but he's really cuteee


170516 BTS on ZIP! TV
[Translation Interview Part]

Rapmon: We practiced really hard.
MC: Is there a particular Japanese pronunciation that you find difficult?
Everyone shouting: ‘TSU’/ ‘ZO’/ ‘DA’
Jimin: Everything is difficult \*^_^*/

13-year-old Yuzuru totally caught me off guard

Feel like I’ve been looking too much into his old vids but seriously, these 2 videos are so cute I CAN NOT >____< (x) (x) I swear they are the cutest videos of junior Yuzu I’ve ever seennn!!!!

When baby Yuzu realized he just won Junior Nationals in his first junior year:

And then they ask him about his expectations for Senior Nationals, this small bean was just like…… words slipped out of his mouth haha XD and then he tried to be cute to make up for it!!! DAMN BABY YUZU!!!

My Family’s Placements💫✨:

Mom - Aries Sun| Sagittarius Moon| Aquarius Rising| Aries Mercury R | Taurus Venus| Virgo Mars R|

Dad - Capricorn Sun| Scorpio Moon| Capricorn Mercury| Capricorn Venus| Capricorn Mars|

Older Sister - Aquarius Sun| Aquarius Moon| Scorpio Rising| Aquarius Mercury| Sagittarius Venus| Aries Mars

Older Brother - Taurus Sun| Gemini Moon| Aquarius Rising| Aries Mercury| Pisces Venus| Taurus Mars|

Mine - Capricorn Sun| Virgo Moon| Virgo Rising| Sagittarius Mercury| Scorpio Venus| Aquarius Mars|

I am curious to know what placements your family members have🤗!

Neymar talking about his assist to Sergi Roberto in the Champions League game against PSG:

“My first thought was not to be a hero, but to kick. But I saw two Barcelona players moving: who were Messi and Piqué. I had not seen Sergi Roberto. So much so, that I played to both.

At the time, I thought it was Piqué who scored the goal. After that I saw Sergi Roberto coming in behind. I spoke to him (Sergi Roberto): “Enter the area; you will make the goal. Get in the area!” Because I was in his place on the rebound because he is taller. Then he came in and scored.”

(Translated via Google Translate so excuse any spelling mistakes)