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A reason to back for - Peter Parker

Summary: Peter and Y/N have a baby, they’re both young parents but when Y/N drop the bomb that she was pregnant, he was afraid and excited, he kissed her and reassure he would be with her at every step. None of them knows what to do, they go up at late nights because the baby was hungry or need a diaper change, or maybe a noise wake him up and he couldn’t go back to sleep, they were exhausted but they have each other which was a big relief, everything goes perfectly until one day someone knocked at the door and they found Tony Stark standing there.

Warnings: none, enjoy.

A/N: this was requested by @momma-said-that-it-was-oke . Hi, I don’t know if you got my last one. But if you do, I’m just gonna ask it again to be sure.😉😋 Can you maybe do an imagine of Peter Parker? (Civil war) I just had a great idea, so when Tony come to his apartment (his aunts). Tony and Peter goes up to his room. Right? And then they are talking. Like blah blah. And then Tony said “ taking care of the little guy”. Can you maybe do that the little guy is Peters and the readers little son. That would be great.👍🏻 ( they are teens) Ps: ❤️ u 📝 sorry it took us so long for post but here you go

M a s t e r l i s t

The baby finally fall asleep, he sleeps peacefully in his crib, so meanwhile Peter was in the couch watching the t.v., but actually he was quiet and his eyes were going down.

He insisted you to stay in bed, he’d take care of the baby since he was so calm; but now both of them were snoring in their places. You put a blanket into Peter’s body and leave a kiss on his forehead.

That moment the doorbell rings, you literally ran to the door to make the person behind this to stop making so much noise.

When you’d opened you found a surprise.

“Tony Stark?” You furrowed your brows, not understanding what a man like him what doing in a tiny apartment.

“Hello, darling” he smiled not showing his teeths.

“Hey. I really don’t understand what are you doing..” he cut you off raising his hand up.

“I understand your concern but if you let me in…can I come in right?”

“Sure! Sorry for being impolite, I was just surprised to see someone like you, well..” you looked around the tiny living room and he did the same behind his sunglasses.

“Don’t worry about that, that’s why I am here..” you heard a noise back in your room, Peter comes out with the baby on his arms.

“What are you doing? Weren’t you asleep?” Peter walked towards you both.

“Heard voices and I got scared so I went for the baby” in that moment he realizes who was standing in the door and he open his eyes wide and surprised. His mouth only leaving rambles.

“H-hey I’m Peter”

He took Tony’s hand as he spoke.

“Hey kid, I wanted to talk you”

You could see how Peter gets a little nervous giving me the baby, who still sleeping peacefully.

“Come here please” both of them walked to the couch who crank a bit for the sudden weight.

“Okay so meanwhile you guys talk I’m gonna go” you started to walk towards your shared room until you heard Tony’s voice.

“Actually I want you to listen what I have to say” he talked at you nodding to the spot next to Peter motioning me to sit.

You went with the baby and sit down.

“So” he intertwined his fingers while his eyes goes to every part of the tiny apartment. Without a word he took off his phone of his pocket. And show us some pics of a boy wearing a mask; holding himself in spider web. We both froze in our places. How did he know?

“That’s you right?” He asked but none of us answer. Until Peter left his trance. And clear his throat.

“Ummm. No? I don’t know what are you talking about” he crossed his arms while his legs goes up and down nervously.

“Its great” he shoved his phone back to his pocket.

“Obviously that’s Photoshop” you laughed nervously “You took that out of YouTube right?”

“Uhm” he stood up and started to walk away from us, he stared at the ceiling for a little longer, giving us a last glance, he turns to the left going to the hall, I knew what was he looking for. Peter thought the same because he ran behind him and yelled a “Wait!” But Tony already punchs the little door that the ceiling has and a second-hand costume falls. Peter took that quickly making a ball and throwing out somewhere in our room. He closed the door with a hard slam and rested his head in the doorframe for a moment before turns to face Tony who was totally serious.

“So are you the spider guy? The one who fights against crimes? The young spider?” He asked.

“No…I’m spider-man” Peter answered totally serious crossing his arms in front of his chest.

“No wearing those pyjamas” Tony pointed to the costume. Peter just walked away saying a low “it is not” and came back to the couch where you were sitting.

Tony came back as well sitting but before he could open his mouth Peter sighed and looked at him.

“I was having a good day Mister Stark, I spent the morning playing with my son, found this Amazing DVD reproductor, and i sent my maths text which I’m sure I’ve done a 10”

“Does someone else knows?” Tony looked at Peter then to you and you get a little nervous.

“No, no one else” you whispered looking at the ground.

Tony sits better in the couch and signalled to Peter.

“You need to fix that suit do some restores. That’s why I am here” he touched his face “why do you this?”

Peter thinks about it, why do he does that? You knew the answer already, you had asked the same thing awhile ago and he thought that because he looked at you and smiled.

“The truth? When someone has the talent I have and others don’t , something bad could happen and its my fault for not doing something against it”

Tony didn’t say a word but stayed looking at him, seems like Peter’s answer left him thinking.

“So you want to protect helpless people, fight for a better world and all” there wasn’t any smile on his face.

“Yeah exactly! Protect helpless people that was what I meant” Peter cleaned his sweaty hands on his jeans.

“Do you have passport?” Tony fixed his glasses.

“What? No no”

“Have you ever been in Germany before?”


“Oh you’ll love it”

Wait. Does he says Germany?

“Sorry I think I heard wrong” you spoke making them both to look at me “have you said Germany?”

“That was what I said” Tony said taking importance.

“But are you insane?” Peter looked at you surprised but Tony remains calm “How can you come here and tell him to go to Germany? Do you see what is this?” You pointed to the baby who moves a little, trying to not scream. “Is our son. How can you come here and tell to my boyfriend to go at Germany. What if something happens? Don’t tell me that nothing won’t happen because I’m not a stupid” Peter’s hand was on your shoulder trying to calm you down.

“Baby, calm down” he kissed your cheek and then looked at Tony “Mister Stark it is true. I can’t leave my girlfriend and son”

You didn’t heard Tony’s answers became you stood up and went to the room, turning off the lights. Putting the baby back to the crib looking at him sleeping, totally unaware about the problems around him, he is your Angel, your little Angel.

You walked to the window trying to brush the nerves away, you inhale and exhale five times until you calmed down. Was Tony so irresponsible? Who do he think he was?

You keep looking in the window, you saw a woman with a baby stroller, you smiled and for a second imagined all the women’s who were walking peacefully with their kids until a asshole came to do harm. Peter has saved so many people in that situation and if he goes with Mister Stark he’d be saving loads of lives but he will leaving us.

You felt like a selfish, a totally gross selfish person in that moment thinking just in your son and yourself, not in the people who might be needing the help from the people who are willing to help. You turned around a looked at your son already making a decision.

You left the door open as you walk directly to the living room, listening to their voices but once they saw you they stopped talking, both of them standing so you walked towards Peter and hugged him tight, he hugs you back but confused.

“Y/N, baby. Are you okay?” He looked at you a bit worried.

With some tears in your eyes you smiled

“Bring me a souvenir from Germany”

Peter looked at you and he denies with his head “I’m not gonna leave you”

“You aren’t leaving me. You are just taking some vacations” you touched his cheek leaving your hand there. “You’re Spider-Man you have to save the world no? We will wait for your here”

He hugged you strongly and stayed at there for a second, kissing your forehead.

“I’m gonna be back soon I promise”

“Okay so” Tony started to talk a little uncomfortable, fixing his tux and looked at you both and smiled “You’re going to come back at your family, you’ve got my word”

He walked towards the door.

“Take care of that little guy” he opened the door and left without a word.

You both looked at each other, your live will change a lot but you both were together and ready to whatever it’ll come. Peter kissed you slightly until you both heard the baby’s cries.

“I’m going” you say starting to walk away until you felt his hands taking yours.

“I’ll go with you” you smiled and walked to the room finding the little boy getting ready to cry again. “Hey love, what’s going on?” He took him and he stopped crying and he puts the baby on his chest while he leaves a little kiss on his head. You stayed there looking at him, you for sure gonna miss those things but is the sacrifice of dating a boyfriend superhero no?


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Hi. I'm a recently diagnosed 26-year old autistic woman. There seems to be pretty widespread agreement in the autistic community that it's bad to want a cure, but I kinda don't get it? As far as I can tell, autism only contributes negatives to my life. I would love to get rid of the sensory issues, the executive function issues, and the trouble understanding people. I get that it may be impractical to find a cure, but if it weren't, why is it bad to want one?

trigger warning for ableism, eugenics, genocide

I understand.

Autism is a real disability. Some things truly are harder for us. Some things we can’t do. It’s okay to be frustrated by this. Many autistic people sometimes wish that they were not autistic.

Let’s talk about how autism works for a minute. Autism is caused by a “supercharged brain,” with more neural connections and activity (at least, if I am interpreting the research correctly). It is hardwired into the structure of your brain.

You couldn’t remove autism from your brain without ripping it apart. There’s no one “autism part” of your brain. It’s everywhere. It’s deeply ingrained.

There are 2 types of autism cures that people talk about:

  • Fake “cures” sold by scammers (e.g. Miracle Mineral Solution), which may be useless, harmful, or potentially deadly
  • Eugenic cure (creating a test for autism, testing fetuses for autism, and aborting the fetuses that test positive)

(The eugenics movement around WWII posed two more solutions: forced sterilization of disabled people, or killing disabled people, which Hitler did. Nowadays we don’t see many people advocating for these.)

A world without autism would be a world in which you and I are either dead or never given a chance to live.

Realistically speaking… you were born autistic, and you will die autistic. There is no magic pill to ravage your brain and destroy its structure, as that would tend to kill you.

Will humans someday learn how to change the intricate structure of the brain without destroying it? Maybe. I’m not a scientist. But I don’t think we should pin our hopes on a possibility that is unlikely to happen in our lifetimes, and could be very dangerous.

Now let’s talk about attitudes about autism.

Society tends to see autism in a deeply negative light. This isn’t an accident; society is inherently ableist and we have groups like Autism Speaks working to keep it that way.

Ever heard of the social model of disability? It’s the idea that disability is caused by society, not by inability. I always like to describe it using my glasses.

My eyesight is not great. With my eyes, I can’t read clocks, signs, even these words on the screen. My eyes are less capable. There are things my eyes can’t do.

And you know what? None of that matters! I have these magical things called glasses. They level the playing field. I have exactly the same opportunities as my friends with 20/20 vision.

Poor vision is a difference in ability that society accommodates.

Autism is not.

What if nobody paid attention to your stimming because they considered it normal? What if the world was designed to eliminate painful sensory stimuli, and to provide opportunities for sensory seekers to get their needs met? What if meltdowns and shutdowns were seen as normal, and there were quiet rooms in every building where you could go to calm down? What if honesty about one’s feelings were more common? Autism might not be such a big deal then, huh?

The problem isn’t that you were born different. The problem is that society does not adequately support your differences. This lack of support is what defines a disability.

Besides, not all your differences are deficits. Some of these strengths may sound like you:

  • Enhanced pattern recognition
  • Focused special interests
  • Loyalty
  • Better observation skills
  • Helpfulness towards other
  • Superior long-term memory

…and that’s just the beginning. Check out this article for even more.

I’d also like you to read the article “How to Accept Your Autism.” Heck, bookmark it. You shouldn’t have to go through life hating the way you are. Autistic people can be wonderful, capable, caring people. Redefine what success means for you, and work towards goals that will improve your happiness.

(”Being more neurotypical” is a garbage goal. Please take out the trash. You are only going to be sadder if you spend your time comparing yourself to others.)

Here are some example goals that are really good for you:

  • Spend time with my special interest(s) each day
  • Hang out with people who make me happy
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Get better at recognizing sensory overload, and taking breaks to keep it from getting worse
  • Buying and using some great stim toys
  • Writing down 3 good things that happened today before going to bed

You are good enough the way you are. You are not bad for being autistic. Please stop looking down on yourself. You are worth so much more.

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But like, why would they act that part at all? They talked about it way too much when in reality they didn't even have to film or talk about the beds... It's like there's always a part of them trying to act "straight" or "just friends". And in that sleepy phil scene they were obviously in the double bed togethere weren't they? Why do they do these things?? You can give a long ass rant because I truly don't understand their actions sometimes

so. my theory for all these buddy buddy best friend no homo moments is that they started the trend around 2011 and just didn’t stop it. i’m sure at the beginning of their relationship (romantic or not) dan was fine having his image attached to phil. in fact, it seemed like they were very much in a romantic/sexual relationship just by looking at their old tweets and shiz. and that was probably because dan didn’t really think he would get as popular as he did. 

fast forward two years and suddenly they are both quite popular and dan does not want to lean on phil for support content-wise. so instead of referring to phil as just ‘phil’ it was more ‘my flatmate’ or ‘my friend’ or ‘someone’ or even ‘my friends’ when dan tried to act like he wasn’t just doing things alone with phil. and then there was that whole rant about being separate people. dan and phil probably didn’t want to be tied together as closely as they used to be (like the first two pinofs were quite close and not that similar to other ‘manly’ friendships). so to counteract that they would be more ‘no homo’ and stuff (mostly on dan’s side). 

and then we get to the past few years and how close they’ve become again as people on camera and as a brand. but the ‘no homo’ stuff still happened (mostly last year there is barely anything this year) because it was just a common thing to do. the constant presence of ‘phan’ in their internet personas probably weighs a lot so it probably is just more comfortable to ward of shippers by adding in bits like that no matter how out of place the bits might seem. place the tour bus tour next to the sick scene and they seem polar opposites. and while this used to happen, it has been occurring less and less, so much so that people don’t even notice the gay parts anymore because dan and phil don’t blatantly point it out by negating the gay parts.

a lot of dan and phil’s image is the idea of ‘phan’ whether they like it or not and it seems like they thought it threatened their actual real life relationship, be it romantic or platonic or otherwise. and that’s understandable but it’s embarrassing to watch the ‘we are only best friends’ bits in older videos because all of them just seem so forced.

they did these things for their image as best friends but now that tatinof and all that stuff is over, it’s sort of closing that ‘best friends only’ chapter in their lives. who knows if the ‘just friends’ moments will continue for much longer

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I don't understand why people say Kaylor is dead. They had a freaking Skype date (with flowers) for Karlie's birthday, as soon as Karlie realized that the media were trying to say that she and Taylor weren't as close as we all thought, she tweeted that she will always have her back and a couple of days ago she brought up Taylor for absolute no reason after talking about her family.

Not to mention Taylor is literally growing kale at this moment, which she doesn’t even like, just so she can cook for her girlfriend. They can’t live in each others asses 24/7. Just because they’re not together physically all the time, doesn’t mean that they’re not real. I’m 99.9999% positive they talk everyday and Karlie is such a nerd who is in love. Taylor drops hints all the time by being the shady gay she is. People freak out when they’re not seen together for a bit, but you’re right, the flowers and the skype date, how ugly of them. I mean honestly, they’re so gross and I hate them.

Their heart eyes are disgusting.

They steal looks while the other isn’t watching. Embarrassing.

They’re literally so proud of each other and so supportive.

Taylor talks about her abs, like best friends don’t randomly just say that shit when describing each other. Taylor went through a thought process to get to those words.

Karlie is so in love, Taylor literally takes her breath away. Also embarrassing. What a nerd.

Karlie is still in love

Taylor, as a lesbian…supporter…

This was gay no matter which way you look at it. Try to convince me there weren’t neck kisses here cause you won’t.

And are we going to forget that they did a vogue photoshoot together, which is usually reserved for couples?? And when they did it, they reinvented their trip to Big Sur and Taylor recommends people taking their wives there because she did? How gross. Did everyone forget they took a rode trip together, stayed in a couples cabin, AND THEY SHARED CLOTHES??

They’re so gross and embarrassing. I can’t believe it.

I could spent a hundred years going on and on about how and why Kaylor is real, but if they’re not, then we have all been played so damn hard. Like they’re the champions of baiting and everyone else can go home. They stole the show. 

Purple Skies

A/N: the voltron fic because, as said before, I am grieving still from Thace’s death after all this time.

It wasn’t like living close to the Garrison was a problem, it was actually cheaper and less stressful than any other place you had looked at. Sure sometimes the kids would get out and steal some of your peaches, not that you minded too much since you had a lot of trees. And yeah, when they first get to fly an actual ship, they tended to crash in the fields by your humble little farm. But despite those minor little issues, they were good kids and they always put a smile of your face when they’d come by to chat or buy some fruit.

And it wasn’t like they crashed all the time, generally just the kids who got too cocky. Maybe about once to twice a month you’d hear the crash and screams from the cadets. But always in the daytime since that was when the Garrison allowed them outside.

So when you heard the familiar sound of a crash from the field in the late hours of the night, you knew something was wrong.

Looking out your window you could see the dark smoke floating up to the moon. A large ship, one that you were very unfamiliar with, lay just past your fence near the trees. The shuttle was still closed, which meant that the pilot was still inside and possibly hurt.

You could go down there yourself and help them out, by yourself. Or you could call the Garrison and they’d take care of it. The decision was simple.

You yanked a T-shirt over your head to cover your sports bra and shorts and ran downstairs where your shoes lay. You grabbed your flashlight and a crowbar for the shuttle and ran down your steps. By the time you had reached the fence you could tell that this was no mere shuttle.

It was far larger than most ships the Garrison used save for their cargo ships. It was a sleek gray with black lines that, upon closer inspection, must lit up when in use. The wings were angled straight out and to the side, one wing was nearly torn off. The hull of the ship was almost jagger like, narrowed off into a fine point.

It almost looked… alien.

As you neared closer that hatch suddenly popped and a large purple… Man? Fell out of the seat and onto the ground. Large was an understatement, he was massive. Damn near ten feet if not more.

You watched as he coughed, large furry ears pressed to the back of his head. He staggered to his feet, one large hand pressed against his left side. He panted for a few seconds before the light from your flashlight caught his attention. Intense yellow eyes connected to yours and you felt your breath catch.

He was really quite handsome, a strong jaw and straight nose. He had the looks of a modern day Clark Kent, if modern day Superman was purple. Broad shoulders and defined biceps were just shy of superman status, but you weren’t really complaining. If it wasn’t for the whole purple alien cat man situation and the fact that he was running to you, you’d be quite smitten with him.

Shit he was running at you.

With a scream you dropped the flash light and lifted the crowbar in self-defense. The bar connected to his uninjured arm, snapping it away from your face. He let out a yell as he backed away, a sour look on his face.

“Where am I?” He demanded.

“Earth,” you answered cautiously. You still had the bar raised in front of you, ready to strike at any given moment.

He exhaled shakily. “Shit,” he cursed. “Shit! I wasn’t supposed to be here!” He turned to his ship in dismay.

“Looks like you didn’t have the choice,” you said. “Are you a friendly?” You asked.

He turned back to you. “I’m not with the empire,” he said after a minute to regard you. “Not that I expect you to understand what that means.”

Your narrowed your eyes at him. “You’re right, I don’t,” you said. “So why don’t you fill me in before I call the Garrison?”

He looked down at you before looking back to his ship. Finally he nodded. “I will, if you can patch me up.”

You regarded him, he was hurt that much you knew. The wound on his side was glowing purple, the luminescent liquid seeped through his fingers. You weren’t skilled by any means when it came to medical help. You knew the basics only, how to close and bandage and how to wrap sprains. It was something that you had to learn quickly when the kids would crash. Finally you looked back up at him and nodded. “Fine, but don’t try anything,” you warned as you lowered your crowbar.

He followed you to your house, and even though he struggled he managed to climb the steps only to fall onto your couch. You stood there for a second as you watched him pant and bleed all over your once nice and unbroken couch. Was this really your life? To patch up an alien that crashed into your fields? Apparently so because now he was looking at you expectantly.

“Oh, right,” you said as you turned to the hallway. “Remove your shirt so I can patch it up easier,” you called as you entered your spare room and grabbed the first aid kit. When you reentered you were greeted with the sight of a chiseled chest with a light dusting of purple fur similar to chest hair.

“Are you okay?” He asked when you froze in the doorway.

You mentally slapped yourself and continued into your living room. “Yeah, first time seeing an alien,” you said as you sat down on your coffee table and opened the kit. “So, you said you’d explain?” You prompted as you removed his hand from his side and went to work cleaning off the blood.

He hissed at the alcohol but nodded. “Yes, well. I don’t know how to explain this to someone who hasn’t been… visited before.”

You glanced at him when you switched out the swabs. “I guess just tell me what you are and what you meant by the ‘empire’,” you suggested.

“I am a galra,” he said after a minute of thought. “We are a race who had enslaved over half the galaxy. Except for this quadrant, we hadn’t gotten around to you guys. Well, they haven’t. Like I said, I’m not with the empire that conquers,” he clarified when he caught sight of your alarmed face.

“So, so what are you apart of?” You asked hesitantly.

“I’m with the Blade of Marmora,” he said. “We are an organization of galra who are against the empire and all they stand for.”

You let out a relieved sigh. “Oh good, I was afraid I was harboring a tyrant.”

He cracked a smile for the first time. “No, that wouldn’t good.” He said lightly.

“How’d you crash?” You asked as you pulled out the gaze and medical tape.

“Voltron was fighting against the empire, when they made to escape through a wormhole I got sucked into it and thrown out here.”

You placed the gauze on his side and glanced up. “Voltron?”

“Did you ever see a giant blue lion flying around a few months ago?” At your nod he continued. “Well, that was a lion of voltron. There is four others and together they form a giant robot.”

“What, like in power rangers?”

He frowned. 'I, I guess?“

You sighed and leaned back to regard your work. He was all patched and cleaned up. "So what’s your plan now?” You asked him.

“I need to rebuild my ship,” he said. “Could I, could I stay here in the meantime?” His ears twitched slightly in anticipation.

You nodded. “Yeah, sure. I have a spare bedroom upstairs. But,” you held up a finger. “I need to know your name. You do have one right? I can’t just call you purple space man.”

He smiled. “My name is Alko,” he said.

You smiled and stood up. “Nice to meet you,” you said sincerely as he stood up with you. You lead him up the stairs, keeping an eye on his bandage. Once at the top you opened the door to the right. “Here you are,” you said and watched as he entered. “I’ll be down the hall if you need anything,” you said before shutting it.

As you entered your own room, you finally felt the shock of the night settle in. You had an alien crash on your property, he’s some sort of spy who is fighting a tyranny in space. He was also hot as fuck, and while you didn’t consider yourself a deviant in the terms of sexual desire, there was just something about him that you liked. Maybe it was the cat fanatic in you, his ears were cute after all. Either way, you had a hot new housemate for the foreseeable future.

And boy were you excited to see where this will take you.

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Can I ask why do you think lots of people pay attention to the fact james and lily didn't plan harry? Why is that so important? After all I'm sure james and lily weren't the only couple with unplanned pregnancy at that time while there was war, there's alice and frank, molly and arthur, narcissa lucius, harry's classmates.. teddy lupin is the only unplanned baby in canon i think. I guess i don't understand why people have to make such a huge deal of it, making harry special once again..

I don’t know, people just like to discuss it I guess, but it’s not like everyone think it’s a fact. It’s just a headcanon.
The fandom often has some weird discussion about things that are not so interesting for me as well, so it’s normal that this things happen haha

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Hello doctor! First of all, I love your blog. I wanted to ask your opinion about acupuncture. My dog benefited from it a few years ago. She was 16 years old and she suffered from chronical pain for several disc compressions. Her kidneys weren't at their best and we tried to avoid antiinflammatories as much as we could.

So here’s the thing about so-called ‘alternative’ and ‘complementary’ therapies: We either don’t know if they work, or don’t know how/why they work.

Here’s the thing about chronic pain: We don’t understand it well enough and anything you can do for relief is worth doing.

As far as acupuncture specifically goes, I’m sure it does something, it only caused me the worst pain I felt in my life, but the explanation given for why is has effects don’t seem grounded in our current understanding of the world. I don’t specifically recommend it, but I don’t recommend against it if the owner is able and willing to spend that money.

It’s not the first thing I grab for, and I’d be reluctant to recommend it as a sole therapy, but occasionally it seems to have a benefit. It’s a bit hit-or-miss though.

What I object to is people claiming that acupuncture, and similar therapies, will always absolutely do what they’re supposed to do, even in the face of evidence that it’s not working and refuse to go back to conventional treatment. If you’re going to keep an open mind, it has to go both ways.

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This woman kept trying to slide her card while I told her to insert. then asked me why we would have a spot to slide cards if people weren't supposed to use it. She couldn't understand that not all cards have chips and in certain stores(not all. This was a huge issue at my other store because people would insist they could slide and go back and forth not listening to me they can't) like ours, if a chip is broken customers can insert the card 3x and the machine will tell them to slide.

I honestly think these people know what their doing and just act dumb to have something to complain about in their day.


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Why don't you like the potential sterek scenes? I know they won't be endgame but I feel like it's understandable that they interact and care about each other. It would be weird if they didn't. What I don't get is when people say they still hate each other. I'm like are you serious?! Imo they never did, they just weren't friendly because it takes them both time to start trusting people but after they did, no one can convince me they didn't want the best for the other. The love is 100% there

Yeah and I agree 100% - love is there. But I feel like you understood that I don’t like that sterek will interact in the first place, which is not at all what I meant. I was talking mainly about the whole “derek carrying stiles bridal style” thing in the context that it seemed that stiles and derek were joking about saving each other and it just didn’t sit well with me. It’s just a personal opinion that I can’t really bring strong arguments for. It’s just how I felt when I read the spoiler - I cringed. @halekingsourwolf put it pretty well in words here

But in essence, to me it felt like stiles supporting an injured derek in that teaser was an important, almost heartfelt scene, that was meant to reinforce the fact that they will always care and be there for each other. Not to mention that it’s a bit of a nod to stiles always saving derek. If sterek went out like that, I would have been happy. But if it turns out that they were just joking about it and having that back and forth - which is classic sterek teasing and bantering I know!!! - they kinda ended up mocking it. Plus, as a very very personal point of view, I just don’t like derek carrying stiles bridal as a mental image, unless he actually means it of course, and not as a comedic relief moment. I just hate bridal style in general man idk 

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I think you might actually be very surprised if you saw my children and were to fully understand how racist I am not. But I understand why you might think that. I'm generally a polite sort actually. So I took them time to speak to you directly. I do hope my manners weren't misplaced.

Having children of color doesn’t change the things you have posted in public. You can claim to be polite all day, politeness has nothing to do with bigotry. People know what you show them, and everything you have shown me is deplorable. That’s a shame. But you have every opportunity to fix that. 

Can I . . . talk with you?
  • Varian: Hey, dad! I don't know if you listening this or not, but . . . I just had to talk to you.
  • Quirin: . . .
  • Varian: I know that even if you were able to talk to me, you wouldn't want to. I mean, I'm the reason your in the state you are right now.
  • Quirin: . . .
  • Varian: I know it's my fault for what happened, but . . . I'm going to fix this. I promise you that.
  • Quirin: . . .
  • Varian: Since the princess isn't going to help me, I'm going to have to save you myself. Okay, Dad? Just hang in there.
  • Quirin: . . .
  • Varian: You know,Dad, it gets a little lonely without you here anymore. Now, I understand why you were always forcing me to get out my lab.
  • Quirin: . . .
  • Varian: You were lonely too, weren't ya? Ever since Mom . . . has been gone, things have been different.
  • Quirin: . . .
  • Varian: I've been holed up my lab all the time and you've been trying to keep busy with helping the town. We've never spent much time together ever since then.
  • Quirin: . . .
  • Varian: But, I'll promise you this. Once I get you out of this prison, we'll never be apart.
  • Quirin: . . .
  • Varian: We can move away to some distant Kingdom where Princess Rapunzel and he friends can never interfere on out lives again.
  • Quirin: . . .
  • Varian: Maybe, Arendelle or Avalor. I heard Avalor is still trying to reconnect with the rest of the world since the true Princess stepped up to the throne. We can live there for years without being disturbed because they country will never believe any rumors since they'll never know what's true or not!
  • Quirin: . . .
  • Varian: Dad, I will fix this. Even though I'm just one person, I'll do anything to have you back. I made this mistake, so it's my job to fix it.
  • Quirin: . . .
  • Varian: I never realized how much I need you in my life, so I regret not cherishing the moments I had you by my side. If we both come out of this situation alive, I'll always makes sure you feel appreciated.
  • Quirin: . . .
  • Varian: Don't worry. No matter what happens to me, I'll save you.
  • Quirin: . . .
  • Varian: I . . . love you, even if you don't love me back. I wouldn't blame ya. I'm not the best person to be known for 'attacking' the princess.
  • Quirin: . . .
  • Varian: I have to go now, Dad. I have look for that family recipe for our favorite cookies.
  • Quirin: . . .
  • Varian: Don't worry. I'll be back to talk some more later. Come one, Rudiger! Let's go! We got some work to do.

anonymous asked:

I don't understand why people, especially Adams, insulted Hamilton because his birth was considered illegitimate. I can understand (although, do not agree with it) why he was insulted for being an immigrant since some people probably didn't see him as a "real" American but why was the fact that his parents weren't married important? Why was it so frowned upon?

Well the colonies were a very religious place, so sex outside of marriage (for women) was considered a big no no. And, Hamilton being born out of wedlock was a sign that his mother was a “loose women” and that he came from a lower class, which was exploited by his enemies, who were all from old, wealthy families in the colonies.

anonymous asked:

I quite recently started a job at Greenpeace and whilst I love the organisation and the important work that they do, I do have to admit that I've found it very disappointing that out of the whole 100+ staff (volunteers & activists included), there's only 11 vegans (myself included). Cowspiracy definitely exaggerated statistics to suit the documentary's narrative, but the filmmakers weren't wrong about the attitude a lot of environmentalists have towards animal agriculture.

How poorly environmentalists respond to calls to go vegan is a pretty well known phenomenon, which has just always struck me as very odd. A Greenpeace activist has no doubt made many significant life changes to reduce their environmental impact, I don’t understand why veganism would represent such an unthinkable thing for them when they already do so much. With most people you can put it down to laziness, apathy, selfishness, ignorance or whatever, but none of those things can really be applied to someone already making meaningful sacrifices to reduce their carbon footprint. Hopefully you can have an impact on them in your time there, and the organisation definitely needs more vegan voices, so well done on getting a role.

anonymous asked:

so I've been reading your metas these past months and.... you sure talk shit a lot about other characters and trying so hard to make people understand or care about Ui, weren't you? is this out of spite? why don't you talk more about Ui's flaws?

I’m sorry if I sound slightly rude, and I will try to answer your question in a moment but please let me clarify something first. 

Number 1) It’s not talking shit, it’s talking about their flaws. I’ve said in the past, what makes a character interesting are their flaws and how the plot comes up with consequences for those flaws so that the character can realize overcome them. Most of the characters I talk about their flaws I genuinely believe that they are going to at some point during Tokyo Ghoul overcome those flaws. However, if I stopped to go “Sure, Kaneki has his flaws but here are the good things about him-” every single time I talked critically about his character it would dilute my point. 

Number 2) I’ve talked about Ui’s flaws in the past, I’m not sure what you are talking about. My last post about him, I called him a sith lord, and compared him to Anakin Skywalker. That’s not a compliment? I compared his actions to Anakin’s Skywalker’s ability to justify murdering younglings?? 

Here’s also some previous criticisms I gave about him.

Despite being introduced as the Hope of the CCG, all Ui has done so far is fail.

Ui has one of the most pronounced dehumanizing view of ghoul’s in the manga, and there’s no specific reason for it. None of his family members were taken by ghouls, like Mado, and he himself was never personally traumatized by them like Amon and Suzuya. If anything I would say his lack of empathy comes from his need for identity. There’s no better way to define yourself then to define what is not yourself, or what is ‘other’ in this case. Ghoul’s being emotionless monsters also conveniently slips into what Ui wants to perceive them as, in his narrative of Heroes of Justice. After all, a good hero, a good knight, needs a villain to fight against and take down.

Notice however, that Kijima’s plan to torture a ghoul and put it on the internet to call out a member of Rose, which is illegal and also inhumane and dirties the name of his CCG and his hero fantasy, is met with much less resistance than Sasaki’s plan to simply pretend to be ghouls and spy on them to gain information. Ui doesn’t even use his official capacity to punish Kijima or stop the plan in motion, he only shows his disapproval. That probably was because Sasaki was a ghoul, though.

The Ui shown in Re after becoming a squad leader is much more individualistic. On two occasions, in disapproving the mask operation and telling Sasaki to go to the roof we’re shown that Ui lets things like rank and advancement factor into his decisions more than thinking for the good of the whole group. He individually worries after becoming a special class, that someone like Haise will be promoted too fast, or reach his ranks. 

If you want a quick summary of Ui’s flaws though, here you go.

1) He’s a mass murderer of Ghouls
2) He has no empathy for the ghouls that he murders, the only time he comes close to showing any is when the actions of other humans against ghouls conflict with his idealistic view of a “Hero of Justice”
3) This basically makes him a person inserting a childish fantasy onto what is a life or death conflict and also getting upset when reality conflicts this fantasy.
4) Ui is bitter, and jealous in his behaviors. He gets jealous at Sasaki, not only for getting Arima’s attention, but also for being a ghoul that gets Arima’s attention.
5) Ui cares way too much about rank and advancement, to the point where he never appreciated his relationships with Hairu, Sasaki, Take, or Arima because he was only ever thinking about rank and work at the time. The suffering he feels now he completely brought on himself for not appreciating what he had when it was there.
6) Ui Koori smokes too much and it makes him terrible at climbing stairs. Part of the reason Hairu died, and Haise got his memories back was because Ui took an eternity on those goddamn stairs. (This is a joke)
7) Ui is physically rude to those around him. There’s no doubt in my mind that he deeply cared about Hairu, he’s willing to sell out everything for the chance to bring her back but this is how he referred to her when she was around.

8) Ui Koori compromised on all of his ideals of justice in about 10 seconds. All Furuta needed to do was offer him the possibility that Hairu might be revived and Ui is already wearing all black and standing on a pile of corpses. 
11) Ui Koori is objectifying Hairu in his actions. He’s treating her death like a great tragedy to himself, somebody that he needs to save, and also doing a bunch of things that she likely would not want in her name, and reviving her without her consent. 

These are just some of them, if you ever want me to clarify more about what I think of a character feel free to ask anon. 

anonymous asked:

... you... can't dismiss cultural appropriation just because it's being done by someone not white. And then say you can be part of two ethnic groups to further dismiss those affected (when the creators sure weren't thinking of Jewish Asians). It's still wrong especially for groups that see their culture on the big screen all the time and their actual people are left our or relegated to stereotypes. Honest, this whole star wars thing has gotten me sad and disappointed in you all

I genuinely don’t understand why you guys think I’m saying hey who cares about the cultural appropriation when even in the first message that started this whole thing I said yeah I’m all for them being Asian to fix the cultural probation but they definitely need to stay Jewish.

We don’t have to make this an either-or situation I’ve said this a bunch of times at this point fix the cultural appropriation but keep the jewishness of the character I just I just really don’t understand the problem here. Like where is the disconnect with me saying fix the cultural appropriation but keep them Jewish.

I even made it abundantly clear that if this was an either-or situation we need to fix the cultural appropriation over keeping the representation seriously what is being lost here?

mod velonius

anonymous asked:

I'm a little confused. It's pride month so I've been trying to look up notable members of the community and Marsha P. Johnson is obviously a major inspiration for a lot of folks...but according to their Wikipedia (I know not super credible) and various other sources, Johnson wasn't trans. Whenever I ask why people say they were a TW I get called a TERF (I'm trans so 🤷🏽‍♀️). I just don't understand. If they weren't a transwomen why do people insist on it. We can honor gnc Johnson just the same.

This post is pretty relevant, but to summarize it, Marsha P. Johnson was not a trans woman in the modern sense of the word (that is, someone born male who, due to dysphoria and gender expression, identifies as a woman). He was a GNC gay man. In his own words, drag queens and drag kings were gay people who dressed as the opposite sex, not trans people. It’s important to remember than being a drag queen/drag king/transsexual had a different meaning than being transgender does in the 21st century.

But for some reason, the queer community is intent on erasing gay figures from history and rewriting them as straight trans people. Being transgender, especially a trans woman, is currently idolized by the queer community. And there’s a large amount of homophobia and anti-gay rhetoric spreading, which makes it not surprising that gay history is being rewritten as trans history. This is clearly homophobic and revisionist.

But yeah, if you question any of this, you’re going to get labeled a TERF. I’ve seen a fair number of trans people get called TERFS (or, almost humorously, SERFS). That’s why we can’t discuss history and LGBT oppression openly and honestly; any disagreement gets shut down with one side getting labeled a TERF and everything they say, even documented facts, getting ignored because of it.

-Mod Noel

anonymous asked:

I can understand why Daisy wasn't blamed for her actions because they weren't that bad. She injured Coulson slightly and only threatened Fitz. Mack got the worst of it but he easily forgave her because Hive ordered her to and Hive had complete control. Now Fitz on the other hand was not being controlled and did much worse things, he killed Mace and he tortured Daisy. Would have killed Jemma to and the possibility that the Doctor could still be dominate is to big to ignore.

Hi Anon,

This is going to need to be one of those things we agree to disagree on here.  As always my metas reflect my own opinion on take on the matter so its okay to disagree with me. 

Because I see what was done to Fitz in the Framework as brainwashing and manipulation.   It wasn’t as obvious as Daisy’s since we didn’t get to see the parasites attacking him but the results are still the same.  AIDA has admitted to manipulating him.   She deliberately placed herself into his life and manipulated his actions.  She gave him the plans for Looking Glass to Figure out.  She put him in a position so she could experience the relationship he had with Jemma, “have a connection”.   Using the results of his fix to her advantage.  Using his core traits (things like what he’ll do for the woman he loves) against him and to get what she wanted.   I spoke in THIS meta on what we’ve seen going on with AIDA.  She says she had no choice yet at the same time clearly steered events to her favor.  She also took some of Fitz’s choices away, ie meeting Jemma.  @agent-85 has THIS meta discussing that if Fitz had gone against her and her goals how he would have been killed as well.  He did what he needed to too survive.  AIDA said it herself.  

Like Daisy, Fitz knows what he did was awful and he has guilt, horror, and remorse for his actions.  AIDA isn’t helping by pushing her narrative that you all had a choice in there, it was me that was bound by my programming bit either.  Because she had a endgame in there, getting Looking Glass, collecting Inhumans powers for herself; she very well knew what she was doing  and that she needed Fitz to do it.  Radcliffe told her lies to protect people (lies to protect her life) were okay, Radcliffe showed her it was okay to emotionally manipulated Fitz to get something.  Beyond that she had to get him into a position where he would do it while working around her own programming.   Had she simply kidnapped him in the real world he would have never helped, and she knows it.  Fitz feels like it was his choice when in reality it wasn’t.  AIDA gave him that nudge to order the Airstrike that killed Mace but we can’t forget May had been manipulated by the Framework and would have killed him with her bear hands had she bested him in the fight. 

I am okay now with Jemma icing him when he arrived on the Zephyr.   They hadn’t gotten any of the hostages back yet, hadn’t seen or talked to any of them to see how they had come out, Jemma didn’t even know that AIDA had abducted him again after waking up.  She’d assumed he was with Coulson and the others.  So it was a shock when he showed up with AIDA AKA Madame Hydra.  In that moment Jemma didn’t know if Fitz had come back or The Doctor.  

Now that we know Fitz is Fitz, he’s not the Doctor anymore and he is sick over what The Doctor did.  Coulson doesn’t blame May for her Framework life so he shouldn’t blame Fitz for his.  We have the extra layer when it comes to Fitz in that he was her target in more ways than one.  She took him and manipulated him so he would complete Looking Glass, build her the super Real Girl body, and allow her to experience “love”.  Fitz said it she can no longer control everything…and that includes him.  Because Fitz, our Fitz would never choose to do those things.

Teacher-Edition {Sentence Starters}
  • "Care to tell me why you weren't in class yesterday?"
  • "Where's your homework?"
  • "Are you all understanding the problem?"
  • "Detention for you tonight!"
  • "Welcome to class. I hope we have a great year!"
  • "Class dismissed."
  • "Does everyone have their Lab Buddy?"
  • "Well, I suppose I can extend the deadline."
  • "Take your seats, class!"
  • "I'll be your substitute today!"
  • "The school year's almost over. Did you all have fun?"
  • "I don't think you're reaching your potential."
  • "Does anyone know the answer?"
  • "I'm very disappointed in these grades."
  • "Pop quiz! Grab your pencils!"
  • "Eyes on your own tests!"
  • "Well, I'll give you points for 'most creative excuse.'"
  • "Are there any questions?"
  • "Hand your papers forward, please."
  • "This will be for half your grade. Study hard."
  • "Thank you for actually joining us today."
  • "Alright, that's a distraction. Hand it over."
  • "Time for the field trip!"