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Yeyé’s Little Handbook For The Everyday Witchling

Today: Peppers and allspice, when to use each kind

Sunday is when Yeyé visits! Several people asked for more advice, and she was delighted to share her knowledge. Yeye’s health hasn’t been great, and she’s been feeling terribly bored since she can’t walk so much anymore. So getting the chance to write her spells and advice has given her a fun project to work on while she’s bedridden. Thank you all for taking interest! When she saw all those notes in the post of her advice she blushed and got all flustered. It was so cute. We’ll be doing a few weekly specials if it piques people’s interest. Tell us what you think!

So today Yeyé wanted to share with you how we use different kinds of pepper. In Argentina allspice is known as “Jamaican pepper”, so that’s why we’ll be talking about it. I hope you don’t find it too odd lol

I debated with myself whether I should adapt Yeyé’s advice, but I decided to let it as close as possible to her actual words because it would feel wrong to put words in her mouth. However, do remember she’s two/three generations older than most of us here. It means that her practices can sound a little bit archaic (for example for her witchcraft per se was always a women’s art, men are healers, not witches. Also for her “spirit” and “fairy” are synonyms). If you have any questions, we can clarify or provide more info as needed!

Let me translate what she said about peppercorns:

Pepper is a very powerful way to keep away everything we don’t like, to protect, and to spice life up. It’s very interesting, because at the same time it repels bad things, but brings in exciting ones. All kinds of peppers have these two different secrets. It depends on how we combine them with other ingredients what effect we’re gonna make stronger. Pepper keeps away the fairies because it makes them sneeze.

White pepper: is more spicy and stronger. You use white pepper when you want to kick something very bad very far away from your life. And if you want to bring adventure to a very boring life, you use this kind. White pepper protects from the worst dangers. If something really threatening comes, it’ll keep it away. Put a grain of white pepper in each corner of a room to keep Mandinga (an aspect of the devil or also a powerful evil fae in Argentinean folklore) away.

Black pepper: Is the most famous one, right? Green pepper is exactly the same thing. It’s good to banish and to attract things in moderation. Somebody hurt you but you think you’ll be ready to forgive one day? Keep them away for some time with black pepper. Also when your job is boring, a single black pepper grain in your suitcase will make it more exciting. If you’re looking for a new, more fun job, rub a grain against the edges of your curriculum without staining it. Grind black pepper on any kind of food to make yourself stronger and more interesting (that’s a glamour advice, people).

Allspice: this is a very soft kind, and it helps to keep away things that didn’t mean to hurt us but did by accident. For example if you have a fight with your sister, allspice will not let it happen again, but it will not kick her out of your life forever. If you want good spirits to enter your house but bad ones to keep away, you can put allspice in a jar near the window. Bad spirits will munch on it, and since it’s spicy they will run, but good ones are more thoughtful and will only smell it and they can pass. If you are making chocolate cake for the fairies, putting some ground allspice on top of it makes so the bad ones can’t steal it but the good ones can eat.

Pink pepper: this one is the spiciest one. Very hot. You have to be careful or it’ll burn your tongue. Pink pepper is good to keep away bad love. If there is a boy who wants to be your boyfriend and you don’t like him, you keep a grain of pink pepper in your pocket when he comes to talk to you to chase him away. But pink pepper also is really good for when you and your husband are having too much routine and want to change things.

If you want to make a mix of peppers that will keep your life safe but interesting, you can do it like this:

-One part pink pepper

-One part allspice

-Two parts white pepper

-Two parts green pepper

-Five parts black pepper

[She pauses] The parts… should be SMALL.

So that’s about it on pepper. Let us know in the comments or captions if there’s any specific topic you would like to ask Yeyé about next week (I can’t keep track of all the tags, sorry :/ ). We hope this was useful, and she sends a lot of love to all of you! She’s really happy you guys take her advice to heart, and I personally thank all of you for making her feel so loved and welcomed.

We’ll see you soon!

A Guide to The Adventure Zone metaplot

So recently, I re-listened to the entirety of TAZ in prep for the ending and took notes; as we head into the finale next week, I wanted to share them! This is a comprehensive look at every plot thread, bit of foreshadowing, and yet-unresolved ideas as we head into endgame. This involves heavy spoilers through the most recent episode (66) and assumes you have already listened or read the content before.

The full is under the cut!

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daddykaos563  asked:

Is there a step by step guide to build a village, town or city for a DND game? I have trouble getting my ideas down on paper. I feel a guide may help.

This is how I make mine:

  • Pick if I want it to be coastal, in a forest, desert, etc.
  • Pick a cool name.
  • Decide if this town is mostly for passing through, or if major things are happening here.
  • Decide if they’re cut off from other towns or near others.
  • Decide on population, race majorities and minorities.
  • Pick how the town makes money, what are its imports and exports if any.
  • Who is the leader? How do people like them?
  • What is the towns major problem? Starvation, rats, monsters, etc?
  • How strict are the guards? Do the villagers trust outsiders? Do they hate any race or class?
  • Come up with a bar, inn, weapon, and armor shop name and staff for each. If they’re known for anything, what are they known for?
  • How does this town get along with outsiders/other towns?
  • Any well known locals? What are their names, what are they known for?
  • If your players are good, evil, or neutral how would the townsfolk react? How would your players react here?

A lot of times some of this info is never asked about from my players. I recycle and use that info for other towns if need be. Half the time no one asks about the armor shop, or the potions shop. But its nice info to have on hand.

I also sometimes make mini flash cards detailing the important bits like:

Inn: Sleepy Fellow. Run by Ma. 5 copper a night. Worlds best pillows, they’re always stolen. Ma is sick n tired of it and will gut any thieves.

Here are some little extra tips and tools, too.

  • Plan your city around your landscape. If its a thin and spindly island, you’re not going to have a ton of open space. If the city is in a desert, there are probably very tall walls to keep the sand from blowing in, or the houses might be below ground, etc.
  • Here is a cool map maker to help visualize things.
  • Think about what you’d typically find in a town. Inn, bar, and leather working shops will be basically anywhere. Larger towns will for sure have armor, weapons, potions, etc. Farmer’s markets, hospitals, etc. are also usually present.
  • What kind of town is it? Is it peaceful, do they forage and lack trade routes? Is the town large, have a large guard presence?
  • How does the town make their money? Hunting, gathering, self sustaining, making crafts?
  • I use this sometimes to give me town ideas. I don’t really hit generate tbh, just the options alone help me out a lot.
  • How can your town serve the quest[s] and your players? Is it the main place where quests are given/done? If so, it might need to be more fleshed out. If they’re just passing by you don’t need a lot of detail. Maybe just one quirk or two to make each town unique. e.g. “Every Thursday is bring your pet to work day” for the local guards.

Hey everyone! I know I’m a little late on the pride train, but I am here to release these mythological creature pride stickers! All the info is on the Etsy page, but here’s a quick rundown!

3x3 Pride stickers!
If you don’t like the current creature on your flag, you can ask for a different model!
If you don’t see your flag, no worries! PM me and I’ll be happy to try and work something out for you. 

$3 dollars for each sticker! (theres a bit of shipping costs, and if you’re in the US, it seems to come to 4 dollars extra? so theres that)

If you can’t buy at the moment, please reblog and spread! Thank you!
(if the buy button isn’t on the post, click here!)

EDIT: added intersex!!!

Choices (m) - 4

Originally posted by min-yungii

Summary: You didn’t think that when you woke up this morning you were going to go out and buy a hybrid. But really, ending up with this stupid cat might be the best thing that ever happened to you. Much to both you and Yoongi’s chagrin. 

Pairing: Yoongi/Reader

Genre: Fluff, smut

Word Count: 3394

Warnings: mmm…. I’d say irresponsible choices……………

A/Ns: Guys I’m fucking screaming I just figured out that if you copy and paste this header section from other chapters it’ll keep all your chapter links embedded and I’m so fucking mad I can’t believe how much time I’ve been wasting!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, make better decisions than everyone in this chapter.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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🌈🌈🌈 Happy Pride Month y’all! 🌈🌈🌈

I decided to do something a bit different today and did a bit of traditional work as opposed to the usual digital stuff I do for this blog as I’m waaay out of practice - I have put this little original up for sale but I also understand if people aren’t interested in buying my face lmao

Huge thank you to @doctorzieglerwrites (Tea Rose E93) and @gingerstellagiulia (Begonia Pink RV14) for sponsoring markers that were used to make this! If you’d like to take part in the Sponsor a Pen Project then check out the info here

🌟 here’s a list of all the places you can find me online - please say hello or even donate/buy my work to show support!🌟


Hi all! I’ll reblog this a couple times at more reasonable hours but on 6/15/18 I’m  opening my commissions public again. While I’m going to try to be fair and only accept emails after 12pm est, all the info is > here < to read now! 

Please take your time, but if you have any questions still, I’ll answer shortly–it is Pride time in the area though, so I’ll be a little scarce and glittery for a bit ♥

Hey there, its Debbie! I’m nervous and excited to introduce a small zine project i’m curating for one of my favorite shows ever Natsume Yuujinchou. I feel its always been a little hidden gem thats needs a bit more appreciation! 

the theme of this zine is based on the times of day (like dawn, noon, sunset, night, etc)  My hope is that it will leave the impression of experiencing the events of a whole day from dawn to dusk as you flip through the zine. Thanks so much for taking a look!

Please take a look at the tumblr page for info on the schedule, FAQ, and other important information! 

Click Here for the Application and Info!

Selected applicants will receive acceptance emails with more information around August 3rd

Collectibles scammer now collects bad reviews.

This may get long but I will do my best to reign my ramble-y self in.
(tl;dr at the end)

Names faces and some details have been changed to protect the innocent and prevent more harassment.

My little brother(in-law…known from here out as LB) told me about a decent sized FB group devoted to a type of collectible we are both into. I join the group and he tells me about this great deal he took part in. The group has sponsored vendors a.k.a. people who throw a few bucks at the group’s mod and they get a shiny star saying everyone should trust them…keyword should.

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So I got this ask

and the thing is, I already sort of had this idea that they met, so I wanted to take this opportunity to do a comic for it! This is gonna be part one, and I’ll start work and post part two asap! A little info in addition to that: HT!Mun fell into the underground about two years after Frisk had come through and about a year since Sans had his incident - so if the hole in his head looks a bit bigger then thats why. 

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I’ve seen a lot of misinformation getting spread about quoisexuality and quoiromanticism lately, so I decided to make this post to educate about what exactly the term means. You’ll also probably see a little bit of info on quoigender in here as well, because the same person gave all three of them an official name.

Quoi- comes from the French word for what. @epochryphal coined quoisexual, quoiromantic, and quoigender. I ripped several of co’s posts for this very large post intended to correct misconceptions.

The Definition

There are actually two main definitions of quoi-, in general. The term was built to be adapted to more personal use, however, so these are not the only definitions.

The first is slightly older than the second: basically, it is when one disidentifies with {sexual/romantic} attraction/orientation as sensemaking, accessible, or applicable to oneself. (This post is helpful for elaborating on this.)

The latter is simpler: can’t tell the difference between two attractions.

The latter definition is often used as the sole definition of quoi. It is not. Do not use it as such.

Individual Terms:


  • sexual orientation and/or attraction does not make sense as a concept or an experience
  • can also mean someone for whom the experience of sexual attraction is confusing, someone who cannot tell if they experience sexual attraction or if what they experience is indeed sexual attraction 
  • can also mean someone who disidentifies with the concept of sexual attraction altogether, as a social construct or as not applicable to themself or otherwise
  • Is not the same as quoiromantic. If you mean quoiromantic, say quoiromantic.


  • applying romantic orientation doesn’t make sense here 
  • cannot tell the difference between romantic/platonic attraction
  • disidentifies with the concept of a romantic orientation 
  • is confused or unsure if they experience (minor edit:) romantic attraction
  • Is not synonymous with quoisexual. Do not use quoisexual to mean quoiromantic.


  • someone who finds the concept of gender identity, or of existing gender words, to themself to be inaccessible, inapplicable, non-sensical, &c
  • can mean someone for whom the experience of gender is confusing, someone who cannot tell if they experience gender or if what they experience is indeed gender (except, perhaps, through extensive abstract analysis)
  • can be used instead of “questioning,” which indicates an ongoing search for a better term; quoigender instead indicates a troubled history with gender words/identities, and perhaps a frustration with searching, or finding such a search unhelpful; instead using quoigender as a more permanent, stable, unchanging, fixed point
  • also: throwing up one’s hands and saying “ugh, what gender even. forget this.”
  • this is not exclusive of having non-binary pronouns, of having social dysphoria or other kinds of dysphoria, of some gendery words being better or more accurate than others – just as being quoisexual is not exclusive of having sexual preferences, limits, boundaries, trends, &c

(Directly copied from a post by coiner to avoid getting out of my lane.)


  • People use this term with and without the SAM.
  • As I’ve already stated multiple times, quoisexual =/= quoiromantic. Please do not use one to mean the other.
  • As far as attractions being confused goes, I’ve seen sexual/sensual and romantic/platonic be the most common, however, these are not the only possible combinations.
  • Depending on which definition you are using, quoi may be used in combination with other a-spec or non a-spec terms. Most commonly used with the “can’t differentiate with two attractions” definition.
  • It was not created solely to force people into the SAM or any other bullshit. That is nonsense.

{The quoisexual/romantic flag. Black stripe, white stripe, lime green stripe and sky blue stripe.}

That’s all I’ve got folks - thanks for listening!

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm a curious anon who wants to be not ignorant on asexuality cause i gotta be a good ally, so i was wondering if you could explain it? sometimes i get confused like, they say asexual people also have sex but i thought that would negate asexuality? also how do you know you're asexual, how do you know the difference between romantic attraction and sexual attraction? sorry if i'm asking a lot of questions i just wanna be Educated™

hey there, sunshine!!! OK, let me explain EVERYTHING. 


so, asexuality is when a person does not feel sexual attraction to other people. sexual attraction is - this is kind of hard for me, as I’m ace myself, to explain it without it sounding a bit weird, maybe?! - but it’s the feeling of looking at someone and being turned on by them, I guess? the feeling of looking at them and wanting to have sex with them, and feeling aroused by the idea of having sex with them. this is something that asexual people do not feel.

this is separate from feelings of romantic attraction, which is not to do with sex and all to do with intimacy of heart - and how you express that romantic intimacy varies from person to person. for a lot of people, it involves stuff like kissing and holding hands and going on dates and flowers and stuff. pretty much, if it’s your heart going !!!!!! then it’s romantic, and if it’s your down-there lair going !!!!!!!!, then that’s sexual.

asexuality, like many sexualities, is not an absolute: it’s a spectrum! the spectrum of asexuality includes - but is not limited to - demisexuality (being attracted to someone only after a strong emotional bond has been formed with them), grey-asexuality (feeling sexual attraction to other people very rarely, or very weakly, or a combination of both), and asexuality itself, which is simply never feeling sexual attraction.

as for the question about sex negating asexuality, there are many reasons an asexual person might have sex:

  • to experience physical intimacy with someone they care about a lot, even if they are not sexually attracted to them
  • because they know their partner enjoys it, and they get enjoyment out of pleasing their partner
  • because not feeling sexual attraction doesn’t mean not feeling sexual arousal. you can be asexual but still want to have sex, it’s just that you’re not able to find someone you particularly want to have sex with. I’ve seen an analogy that goes like this: you know that feeling where you’re hungry, and you open the cupboard, and everything you see you’re like… nah… but you’re still hungry? yeah, that. eventually you might end up eating something that you don’t feel especially drawn to, just because you’re hungry.
  • because sex can be really fun! even if you’re not attracted to your partner, sex can be enjoyable (and I am speaking from experience here)
  • to have kids! some asexual people want to raise a family.
  • on a less positive note, society kind of demands sex of people. it’s seen as a young person’s rite of passage, as the cementing of romantic feelings, as a given in any long-term relationship. it’s something that friends bond over, their sex stories; it’s part of drinking games, it’s often part of TV and books and movies, it’s a whole world that demands to be understood or else you risk feeling like - and being treated like - a child. asexual people may feel pressured to have sex, even when not wanting to, just to fit in. this is a not-cool reason.

that is absolutely not an exhaustive list but hopefully it gives you some idea of some reasons why ace people might have sex! still very much asexual before, during, and after.

lastly, you ask how people know they’re asexual… this one is kind of hard to answer. personally, I figured it out pretty late. I’d always assumed that everyone was kind of deciding to be attracted to people, like I was, and it was only after some revealing conversations with friends that I realised - no, most people don’t have to try to force attraction with decisions, it just happens naturally. 

often, the Realisation Process begins with doing a little bit of reading and recognising yourself in the things you’re learning! if you want to know more, I seriously recommend AVEN - click here! - a website which has a crap ton of info!! thank you for your question, I appreciate you wanting to learn and be a good ally - it makes all the difference to have educated, accepting allies out there in the big wide world. you’re wonderful, and hope I helped! <3



Hey guys, and welcome to my updated commission sheet!

To sum it up, essentially I’ve just made the sheet more nuanced (i.e busts cost less than the old base price, but waist-downs cost a bit more/etc) and added a few more options - which I’ll explain beneath the cut - so all the prices are pretty much staying the same right now. Not gonna lie, I just wanted to make the thing look more pretty. xD

BUT YES, if you’re interested in commissioning me, bump me a private message or e-mail me at suitboxers@outlook.com (I finally got off my arse and made an e-mail alias specifically for commissions! :D). My other e-mail is still fully functional though, so it really doesn’t matter which one you send the message to - I’ll get it either way.

Also, for those who’re wondering, my commissions are always open! This is mostly because commissions are a major source of income for me and more often than not the reason I can make ends meet. Feel free to ask for as many as you want as well (though keep in mind I’ll shuffle your second/third/etc art between later commissions so I don’t end up neglecting anyone in the short term) - I’ve taken doubles a lot of times and I also really love doing stuff like fic art. It’s really fun!

Click here for more info/my commission slots!

As a heads up, patrons/tippers will get priority since they actually go out of their way to help me out with that little bit extra, but don’t worry it’s not some crazy VIP system or anything like that - it mostly just applies in cases where I’m going art crazy and getting stuff churned out within a week of receiving the commission.


If you need me to, I can work on a deadline let me know when you order the commission. If it’s less than a fortnight I may have to charge you a bit extra for it (like $5) since I’ll have to put your commission ahead of everyone else’s, but if you’re cool with it I am too. Minimum deadline I can work on is about 4-5 days.

BUT YES, thank you to everyone who commissions me - it means the world! - and if you’re ever unsure about anything don’t be afraid to ask. I’m a really chill dude and I’m about as far from judgemental as you can get, so feel free to ask for whatever your heart desires.

All fandoms/OCs/self-inserts/kinks are welcome! Just because all the examples are Voltron doesn’t mean it’s all I’ll draw. xD

(more info beneath the cut)

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So some of you guys were asking if I was going to make a Heartless!Rena Rouge and Heartless!Carapace (for those who don’t know, Heartless are the most common type of enemy in the Kingdom Hearts series and come in all shapes and sizes and abilities). Well here they are! I admit, I could not decide on which version of Heartless!Carapace so I ended up finishing them both xD (and coloring them was also a challenge xD) Here is the info:

First of all, these two don’t necessarily always spawn in pairs like Lady Knight and Black Rouge, but one or the other may appear alongside Lady/Black depending on how little luck you have, to make the battle a bit more difficult. They may also spawn on their own either by themselves or together. But rarely will you have all four in one place. But when that happens, be ready for a tough battle.

Sunset Sorceress: Incredibly skilled with magic, but very low on both offense and defense, the Sunset Sorceress relies primarily on illusions to confuse you. She uses her flute to create weaker copies of herself or other Heartless that she appears with. The original likes to stay hidden and often employs her Possessor companion to take over nearby objects as additional attack methods. To stop the illusions and attacking surroundings, you have to find her original form first. Once cornered however, she will begin utilizing her other powerful magic skills, such as sending a barrage of fire balls or a series of lightning strikes to keep you at bay. She is highly resistant to all magic attacks. However, once you’re close enough, you can defeat her with a good combo attack or series of melees. But she will try to get away as you land hit after hit so don’t let her escape.

Marine Vanguard: Unlike Black Rogue or Lady Knight who attack back only once you approach or begin attacking them, the Marine Vanguard will immediately go after you relentlessly as soon as it spawns. Depending on your location, he may appear either as his terrestrial or aquatic form. He is resistant to fire, ice, and water-based magic.

The terrestrial form (left) boasts a tough defense and offense. He will immediately launch a bunch of missiles at rapid fire when you’re far away. In close combat, he uses his hands that can turn into drill bits to begin hammering at your health without a break. Parry him to stop his pummelling. If he spawns alongside Sunset Sorceress or the other two, he can summon a barrier/Reflect to protect himself and prevent you from approaching his Heartless companions. However that is the furthest extent of his magic and only lasts for one or two seconds. Marine Vanguard will then need to recharge, giving you an opening to attack.

The aquatic form (right) spawns when you’re nearby or in water bodies. He is much faster in this form, even faster in water, but with only a slightly lower defense and offense. He will attack you relentlessly with his claws and shield, using the latter as a boomerang-like projectile. He is quick to dodge attacks and can also summon barriers/Reflect for the same purposes as his terrestrial form. His biggest weakness (as well as that of his terrestrial form) is lightning magic, so attack the top of his head with Thunder when you get your opening.

Also, the armor surrounding Marine Vanguard is a separate Heartless and the brighter parts are fluorescent. So he’s not a very sneaky Heartless.

There you have it! For info on Heartless!LB/CN, click here



Whoa dude! I posted the update on merch last night (I added some new stickers! Check out the info here!) And there were already some purchases! To the people who purchased with lightning speed, THANK YOU!! It’s awesome to know that those stickers are gonna go out and make someone’s day just a little bit more better :) I hope you got to use the coupon code thing too.

If you feel like it, let me know if the stickers arrived (just curious on how people are using them) or if anything is weird with them and I’ll take a look into it! Thanks to those who have purchased stickers, you guys are awesome and I hope the sheep stickers won’t disappoint once I get to them! (I’m so stoked to draw sheep. You don’t understand.)

And found out from a friend that it’s Connor’s “birth month”/appreciation month! So here’s a sort of thank you with the Connor jokes!