but I'm not meaning other people would be lost without me bc it's not true...

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Hi! I was wondering if you have any tips for dealing with loneliness. I’m currently going thru a friendless period rn, I lost a lot of my HS friends after going to uni, and uni's hard to make friends bc I don't live in the dorms, etc. I'm trying to be strong, but it's hard bc it feels like everyone else has so many friends and I feel like something's wrong with me. I’m already in my 4th year and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Everyone seems to be having great uni lifes but I’m not

Dear, I know exactly how you feel. i’ve definitely had some periods where i felt a little isolated, particularly as i didn’t really “click” with anyone really strongly in university. and just letting you know, my dms are open if you want to chat or something too. 

I guess one tried and true tip is distraction! Seriously, I know it sounds silly, but I would just sometimes drown myself in youtube videos, BTS content (since their antics always made me laugh) and the occasional book. Sometimes, even though it’s not the healthiest option, it’s the easiest to just not think about it because your thoughts are always cyclical and you just end up beating yourself up. 

I think the other thing was, I just had 3 high school friends I kept in touch with during uni, but even at times they had their own stuff to deal with, or they just got too busy to message, so at times since I wasn’t someone to initiate chats, I did have times where I would go a long period without really catching up with anyone. I think it’s important that you try and find at least one friend you can confide in, so reconnect with your high school friends, at least the ones that seemed genuine. Having family members to talk to also tides you over those lonely days. 

But I mean, I guess you know yourself as well, you have to go out and reach out to get people to talk back to you. Put yourself out there at societies, like I really regret not getting involved in non-optom societies and making friends there. And ask yourself what you sort of picture a great uni life to be like and think about what you can do, right at this moment, to make it happen. 

Hope that helps! ^^