but zoe stole it

Ok but please consider sincerely three having date nights once a week and alternating who picks the date like first week is Evan, next is Connor, then Jared, and then all three of them agree on something special at the end of every month (because lowkey they probably got together near the end of a month and thats kind of how they celebrate their love)

it gets long and gay oops

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Sincerely Three Fourth of July Headcanons

Here are some headcanons with the reader and the DEH boys, partially inspired by @dr-evn-hnsn‘s post about Evan not liking the noise from fireworks!


-        Jared gets super into it the clothing aspect. He wears those bathing suit bottoms that look like an American flag and red-white-and-blue sunglasses and flip-flops with stars on the straps

-        He’s so excited he convinces you to spray a couple strips of your hair with that spray-on temporary hair dye so you have red and blue highlights

-        He starts a competition to see who can make the biggest splash jumping into the pool

-        Everyone knows he’ll win but he convinces everyone to play anyway

-        And he just freaking leaps into the air and does the most massive cannonball into the water

-        You get absolutely soaked but you’re laughing anyway

-        He’s all sputtery when he comes up and is blind since he’s not wearing his glasses, and you come up behind him and grab onto him

-        He twists around and grabs your waist and kisses you while dragging your around the pool

-        And then he scoops you up and starts to climb out of the water and you know what’s coming

-        “Jared NOOOOO”

-        “babe no don’t worry I got you, I won’t drop you”

-        But then he freaking throws you into the water

-        And obviously jumps in after you and you guys end up kissing again until everyone else starts splashing you and then Jared starts splashing them back and it’s suddenly total chaos

-        He gets Very Sunburned because he’s a pale nerd from spending so much time inside playing videogames

-        When it’s time to make dinner, Jared starts off helping with the grill but then ends up in the kitchen with you so he can snag bites of watermelon and potato salad

-        There’s a table for the adults but Jared convinces you to sit at the kids’ table because the kids love him

-        Everybody eats way too much and Jared gets into a burping contest with your little cousins

-        As it starts to get dark he “supervises” while they play with pop-its and sparklers

-        Which is really just an excuse for him to play with pop-its and sparklers

-        He flipping loves sparklers

-        There’s lots of cuddling on the lawn when the fireworks go off

-        And so much kissing

-        Also Jared singing “Firework” in your ear until you’re both laughing hysterically


-        The boy is always wearing blue, so obviously that’s what he wears today, but he insists it’s patriotic

-        “Look, my shoes are red, so it works!”

-        The house is really crowded, but everyone’s outside so you and Evan hang out inside for a while

-        Heidi is making cupcakes and the two of you help her

-        She has this cute blue and white apron

-        And apparently Evan has one two

-        You can’t help but giggle when he puts it on but really it’s adorable on him, which you tell him

-        Evan puts red, white, and blue icing in piping bags and starts piping all these pretty, swirly designs on the cupcakes

-        He helps teach you how to pipe the icing…you hold the piping bag and he puts his hands over yours and guides you

-        After the cupcakes are finished, you and Evan decide to try the pool

-        You both agree you’ll go back inside if it gets too overwhelming with all the people outside

-        You’ve never seen Evan in his bathing suit and the shorts are incredibly dorky with big white hibiscuses on them

-        He looks very cute

-        You and Evan get in the pool and it’s LOUD

-        Most of the kids are at the shallow end so you guys go to the deep end and go underwater because the noise is obnoxious

-        You and Evan just look at each other underwater and he gets this really shy smile on his face and it’s adorable

-        You and Evan do handstands underwater

-        He gives you little kisses and plays with your hair

-        You guys mouth “I love you” back and forth and then laugh because of all the bubbles

-        You guys wait for a little while after everyone gets out because it’s finally quiet

-        You lie on your back in the water and hold hands

-        Eventually you get out and eat dinner on the lawn because it’s quiet and also you’re still dripping from the pool

-        Everyone goes out front to play with sparklers, and you guys join because Evan really likes sparklers

-        He sits next to you a little ways away from the kids and you guys watch the way the sparklers spark

-        The fireworks start and you’re both kind of uncomfortable with the noise

-        They’re so pretty but you both keep flinching every time one goes off

-        Evan grabs his phone and two sets of earbuds

-        He has one of those earbud-splitter-things so you can both plug the earbuds into the phone

-        He turns on Owl City while you guys watch the fireworks

-        Literally every Owl City makes the fireworks 10000% more magical

-        Evan kisses you while “Meteor Shower” plays and those gold fizzy fireworks go off


-        Wears a black tank top and black shorts, obviously. But the hair tie he normally has on his wrist is red

-        You’re pretty sure he stole it from Zoe

-        It’s ridiculously hot out and he ties his hair up in a knot (he refuses to call it a man bun)

-        This hair tie is blue

-        All of Connor’s and your families are there and it’s way too crowded

-        Both of you are tempted to hide in Connor’s room but yours and his parents keep telling you to come out and socialize

-        Everyone’s in the pool but Connor’s just standing there in his black outfit

-        You have your bathing suit on under your clothes but you feel too uncomfortable to take your clothes off

-        He keeps saying he doesn’t want to get in and you’re pretty sure it’s cause he’s insecure about what he looks like without a shirt on (even though he’s actually kinda muscular)

-        You’re also insecure about the way you look in a bathing suit

-        But it’s freaking hot and the water looks really nice

-        You grab Connor’s hand and tug him toward the pool

-        “I’m gonna throw you in”

-        “No, I’m gonna throw you in”

-        “No, I’m gonna—”

-        And then Connor picks you up and he doesn’t throw you in he jumps in with you

-        Like he does a cannonball with you cradled in his arms

-        You come up laughing and wrap your arms around his shoulders and just kiss him

-        Zoe starts yelling at you but really she’s just happy because Connor’s smiling

-        Underwater kisses

-        You pull the hair tie out of Connor’s hair and play with his hair underwater

-        You guys argue about who has better mermaid hair

-        Eventually you both agree Zoe has better mermaid hair than either of you

-        You guys get out when it’s time to eat

-        Connor eats a meal almost entirely made up of watermelon

-        Seriously he eats half a hamburger and like twelve slices of watermelon

-        He gets a stomach ache afterward and the two of you lay on the lawn in your wet clothes and try to find interesting shapes in the clouds

-        Connor’s nose is a tiny bit sunburned and you keep kissing the tip of it

-        Zoe eventually joins you guys on the lawn

-        Her hair is in a really pretty fishtail braid and you ask her to teach you how to do it

-        And of course you practice on Connor

-        Connor rests his forehead on your shoulder while you try to braid his hair

-        It makes it kind of difficult but you really don’t mind

-        Everyone gathers on the lawn eventually to watch the fireworks

-        Connor’s parents put on a playlist of patriotic songs

-        You and Connor and Zoe sit together and watch the fireworks

-        Connor starts out watching but ends up falling asleep in your lap

-        Eventually a loud firework makes him wake up enough to groggily whisper that he loves you

The Secret (9)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; epilogue.

Baekhyun could feel his heartbeat pounding hard against his chest, loud and fast as he slowly weaved through the chairs towards you and a shy Zoe. He’d never felt this nervous for anything in his life, not even when he debuted and performed at his first showcase with the rest of EXO. He didn’t want to mess this up: his daughter was too important and this was his chance to make up for the years he’d lost.

He introduced himself cheerfully, trying not to let his nerves shine through his voice. He flashed his daughter a bright smile that he hoped would comfort her a little. On the inside however, his stomach was doing somersaults.

“I’m your dad.”

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Concept: tiny knight Evan anxiously saving tiny princess Connor from the clutches of the evil Zoe dragon. Jared is the narrator.

this took forever and is probably one of the most ridiculous things i’ve drawn


Colton Ryan/Olivia Puckett DEH Review

Major Plot Spoilers ahead.

Wow. Honestly, just wow. I’m staring at the screen trying to write this and am still at a complete loss. For what it’s worth, this was my first time seeing the show. I’m seeing it four times while I’m in New York, but this was my first. I’ve been watching the video for as long as I can remember and haven’t gone a day without listening to the soundtrack. I’ve heard Colton’s audio as well as Michael Lee Brown’s and had no idea what to expect going in to this performance. With that being said, nothing could have prepared me for this. I have heard so many reviews regarding the two understudies the past few days and wasn’t sure what to expect out of Colton, but he stole my heart, crushed it to pieces, squeezed it into a mess, only to put it back together again in the finale. This boy is not getting enough credit for his talent. After seeing all of the MLB reviews and Colton reviews, I was left in awe of his performance. This guy deserves all the things, and I wish I could give them to him. He definitely deserves consideration for when November roles around. When he did Evan’s opening monologue, it was fast. Very fast. Almost faster than Ben’s and to the point where if you weren’t paying attention, you probably missed something. I felt right at home. This of course leads into AHAM and this is the first chance we have at seeing Olivia’s Zoe. (HOLY COW!!!!!) Her portrayal of Zoe was SO different from Laura’s. Mike Faist seemed to have more of a joking tone with her and their opening interaction seemed less hostile and more of a normal sibling dynamic.
This then leads into Evan asking Alana to sign his cast as she tells him about her summer. I thought that Colton looked very anxious and uncomfortable and you could see him fighting with himself as to what the right thing to say to her was. Will of course stole the show immediately when he came on stage and continued to do so throughout. His performance wow’d me and is so much stronger in person than any video could do justice.
Cutting to WTAW - and just wow. I was left speechless. I believe Colton was losing his voice (he seemed hoarse at the beginning of the show but once his vocals warmed up - he nailed it) but this just made the performance even better for me. You could hear the desperation in his voice as he sang and especially when asking “Is anybody waving, back at me?”. His interaction with Olivia was textbook perfect. He was so nervous even I was uncomfortable for him but Olivia was genuinely apologetic that Connor had shoved Evan and seemed upset at the fact Connor was like this. At one point in the song, Colton chased after her waving and she paid him no attention and his face was absolutely heartbroken (I started crying here and never stopped). Heading in to the WTAW reprise in the computer lab, Colton looked devastated when Heidi calls and says she can’t come pick him up and so pained when she asks how his day was. Even he was crying during the reprise and this is something I wasn’t expecting.
Olivia in For Forever showed a side of Zoe I had never seen. She looked so sad as Evan sang and I felt terrible that these happy memories of her brother were ones she didn’t have. (JLT’s performance and breakdown during this song - OMG!) Colton’s chemistry with the Murphy’s seemed natural and only grew as the show went on.
Sincerely, Me is one of my favorite numbers and seeing it in person was AMAZING. Because of Mike and Colton’s off stage friendship, this on stage performance was incredible. Colton mouthed the words he was typing in the emails as he was doing it and this just made the whole thing more realistic to me.
OLIVIA CAN FLAT SING. Requiem is not normally a song to leave me in tears, but the emotion in that song did me in. Zoe was so heartbroken and couldn’t even bring herself to read through all of the emails. I thought at one point she was going to break down trying to sing it but you could see the tears in her eyes. I loved how it seemed more painful and heartfelt.
Colton’s If I Could Tell Her normally gives me goosebumps but with Olivia on stage? I was speechless. They have natural chemistry and it looked so natural every time they were together. When Evan kisses her at the end, she didn’t seem angry, just shocked.
Disappear was wonderful as well and I felt like I got to see so much more of Jared’s character development when he tries to make an input to the Murphy’s and Evan shuts him down. This is something that doesn’t translate in the boot or audio versions for me.
You Will Be Found was where I lost it and didn’t recover. There was something so raw during the speech and watching him crumble on the floor. As Nic mentioned, Colton held on to Connor’s tie for dear life and was audibly crying before he could manage to look out at the crowd again and continue. Hearing Colton cry and look so broken made me want to jump the stage and give him a hug. Michael Park’s breakdown made my dad cry and I had to look away to control my sobs. He fell to his knees and JLT had to come help him up as he pulled her into a hug. When Zoe saw this, you could see her eyes tear up and when she sang and spoke to Evan at the end, she was crying about having her brother back. Once again, Colton and Olivia’s chemistry was off the charts. When they kissed, she wrapped both her arms tight around him and he her and they were both holding on for dear life.
Break in a Glove is a song I find necessary for the show but haven’t died to listen to on repeat. However, the dynamic between Evan and Larry here is SO good. They were both glad to have someone to share this with since they missed out on it when they were younger. Evan looks so hopeful and Larry looks so excited to share this and it was beautiful.
Only us - UGH!!! Olivia nailed this. She was so gentle with him and looked at him so lovingly and Evan looked so enthralled by her. She did indeed kiss him more than one time throughout the song and whenever they were close enough, she was touching him. In the end, Colton pushed her down onto the bed and it looked like the most natural thing in the world.
Good for you was just SO good. Jared’s heartbreak, Alana’s hurt, RBJ WAS CRYING and everyone else was too. Colton looked traumatized that he was going through this and the emotions on his face were painful.
Everyone talks about Colton singing words fail well and they aren’t wrong. This performance left me shaking with sobs and the girl beside me who had no idea about the performance going in, clutching on to my arm and crying. There was so much emotion on the stage at one time I didn’t even know how to handle it. Zoe was crying, Cynthia was sobbing, and Colton was just so so so broken. He kept pulling at his hands and at his chest like he was hurting and he would mouth i’m so sorry in between lines. I made eye contact with him during this song and felt sorry for him because I was sobbing harder than he was.
I didn’t even have time to recover before So Big/ So Small. Rachel Bay Jones was crying so hard and at the end of it, Colton threw himself into her lap and buried his face. He was completely off the couch and into the floor with his arms wrapped so tightly around her I don’t know how she could move. She held him so close and held his face in between her hands. When Evan finally pulls away, he looked like it was the last thing in the world he wanted to be doing.
And of course, I cried through the finale because it was over and it was the most beautiful performance I’ve ever seen.
Overall, I would say, after hearing so much of the OBC and the audios, Olivia blew me away. Completely. She was absolutely incredible and gave me so much more to Zoe that I never knew I needed. Colton stunned me and stole the show. His vocals were wonderful and in the parts where he struggled made it all the more real to me. It was these times where he seemed so desperate and broken the most. Nothing in the world could have prepared me for this and I’m so thankful. If you get the chance to see Olivia, TAKE IT and enjoy every second. If you get the chance to see Colton, please do not sell your tickets because Ben isn’t there. It is still worth it and I didn’t feel like I missed any part of the performance by having Colton. (He’s also beautiful and one of the sweetest people in the whole world. I love him to pieces) ❤️

promise [connor m. x reader]

uh hi im not good at reader inserts i swear. i’ve never written connor (or anything deh-related) before so uh, my apologies if he (and zoe, since she pops up for like, 5 seconds) is ooc. also i wrote this on google docs and then tumblr messed it up so i fixed it :’D

warnings; swearing, mainly? lots of swearing.

    connor: you up

    connor: y/n

    connor: fuck

    y/n: wtf connor i was almost asleep

    connor: sorry

    y/n: what is it

    connor: come outside

    y/n: connor

    y/n: what

    y/n: oh my god

    y/n: connor i s2g

    connor: just get out here

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ana’s theory about the reason that zoe stole maya’s boyfriends being that she secretly had a crush on maya the entire time and didn’t want to see her with anyone else is canon now i don’t make the rules

Zoe x Chubby!Reader

A/N: Requested by anon (first request yayyy!). Okay I did these really fast so they might be a little trash but I LOVE the idea so yeah here we go!

- Zoe isn’t exactly skinny, but she isn’t really chubby either, she kind of falls into that perfect normal bodyweight 

- so of course you were super insecure whenever you hung out with her as friends and obviously you never thought she’d ever have a crush on you

- you literally wouldn’t even go shopping or to the mall with Zoe because you were scared she’d judge you even though you knew she wouldn’t 

- anyways when you were playing truth or dare at her house with some mutual friends and Zoe admitted she had a crush on you let’s just say you lost it

- you had a total breakdown and cried your eyes out and your friends got super concerned and Zoe took you to another room and was like “I’m super sorry if I upset you” and it just made everything worse 

- when you calmed down you admitted you’d had a huge crush on her for longer than you guys had been friends and you never thought she’d like someone like you 

- to which she got really confused because she thought you were so nice and beautiful what were you talking about???

- and then it clinked and she was like “oh my god no how could you ever think something like that I love you so much for you” and you kissed her 

- you walked back into the room with your friends with your hands linked and stupid smiles on your faces and everyone knew you guys were a couple from then on

- whenever you were insecure Zoe would give you a giant hug and tell you how much she loved you, for you, and you always felt better 

- one time Zoe stole one of your shirts and it was super big on her and even though it was a huge turn on you got really she scared she would realize just how much bigger than her you were (she didn’t care either way)

- Zoe was amazing at death glares and would give them to anyone who even looked like they would make a fat joke towards you 

- one time Zoe bought an oversized hoodie and after wearing it to your house she realized it’d look amazing on you so she made you try it on and it fit you perfectly and for some reason it just made you really confident 

- if you wanted to get a healthier diet Zoe would do a bunch of research on them and do the diet with you and help you stick to it and go exercising with you 

- if you had a bad day she would order your favorite kind of pizza and get some ice cream and you two would just snack and watch a movie and cuddle 

- Zoe never once, ever, made a comment on how big you were compared to her or even joked about it because she knew it would make you insecure (and you loved her for it)

- she would never ever let you skip meals and would always make sure you were hydrated 

- if she ever saw you crying or looking sadly in the mirror she would literally just start from your hair and go to your toes listing every single thing she loved about you 

- when prom came around you were really scared you wouldn’t find any dresses/suits that looked good on you so Zoe took you shopping to find the best dress/suit ever and told you countlessly how sexy and amazing you looked in it

- she was never judgmental and was so understanding and sweet and you loved her so much for it 

Things Zoe will experience while growing up with the Squad

(This ended up a lot longer then I intended)
(I love Zoe so much)

Birthdays and holidays will never be the same again

Everyone: “NO!”

Her mom trying to have ‘the talk’ with her, but finding out she already knows EVERYTHING
(Thanks Digger)

Them scaring off her first boyfriend/girlfriend

And the second one

And the third one


Ya sorry Zoe, you’re not getting any until you’re 30

Chilling with June when they’re on a mission, and they just read and drink tea

Also June and Harley are the ones that Zoe comes to when she needs help with school because they’re the only ones that got past high school

The whole squad pretty much adopting Zoe

Like even Waller loves her

Harley picking Zoe up from school in the Lamborghini that she stole from Joker

If anyone even thinks about bullying Zoe, they’re dead

Like, this one little bitch will smack Zoe’s books down, and Zoe will tell the squad, only for them to go to the school and wreck havoc

Chato being really scared for a while because of what happened to his own kids, but quickly getting over it

Zoe coming out and the squad not giving two shits

Zoe: Guys…I’m Pansexual
Rick: You still aren’t dating anyone until you’re Croc’s age

Zoe hugging Waller on the anniversary of her family’s death, and they end up actually bonding, and Zoe may just be the person to make 'The Wall’ have a heart

She comes along on a bank heist, and when Batman comes in he just sees Zoe sucking on a lollipop.

Waylon doing push-ups with Zoe on his back

The one time she does end up dating (secretly, not telling the squad), they hurt her, and she ends up punching them in the face

And then telling the squad about them, and Zoe gets grounded, but then ungrounded when she tells them that she punched them (It doesn’t end well for Zoe’s ex)

At first Katana’s like 'how does one interact with children’, but then she teaches Zoe martial arts and they become an unlikely dynamic duo

Floyd and Rick teaching her how to shoot a gun

Zoe only being able to go see the squad twice a week or something, but when she turns fourteen (the legal age children of divorced parents can decide who they want to live with) Waller ends up taking care of her so she can see the Squad a lot more

Waller using the excuse that Zoe is having a 'positive psychological impact’ when a judge questions the presence of a child at a maximum detention facility

Zoe learning how to take care of Digger when he’s hammered

The squad taking her out for her first drink

When Rick and June finally have a kid, Zoe babysits

Whenever Digger swears, the rest of the squad covers Zoe’s ears

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today in the hall my friends Zoe and Katie aware in the hall together and I saw Katie stuff a letter into Charlie's locker (Zoe's dirtball bf) and I asked what they put in his locker and Katie smiles and goes "he's being an asshole to Zoe so I put a note in his locker saying I stole his girlfriend" and they walked away holding hands hsbsbsbsbsbsbsnsns


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