but gr8 show so so gr8

the pll ships as boroughs of new york city
  • spoby:staten island, so forgotten, so misunderstood, so isolated...formerly unloved but now that every place else has gone to shit GUESS WHO WANTS TO COME LIVE HERE???
  • haleb:da bronx, can cut a bitch if necessary, still riding off that bad rep. does illegal sketchy shit but doesn't get caught (because sneaky af)
  • ezria:brooklyn, so hipster, trendy coffee shops galore. kale = life, artspresso = life, and i'm doing this for aesthetic OKAY???
  • emison:manhattan, so trendy, so social, everyone is jelly, even though everything is always inconvenient af due to the VOLUME OF TOURISTS. also low key hipster af but *looks* like a trendsetter soooo...
  • spaleb:queens because it seemed like it could've been a good idea but it's BORING AS FUCK. there are buildings and stuff, i guess. some good restaurants. but meh.

So I’m (finally!) up to watching Superman: The Animated Series and I can’t believe it’s been three episodes and we already have:

1. Lois (and Clark!) investigating Lex

2. a tense and awkward scene between Lex, Lois and Clark (LEX WHY ARE YOU CONDUCTING INTERVIEWS ON YOUR MASSAGE BED jfc why are you so Extra™)

3. Lex being forever involved in backdoor high-tech weapons deals with warring states to further his own agenda

4. Superman hovering warningly above Lex, being stoic and silent while Lex talks and talks @ him

5. Lex and Lois having some kind of history?? ?!

just wow, this show sure doesn’t waste any time in getting straight to my interests™ 😎😎