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“In 1955, just five days before Jamie’s [Eartha’s nickname for James Dean] death in an automobile accident, I returned to Hollywood for a few days’ rest between engagements. I went over to see Paleface and was surprised to find Jamie opening the door for me. As was our custom, we hugged one another, and I felt a strange emptiness in Jamie. 

’Jamie’ I said. ‘What’s happened to you? Something’s wrong. You’re not here.’ 

Jamie grinned and shook his head. “Oh, Kitt, you’re running one of your spiritual numbers on me again.” I had had the distinct impression that his spirit had already left him. I know that sounds weird, but it happened. As I said before and as I used to tell him, I felt as though he had always been with me.”  

- Eartha Kitt [video discussing the same event here].

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I've scrolling down on your blog for at least 20 minutes and laughing my ass off... I just want to say thank you, you're the mvp 😂😂💕


This is a continuation of the Bad End scene. If you were satisfied with that ending, don’t read this, but if not… I fixed it 😉 also this has not been edited, so don’t be surprised if it’s a mess.

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Part of Me | Chapter 4: Awakening

A/N: Hello everyone, here comes another chapter, second to last. There’s lots of angst in this one, so apologies for that. If you find any errors and stuff, I’m sorry about that too. I kind of rushed with editing this one because life is happening.

Hope you enjoy the chapter!

Chapter I. | Chapter II. | Chapter 3. | Chapter 4.

Title: Part of Me

Chapter Title: Awakening.

Rate: M.

Genre: Romance, drama, angst, humor, slice of life.

Pairs: Mikasa/Levi | One-sided Petra/Levi | Minor Historia/Eren | Platonic Mikasa/Historia.

Word Count: 12480

Summary: After a rough breakup with her fiancé, a 24 year old Mikasa takes a trip away to retrieve her strength and work on her new life, when she comes across Levi; an engaged man looking to recover from a past accident. Paths cross, others part, and pieces start to fall together.

Warnings: Miscarriage, cheating, manipulation.

Mikasa couldn’t remember when she fell asleep, or how. There were merely some scattered flashbacks from last night fogging her eyes, and his faint voice whispering to her ear:

“You’re beautiful…”

She remembered crying afterwards, remembered feeling his arms wrap around her so lovingly, and she felt secure, safe, and warm. There was an exchange of a few words, still vague, and that was all her memory could recall.

It felt like a dream.

Was it a dream?

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I didn’t expect the tutorial to go so well. Thank you. Seems like a lot of yall like to edit. I think i’ll do another one of these if you guys would like. Maybe explaining more in dept about how to do Dodge and Burn since is probably the thing i use the most while editing. Tell me what you think.

Here’s a before and after of the edit, i think it wasn’t too clear in the tutorial.

Is simple but it looks good.

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I'm having an issue with your Haley blouse when I zoom out my sims top half of her body disappears. I was wondering if you knew or if you have a fix for it. Thanks :D

Hey @dreamintofly! I have no idea what may be causing that. I tested it on my game and nothing happened. You can see it here

I’m thinking maybe your sim is wearing another thing that’s conflicting with the blouse? Sorry :(

Edit: So @vvildhoneypie is right. The blouse looks weird in lower settings when you zoom out, so give me a moment to check the other lods to see what’s going on in there!

Please, Do not repost - Especially onto another website. Keep this on Tumblr only, thank you!

( You can post the drawings you make from it elsewhere– I just mean keep the sheet here please. )

You know the drill! Send a Character, a number and a letter!

This is my first attempt at a meme like this, Try it out if you wanna! and have fun!

 [ Edit: Me, the creator, am not doing this meme anymore! But everyone else? continue having fun man! I’m glad you enjoy it! ]

A Warning to Artists on Tumblr (your comics are being monetized)

UPDATE: Please do not tag any more artists. Many of them already know and don’t want any part in this.

tl;dr Summary: Kyotosomo is making money from your comics on Youtube. 

Here’s a list of his comic dubs and their corresponding Tumblr accounts in alphabetical order: https://goo.gl/EqFK56

Quick update: I’ve been called out by Kyotosomo. Yay.
I’ll link a follow-up response post here and in the comments after I publish it:
<Where’s the link?!?>
Here you go! 

Update: I’ve been asked a few times why I did it. I will explain my actions in another follow-up post, and I’ll put the link here once I’m done (Yes, I can hear you groaning across the monitor. Fine I get it, but I’m writing it anyway!).

EDIT: Never got around to writing it. Instead I got this document summarizing his Youtube channel since 2015:

Quick update: This is not the first time there’s been drama with Kyotosomo and stolen content (on Youtube, no less). Apparently he got his first 13,000 subscribers by uploading stolen content.

For anyone who believes he deserves a third chance, read these links from 2 years ago:

  • https://imgur.com/WI75tte
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/NoStupidQuestions/comments/36980n/someone_has_stolen_my_work_and_reuploaded_it_onto/cwnba09/
  • https://archive.is/fwHiD

The Long Version:

I’m sorry this is a VERY long post, but if you have a few minutes, please stay for now. I feel you all should know this.

Most of you gave permission to Kyotosomo (Pierce Riola) to dub your comics.
What he did not tell you is that he is monetizing them.
And from what I understand after talking with some of you, none of you gave any permission to make money on your art, and he has not shared any of that profit with you or anyone else.

How do you know it is monetized?

If you watch without AdBlock, here’s how you know:

1. Yellow line in video player (usually on the left)

2. Advertisement plays before/during video

(Note – most monetized Youtube channels make ~$1 per 1000 views. The actual amount can be more, depending on a variety of factors)
EDIT: According to Kyotosomo’s Tumblr response, his rate is closer to $1 per 4000 views. I see no reason to disbelieve him.

If I don’t want my comics monetized, what can we do?

If you have 10 minutes to spare, you can do at least one of these right now:

1. Make a Youtube account. Report his Youtube channel: 

2. Report copyright infringement on each of his videos containing your artwork.
If you need help finding your comic, here’s the list again: https://goo.gl/EqFK56

(This comic from @ameri-lie was uploaded without permission. More on that later)

After you do this, he might ask you to remove the copyright strike and let him keep the videos up or remove it on his own (he won’t). 

He will probably make excuses like:

“I’m doing this purely for fun

Then why is he making money from it? Quite a lot too, if these posts are anything to go by:

UPDATE: After stating in his response post that he doesn’t even make that much money, he is now trying to sue me for libel, claiming “tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.”
(In case he deletes it - https://archive.is/uYvK3)

Or he might say:

“I’m doing this for charity

Except he lied about this in the past. For example:

(sorry about the image quality)

EDIT: I was wrong about the lack of donation. A mere two days after that last email, he donated $688 (of his hard-earned $11,000 in 2017) to AMF (https://imgur.com/rh0aPzn).
So why the discrepancy between these two emails?

EDIT: Here is the full story: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sqg737
Long story short, he was using AMF’s logo to solicit Patreon donations despite not giving anything to the charity beforehand.

He was confronted about this on April 14, 2017 and two days later, he finally made a donation.
He has not donated anything since then.

Or he’ll say:

“I tried to contact you but I couldn’t”

Personally, I’ve had no trouble with you all so far.
Here’s how to contact people on Tumblr: (image courtesy of skitschell)

3.  Just send him a message, and he’ll probably remove the monetization.
Just know that this will not stop him from monetizing other people’s content, or re-monetizing your comics once you’ve stopped paying attention.

4. (optional) Let your friends know. You are welcome to share, re-post or re-blog this post if you’d like.

If you’ve read the whole post, thank you very much!
If it helps at least one person, then the writing of this post was well worth it.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc., feel free to leave a reply. 

p.s. – How silly of me to post this on April Fool’s Day! Unfortunately, I can assure you this is not a joke.

p.p.s. – Here is a copy of a message he sent to @ameri-lie, who reported the above video featuring her comic (he did not ask for permission before uploading).

She dropped the strike in December 2017 after he promised to remove the video
(as I’m writing this, the video is still up, and of course, still monetized).
EDIT: Not anymore

Coincidentally, @skitschell​ received the exact same message after reporting her video last week.

Edit: Sorry, skitschell just gave me a correction. This message is from December 2017, the first time she reported her video. Like ameri-lie, she dropped the strike after Kyotosomo promised to remove the video.

As you can see, she’s reported the video again after finding it was still up.

p.p.p.s. – Technically your work is automatically copyrighted the moment you create it. However, if you truly need to legally protect your work (and be eligible for statutory damages or attorneys fees), you can pre-register your work here: 


p.p.p.s.UPDATE: A few hours before I wrote this post, Kyotosomo heard about what I was doing and sent me a threat. For privacy concerns, I won’t share the exact contents (until I find it necessary).
Just letting you all know who you’re dealing with.
EDIT: Never mind, he shared it on his twitter: 

p.p.p.p.s UPDATE: (this Tweet is now deleted)
I think he’s talking about me on Twitter. Thank you for sharing, @michietkh!

p.p.p.p.p.s. – Comment from his “apology” video (now deleted)

List of Artists (by account name)




















































greenllamas - CORAL HAIRS

So here we are yet again with another edit of the infamous outdoor retreat hair! I needed to remake my painfully trashy Jive hair so I made this, and thanks to harassment encouragement from @imvikai​ we got V2!

download - SFS



All I want is to feel the water. To never doubt what it makes me feel. Believe in myself. Don’t resist the water. Welcome it. We accept one another.
Nanase Haruka
 for the most kind-hearted Annie; Happy birthday @shotous​ ♡ 


Cassian had been born for this.
These fields, this chaos and brutality and calculation.
Three soldiers were brave or stupid enough to try to charge him. Cassian had them down and dying with four maneuvers.

“Holy Mother,” I breathed.

That was who had been training me. Why Fae trembled at his name. Why the high-born Illyrian warriors had been jealous enough to want him dead.

I’m fine, alright, it’s just been rough. “

Originally a vent sketch featuring my favorite out of the Sanders Sides personas that became something more.

Since Part 2 came out while I was working on this one, may draw another for it soon. Either way, hope you enjoy!

Please do not repost or edit this.
Or use without permission.

Don’t turn around Marinette there’s an adorable kitty behind you !


I watched the very first episode of ml again, and when Marinette babysits Manon who tries to make doll eyes at her, in the french dub Marinette says “Not the kitten eyes, you know I can’t resist the kitten eyes!” So how could she resist a real kitty’s eyes then :3

edit bonus :