angel became Allie’s best friend and when your family was so much of ours that Allie would go walking down the street holding your parents hands because their love was so great. When your birthday roles around I hope you remember the year you turned 23. When I asked your brother to help Allie and I decorate your room. Just the three of us eating smores, blowing up balloons, and laughing. I hope you remember the gifts I gave you because I worked so hard and long to show you how much I loved you and how much you mean to me. I hope you know that every tear, every fight, every sleepless night, every long hug, long kiss, every laugh, every I love you, every I miss you was never for nothing. Still to this very moment I hope you know how much I love you. I have left my heart with you for the rest of my life. I know Allie will grow up knowing who you are and what you did for her. I hope you know that my love grows for you every single day. You are home, you are happiness, you are peace, you are strength, you are love. So now that you have left with no intentions of coming back to me. I hope you remember how always, pinky promise is OUR thing. I hope you remember how much that means to me. Because I will always want you, I will always need you, I will always fight for you. I will love you forever. I will always wait. Always. Pinky promise.