but I was watching him on break and I still like it so

Baby Blues (Intro)

Baby Blues: Eleven months after a one night stand, Bucky is faced with raising his daughter and things are getting tough. That is, until he meets you, his extremely introverted neighbor. 

A/N: This is just a smol intro to the smol series that I need to get off my computer before my brain implodes, so bare with me, y’all. ;) I hope you guys like it! - D.

Pairing: Single Dad!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Angsty as heck. Mentions of drug abuse. Swearing. Smut is implied. Bucky’s a dad. (If you’re uncomfy with any of these, keep scrolling.)

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Analyzing Love in Star Wars and how Reylo Will Break the Mold

So, the other day YouTuber Jedi Jade made this very beautiful video showing the visual parallels between Anidala and Reylo. I’ll embed the video below. You guys should really watch it and subscribe to her channel because she has some amazing content. 

This video really got me thinking about the different examples of romantic love that are shown in the Star Wars trilogy. We have our three main ships: Anidala (Prequel), HanLeia (Original) and Reylo (Sequel). While there are other examples of relationships (like FinnRose), for the sake of this meta, I will focus primarily on these three couples in order to explain how Reylo will break the mold and actually be a successful Star Wars relationship. (At some point, I may reference the now non-canon relationship between Luke and Mara Jade because even though it doesn’t count any more, it does have some interesting parallels to Reylo).

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Dean/Cas: Rumor Has It

For Valentine’s Day. Married Doctors AU based on this post. 1.7K.

“You sure you don’t want me to drive you?” Castiel asks blearily from his side of the bed.

Dean is halfway through putting on his socks and pauses to laugh and grin over his shoulder. “You can hardly keep your eyes open,” he teases gently, gaze soft and fond. “Babe, I promise it’s fine. You need your extra hour. Plus, you can be my chauffeur starting tomorrow.”

The noise Cas makes is low and grumpy, but even he has to admit that he’s still catching up on rest. He’s just finished his monthly trauma call, and that always leaves him with inevitable, bone-deep exhaustion. “Fine,” he relents reluctantly, stretching out his arm and fishing around until Dean sighs and finds Cas’ hand. “Good luck today,” Castiel says, in that rumbling voice that still leaves Dean breathless. “You’re brilliant and they’re gonna love you.”

Dean has to bend down and kiss him then.

Dean met Cas during residency, at some cheesy welcome party thrown by the hospital. All residents were invited, across all departments, under the ridiculous pretense that they had social lives.

It was held around noon in a large conference room, with platter after platter of catered sandwiches and two-liter bottles of soda instead of booze. Dean had to admit it was pretty lame, and said as much to Jo, a fellow resident. She seemed to agree till she spotted her crush from Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and flitted away. Dean watched her go and rolled his eyes, sulking mightily into his drink. He was definitely exuding some anti-social vibes, and didn’t expect anybody to approach him.

But then there he was, this guy with dark, messy hair, wearing light blue scrubs that brought out his eyes and a crooked smile that blanked out Dean’s mind. “Hey, nice to meet you, I’m Cas,” he said, offering his hand. “General Surgery.”

“Oh, I’m… Dean,” Dean answered, blushing. “Neurosurgery.” And that was that.

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InternetFamous!Eddie with Fanboy!Richie (Part 1/?)

  • Eddie is Twitter famous
  • 1 m probably
  • He posts videos and tweets ranting about annoying people or stuff he hates
  • People love it because #Relatable
  • But also posts super cute gorgeous aesthetic pictures
  • Those pictures are Richie’s background, profile picture and probably he has Eddie stickers on Snapchat
  • He just LOVES Eddie OKAY? he’s so funny????
  • His video ranting about an old lady wearing too much cologne in a close space is,,,,so,,,funny?! His insults come up so naturally
  • Anyway
  • Richie is in love with Eddie
  • In a fanboy way obviously
  • He tweets about wanting Eddie to step on his face and roast him
  • You know, fanboy stuff
  • He’s the first person to get involved in drama if it’s about Eddie
  • Also he’s the meme creator in the fandom so his account is pretty big
  • 12k just because of memes
  • Memes that Eddie sees and finds them so dumb and funny
  • And he liked one
  • And Richie died
  • He flipped the frikirit out
  • He texted Bev
  • Stan
  • Stan blocked him for the night
  • That’s how it started
  • Eddie saw more memes, liked and retweeted them
  • It ended up being easier just to follow Richie so he could watch them on his timeline
  • Richie’s hands were shaking
  • He feels PRESSURED
  • He can’t talk about how cute Eddie is or how he wants him to break his ribs with a baseball bat right there where Eddie could see it!!??!!??!!?
  • He’s in his best behavior
  • He changed his profile picture (it was a screenshot of Eddie with double chin and a flower crown) for a picture of him
  • His bio is still “Eddie spaghetti never forghetti” because,,,, yes
  • And it’s weird for everyone
  • All his mutuals are like “trashmouth are you there?” “Bitch did u died who r u”
  • And because now Eddie is practically his mutual when Richie responds to his tweets Eddie responds back
  • [bisexual scream]
  • Eddie ends up Dming Richie to ask him for a funny quote for a video because he’s tired and Rich always seems to know what to say
  • Richie didn’t knew what to say
  • He stared at his dms for solid 2 minutes, absorbing the view of Eddie’s icon in the list of recently received
  • Then he slapped himself
  • “stop it, don’t act weird. Just act like if he was Bev, just like that”
  • “hey can i ask you to invent a quote for this video. I’m tired and ur funny”
  • “of course bby. I’m all yours ;))”
  • [Kermit the frog meme]
  • Fuck
  • “uhggg g g g g i knew you were a walking meme. I hate you”
  • R.I.P
  • “but I’ll steal that Kermit meme. Now, about the video…”
  • And they talked
  • And talked
  • Even tho Eddie already got the perfect quote for his video, he wanted to keep talking to Richie
  • He was funny. A meme
  • Richie in the other hand was more relaxed than he ever thought he would
  • At some point it became easier to talk to Eddie. Natural, like if he was a normal person
  • But he wasn’t
  • He was Eddie
  • Richie loved Eddie
  • In a fanboy way
  • They kept doing that, sending random memes to the other
  • Richie talking about Eddie’s newest rant and laughing about how ridiculously angry he gets about empty soap dispensers

  • So going back to Richie’s mental breakdown caused by paranoia of Eddie finding his nasty fanboy tweets
  • He spent a whole night deleting them
  • He could have stopped when he reached last week tweets
  • “Stan you think asking God to bless me with Eddie ripping my spine off and using it as a scarf is creepy?”
  • “Stan?”
  • [you can’t send messages to Stan because you were blocked]

  • Eventually he just prayed Eddie didn’t felt the urge to stalk him
  • Meanwhile Eddie was stalking Richie
  • On Instagram
  • Because he wanted to know how he looked

  • He looked good
  • He wasn’t traditionally handsome he was
  • Cute?
  • Charming?
  • Hot?
  • All of them?
  • But mostly cute
  • He was pretty cute
  • His freckles invaded his face giving him even more cuteness
  • His eyes were big behind his glasses which were
  • Omg they were so ugly
  • So ugly
  • But looked so good on him
  • At least that’s what he thought
  • He kept looking, there wasn’t many but a few
  • Almost on the bottom he found a picture of richie laughing with the sun behind him making his curl look like they were made of gold
  • He was laughing mouth wide open showing his theet full with braces, his eyes barely open cause of the sincere joy he was expressing
  • The picture was so fucking beautiful
  • It was obviously taken by another person a person with talent for photography
  • Eddie wanted to zoom a little but his phone slipped and in the process of grabbing it preventing the fall he double tapped the screen

  • He liked the picture

A shrill squawk sounded from above, pulling everyone’s attention to the crow’s nest. Minami was all but invisible from the angle that Victor stood on, able to see only a tuft of red hair. The parrots, however, dove down, circling the supplies raided from the city.

“Intruder! Intruder!”

Swords were drawn and pistols were cocked by everyone on board.

Victor held up a hand, frown fouling his expression, and cautiously approached where the parrots had started to peck at barrels of gunpowder. Leaning over to look down between them, he was met with a head of mousy brown hair and eyes so wide it was possibly to trip into them. A boy.

Victor grabbed him by the collar and lifted him out. He wore deceptively simple clothes, like a pageboy, but the shoes on his feet were polished leather. The chain of a pocket watch looped down from the buttons of his vest. All of which were soaking wet.

“Where’d you come from?”

“Ummm-…” the boy stammered, his feet kicking out for support but unable to reach the wood.

“Ummm?” Victor prompted, eyes glancing around to see his crew still holding their weapons at the ready.

“I’m, I’m trying to think of something good to say,” he squeaked back, pitch of his voice breaking.

Victor’s frown cracked. “You look a bit too proper for a pirate ship. Why are you here, boy?”

“I- uhhh, I’m looking for adventure?”

An eyebrow arched, Victor scoffed and released the boy, letting him drop. Instantly, he snapped up, back straight and posture proper. “Adventure? As a stowaway?”

“I want to join!”

Victor chuckled, eyes sweeping the small frame before him in consideration. “…Aren’t you the one from the blacksmith’s?”

Brown eyes shone back at Victor, the nodding of his head eager. “Yes! Ummm, yes, that-… that was me.”

“Have you ever worked on a ship?”

“N-no,” he replied, hands twisting at the hem of his own vest. “But I’ve helped at the forge and… I know a lot about… a lot of things.”

“You were an apprentice?” Victor asked, surprised. The boy’s fingers were thin, skin smooth and hands showing no wear of labor.

“Well, I helped the apprentice…”

Victor chuckled, shaking his head. “You don’t belong on a ship.”

“I promise I can work hard! I know all about ships, I’ve studied them! Look, I managed to get on deck without anyone noticing me, that should count for something!”

“I don’t think so. We’ll drop you off at the nearest port. You can have your adventure finding your way back.”

“But I can work!” he protested, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Oh, you’ll work,” Victor replied. “No one stays on this ship for free. Anyone here need a spare till port?” he glanced around, holding a hand open in invitation.

Otabek stepped forward. “I could use a new monkey. I need another one after what happened to Cao Bin. While he lasts, at least. Hopefully long enough to rotate the canons.”

“There you go,” Victor smiled. “All right, Beka, he’s your responsbility. You can have him start with getting the barrels to the powder room.” Victor turned, then paused and gazed back at the boy as his crew withdrew their questions. “Any questions?”

The boy quickly shook his head. As Victor went to leave, his hand shot up into the air. “Wait, just one!”

Victor gestured for him to continue.

“What, umm, what happened to… Cao Bin?”

Laughing, Victor spun on his heel and walked away. Strands of his long silver tail and the black feathers woven into them trailed behind him.

Otabek pushed Guang Hong to work.

Mile High Club (M)

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

Pairing: Jimin x reader

Genre: smut, just shameless smut

Word Count: 4.2k

Summary: You absolutely hate flying, but the person sitting next to you makes this flight the best you’ve ever been on.

→ Warnings: a little bit of public indecency, bathroom sex, dirty talk

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kaz + jesper brotp

can’t find enough content and i cannot beleAF i, a content creator, have to make my oWN 

none of this is serious we have Enough Angst!! for now :)))

  • jesper is 2-3 inches taller than kaz and, in typical friend fashion, acts like he’s got several metres on kaz
    • jesper: oh hey kaz! didn’t see you there wow the top of your head is looking great today
    • kaz: jes i swear to fuck you’ll see me coming when i break your kneecaps-
  • ridiculous and overly competetive
    • j: bet you can’t run up that wall do a triple backflip and then crawl over that roof
    • k: watcH ME
    • everyone else: kaz no
  • they have those really complex and vague inside jokes that are incomprehensible to anyone else like kaz can tilt his head at an angle of 29.3 degrees and widen his eyes and jesper will collapse laughing
  • kaz: jes we need to talk
  • jesper, sweating: kaz i swear i didn’t mean to eat that strawberry swirl cupcake i didn’t know it was yours
  • kaz: i really appreciate you as a frien-wait get back here jesper. gET BACK HERE-
  • jesper writes kaz florid love letters/insults for a month 
    • kaz burns them all (whilst looking broodingly into the fire) so jes gets creative a la hagrid trying to send harry his hogwarts letter
    • kaz can’t go anywhere without being hit by 
    • ‘sorry but i can’t hold on…..ive already fallen 4 u ;)))))' 
    • 'wow baby you make my palms sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy-' 
    • 'your eyes are the brown of the river water in ketterdam because this city is so polluted save the environment' 
    • 'i think of you every time i see the stars on a cloudy day. never :)’
    • 'your hair is like brussel sprouts. no one likes it’
    • kaz puts 37 drop tail lizards in jesper’s bed as revenge and there are still rumours in ketterdam that a terrible wailing ghost haunts the slat
  • kaz wingmans for jesper once and once only
    • kaz: hey. date my friend. 
    • person: ???? no
    • kaz: ok 
  • jesper once ‘liberated’ an outfit from kaz’s closet so next morning we see jesper in a dark suit doing his best kaz impression and kaz walk down in a lime green shit, red trousers and spotted violet suspenders 
  • whenever they get caught on a mission they build up a really elaborate backstory for example:
    • jesper: officer, see i found him cheating with one of the 29 lovers in my harem behind my back and ive known francis since kindergarten and then he told me he had always hated my sense of fashion and shot me in the arm and i simply could not believe the betrayal and he became offended when i called him a piece of [redacted] that should go and [redacted] because [redacted] so he tried to rob me…… (cut for length) …..so that’s how we ended up covered in diamonds and blood and swimming in the canal
    • some poor stadwatch officer: so mister…Von Fuckthepolice…you’re offended because francis stole your lover, shot you and robbed your house, took your favourite wine, mocked you publically in seventeen different countries and-
    • jesper: no, because he said i had a terrible sense of fashion. do keep up
  • then they go to the ketterdam equivalent of mcdonalds and kaz whacks jesper with his cane for saying his hair sucks
  • :’)

They haven’t sparred ever before, always preferring to fill their free time with other date activities, but when Magnus has swung by and declared Alec needed a break lest he grows roots behind his desk, Alec couldn’t bring himself to say no, didn’t want to say no.

So, while he went ahead to fetch them some weapons from the cache and get changed into more comfortable clothes, he left Magnus to do the same. Even having expected something different than the wonderful dark navy suit, Alec could not help but stare, as he entered the training hall.

Because holy shit, there are very few things hotter than Magnus and one of them is definitely Magnus in workout gear.  

Alec stops dead in his tracks, two staffs in hand, and just takes it all in - the way the faint purple and blue hues flit over Magnus’ body while he shifts lightly on his feet, the way the all-black ensemble clings to his body, showing off his thick thighs and those biceps, muscle straining against skin as Magnus stretches his arms above his head.

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Watch me

Originally posted by mewchim

  • Pairing: Jimin x Female Reader
  • Genre: Smut 👅👅
  • Warnings: This is smut bruh
  • Word count: 3,549
  • Summary: One night you stumble across a certain camboy’s live stream.
  • An: Because bunny ears are cute~ (part 2 anyone???)

It’s not like you were looking for a camboy website. But here you are, watching an attractive man jerk off while you eat popcorn. You’ve been locked up in your room for two days straight, trying to recover from your nasty break up with your now ex boyfriend. You saw the breakup coming from a mile away, but your still going to use it as a excuse to sulk by yourself in your room.

As for the camboy you’re watching right now, you can blame that on a pop up ad. Anyway you look at it, it is your fault for trying to explore the deep web. You don’t mind though, it’s actually kind of satisfying to watch these guys touch themselves. You cringe at that thought, you are a total pervert.

“Fuck, oh fuck! I’m gonna cum,” the man moans way too loudly and you roll your eyes. This guys moaning is very exaggerated. He’s definitely not going to get you in the mood anytime soon. You click off of that guys live stream and you search the site for someone else to watch. Your plan is to find a guy that will turn you on enough to save your body from the drought it’s in. The drought that can be blamed on your ex.

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BTS Reaction to Them and Their S/O Being Intentionally Cockblocked by Another Member


You could sense Namjoon’s sexual frustration as you sat between him and Seokjin in the dorm.  The members had kindly invited you over for movie night and you more than happy to come. So now here you were, sitting sandwiched in between your horny boyfriend and a smirking Kim Seokjin. Namjoon knew what his hyung was up to by the smug look on his face, he was trying to get him back for breaking something that belonged to him. 

But Namjoon didn’t care, as you could feel his hand sneakily making its way up your left thigh. Placing your hand on his, you turned to face him and motioned your head in Seokjin’s direction signifying that you couldn’t do anything because Jin was right there, which only made Namjoon very annoyed. What push him over the edge was when he announced that you and him were going to bed because he was ‘tired’ only to be interrupted by Seokjin saying it’s still really early and all the members wanted to spend more time with you due to not seeing you on a regular basis. Namjoon being both annoyed and horny, turnt around and glared at his sly hyung.

“Are you serious right now?”

Originally posted by jimiyoong


You and Jin were in the kitchen preparing snacks for the rest of the boys for movie night when you felt wondering hands finding their way up your hips and your waist. Knowing exactly what Jin was trying to do you turnt around and attached your lips to his, wrapping your hands around his neck. Getting caught off guard you both pulled away alomst immediately when you heard Namoon’s voice as he entered the kitchen. Your cheeks burnt with embarrassment as you looked in Namjoon’s direction. He gave you both this look like he knew what you both were doing but he didn’t care. 

“What are you too up to?” he smirked full aware of the situation, causing Jin to burst out in a fake laugh.

You watched both of them laugh like it was the funniest thing in the world but you could hear the coldness behind Jin’s voice, clearly mad for getting interrupted from making out with out.

“HAHAHAHAAHAH i’m going to kill you HAHAHAHAHAH!!”

Originally posted by joonjuly


To say Yoongi was pissed, would be a HUGE understatement. Yoongi had been horny for the entire day since you left him high and dry that morning,so he’d been thinking about all the possible ways he could tease you as a way of getting you back during dance practice, recording sessions; hell even lunch break. Every time he had the slightest thought of your twitching body under his, he could feel the excitement rush through his body, meeting at his crotch area. He couldn’t wait to get home.

So when he heard that they were done for the day, he was home bound.Anticipation set in his body as he drove home, not letting a single thing distract him from his goal. Looking forward to seeing you home alone, he burst through the door, only to be baffled at the sight of you and Hoseok playing a game of uno. Thinking it would only be a short game, he sat next to you, watching the game with slight interest. And so, he sat there for 2 hours, grudgingly waiting until the two of you had had enough of the damned game. 

He released a sigh of relief when he realized you and Hoseok had packed up and he was on his way out. SO as soon as his body was out of sight, Yoongi pounced, his lips tracing your neck and his hands searching your body. He had just been getting into it when he heard a cough. Looking up, he saw Hoseok’s sly smirk, barely catching him muttering about forgetting his keys. He shot daggers in his direction.

“The next time you make me wait two hours for sex, I’ll make sure you never have sex again in your life”

Originally posted by jeonbase


You and Hoseok would be on the couch with you sitting on his lap as you both were engaged in an intense make-out session and to say Hoseok was more than excited to where this was going would be more than an understatement. 

But unfortunately for him, you both were rudely interrupted by a very suspicious Seokjin, that came and innocently sat down on the opposite couch and turned on the TV. Hoseok was fully aware of his actions, he knew Jin was clearly still mad at him for saying he didn’t like his food earlier. Annoyed with his hyung’s actions he got up from the couch pulling you up with him before heading to his room, he wasn’t going to let Jin interfere with your intimate time. 

“Let’s continue this in the bedroom babe”

Originally posted by aurjeon


Jimin could never seem to understand why certain members of BTS weren’t able to read the mood/aura of a situation. It frustrated him to no end, because somehow, he always ended up at a disadvantage, courtesy of their oblivious nature. Jimin and you were deeply involved in foreplay, when Jungkook signaled his arrival by ringing the doorbell an excessive amount of times.

That’s how the both of you ended up out in the living room, faces still slightly sweaty from your activities, clothes lazily thrown on and worn, with you serving Jungkook a cup of tea and a slice of cake. Jimin glared hatefully at Jungkook, incredibly annoyed at his oblivious self, happy munching on cake and sipping on tea. Just the sound of his voice made Jimin’s mood worse, Jimin Jr.’s constant throbbing a reminder of the play session Jungkook had just innocently interrupted. However, he’d held his peace, praying he would leave soon.

That was not to be he realized, when he heard Jungkook asking your permission to stay the night because his roommate kicked him out for whatever reason. Jimin immediately shot up from his seat, grabbing you and forcing your head in his neck as he shot daggers at his maknae’s evil smirk.

“Yahh, we were in the middle of sex when you interrupted. Quickly leave so we can continue”

Originally posted by ciutae


When Jimin had obliviously put himself in the way of preventing Taehyung from making any move on you he wouldn’t hide how annoyed he was.

Taehyung had invited you over to the dorms and you could practically hear the urgency and impatience in his voice but you couldn’t blame him. You hadn’t been with him in forever it felt and you were more than excited to come over.

But as soon as you stepped through the door Jimin had stolen you away before you could even give your boyfriend a kiss hello. He wanted you to watch him practice his high notes but Taehyung beat him to it.

“Jimin come on, we were going to have sex!!” he’d whine pushing him away.

Originally posted by bloombwi


Jungkook sat on the edge of the bed with a pillow on his lap as he fiddled with his fingers looking uneasy. But you saw right through him, you could tell he was horny and was hiding his hard on from Tae that was seated on the floor, emerged into the video game. It alomst made you laugh at how cute he was when he was like this but you couldn’t say that you didn’t wish Tae hadn’t interrupted you two.

Just as Jungkook was about to kiss you earlier, you both were interrupted by Tae barging in suggesting we all play Overwatch together. Which you could tell made Jungkook a little annoyed but he didn’t want to turn down his hyung. But somewhere in the midst of playing games, you found yourself seated on the bed with an agitated Jungkook as Tae was the only one left playing. 

The sexual tension was very hard not to read so Jungkook knew Tae was doing this intentionally but he had no idea what he did wrong, but then again, Tae always liked to tease him when it came to you and him being together.

“Uhhhh……how about we continue this game tomorrow?”  

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@nsart is my giftee for the @voltronvalentinesexchange and I decided to draw them some Klance fluff. I decided to throw in a transparent PNG for funsies. 

I like to imagine Lance saw a playground on a planet they were visiting and while Shiro, Allura and Rebel leaders are in diplomatic talks and Hunk, Pidge and Matt are touring the tech facilities, Lance convinced Keith they should go play on the play ground. 

They spend some time playing on the various equipment, competing with each other on the monkey bars, shooting hoops, and bouncing each other too hard on the teeter-totter. 

They take a break and race to the swings. They are, well, Lance is, shooting the breeze as they swing higher and higher. 

Laughing at himself, Lance feels butterflies in his stomach and decides to slow down. 

He turns to watch Keith.

Keith is quiet. He has his eyes closed. The swing chain reaches points where it is nearly parallel with the ground. 

Lance is not sure how to describe the look on Keith’s face. Contentment? Ease? Joy?

Whatever it is, Lance feels himself falling. The butterflies have moved higher. He shakes his head. He can’t fall in love with Keith. That would be ridiculous. 

Keith’s swing begins to slow. He speaks.

“When I was a kid, I moved schools a lot so I never really had a lot of friends,” Keith confides. “I used to swing on the swings whenever I could, because then I didn’t have to talk to anyone. I used to imagine if I swung high enough, I could touch the sky.”

Lance squints up at the sky and thinks of Coran and the Castle of Lions floating somewhere above the stratosphere,  “And now we live in it.” 

“I never would have imagined I’d have a home in the sky.”

Keith comes to a stop beside Lance. 

Without thinking Lance reaches over and gives Keith’s hand a squeeze. 

Keith turns his palm over and interlaces his fingers with his.

Lance blushes. 

Oh my land, he thinks to himself. 

For once Lance is completely quiet. 

Keith gives his hand a gentle squeeze before dropping it. 

“Have you ever done the spider?” Keith asks.


“You know, when two people swing on the same swing facing each other? You can swing, or you can make it spin.”

“Oh, yeah. I remember.”

“Kids used to do it all the time when I was a kid, but I never tried it. I imagine it was a rush. It looked like fun.”

“Did you, did you want to try it now?” Lance asks curiously, 

“What? No. We are too big,” Keith tries to brush the idea off. He wasn’t sure why he brought it up. 

“We are not! Never too big for fun!” Lance insists. “Get on, buddy!’ he grins while patting his thighs.

“If you think so,” Keith replies and jumps off his swing. 

The both laugh as Keith awkwardly takes his position on Lance’s lap. 

Lance tries his best to keep the swing still but his giggles make for a moving target. 

Once in place, they begin swinging. 

There is nowhere to look but at each other or let their head fall back in glee so they alternate between the two. 

Keith smirks as he shifts his weight, causing the chain above them to twist and spin. 

For a few moments they feel completely carefree as they spin and swing. 

When the swing finally slows to a near stop, time seems to slow down too. 

The playground disappears around them.  

Keith thinks he reads something in Lance’s eyes and decides to do something impulsive.

He closes his eyes and leans in. 

To his relief, Lance’s lips meet his. 

Lance feels Keith’s lips part to a smile beneath his kiss. 

None of the butterflies he had felt in all his life could have prepared him for this.

I wasn’t planning on drabbling…oops! Hopefully, it’s readable!

Also bonus:

dissonance [11]

summary: He was a boy forced to grow up too fast. || hades!bucky x persephone!reader || mythology au

warnings: smut starts straight in the beginning of this (sorry, but [most of] it’s plot  [but it’s also self-indulgent at the same time, sue me.]), we get a James backstory finally!!, mentions of blood, mentions of war, mentions of decapitation, mentions of murder

notes: This is long. Whoops. And dialogue heavy. I will mention this now - I deviate a lot from original mythological backgrounds. I am quite aware of that. But, seeing as it’s an AU and I needed to twist information to fit my plot line, you can either deal with it or not read it. But, for the love of everything that is good in this world, stay the hell out of my ask box with any bullshit for I refuse to deal with it. Thank you. Enjoy reading.

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after watching the video kylie made i started thinking about harry and louis giving us a announcement like that but about them getting married and like imagine it starting off with them being really tiny and its niall recording them (you can hear his giggle behind the camera) during the xfactor and larry are in front of him sitting on the bottom bunk next to eachother and louis has his arm around harry and is like, “dream team here currently hiding from liam cause we dont want to do the 87th rehearsal of the day" & harry is all cheesy smiling and nodding along to what louis is saying and then it will cut to black and a new video will start showing and it looks like niall left the camera recording still by accident and its laying on the bed at a weird angle but its still pointing at them and louis and harry dont notice its recording. they are way closer then they were before now that they are alone, louis still has his arm around harry while looking down at him with soft eyes and harry has his head lying on his shoulder, louis other hand is on harrys chin rubbing it softly while lifting his head up too so harry can look at him better and hes talking softly to him and the audio cant pick up what hes saying and you can see harrys cheeks all red and is blinking up at louis slowly until suddenly he laughs loudly and falls back on the bed giggling away at whatever louis said to him and they keep laughing together as louis follows him down on the bed and hovers over him until its quiet and all you can hear is soft kissing.

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Going off the Anti post I made and how Anti screaming scary let’s just talk about Dark screaming.
So we all know that when Mark plays a game that gets him mad, everyone freaks out, normally about how it’s ‘not good for his health’ but then there or others that plan out refuse to watch it because in all honesty,
Mark being mad scares them

I want to believe that part of the reason that Dark kinda just breaks is not only for the ‘he’s cool on the outside but inside he’s a raging mess’ but for the reason that Mark knows that he can be a scary guy when he’s angry. I mean he lurks here enough, he’s bound to see those kinds of posts. Someone must of TOLD the dude.
So how do we fix this. Simple, use it to your advantage. 

Mark has talked about why he didn’t like the idea of Dark in the first place, people never took him seriously and then they turned him into this sort of edgy sex symbol. How to combat that idea? Make him the worst fucking sex symbol ever. 
Manipulation, abuse, screwing with your mind, your feelings. 
Why do you think Damien was such a good boy in WKM and then became a part of Dark. 
Mark knew that we’d get attached to the precious pure Mayor. And when he put that component into Dark he knew that’d be perfect bait to manipulate fans with.
Do you know how many people i’ve seen on tumblr that ship Darkstache with the idea that Damien or Celine are still in Dark and still LOVE Wilford? 
That’s exactly what Mark wants you to think. That even though he has explained that the only thing is Dark is the worst parts of both Celine and Damien, that maybe there’s a speck of good in him. And Dark’s going to use that.
That was a bit off topic but bringing it back to Dark’s rage. 

So how do you come across that the handsome sex symbol is not all he cracks up to be? Show the rage. Show how completely unstable he is and how one minute he could be buttering you up and next minute you could end up with your neck snapped by his cold hands. 
Show that he’s not a good guy but not explicitly going out in the middle of the video and being like ‘oh he’s going to use you, he’s not what he seems!’
It’s a great case of show don’t tell, and in all honesty, Mark does that well in all the serious projects he puts in.

Bananas [Billy Hargrove]

Disclaimer: I don’t own Stranger Things or the GIF used below. Word Count: 4.2 k Warning: Lite smut, swearing. 

Just sat down and wrote this on a break. Let me know what you think. Let me know if I should do a second part. I’m not sure myself.


It better have been a rumour. For the sake of Kathy Hanson-Page’s face, it better have just been a rumour. If it turned out that Billy had driven her home while you stayed back at school for cheer practice, you weren’t sure if you would start throwing your elbows around or just screaming first. 

Considering how furious Billy felt whenever you just waved at a guy he didn’t know, you felt confident that it was just a rumor someone started to try and brew a fight between you and your hot tempered boyfriend. Even though it wasn’t in their best interest, people loved stirring up trouble with Billy, often getting a kick of how fast and far he would fly through the school to taunt a target. He was a loose cannon. While he was in a league all of his own, the girls on the squad knew how insecure in the relationship you were. There were trust issues aplenty and that was easy fodder for the girls who didn’t like you. 

Pushing open the school door, still in your red spandex shorts from practice, you spotted Billy’s hand out of his car window with a lot smoke dangling lazily out of it right away. There was only a few other cars in the parking lot, but they belonged to parents or teachers. You tightened your ponytail and told yourself to be cool. As of right now, it was just hot gossip in the gym. Maybe, he only drove Max home. 

Billy didn’t mind waiting for you post practice. It was an excuse to get out of the house and he was always interested in those opportunities. If he wasn’t so lazy, he would have found a part time job just to give himself a real reason to avoid family dinners and spending any time with his Dad and his new wife at all. 

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the hunt

summary: Viking weddings are interesting, to say the least. || viking!bucky x viking!reader

warnings: WEDDING, mentions of sacrifice, mentions of blood, violence as a form of foreplay, loss of virginity, smut and all that entails

notes: Edit of Viking!Bucky is from @fandom-obsessed-girl. I asked her a while ago if I could use it as inspo and I just got around to writing it. It’s a yummy sight, isn’t it? While her’s is a short-haired version, I do envision our viking baby with long hair.

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billy hargrove x reader

summary: before you, love and caring, just weren’t words his vocabulary.

word count: 6.3k

request: can i get a fic where billy is reader’s best friend and he’s really protective of her? like he loves her but then he realizes that he LOVES her

a/n: i hope this is okay! i sort of combined this request with the comforting!billy request so i hope you don’t mind. this is also the first real fic request i’ve written so i’m pretty nervous. feedback is appreciated.

It had been one thing after another today. It wasn’t that anything had went monumentally wrong, but all the small problems had accumulated up so much that you were seconds away from breaking. And when you walked out the double doors of Hawkins High and saw Billy leaning up against his Camaro waiting for you, you felt the damn holding back your tears break.

You hurried your way across the parking lot and buried your head into his chest, barely giving him enough time to react. When he realized what was going on, he threw his cigarette to the side and wrapped his arms around you securely as you quietly cried into him.

“Hey, hey, what’s wrong?” Billy asked concerned, trying to tear you away from him with no luck.

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“please don’t leave me alone.”

[Funny thing: I began writing this for Christmas, but I only found the inspiration to finish it right now. So thank you, anon!]


“So…” Stiles starts when Derek answers the phone. For some reason he’s whispering and Derek groans, running a hand through his hair, “would you believe me if I told you I just saw Santa eating some guy?”

Derek blinks, groans again. “What.”

“Yep.” Stiles says. “And now I’m hiding behind a tree because it saw me.”

“Jesus fuck,” Derek jumps, reaches out for his jeans and a jacket, “why didn’t you start with that?”

“I don’t know,” Stiles argues, “maybe because I’m panicking?” Derek can hear something hissing and Stiles’ breath hitches. “Fuck, it’s coming this way.”

“Where are you?” Derek asks, taking his keys. The hissing is getting louder, there’s no time for shoes.

“At the park. Near the fountain.” There’s another hiss. “Hurry.”

“I am.” Derek is breaking all the speed limits but he doesn’t give a fuck, his heart is racing and he’s praying he isn’t too late. “What were you doing at the park in the middle of the night anyway?”

“Trying to find the Easter Bunny,” Stiles snarks, “I couldn’t sleep, asshole.”

“You know, I’m thinking you’re not in danger at all.” Derek rolls his eyes, takes a sharp turn. “If you’re still able to sass me.”

“Please, I could sass you in my sleep.” Stiles whispers and Derek can tell he’s rolling his eyes. “Tell me you’re close.”

“I’m here.” Derek jumps out of the car and he can smell blood and fear immediately. Stiles’ fear. “I can smell you, I’m coming, hold on.”

He finds Stiles cowering behind a huge oak tree and the moment he sees Derek he sighs in relief. “Did you see it?”

“No.” Derek shakes his head, offers a hand to help Stiles stand up. “Are you hurt?” He can definitely smell blood even though he can’t see it.

“I tripped.” Stiles shows him a scratch on his arm. “I tried to cover it so it wouldn’t scent me.” Derek helps him up, keeps looking around for any signs of the creature.

“What is it?”

“I told you.” Stiles insists. “Santa.”

Derek rolls his eyes. “It’s –” he groans, “why am I even arguing with you?”

“I don’t know.” Stiles grins. “I thought you would have learned by now.”

Derek swallows heavily, trying not to stare at Stiles’ stupid grin. One of these days he’s going to do something about it. With his mouth.

“Come on, where’s your car?” He’s still holding Stiles’ hand but neither seem inclined to let go, so he’s just going to enjoy it while he can.

When Stiles doesn’t answer, Derek sighs. “You walked here?”

“Well,” Stiles shrugs, “I wasn’t tired.”

“It’s three in the morning!”

Stiles rolls his eyes. “I know, asshole!” He slaps Derek’s arm. “God, you’re so cranky when you just woke up.”

“Got woken up.” Derek corrects, dragging Stiles towards his own car.

Ugh!” Stiles groans, “next time I’m calling Scott.”

“Please do.” Derek insists, stopping suddenly when he hears a hiss.

Stiles collides with his back and grunts. “Ouch?

“Shhh.” Derek tightens his hold on Stiles’ hand. “Come on,” he starts running and when they get to his car he shoves the keys in Stiles’ hands, “stay here.”

“What? No!” Stiles shakes his head.

“Just stay.” Derek tries to let go as the hissing gets louder, but Stiles pulls him back. “Stiles!”

“Don’t go.” Stiles pleads. “Let’s call the others, they will –”

“There’s no time.” Derek insists, stepping in front of Stiles. “Get in.”

No.” Stiles says again, pulls at his hand until Derek turns around to look at him. “Please don’t leave me alone.” He says. Derek can hear Stiles’ heart beating, smell his fear and his worry.

“I have to –” he begins, turning around suddenly as the creature finally finds them. Shit, it really looks like Santa, except with more teeth and an acrid smell of rotting meat. “What the fuck.”

“Told you.” Stiles says, standing tall behind Derek. Someone else would have left, but Stiles stays. He always does.

Derek growls as the creature steps forward. Mine, he tries to say, flashing his eyes. It stops then, looks between Derek and Stiles before hissing again. Derek growls louder, flexes his claws and bares his fangs. The creature seems to be considering his options, still watching Stiles intently. Derek steps closer, no, I won’t let you, he narrows his eyes. The creature gives on last hiss and then turns around and runs away.

Derek, turns to look at Stiles, expecting an answer, any answer. “That’s it?” He arches an eyebrow, but Stiles keeps watching him, searching for something, perhaps an answer of his own. “Stiles –”

“You always come for me, don’t you.” It’s not really a question and Derek realizes Stiles knows everything he’s never said.

“And you always stay.” He nods.

Stiles squeezes his hand, smiles. “Of course.”

Derek pulls him in then, touches his neck with his other hand and fits their lips together. He feels warm, happy, like kissing Stiles was everything he was waiting for. As Stiles runs a hand through his hair, Derek realizes maybe he was. Maybe all he needed to feel truly, really happy was this – Stiles.

“I know there’s a creature out there that we still have to hunt.” Stiles whispers against Derek’s lips. “But I just want you to know that I love you.” He gives Derek a soft smile, brings their joined hands to rest over his heart. “I really do.”

“I love you, too.” Derek says, listening, feeling, Stiles’ heartbeat.

Maybe the creature is his priority right now but, he looks at the man in front of him, smiles as the snow falls around them, they have tomorrow. And the rest of their lives.