but I'm getting a new laptop later


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anonymous asked:

Hey! Did you come to a conclusion with the computer/laptop question you had? I'm also looking to get a new laptop soon

NO. i’m going to best buy later today to stare at computers while some boy six years younger than me talks down to me about specs like i hadn’t owned six laptops by the time he was out of kindergarten.

  • Me, on the day I get a new computer: I'm gonna keep it organized and make sure to clean out old files to keep it unpacked, and I'll be sure to not install too many drivers or software packages
  • Me, six months later: If my laptop was a sentient being then every waking moment it spent processing would be a nightmarish quagmire of suffering and despair. My registry looks like the Library of Alexandria after Julius Caesar was done with it. I have each version of DirectX installed thirteen times over. It takes Firefox the entire runtime of all 3 extended edition Lord of the Rings movies to open up in the first place. ihavenomouthandimustscream.wav

7 years later, guess who’s still rocking black hoodies and masks?

[[ Update! 

Cherri is on a short vacation and will be back on Thursday to draw for the ask-blog. She’s already told me that she misses drawing for the blog, and by extension you guys!

As for me, my computer’s charger port failed and broke somehow (the laptop is 6 years old by now, so I mean it’s starting to die on me), so it ran out of battery in the midst of me drawing an ask and refuses to charge/stay on, even though it registers that the charger is plugged in. 

So! There won’t be any new things until around Thursday or later, especially since I’m going to be gone Thursday through Sunday anyways. Hope you guys understand our technical issues and vacations, oops.

– Coati 

PS: Y’all keep asking how they met. We appreciate your excitement for the blog, but that comic is currently a WIP, so please bear with us as we try to get their story out. Cherri wants to animate parts of it, so you can imagine the time it’ll take to get that ask done ;P ]]