but anyway give me your closet!!!1

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Lil Friday rant: I requested for an audition for a higher level orchestra. The orchestra director @ my school doesn't think I'm ready, but she reluctantly handed me my music and said that I should focus on an easier level, but that I could "look at" the audition music and give it a shot. Also being pansexual is super weird. I'm out online, but closeted to my peers and family. My beat friend has some idea, but I never officially came out came out, but... does she know? (1/2)

I feel like maybe I didn’t get part two??
But anyways your music teacher is dumb and you’re incredible and I know how you feel because I’m bi and I’m only out online and to maybe 60%of my friends irl? If you feel comfortable with your best friend and you feel like she already kinda knows you could bring it up subtley? I can’t spell when I’m drunk. Or when I’m sober: anyways I’m proud of you for going for the audition

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