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Darkiplier Never Left: A Theory

Okay, so this theory has been bouncing around in my brain since March, and I’ve briefly touched on it before, but I’ve never fleshed it out on here. Buckle in, homies. This is a long ride full of excessive bolding and italics, and we’ve abandoned the land of chill and “Read More”s.

As always, this connects to my other theories.They’re not required reading, but they will definitely help. I’ll link to the two most relevant ones (which are also the two most popular ones, so that’s neat!): The big bad, which explains the purpose of each of the egos in Markiplier TV; and this one, which explains why Mark is trying to undermine Dark.

In Markiplier TV, there are two heads to the table. One of them has already presented his plan to take back control. We’re about to witness the plan of the other. 

What is the plan exactly? Well, that much we’re not sure of, yet, except that one of the clues we’ve been given is a piece of what looks to be a ransom note. We’ve also been given a still from some security cam footage, which, when brightened, has a clear anaglyph (red/blue) effect. (You can view the brightened version here, courtesy of the lovely @amycampbell00.) This leads many to believe that someone (Mark, most likely) has been taken hostage, and that Dark is behind it. I agree with this, but I think that we’re making a mistake in assuming that this is a recent development. In fact, the point I’m here to make in this post is that Dark has had control of the channel since his very first official appearance in February. 

Let’s take a look at the psychology behind Dark as a character. He has two serious hyper-focuses: control and choice. Control is what he desires; choice is what he denies. During the Horror route of A Date with Markiplier, his obsession with the concept of choice is emphasized repeatedly. 

What’s interesting about this is that he follows this statement by, technically, giving you a choice– but what he presents you with is actually just the illusion of choice. It may seem like there are different paths to take, but only one will actually make a difference. The rest send you directly to dead ends. No matter what you do, you will, ultimately, have to make the “choice” that he has been leading you to all along. 

Immediately after this exercise in futility, he extolls the virtues of avoiding choice altogether and letting him have control. 

Okay, so why is this relevant? Well, consider this: we also know that Dark doesn’t exactly obey the laws of space and time. (Mark directly mentioned this fact in the February live stream.) Not only that, but he has some semblance of control over it as well– when you try to escape during the Exit video, he immediately creates a time loop and sends you back inside. He has complete and utter control of the situation at every moment, and if things don’t go the way he plans, he can literally manipulate the world around him. 

Knowing all of this, why would Dark then allow us to make this choice?

He wouldn’t. Of course he wouldn’t.

This man just spent the entirety of his time with us asserting that he was in control, and that choices are not only unnecessary, but dangerous. He set up a false choice to emphasize that point. There is no way he would give us a genuine choice after all of that. It goes against everything we know about him. Even if he was genuinely caught off guard (which I find hard to believe, but that’s a point for another post), he would not set himself up in a position of vulnerability that would immediately undermine all of his efforts up to that point. Any sort of “weakness” he would present would only be in the service of a greater purpose. 

Darkiplier can manipulate what we see. He can manipulate what we hear. He can manipulate the laws of space and time. He doesn’t need to give us any power over him. 

He’s tired of giving people a choice, and we are no exception. We don’t have the option to shoot Dark. We never did.

No matter what we choose, we will be shooting Mark. Mark didn’t escape on his own to confront Dark– if he had, Dark would have simply thrown him back in as he did in the Exit video. No, Dark let him escape. Dark let the gun fall at our feet. And Dark let us shoot him– except, of course, that he didn’t. The only difference your “choice” makes is how long he pretends to be the real Mark. 

 This all circles back around to his obsessions: he will give us the illusion of control over the situation and a choice in the outcome, when in reality, we have neither. And these things shape the most dangerous illusion of them all: the illusion of safety.

Mark isn’t in control of the channel. Mark hasn’t been in control of the channel for a long, long time. We already know that Dark can imitate Mark flawlessly, and he’s been doing so for months. Those brief moments in videos that appear to be Dark exercising the weak amount of power he has left? Those are simply to make us believe he’s not running the show. He’s practically taunting us.

He’s been pulling the strings for months now, patiently waiting for the right time to step out from the shadows and reveal his plan. Judging by the events of the past few days, he’s finally ready. The real question is, 

are we?

And that’s what made her special
she kept fighting
with knives in her back and chains on her wrists and poison down her throat

she persisted
and she broke free
—  m. a.

“He’s an actor on Broadway.  I broke up with him in December because he couldn’t manage his anger.  He’d scream at me on subway platforms.  Once he busted my lip while trying to grab something out of my hand.  That was when I finally ended it.  But he called me on New Year’s Eve and asked if he could go to a party with me.  We’d bought our tickets months earlier.  They were expensive so I agreed.  My sister was coming with us so I wasn’t worried.  Everyone had a great time.  …At the end of the night, we dropped off my sister and went back to his place.  I was so drunk that I curled up in a pile of clothes.  When I opened my eyes he was taking photos of me and laughing.  I immediately decided to leave.  It was literally the start of a new year and I wanted to begin on a good note.  He yelled at me to come back but I kept walking.  He followed me down the stairs and grabbed my arm.  He told me to ‘stop acting stupid.’  Then he pinned me up against the side of his building.  He was choking me and saying ‘calm down, calm down, calm down.’  A van drove by and started honking at us.  But they didn’t stop.  They didn’t help me.  I broke free and ran into traffic but nobody was stopping.  He caught me, and pushed me up against a van, and lifted me into the air by the neck.  When I woke up on the ground he was gone.  I asked the judge to sentence him to anger management courses.  He’s finished them.  But I’m still dealing with the trauma of that night.”

  • Bucky Barnes, college graduate (just), is on his way home from graduation weekend. Its a long drive, why he has an apartment a block away from the university, but nothing he’s not used to, and sometimes you need to be home y’know? 
    • his parents left a few hours before him, he’d gone out with a few friends after the ceremony, but had stuck strictly to soda for the night
  • Everything’s going fine, when his car gets hit by a drunk driver, knocked over, and ends up in a lake
    • he’s knocked unconscious by the impact with the water
  • He wakes up not entirely sure where he is, but he’s pretty sure he’s not in Kansas anymore
    • And I mean he could be wrong, but he’s pretty sure the person sitting beside him has tattoos. That are moving. But then again it could be the headache
  • He wakes up again, in a house that smells of medicinal herbs, and nope, that guy’s tattoos are still moving, and the person next to tattoo-guy has wings
    • his first words after the crash are what the fuck followed by an ow what the fuck? as his ribs remind him of their impact with an airbag.
    • wing-man snickers, moving-tattoo-guy chastises wing-man then says something about going out to get a healer. Bucky and wing-man are left staring awkwardly at each other. Wing-man introduces himself as Sam, and Bucky’s too distracted by the feathers he’s dropping to do more than wave.
  • A now very confused recent college graduate Bucky Barnes is roped into this fantastical adventure where the Fae Folk are trying to Not Die Out, and it turns out his rescuer, Steve (tattoo-man) is not only one of the leaders of the Fae, but kind of stupidly attractive and he doesn’t even realise it
    • like boy does he not realise it
    • it’s equal parts endearing and frustrating really
  • Time passes, Things happen, friends are made. He gets invested in this world and this Fight and these people and just as things start to fall into place, gets hit, blindsided by something and pitching forward onto the stone hall floor.
  • He wakes up on the bank of the lake, sirens loud in his ears
  • But before he can really feel upset, the firefighter that pulled him out of his car pulls off his headgear, all reassuring smiles and gentle hands as he helps Bucky sit up, and he recognises those eyes
    • (Bucky’s not sure what’s real anymore, but the tattoo on his arm looks real and the new scar on his arm feels real but so does this life and this Steve and he thinks he’s going mad until he sees a flicker of red magic, the flash of brown hair, the pleased little glint of Wanda’s eyes in the reflection of a shop window, and he thinks, maybe, this was his story all along)

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Okay, quick answers to the most asked questions:

Rythian is a human boy who was taken by Endermen back to The End many years ago. There he was raised to learn how to use Endermagic and groomed to become the general/warlord in a future invasion of the Brightlands (the “normal” world).

When he was still very young he despaired at how different he looked to all the other Endermen so he took a knife and cut the sides of his cheeks open so would be able to have the wide mouth and angular jaw of an Enderman. He healed eventually but it left horrifying scars which he is ashamed of to this day. Hence the mask.

He eventually left The End behind and broke free from the Queen’s leadership and wandered the Brightlands. He met some friends, and met Zoey.

The way the story was going, they were going to discover Zoey’s origin in the Twilight Forest - she was the mushroom princess, rightful ruler of the Realm of Twilight. The original nuking of the original server made her lose her memory. With her gone, the barriers between worlds were fading, and Endermen managed to invade there as well, despite measures to stop that from happening (such as a realm-wide aura to stop their magic from working).

After restoring Zoey’s memory and “fixing” the realm, they were going to go back to the original place where the portal to the End was created (by Rythian’s scientist parents many years ago), go through, fight the Enderdragon (Queen of the End, aka The Princess from the short story) and win. More or less live happily ever after.

It all sounds a bit silly and dry when briefly summed up like this, but at least there’s some answers. I hope that satisfied a little bit at least. :)

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #103

Dan: I want a Shiba in u

Phil: what-

Dan: ;)

Released Games & Demos - October 2017

Congratulations to all the devs who completed their projects and demos last month! Click the titles for links to downloads.

Allegrezza Harmony (DEMO)
Release date: 10/7/2017
Developer(s): @allegrezza-harmony 
Genre: Fangame, Exploration, Rhythm, RPG

Broke Brodie
Release date: 10/29/2017
Developer(s): @numituwi 
Genre: Platformer, Horror

Release date: 10/31/2017
Developer(s): @sadbunnystudios 
Genre: Horror

Lux (DEMO)
Release date: 10/28/2017
Developer(s): @pakilusin 
Genre: Psychological Horror, Exploration

No Love (DEMO)
Release date: 10/13/2017
Developer(s): @nolovethegame 
Genre: Mature/18+, RPG, Adventure

Oracle of Forgotten Testament (DEMO)
Release date: 10/7/2017
Developer(s): @dragonemperors 
Genre: Fangame, Fantasy, Exploraton

Purple (DEMO)
Release date: 10/7/2017
Developer(s): @purple-game 
Genre: Exploration, Puzzle, Horror

Red and the Wolf (DEMO)
Release date: 10/31/2017
Developer(s): @glithchgames 
Genre: Exploration, Horror

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