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kissing at the stop signs, darling
By Organization for Transformative Works

pairing: cashton
rating: mature
word count: 3k
summary: Ashton still has the same car, the beat up old banger than he used to pick Calum up from school in and Calum loves it – at the risk of turning into a complete sap he loves the memories it holds, and it reminds him of a simpler time.

Or: a cashton fic based on a cute keek that developed a life of its own

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the story I’m working on lately, and you know what? I think I finally have everything in place. I know about the characters and their personalities, why they’re like they are, and their backstories. I know about what triggered the events of the story. I know the exact timeline of events leading up to and during the story, and I’ve plotted out each key point that happens. I know about the build-up and the climax that reveals the plot twist, and the repercussions of the climax. I’ve even got a title, and that is not something that’s ever come easily to me. But this just seems to have everything in place.



the ending.

I have no idea exactly how this story ends. There are two main ways it could turn and I cannot figure out for the life of me what’s the best way for it to go; what I would do in that situation, much less what my characters would do. The most frustrating thing? I can’t even ask anyone’s advice on it because that would require giving away the whole plot and the twist.

S’pose I’m just going to have to write and see where it takes me. Gahhhh. The joys of being a writer! *smiles* *twitches* *slams head onto table*