but for real!!!!!

I’ve figured out where Steven Universe takes place!

As we know, the show takes place in Beach City. So I was determied to figure out where exactally that is!
My first clue was from the episode “Keystone Motel” Where they go to the Keystone state whic looks like this

What state does that look like?

So, I took a look at the states around there, since they say that its the “next state over”

That takes our possible states down to Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Delaware,  Maryland, and West Virginia. If we take out States with no boarder on the ocean, I can eliminate Ohio, and West Virginia (im not counting great lakes). 
It was now i thought to myself wondering how i could possbly figure out which of these he could live in, when suddenly i zoomed in a little more and saw this

Right there in maryland! Surly that must be the inspiration for Beach city!!! 
But wait. Theres more.
when zooming in to look at my discovery, I chose to look for the other places Steven mentions ito Lapis, when i saw this a bit to the north.

I didnt believe it until i zoomed in more to see this!

Its Funland. A real place. Just north of Dewey Beach.
Which may i add, has some simmilarities with Beach City’s Funland!

So there we have it! Steven lives in Delaware in Dewey Beach, North of Ocean City, Which may be the Ocean Town Steven mentions!
I hope you enjoyed this! I sure did!!

[Meme photo of student looking at butterfly, image has been doubled so there are two students looking at the butterfly.  Butterfly is labeled “Bisexuality.”

First student, labeled “Straight People” - “Is this GAY?”

Second student labeled “Gay People” - “Is this STRAIGHT?”



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