but he has made up for that

Your daughter has a friend round, and they ask how you and Shawn met

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I slaved in the kitchen, hair in a messy bun, sweat covering my face from the heat as I made my famous curry. Lily, our daughter, usually hated Indian food, however this wasn’t that. No, this was “Mummy’s Special Dinner”, definitely not chicken curry.

I jumped as two large arms wrapped around me, Shawns head resting on my shoulder as he peered down at my food. “Looks beautiful baby, as always.” I blushed and strained to kiss his cheek. “The girls are asking to do my make-up.”

I let out a laugh. “Think you’d look handsome with a little blush, maybe even fake eyelashes.” I giggled.

“Shut it, women.” He growled as he nipped my neck. I giggled and shrugged him off. “Ah, forgot, no sex with kids in the house.”

“You know the rules.” I giggled again.

Our fifteen year old came in with her friend, who blushed when she saw Shawn. She had a crush on him, bless her, and was always shy around him.

“Hi Sophie! How are you?”

She blushed even more. “Fine thank you.” She quietly said.

“So anyway, I bumped into him at this party and he was so cute! He kept telling me how hot I looked and-“

“Woah woah woah,” Shawn interrupted out daughter. “Who’s this?”

She rolled her eyes. “Some boy, don’t worry Dad.”

“I will worry, the first thing you say to a women shouldn’t be ‘you’re so sexy’, it should be charming.” He crossed his arms.

“And how would you know? Mums told me how awkward you used to be around girls.” Shawns head napped to me, and I simply shrugged.

“Can’t lie to my daughter, can I?” The girls giggled at me comment. I squeaked as Shawn suddenly pulled me into him, squeezing me tightly.

“You still married me though.” He smirked. I saw the girls swoon at our affection.

“That’s what I want.” Sophie blurted out, Shawn simply smiled at her before kissing my cheek. I turned around and leant against his chest. “How did you meet?”

“We were both flying to New York from London,” Shawn said. “And I saw her at security. Thought she was beautiful, never seen someone look at good as your mum in sweatpants and a hoodie.” I blushed.

“She ended up standing in front of me before check in, and I begged the lady to let me sit next to her. The attendant must of thought I was a stalker, but she did anyway. Me and your Mum talked for ten hours on that journey, and I fell in love.”

“You did not! It was only ten hours.” I scoffed.

“Did too! Loved you the minute I saw you.” He huffed. “I was only meant to be in New York a couple days, and I asked your Mum out to dinner that night and she said yes. We had dinner and went to see a movie, and did the same the night after.”

“Then your Dad asked me to go to Canada with him, said it would be great fun. But I didn’t have the money for that. New York was just a holiday, couldn’t afford to go anywhere else. But he paid for me, let me stay at him place. Charmed me good, and now we’re here!” I happily said.

Shawn hummed in agreement and kissed me shoulder. “That’s how it’s really some ladies, not some alcohol filled party while saying ‘you’re so fit’.”

The girls looked at us warmly. “You’re right Dad! I’m gonna tell Jake no, I don’t wanna date someone who doesn’t think I’m beautiful! Sexy isn’t enough for me.” The girls hopped down from the counter leaving Shawn and I alone.

“Dodge a fucking bullet there.” Shawn huffed, spinning me around and kissing my lips.

“Tell me about it.” I sighed. He kissed me again.

“Wanna break the ‘no sex’ rule.” He winked, I simply groaned and went back to my curry.

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Nico totally has his proposal planned in a graveyard, in front of the grave of an unknown man he made up a really romantic story for - like, how he spent his dying breath to talk about his lover and stuff like that - and looking at Martino all proud of his brilliant idea. Martino be like 'wtf is this place? Do I really want to spend my life with thi weirdo? Yes, I do.'

dskjghkfdj also this trend absolutely becomes an inside joke and the one time nico takes him somewhere nice martino’s like “are you breaking up with me?”

more and more I’ve been thinking about Undertale and my favourite scene: when Sans takes you out for dinner at the MTT resort and talks about the promise he made to Toriel to not just straight-up murder you the second he met you, and like……. I’ve been reading about the Deltarune theory that Sans is a Darkner, or at the very least “Sans is absolutely not originally from the Undertale timeline” and like….. he straight-up admits to you at that dinner that he has no idea about the door to the Ruins and where it leads, and doesn’t even acknowledge it’s like…. foundational in monster-culture that everyone else knows the door, the Ruins, and its significance.  Sans just randomly finds it and thinks “oh, fun joke potential.”

I think the Sans we meet in Deltarune is more like a Bad Time run Sans.  A “geeeeeeet dunked on” Sans who doesn’t have it in him to even pretend to have time for you (as the player).  He is not happy to see you piloting Kris around, to the point where he’s not even going to pretend to give you the benefit of a doubt, and I think…. in light of how Sans clearly does not originate from/in Undertale, it’s interesting to think about how his instinct would have been to kill you at first sight not out of obligation/duty to the king, but based on some other motive entirely.

I’m not good at big-picture theories or w/e and other people are way smarter about this than me.  I’ve just been dwelling on that specific conversation Sans has with you/Frisk and I just think it’s!!!! interesting. 

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Can you explain every encounter with grindeldore in the movie from start to finish please. I.e flashbacks, mirror scenes, mentions of each other 🙏🙏🙏

Ohhhh gossshhhhhhh, this is like the best essay assignment I’ve ever been given!!

Spoilers below!!

1. Gellert, disguised as Abernathy, tried to get away with not giving the British ministry officials the blood pact pendant that he and Albus made when they were teens. The pendant has the letters G and D intertwined, although we never get a close-up in the movie. Gellert handed over “Grindelwald’s wand” (it was probably either an empty box or someone else’s wand switched out) no problem, but he kept the pendant until Picquery said, “Abernathy…” Then Grindelwald handed it over. He was genuinely worried that he might lose the G/D pendant if he let it go with the carriage. Just the fact that he keeps the pendant on him all the times gets me.

2. Abernathy, the real one, knew that Gellert wanted that pendant safe more than anything. He guarded it at the risk of his own life by drowning when he opened his mouth underwater to catch it. I can just picture Gellert telling Abernathy that the pendant was  to be guarded with his life.

3. Albus of course told Newt that he could not “move against” Gellert. There was a really long pause after this in which Albus just looked sad.

4. This golden exchange (not word-for-word, but close):

Gellert: Who represents the greatest threat to our cause?

Krall (sp?) (Follower): Albus Dumbledore.

Gellert: If I told you to go and kill him for me, would you do it for me?

Krall: …

Gellert: Credence is the only one who can kill him.

Krall: Do you really think he can kill the great D- *he stops because Gellert is GLARING*

Gellert: I wonder if you’ll be with us on that day. Will you be with us?

Krall later meets his fate and his burned up by Gellert’s blue flames when he tries to join him in the circle.

5. When the Ministry officials come to question Albus at Hogwarts, shit goes down. Basically, somehow, they get ahold of what looks like memories almost, though I have no idea how or who they took it from. But they were able to conjure teenage Gellert and teenage Albus looking at each other, Gellert smiling, and then him changing into who he is today. As we watch the two teenagers, a Ministry official says:

“You and Grindelwald were as close as brothers.”

To which Albus says, “Oh, we were closer than brothers.”

Nudge, wink, nudge, wink.

The Ministry officials can’t put two and two together though, so they don’t press what Albus meant by that. Instead, they demand that he join the fight, and he refused, simply saying that he can’t.

The Ministry has Dumbledore under surveillance because they believe that, by not fighting Grindelwald, Albus is actually joining Grindelwald’s side, even though Albus insists that he wants the defeat of Grindelwald. They put bracelets on him and tell him he will no longer be allowed to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts… since he has chosen darkness over light himself (they didn’t actually SAY that last part, but that was the implication of the conversation). Dumbledore just turned around and looked away.

6. Albus ran into Leta right after this exchange. They have a heated exchange, Leta angry and defensive, and Dumbledore tells her, “Confession is a relief, I’ve been told. A great weight lifted. Regret is my constant companion. Do not let it become yours.”

7. Gellert delivers his little speech with the pendant in plain view. The niffler takes it when he is on the floor, examining a woman (creepily BTW) who’s been struck dead by an Auror. As he’s kneeling on the floor, the niffler takes it. I would’ve paid an extra $50 to see Gellert’s reaction once he finds out his little G/D pendant is missing. I am hopeful for the next movie.

8. After Gellert’s killed most of his enemies with the blue flames, he turned his attention to Newt. The way the soundtrack was playing at the time, made Gellert sound gleeful when he said, “Mr. Scamander, do you think Dumbledore will mourn for you?” The way he says Dumbledore’s name is chilling - each syllable is stressed.

9. Newt shows Albus the pendant and just says, “You made a blood pact with him not to fight each other.” Albus didn’t deny it, he just nodded and said, “Yes,” softly while continuing to stare at it. Finally, he reaches out and grabs it and just says, “How in the name of Merlin did you manage to -?” And Newt moves his jacket to reveal the niffler who stole it. Albus let go of it again, and it hovers between them. He continues to stare at it. Newt says, “Do you think you can destroy it?” And Albus says, “Maybe. Maybe…”

10. This one is quite indirect, but I noticed it anyway. When Gellert is speaking about Credence, he describes him as, “So desperate for love.” It’s ironic because we see Gellert talking about love a lot. He seems to really like saying the word, and he always says it so deliberately. I really do think that Gellert picked up on Albus’ desperation right away, and I think Gellert talked about love a lot with him. I don’t like Johnny Depp, but God, the way he said that word every time, and the way he delivered this line about Credence - I could just picture him using that word on Albus, and Albus would have been a freaking goner.

Thank you for your assignment. !

Rick Grimes Is A Thot, a walking dead fanfic | FanFiction
Michonne laments to King Ezekiel about Rick's distracting ways. Kind of. Inspired by Rick's shameless behavior in 9x03 Warning Signs.

Also on AO3


Rick Grimes is an inspirational leader who can inspire the most reticent individual to take up a weapon and fire a shot or the most battle-hardened warrior to put down their weapon and focus on constructing the future.

Rick Grimes is a caring leader who feels his people’s losses. A devoted father who worries about his children and basks in their triumphs.

Rick Grimes is a fighter who has time and time again made a way out of no way, valiantly trekking from King County, Georgia to Alexandria, Virginia, withstanding all manner of horrors.

Rick Grimes is a survivor, a visionary—

“Rick Grimes is a thot,” Michonne deadpanned as she munched on a carrot, a hand on her hip.

“A what?” Ezekiel asked as he looked up from his speech.

Do you know what is really sad about the last update?

The teacher’s words to He Tian: “how did you end up hanging out with Mo Guan Shan” and Mo’s answer: “he’s the one pestering me”.

As if failing the exam AND becoming friend with MGS would possibly ruin Tian’s chances to attend a top university. The worst that can happen to him.

And MGS’s answer made me smile with tenderness. He’s basically saying that he’s not the one trying to ruin one of the most honorable students’ reputation. He’s not dragging him down just for a casual whim. He knows what kind of reputation he has and what teachers and students think of him. And he wants He Tian to go back to his perfect-student self. Cause in his opinion He Tian doesn’t belong with him. Among the last, the losers, the deliquents.

The teacher just underlines that. I know their school system is based on rank and it’s pretty tough. But the way he handles this situation is far from human. He’s just angry. Angry at a teenager failing exams for the first time and angry at a friendship that has just started to develop.

In this system there’s no space for lost kids, no space for redemption. No space for second chances.

It’s so, so sad.

An aesthetic for @crimsondomingo‘s fic Timeless.

A voice in the Speed Force reaches Barry in his Timeless state to convince him to come home. Barry misses that voice once he’s back in real-time, but he has to set things right and save as many lives as he can.

While that means Iris will be with Eddie instead of him, he can’t mourn her. She’ll always be dear to him, but he wants her to be happy above all, and he has seen every timeline and knows the life and love he will get to have instead. He just needs to keep fighting to finish his calculations in time to defeat Eobard and return to his loved ones for good.

Thankfully, a certain thief brings clarity like no one else can.

AU season 1 with Barry from pre-season 4.1 returning from the Speed Force to the moment he woke up from his original coma.

Most of this was made about two months ago, but I couldn’t find anything for the last photo, eventually I settled on the Time Sphere from Legends, even if it doesn’t look like the device from Timeless.

So, I was looking up the definition of the word Mystic and I found out this interesting thing. It comes from the Greek word μυω ( meeo) which means to conceal therefore Mystic is someone who has knowledge of something but he either can’t or mustn’t reveal it!!! It made me think that Somnus must have known what was going to happen to Ardyn but he couldn’t talk!!!

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Sup, i've just read the brake up / makeup Erasermic fic and it made me cry and now I'm sad even tho it had happy ending. Send happy headcanons pls?

Hello! and that’s a mood

1. Yamada is a huge cuddler, but Aizawa is a bigger cuddler.

Aizawa will cling onto Yamada like a limpet. Reasoning behind this: He sleeps in a sleeping bag, that has fabric surrounding and presses against you, so the sleeping bag pretty much cuddles him. Also i HC that he is somewhat touch starved, but he doesn’t like just anyone touching him. So he takes advantage of them both being home when  he can. 

2. Yamada loves physical contact

Anytime he can, hes always slightly touching the other. a hand brushing against Aizawa as he walks by, sides pressed against each other as they do work, just small things that he doesn’t even realize he’s doing. Aizawa secretly loves it (look at 1 for hc)

3. Aizawa doesnt sleep well if Yamada’s not at home with him

He tries, but it always ends up as a semi-conscious state, half awake and half asleep, as he waits for the sound of Yamada coming home. The only way he can get good any good sleep without him, is if he’s at the radio show. If yamada is doing his show, he’ll turn on it on and fall asleep to it. 

4. They have weekly date nights

Yamada with his three jobs, and Aizawa working nights, its hard to spend time together, but they try to do something together once a week, with just the two of them. Sometimes its just staying at home, ordering takeout and watching a movie on the couch, sometimes its going to the movies and dinner, and sometimes it’s just them hanging out in the park or taking walks. 

ahh so i only did four, my brains a bit fried, but what are some of yours? (or anyone’s, just send them on in!)

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Band AU

im going to shamelessly use this to fulfill my need for punk bucky and punk nat so

  • they’re a punk band called the avengers (really, you didn’t see that coming?)
  • the band’s made up of steve, thor, natasha, and sam, with tony working on lights and design, rhodey as manager, and bruce as assistant manager
  • the whole thing was tony’s idea, really. he’d heard natasha singing one day, and, in a flash of brilliance, had immediately called the others to hatch his plan
  • and they quickly became popular, due to the fact that their music and shows are stunning, and they’re all fucking beautiful
  • until a newbie given the name ‘the winter soldier’ starts cutting into their sales, and tony? well, tony has to do something about it. he’s not sure what that something is yet, but he’ll stop him
  • (any plan goes out the window the minute he sees the soldier, though. nobody should be that fucking pretty.)

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lock up and leave. The title alone has already hooked me

lock up and leave is essentially a series of vignettes about Link’s experiences from the moment he wakes up until some undetermined amount of time after he reunites with Zelda. i lost a lot of the progress i’d made on it which is why i shelved it but i really like the concept and it’ll probably end up being the most pretentious thing ever if i get around to finishing it

He is: scarred. 

On his left palm, a burn. Ropy and bubbled and ugly, a wound left to fester. He recalls a bright, searing pain, hot and deliberate, and decides, foolishly, to chase it. 

He moves the sword to his left hand and wraps his fingers around the hilt. The weight of it is comfortable—friendly, even—but he knows the scar tissue will limit the fluidity of his movements, make him just a fraction too slow. He slashes twice experimentally and feels a phantom pain shoot up his arm. Remembers restraints and fire and white-hot metal as voiceless words ring out in his head. 

(Only fairies fight left-handed.) 

He puts the sword back in his right hand.

He thinks there might be things better left forgotten.

(Are you a fairy, boy?!)

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au: the hotdoga but it's the long running story shane's been telling his and ryan's kid (im 98% sure someone's already headcanoned this sksjsh)


Ryan hates it so much because their baby loves it so much, and none of the stories he has come up with has been of their liking as much as Shane’s stupid food drama and it’s so damn unfair???? But at the same time, he is so loving seeing the two loves of his life like this, it’s so confusing ajsndskjdnfdskdnfdm

Also, I’m not sure if someone has already done it but months ago, I made some headcanon/au thingy about Shane re-telling the story to their kid, too lol.

Last night I had a dream, and right off the bat it’s weird. 

So, here’s the setting: Andy Biersack has just broken up with Juliet, or got a divorce or whatever, and the band has also just made a new album. The catch is that it’s not for the usual demographic? Like it’s meant for older people but it’s music so it doesn’t really make sense? Anyway, Andy’s no longer short hair no make up mcgee. He’s return to his roots and is in that long hair, all leather. 

This is where I enter. I get to meet him and instead of walking up and talking like anyone would do, I instead walk right past, turn back and go “What?” and he’s immediately annoyed. I then try to hand him a piece of paper. He opens it, before giving it back, not wanting it. By the way this all happens in the magazine isle at Morrison’s.

It then cuts to a show. He’s busy announcing something and he’s the only one on the stage. I’m in the balcony, right in the corner, and peering over at him with that same piece of paper. I make it into a paper aeroplane and let it go, and it hits him. He opens it, and then immediately looks up at me furious, before sending it back up. 

I open it up, and inside is a drawing of the Pokemon Luxray. And the dream ends.

What the fuck does this dream say about me?


So a couple of things going on here. 

Number one, Anthy is just as much trapped as the prince is. Both of them are destroyed and sustained by their power, by the system they find themselves in, and it’s no fucking wonder to me that Anthy and Akio are as fucked up as they are, if the small good things that I assume made both of them have been stripped away by the repeating of this entirely fucked up cycle over and ver again. 

Number two, going back to what i said earlier about him specifically saying, “I do not serve death.” I assume he has the same deal as she does, that he can’t really die, he can’t even do that for the two of them, kill them both and let it be done with. He envies those who can court death, because he doesn’t have the power to do even that anymore.

Please note I haven’t seen anything past this and am watching spoiler free! Please don’t confirm, deny, or explain anything to me! Even if I should be able to figure it out based on past episodes! Even if it’s cultural! Even if there is no answer! It ruins it for everyone when I get spoiled!

Sometimes I think of the Same Coin Theory and just :’)

Stan was willing to have his whole mind erased, to destroy everything that made him Stan, in order to kill what (unbeknownst to him) was a past version of himself.

While Bill was terrified in that scene. He was shapeshifting, he was begging Stan for a deal, and then as a last resort he was invoking this benevolent god, this rare rule of the universe, this rule that you just know has to have a catch. He was desperate to live, so much that he didn’t care how. He just couldn’t face being destroyed —

And that cowardice lead to his own demise, because while he saved himself, he allowed what made him Bill to be destroyed. He was reborn as someone with more compassion than him, someone who after billions and billions of eons would finally grow up, someone who would care about his family more than anyone else in the world. Someone who wouldn’t fear being destroyed, if it was to save that family.

The blue fire engulfs two beings that are connected, but incredibly different. Two incarnations of an entity, going down together. 

One of them orchestrated this clash to happen. And it wasn’t the near-omniscient, reality-warping demon — but rather, it was the stronger of the two. It was the better person.

They both rise from the ashes, but the one who feared death so much is changed, while the one who went out smiling stays himself. He’s brought back by the family he loved so much. 

(Just as he deserves to be. If anyone is worthy of a happy ending, it’s Stan.)

A Surprise Too Many

Book: The Elementalists 

Pairing: Beckett Harrington x MC 

Summary: They’ve been dating and after sixth months Beckett has someone that he wants to introduce her to. Ellie has a surprise that throws him for the farthest loop. 

Authors Note: Not sure if I should continue this or not, just a short little thing that I thought of. So maybe let me know? 

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I’m having a flashback right now, because my Landlord came in, with a space heater saying it’s a “reward for being good” and “acting like a grown-up” and made a big Thing about how he only had enough for one, even though Monica’s the one who has been saying how cold it is, and it is right out of the narcissist playbook, and it’s something my ex-mother would have done.

It was extremely cold this morning and the only heat source is at the other end of the house and I STILL tried to say “You know, I think you need this more, I know you get cold” just because I know it’ll be hanging over my head later.

He’s angry that he tried to evict Monica and it didn’t work because the law is on her side, and I’m planning on going to legal aide next week with her to handle it.

But it’s still causing an emotional flashback and this sucks and also, fuck him with a cactus.

This is not my fault.  He has an obligation to provide heat to all tenants, he is legally obligated to do so, and he can fucking CHOKE ON IT.

I want to set him on fire a lot right now.  I feel like the case could be made for self-defense.

Yea the song is bittersweet but it has just the right amount of angst for me. I’ve been having some Chase feels all day. Yesterday I picked up Let’s Go Eevee and named my eevee Chase in honor of the dad bean. Well Nintendo makes it look like you actually get sucked into your TV and you wake up in the Pokemon world and later when I got Eevee I checked his summary. Made me think maybe Chase is coming with me after all on this journey 😊


Awwwww he is so cute and valid!!! ^^ I hope Chase goes on the journey with you :D