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You ready for this? The most unpopular of opinions? You know what would be super cool and kind of dope for the ATLA liveaction show? No romance. Or heavily downplayed romance. No Kataang. No Zutura. Sokka and Yue can stay but then give the poor boy more time to heal after her loss.

They are kids. Even Zuko and Sokka, the older members of the Gaang who are romance ready, have heavy psychological scars. And are basically child soldiers.

What if we super focus on friendship and platonic support and leave all that sweet, sweet, romance for after the war is finished? When everyone is ya know. More legalish. And emotionally stable/healthy. And the world isn’t two steps from hell.

All the comments made me really happy ;; So I tried my best and decided to keep writing. The updates will be almost everyday and pretty short and I hope you enjoy! Please keep leaving feedback <3


His hand instinctively clenches the letter he had been reading. The emotions in this one were so… different from the previous ones. 

I don’t mind if you don’t like me back, it will hurt sure but if I give you this letter it’s because I just couldn’t handle not telling you, I am sorry if it’s weird. I’m sure these feelings will go away eventually if it’s what you want.

He felt his heart tighten when he read this paragraph, and had been staring at it, trying to figure out his own feelings before Lance called out, he doesn’t know what to say.
“I-”  Keith words fail him, he isn’t sure what’s the right thing to do. “Lance, I am sorry-”
“What for?” Lance interrupts, there is a curious tone in his voice.
“I shouldn’t have read-”
He is interrupted again. “It’s my fault for leaving my room such a mess, Coran thought-… never mind, I will just take them back.” He crosses the room and grabs a pile that Keith hasn’t even touched yet.
He raises his arm in their direction, stopping Lance. Keith wants to read them as well, but he can’t say that. “Don’t you… want to talk about it?”
Lance blinks, finally truly meeting Keith eyes since he walked into the room. “Do you?”
“Yes-” Keith says without thinking, then he frowns realizing he has no idea how he feels about anything that he just read. “No?”
Lance chuckles, he sounds sad. “Okay then.” He raises his hand and places it on Keith shoulder, patting him twice.
Without another word, he gathers the rest of the letters, his movements more robotic than usual, and it’s obvious he isn’t really paying attention to his surroundings so Keith takes the opportunity to hide the few letters next to him.
Eventually, Lance finishes gathering the ones he can see. “Lance.” He calls out. “I liked reading them- the letters”
There is a short silence before Lance smiles in reply. “Thanks.”
The door opens, Lance leaves, and it closes.

And Keith facepalms. “What do you mean you liked reading them?!” He asks the ceiling. 
He wants to scream, or hit something, or both at the same time. And he would if the training room wasn’t currently closed for Coran’s ‘spring cleaning’.
He stares at the few letters that he hid from Lance. “Why did I even do that?”
Then he looks at the secretary he never used that every Paladin got a while back, it was originally only one for Pidge to work on her room but eventually they all got one. He assumes Lance wrote the letters in his. 
Getting up, he grabs a piece of alien paper and the alien pencil. Wondering if he could write like Lance, if it would help him figure out what just happened.

He sits and sighs. “Only one way to find out.”

As soon as Lance is outside of Keith’s room he goes straight for his own room, while mumbling to himself. “What did he mean he liked reading them?!” He asks frustrated the letters in his arms.
In reply he hears Coran say from another room. “Must be because you have lovely writing!”
Lance doubts that, but he doesn’t have any better guess.

my new kink is blake lively wearing suits and being kinda mean

Me, realizing that it’s Soren’s duty to keep Callum safe and he does like it’s second nature, but his father, who he is eager to impress and please, has now ordered him to kill the person he is sworn to protect with his life and eventually he will have to come to a crossroads where he will either have to prove himself to his father and do “the right thing” or stay loyal to his friend, his prince, his kingdom, by doing the right thing: