but as I write this it's 2:30 am

I am not the girl your mother warned you about.

I will take you to bookstores and playgrounds
and make fun of the way you blow bubbles into the air
during picnics on the grass
overlooking the blinding blue of the lake.

I will stay up late baking cookies and think ice cream
is the most perfect thing to eat for dinner
and I’ll insist you never grow out of your sweet tooth.

I will bring you to movies and throw popcorn in your hair
ignoring the people behind us telling us
to please be quiet and watch the movie
while being jealous of the way our laughter
sounds better than the movies ever did.

I will make you stay up late
and ask you how you think the universe works
while insisting that the lights strung up above my bed
is the night sky and that clump over there?
That is the milky way.

I will kiss you in my most favorite spots
and sing you my most favorite songs
so much you can’t help but think of my voice
singing it into your ear.

I will love you for as long as possible
or as long as you’ll let me.

I will not kiss your best friend
and I will cry at the thought of letting you go.

But you will fuck up.

And you will let me go.

I will be the thought in the back of your mind
when you can’t sleep late at night
and you will think of me at the alter
and when you’re arguing with her.

You will wonder if the lights above my bed
still remind me of the stars in the night sky
and if my lips still taste like the ice cream I had for dinner.

You will let me go.
And I will not look back.

—  I will hold your hand and dare you to run across busy streets with me reminding you why you loved being young and utterly reckless. -gaa

Golly, do you ever just think about how like… If you met The Boys and showed them how much you loved them, how just super sweet they would be? They have so much love to give, and it’s been 20+ years building up! Sure, they’d be awkward and maybe even kind of gross in the beginning, but I think… Once they realized you weren’t going to run away or yell at them like everyone else has before… they would soften up and show their true selves.

Like imagine Oso just absolutely melting into your affections. Every touch feels like electricity to him and he is just over the moon that he has someone to hold and hug and kiss and cuddle with. And those nights… those nights where he has one too many beers and his fears and insecurities come tumbling out of his mouth without his permission… The worry that he’s a bad older brother and a failure and a let down… And he’s so touched by the tender caress of his cheek by your fingers that he breaks down. But in the morning he tries to forget it ever happened, but you can’t help but catch the misty look in his eyes when he stares at you when he thinks you’re not looking.

Or Kara, who perhaps has the biggest heart of them all. An absolute softie who will write poem and song after poem and song about you. The first time he does it, he keeps it to himself for a long while, before hesitantly mentioning it to you. And when you respond positively to it, he cries for ten minutes because he’s so happy you support him and like him. But even moreso, he fears the night you walk in on him unable to smile. The way you sit with him, in absolute silence, means the entire world ten times over to him. The way you press your cheek against his shoulder and peek up at him, checking to see if he’s okay… Gosh, it makes him want to marry you right then and there. His heart is so full. So full of love, and he’s so happy to meet someone with as big of a heart as him.

And Choro… the poor boy is practically paralyzed when he finds out you like him back. That has never happened before, oh gosh, what is he going to do? Where does he go from here? He wasn’t prepared for this? What does…? But your hand softly touches his arm, and he is immediately grounded. It’s okay. Everything’s okay. How is it possible that peace could be a person? Every morning he wakes up and fears it’s a dream, but then you call him, or see him, or wake up next to him, and he wants to cry out of joy. The muscles in his back ache less and his shoulders are less tense. He’s able to relax and enjoy things… Oh gosh, enjoy things. He never thought he would see the day. His thoughts still race and he shakes, but you’re there. His rock. And he would do anything and everything for you.

Ichi. Oh gosh, Ichi. You had to tell him twelve separate times that yes, you did love him. And even to this day, that nagging doubt still plagues his mind. But he wakes up every morning to a text that says, “Good morning, Ichimatsu! I love you, don’t forget it! Now get up and enjoy your day!” And his heart absolutely breaks in the best way. His glass heart, that he kept so hidden, has finally cracked, allowing it to freely beat for the first time ever. For once, he doesn’t have to be afraid someone will leave. There are nights filled with silence and nights filled with tears, but there are nights filled with warm hugs and kisses and purrs and everything soft and warm. He loves you, oh goodness does he love you. You saved him, you really did.

And Jyushi, who was once bitten and twice as shy. Scared you’ll leave too due to circumstance, he crams everything he can into every meeting. But when you tell him you’ll be there forever, he freezes, and it’s almost frightening. He rolls up his sleeves, revealing his shaking hands, and carefully grabs yours. It’s strange seeing him this silent. He wraps you in a crushing hug, still not saying anything. From that day forward, he holds you any chance he can get, absolutely treasuring every second with you. The way you look, the way you smell, the way you feel, the way you make him feel… He swears he could fly just by thinking of you, he’s so happy. Happier than he’s ever been. Finally, that ever present smile is genuine all the time.

And finally Totty, who tries to pretend to be coy and aloof to everything. But the way you stare him straight in the eye and demand to know what’s bothering him, because you can tell it’s something, he breaks. He has so many fears, so many anxieties. He tries to shrug it off, but he knows that you know that he’s doing so. And from then on, he’s found someone he can be totally and completely honest with. Someone he can be vulnerable with, which isn’t something he’s used to. And in turn, you show him your own scars of your past and let him see you at your worst, and it finally dawns on him. This is love. Being vulnerable and open and weak in front of someone else, and knowing they will still love you… that’s true love. And oh how it has freed him.

I don’t know. I just. These boys are So Good and I Love Them So Much.

Markiplier Gothic

-The lucky flannel has returned. The lucky flannel will always return. You cannot seem to destroy the lucky flannel. No matter how many times you steal it and burn it in the woods behind your house, it always makes its way back to him. You have tried to warn him many times, warn him that the luck comes with a price, warn him that the flannel will one day demand that all debts are paid; he has not heard your warnings, or perhaps he is ignoring them. Either way, you sadly conclude, it is too late. He is too far gone now.
You stop trying to steal the lucky flannel.

-“Herb lore,” you hear one, solitary voice chirp. It is a voice you do not recognize.
“Herb lore.” Responds another.
A cacophony of voices suddenly surround you. “Herb lore, herb lore, HERB LORE!” They chant, although not quite in unison.
You do not know where these voices are coming from, nor do you remember when you started chanting with them. With each passing repetition, you forget a little more about the life you lived before herb lore. You keep chanting anyway.

- @markiplier uses a slightly different voice for approximately 4 and a half seconds in a video. By the time you click away and open a new tab, Tumblr has created a character out of this voice. They have named him Kevin. Kevin now has four ask blogs and twelve fan blogs, seven of which have some variant of the phrase “protection squad” in their usernames. One of them is dedicated solely to NSFW KevinxAntisepticeye fan fiction. It already has 300 followers.

-Every once and a while, you hear the Ancient Ones howling outside your window in the middle of the night. “COLA AND MEAL PLEASE, NO BREAD,” they shriek. You do not know what this means. You are too afraid to ask.

-“Markiplier’s fanbase is a bunch of 12 year olds,” you hear them say. You look around, but you can’t see any. You realize that you can’t remember the last time you saw a 12 year old at all. What does a 12 year old look like? How long have you been older than 12? Were you ever 12?
You turn to the person nearest to you. It is a middle-aged man. He has a wife and two children. He works in accounting.
“How old are you?” You ask.
“12,” he replies.
You scream.

-“Subscribe for More!” reads the cheerful font at the end of the compilation video. It is not a suggestion.

-A blonde woman in an alien-themed sweatshirt passes you in the grocery store. As she walks around your cart, her arm brushes against a six pack of Corona.
“I CAN’T DRINK THAT, OR I WILL LITERALLY DIE,” a voice booms, the noise crackling in the air like lightning. The woman glances at you and you nod, confirming that, yes, you heard it too.

-“Shares are a little low this month,” he tells you. Something about his tone fills you with a strange, primal fear. You share his videos with your friends. You share them with family. You write the URLS on pieces of paper and staple them to trees.
“Shares are a little low this month.”
You’re positive it’s a warning this time.

-You go on a date with Markiplier. “You look so familiar. Have we met?” he asks. You decide not to tell him that you have. You have done all of this before. You have always been on this date with Markiplier.
There are now two Markipliers. You are holding them both at gunpoint. You know that the one on the left is the real one, because you have done this before. You have always been doing this.
You shoot the one on the left anyway.
Afterwards, you go out for ice cream.
“Bonjour!” The man behind the counter smiles. His eyes are not yet filled with quiet desperation. He must not know about the time loop.
You go on a date with Markiplier.

 He is poetry that flows in the night 

He is the morning light and the evening shades

He is every tomorrow and all my yesterdays

His music plays on the winds in Spring

And dances with the leaves of Fall

He is the taste of fresh fruit and the feel of light cotton 

With him you feel like everything is possible

And his absence consumes you completely

His voice like sweet honey and laugh like caramel

He that shoots the straightest arrow

And watches over cattle

He who blesses and curses with the breath of air

You always keep Him in your heart

And He feels like home

The Law Of Attraction for Manifesting And Self-Confidence:

Q: Hi! I’ve found your blog not long ago and I am really loving it! I was wondering if you could give me your opinion/advice on how to manifest material things, but also I feel like I’m not too confident about myself and this is reflecting my outcome, but Idk how to change it. Thank you very much :) 

A: I am actually SO excited to answer a question on confidence. I have alot of help to give you, as it’s a very personal topic for me too. Attracting material things is covered at my best in the following post. Digest it and re-visit the page often. Each step will easily attract to you material things. Start with a medium sized goal, and you should have a result within 30 days. (Let me know what manifestations happen as a result of that, as they sure will happen!)

And now, for the key to success, the key to how happy your life will be and the key to how many opportunities come your way: Self-Confidence. Your confidence comes from your concept of yourself. Your concept of yourself was programmed from since before your birth and includes your parents, how much they earned, where they lived, and every thought you were exposed to in your childhood. It is hard to find a single person who has had a perfect image of themselves, therefore. Your concept of yourself is basically opinions that people share and over time they become accepted. An example is the girl that believes she is shy, and her family and friends also “agree”, would never ask out her teenage crush. There is no physical barrier to her doing this; she could walk up to him and she can say the words. But her concept of herself is the psychological reason her legs and mouth wouldn’t coordinate with her. 

You’re right that confidence will affect your outcome. It will affect the level of money you earn, where you live, who you befriend, etc. Here are some exercises that will cause your awareness to grow;

1. Headline a sheet of paper “The Truth About Me!” and write under it as close to this: The energy that made worlds, made me also. I am confident, I believe in myself, I enjoy being me. I know I am worthy of all that I desire. I am powerful and have a magnetic personality.” Read this statement every day. 

2. In the mirror, look into each eye separately and say to yourself “I am confident. I love me.” It will feel funny but its the surest fastest way to communicate with your Soul. 

3. If you were more confident, how would you act? Talk? Dress? Set 30 minutes aside each day and visualize in your imagination all these things. See your friends saying “you’re so much more confident now!”, and “Wow I can’t believe you did that! Where is this confidence coming from? You gotta spill!” etc, etc. The more intensely you do this, the more you’ll notice you start to take action towards that now. 

4. Read Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr Maxwell Maltz. I believe there are copies available on Amazon and PDFs on the internet too. Ignore the title, it is basically a plastic surgeon turned psychologist who wrote about self-confidence. The book is written in a simple style and you’ll really, really love reading it. Trust me. It will help you along your way. 

5. Play a confidence or self-love guided affirmation tape daily. Ideally in bed at night. I found one for you that has binaural beats which means it will stimulate your brain to learn confidence faster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCJkTXS4LoA

*I now provide private law of attraction e-coaching. To know more please read here.*

I alluded to this in a reply but I feel like it needs its own post. I absolutely love that Cicero, eternally an outsider by birth during his time, who believed so wholly in the Republic as it could be, whose name belied his class, who had to work infinitely harder to climb the cursus honorum, is the person whose works we have the most of from his time. The great families, the metelli and the claudii, the noblest born senators, the jealous conservative factionalists who abandoned Cicero in his time of need because he was a new man, have faded from history and we know so little about any of them, but over 2000 years later we remember Cicero in such vivid detail, and we love him!

We see Cicero’s world through his lens, our picture of the late Republic is indelibly colored by Cicero’s opinions, his thoughts, his feelings. In his own time he was never truly “allowed” into the most elite echelons of the senate despite his talent and intelligence and yet he is our main, sometimes our only, route of access, point of contact, with the Late Republic. He is the definitive voice of his time, and his immortality is largely due to the merit of his writings, his oratory and philosophy which are still admired and adored. In the end, his works brought him more fame than almost any other Roman politician, and I love that by outlasting through his talent and brilliance those who never thought he belonged, Cicero proved his worth and he proved everyone wrong and, in a way, eventually won.

It is Christmas Eve and I feel like I have been hit by a truck. 🤒
Nevertheless, I still have studying to do and this is how I handle it.

1- Keep tea, gatorade, etc, on my desk to stay hydrated. It is incredibly important to stay hydrated!

2- Take frequent breaks. Its really difficult to stay focused so I study in about 30 minute sessions usually. It is okay to take breaks since you are ill.

3- Make todo lists. Sitting down and writing down what you have to do helps that feeling of being overwhelmed and unsure of what to do.

4- If at all possible, reviewing should be a priority. Sometimes I have issues getting new information in when I am ill, so reviewing is a good option.

I know it sucks, but rest as much as you can and don’t overdo it.
Make sure to be eating and taking your medicine and just rest. Resting does wonders

Mmmm but do you ever get that feeling where you like someone and it starts out as such an innocent thing then you get scared as it starts growing into something more like love? And you’re scared that the person won’t feel the same way so you convince yourself of that and try to forget them but you can’t because all you can do is remember their pretty smile and beautiful laugh and you think ‘Jesus fuck I’m so far gone’ and you start crying at 2:30 AM over said person? Yeah, I feel.

jake dillinger enjoying a nice early-summer night with his boyfriend rich goranski who he loves and they lay in the grass after catching and playing with fireflies. the grass is so soft, the air is a perfect comfortable temperature. jake plays guitar for rich and they drink watered down lemonade from earlier in the day due to ice melting after hours of sitting out. at 2:30 am they finally decide to go inside, stripping down to undershirts and boxers, opening all the windows to let the cool summer breeze in, not ready to say goodbye to it, and climb into bed

Early mornings. Bruce Wayne x reader.

(ok, go easy on me. This is my first ever attempt at writing reader insert fanfiction, or any kind of fan fiction. So bear with me. Constructive criticism is welcome. Let me know what you think. I would love some feedback.) It’s always pleasant to wake up in the late afternoon with the one you love. Especially for me. It isn’t very often that Bruce gets a day off, but even when he does, he’s usually still up at a pretty good hour. Not 1:30 in the afternoon. I smile as I turn over in our bed. My eyes landing on the still sleeping form of my husband. He always looks so peaceful when sleeping. All the stress from working and being the Batman, it takes a lot out of him. But I understand his reasons for doing it. “You’re thinking to loudly.” He smiles at me, eyes still not fully focused. “What are you thinking about?” He asks. I can still hear the groggyness in his voice from just waking up. I scoot closer to him and start running my fingers through his hair. He closes his eyes and sighs in contentment. “Oh, nothing really. Just wishing we could have more days like this. You know, just waking up late, and laying in bed together. Not having to worry about work or other responsibilities.” He smiles at me. “Yeah, I know what you mean.” He roles onto him back and pulls me, so I’m laying with my head on his chest and our legs intertwined. “It’s not often I get to just lay here with you in my arms.” He says as he kisses my forehead. “Well then, let’s enjoy it while we can.” He hums in agreement. “I love you, Bruce.” I mumble as my eyes begin to droop, and I once again fall into dream land. “I love you too, (y/n).”

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Love and Wine

Drabble request from @fluxdoldrums for:

10. “I left you alone for 30 minutes, how are you drunk already?!”
19. “Quiet! They’re going to hear you!”
29. Going to a fair/festival

Jon X Reader

A/N: Hey guys its like 2 am when I’m writing this and I’m delirious af. I hope this isn’t awful lmfao. I’m hopped tf up on allergy medicine cause the pollen here in NJ is literally ravaging my sinuses. I digress. With love, Kat.

Warnings: probably language (let’s be honest I curse like a sailor irl so it just naturally peeks it’s way into my writing, I definitely tone it down for my writing tho), brief smut like if you squint I guess

Words: 865

The sun finally rising was something you had been waiting for while you were tossing and turning all night, you were just too excited for today to sleep. Today was the day that you and Jon were going to go to the Festival of the Maiden that they were having in Kings Landing. You had arrived at the castle a few days earlier, getting settled in before the festival. This was your favorite one to attend because the Maiden represented love, purity, and beauty so the festival was just a big party celebrating being alive and celebrating love. This was your first year attending it with Jon as a couple, you’d attended the fairs and festivals before but never together. The intimacy and importance of Jon asking you to attend this festival with him was meaningful, just what the Maiden represented told you what exactly Jon meant by asking you to attend this occasion with him.

“Wake up, you grumpy wolf” you giggled as you shook Jon awake and he grumbled and nuzzled closer into your neck, shielding his eyes from the now risen sun.

“I don’t want to” he groaned into your neck, the sensation causing you to laugh because of how much his breath and beard tickled your neck.

“Come on, we have to get up” you smiled, kissing down his neck.

“Alright, if you insist love” he smiled as he perked up at your sweet gesture. You placed a sweet kiss on his lips and flounced across the room to grab your clothes for the day.

After you two were dressed, which took much longer than necessary because you and Jon simply couldn’t keep your hands off one another, you headed down to the yard to attend the festival.

“Ooooh, wine!” you giggled as you dragged Jon by the hand over to the section where the winemakers were stationed.

“Hello, little lady” the one winemaker cooed, calling you over to try some wine.

You were excited beyond belief to try new wines from all over Westeros. Jon was hungry, so he decided to go off and find some food carts, promising to bring you back some while you stayed with the winemakers. After tasting what felt like a hundred different wines, your world was beginning to get a little spin to it and you were getting more and more giggly by the second.

A little while later, Jon came back with bread and cheese in hand and walked up to you and slung an arm over your shoulders.

“Jonny!” you giggled, twirling a little under the weight of his arm to be face to face with him.

“I missed my sexy wolf” you grinned. You kissed his lips and his eyes were wide with surprise at your reaction. He could smell the wine on your breath.

I left you alone for 30 minutes, how are you drunk already?!” he laughed, handing you a big hunk of bread.

“These lovely gentlemen” you slurred out, twirling your hand around to gesture to the winemakers, “have been letting me taste all of their wines for free!” Giggles erupted from your throat as your wrapped your arms tightly around Jon’s waist.

“Hah, oh dear. Lets get some food in you, yeah?” Jon laughed, nervousness laced in his voice.

“How about we agree to this. You no longer let strange men get you drunk” he chuckled, clapping a hand on your shoulder and looking into your eyes.

“Deal, Snow!” you were unable to stop the giggles from erupting from your throat. You nuzzled your head in his neck and began kissing him as you quickly pulled him into a little side alley off of the streets and away from all of the people. You were drunk and giggly and admittedly a little horny, so without words you simply sunk to your knees and began kissing Jon’s length through his trousers.

“Fuck, Y/N” he breathed out as his head fell back and rested against the stone wall. Your hand slipped into his pants and began to stroke him, putting a light amount of pressure around him and pumping your hand at a steady pace. He groaned out in pleasure, pretty loud.

Quiet! They’re going to hear you!” you mumbled as you pulled his trousers down and licked a broad stripe up the underside of his cock.

“Fuck! Okay you need to stop, love. You’re drunk and I’m going to get us caught because I can’t keep quiet” he laughed as he pulled you up so you were eye to eye and quickly tucking himself back in his trousers.

“Let’s go back to our room then, I’ve been all hot and bothered since we were getting all handsy when we were dressing this morning” you smirked and tugged Jon by his hand towards the castle.

“Deal, Y/N” he said as he smacked your ass and the two of you ran off to the castle. More often than not, this is what happened when the two of you were alone together, you got distracted and ran off to make love somewhere. You weren’t complaining though, Jon was amazing in bed and you loved him from the bottom of your heart.

🐙 [Ereri] 8 Times the Fun

And 8x the trash. I will try to think of a better title later.

WARNINGS: nsfw. tentacle!porn; barely proofread at 2 am

This is the fault of hana-tox and erenbaegerr, via twitter. 

I start writing a PWP, but then plot sneaks itself in and this 7000+ words monster happens. Umm, basically Eren is an octo… thing. Levi is some not-really-superhero, so have fun imagining him in a skin tight suit ayyy.

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Tumblr Crushes Challenge

where you post your own favourite blogs to spread positivity and get your amazing blogger-friends some more followers!

I was tagged by the absolutely incorrigible @youleftme-clarke whom I love.

My tumblr crushes are:

@youleftme-clarke (obviously, she’s the platonic love of my life *because she’s already non-platonically taken* - also if you’re not already following her, turn on your location, I JUST WANNA TALK)

@fen-ha-fuck-you (Abby I love you, but you know that already, and I assume that everyone is already following you, because you’re an icon)

@clarkgriffon (THAT’S MY WIFE!)

@clarkegriffintitties (I love gushing about our favourite person to each other, and also she’s really fucking funny you guys, you should follow her)

@hostagetakerandhistraitor (who is just the most amazing, adorable human)

@asroarke (her fics are legendary, and also she’s just the sweetest and I love her)


@grumpybell (Erin’s writing changed my life for the better, so if you’re still sleeping on following her, best get woke the fuck up and follow her because she’s amazing)

@the-best-damn-mechanic (Rose is a cutie pie and a source of positivity and I love her)

@ehmori (A true legend, an icon, truly, I stan <3)

@jordanjaspermcgreen (The Jasper to my Monty - be honest, you totally knew you were gonna be on this list, didn’t you?😏)

@mamabearsdontthink (I’m a bit platonically in love with this angel, and everyone else should be too)

@rebelkingandhistraitorprincessxx (Literally just the coolest, go follow her)

@foreverandalwayscrysis (A gorgeous human, who is the epitome of fangirl, I love you to bits)

@bellamyshope (Yelling at each other about movies is my fave, and also everyone else should follow her too)

@the-most-beautiful-broom (Lindsay is an actual goddess in human form, don’t @ me)

@jmbelles (A truly wonderful human being, who doesn’t have enough followers, and who deserves the absolute world)

Yes, I know I don’t have to write things beside your names, and I am also aware that I tagged far too many people but goddammit, I just HAVE A LOT OF LOVE AND I WANT TO SHARE IT!  💕 💕 💕

rules are simple – if you’re tagged, show off your tumblr crushes and tag your post #mytumblrcrushes and of course, you don’t have to, but why pass up an opportunity to make someone’s day with this? 💕

anonymous asked:

1. “Oh my God. You’re in love with her.” Eli to Maki for Nico?

I could have gone a few different directions with this, but i decided that I’ll save my Strange aus for later when im not on prompt time and just give you some nice canonverse Happy stuff! *sets off a party popper* woo!! finally some priorities!! I hope you enjoy, anon! there isn’t a lot of dialog but im hoping u still get enough gay for ur buck u feel me

It was the little things, in the end, that ended up making Maki realize just what kind of feelings she’d stumbled upon. For all the talk in books and movies of a grandiose, life-changing romantic revelation, being blown off her feet in only a few short instants just wasn’t something that happened. It took time. Searching. 

So maybe, she didn’t pick up on it right away when she finally started to find the catchphrase endearing, just a little. And maybe she was a little slow to realize that the happiness she got from seeing Rin versus her were two different things. 

Maki could take the blame for those kinds of small oversights. 

But eventually it was other things, too, until every time Maki so much as blinked in the direction of Nico she was finding another reason to believe that yeah, she might be having a bit of a crush. Because her hair always felt softer, because their phone calls were always more entertaining, because sharing food with her made Maki Suddenly and Strangely get over her ‘thing’ about spit for long enough to argue an indirect kiss or two - stupid things like that. 

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April Fools Bodyswap

The last thing I wrote was Yu-Gi-Oh! fic in German 8 years ago, so uhm. Yeah, I’m not a writer.


“What is it with Senritsu that makes you able to answer her phone calls then?” Leorio asks irritably.

“She is not in love with me.”

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takigakure  asked:

8, 13, 23, and 30!! <3

8. Favorite trope to write.

FOUND FAMILY FOUND FAMILY. also fix its obvs but GOD found family is my biggest weakness. i love all those platonic feel good gushy friendship/family emotions. which, uh, u can def see in my fics im a SAP

13. How do you deal with writers block?

what is this thing you call writers block uh legit tho i literally just. sit down at my desk and refuse to let myself get up until i write it. it’ll be fucking 2 am and if i haven’t written that chapter im not going to sleep. it’s very tiring but also effective but not smth i have to do much aklsdfj;adsf bc im pretty inspired nowadays

23. Single or multi POV, and why?

it really really depends on the fic! sometimes a single pov is best, other times, you want more. i have to say that my favorite is what i do in ftcoye - it’s mainly one POV, but then i have interludes or arcs where it’s like. fucking everyone.

because AFTER we get through this current arc it’s going back to just sasuke’s pov lmao. but single povs or rarely multi povs are fun just because you can keep shit a mystery. WHAT ARE THE OTHERS THINKING YOU DON’T KNOW and that’s dearly fun to me

30. Favorite line you’ve ever written.

“They’re my friend, and I won’t let you hurt them.”

Im so glad I’m not in public school anymore

Ik alot of people have pointed this out, but it bears repeating

Public schools are basically prison. Alot of adults don’t understand that. Very few actually understand WHY it’s prison.

-actually, no. Public schools are worse than prison.

Let me list some of the things wrong with public schools.

1. The “lunch” they serve is HARDLY real food. I never liked it and in 7th grade I never even ate lunch. Im sure it’s just old-ass chicken or whatever they’re serving. Many teachers have asked me why I didn’t eat anything at lunch during 7th grade. Am I supposed to be eating some pizza they ordered from dominos last week on Monday and it’s Friday?


3. Hundreds of thousands of kids are bullied each day. And, at least in my old public school, they don’t do anything about it. “Oh, your daughter is being bullied and harassed for being different and it caused her crippling anxiety that’ll probably never go away for the rest of her life? It’s her fault for not defending herself when she’s clearly too scared to.” Or “It’s her fault because she has the mental disorder.”

Im definetly missing a few. So, if any parents out there are reading this and you have a troubled kid who either gets bullied, has a health condition, a mental disorder, whatever- if they don’t feel safe or comfortable in a public school, enroll them in online school. It gives your kid so much more freedom.

I just finished my 2nd week of k-12 online school, and it’s amazing. If I have a question, the teacher is sure to answer me. I gotta use the bathroom? Just press the away button and go use it real quick. Teacher is going too fast for me? I can ask them to slow down.

Public schools should qualify as some sort of abuse.