but gr8 show so so gr8

do u ever feel like ur such a great artist bc you have so many great ideas but then you realize you haven’t had time to do them yet so what you actually have is pretty shitty and no one knows what you are capable of doing except you bc same.. it’s kind of like the whole idea of having such a great style of clothing and if you had enough money you’d look A1 but you don’t so you look like a bum. I don’t have enough money to show ppl my gr8 style in clothing or enough time to show ppl my gr8 painting ideas !!! sos sos sos

ok so u kno how the fandom sorta shifts its interest to one of the three bears for a certain amount of time ??? like how when the show first aired & for the longest time everyone loved panda & u p much saw panda all the time

then it shifted to grizz which was gr8!!!!! it was so gr8! but it lasted like………….a month

now its shifted to ice bear & is it gonna go back to grizz or go back to panda??? will the fandom ever consistently like grizz??

find out next time on sonic x