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I always feel really bad when I'm not hyping up Zayn's album and everything- but it scares me. I should be more excited, considering he's my fav and everything, but it just scares the crap out of me to think that he's actually happy now, instead of him being happy all along in 1d. I thought he was happy, maybe I was wrong. I'm just really stressed out about the entire thing, and I feel like crap about being stressed about it. Sorry for ranting, thanks 😘


don’t feel bad about it allllllll! It’s honestly kind of a shit narrative all around,  this whole idea that Zayn always had one foot out the door the entire time he was in One Direction. Do I think he had moments where he wasn’t 100% enjoying it? Maybe not here when he and the other boys temporarily appear to have joined Blue Man Group:

I kid, I kid. Honestly though, the whole “Zayn was miserable in One Direction especially during OTRA” myth* does a real disservice to both him and ot4 and also ever so mildly chaps my ass. 

@bakagamieru did a pretty thorough job of compiling over 100 gifs of Zayn during the first leg of OTRA in 2015, but here are some of my favorites that prove that Zayn wasn’t the sad trombone in One Direction, especially in those last months according to band folklore. If you have ovaries, you may want to place a lead guard over them because they may turn to dust:


Is Zayn..is he LAUGHING…with his bandmates…at MULTIPLE CONCERT TIME PLACES? Hurry call the constable I think there may now be a shift in the earth’s core:

Ohmygiddygod’s trousers is that Zayn… (badly) dad dancing…? What a scandal! WHO COULD IMAGINE IT, CERTAINLY NOT A HUMBLE HOE LIKE ME:


*that’s a really long worded and not at all catchy myth

Ziall Is Real: The Masterpost

This is just a masterpost proving that Ziall is real made by yours truly, shipziallharderthantheyfuck. This post will be broken up into many parts.

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Okay, let’s go.

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Why the NBC Special was so wonderful in so many ways

You knew it was going to be great the minute they stood like this:

A very long masterpost reliving some my favorite moments from this golden nugget of television :-D

First, there was that wonderful segment from the South American shows

Niall giving us his Spanish accents

Harry being stopped in his tracks by Niall, laying out across a ping pong table all gloriously shirtless

Hearing them warm up with DFWYB…I wish we got more of them singing this way…but then at the very end…Ziam just had to go all harmonizing and riff and just..wow. 

And of course, THIS :-D 

Next, was the good ol’ staple WMYB…and look at Narry (well really Harry) in the beginning!


Then there was the wonderfulness that was the roller coaster trivia

Oh, but wait, before that…we can’t forget this lovely moment ;) 

Wait..pause that…


That entire roller coaster segment was just fun and hilarious…and gave us this gem

And as if he couldn’t top that…

Yes, that hair LOLOL

P.S. How did Liam NOT get sick READING while riding a roller coaster (multiple times)! Mad props to him for that! 

Then time for another intro piece..but look!

Next, I thought the part where they surprised the fans was adorable.

But not as adorable as Niall dressed like this :) 

Louis dressed in Hogwarts gear (OMG fandom obsessions colliding!) (BONUS side…Harry speaking the intro to the little Louis segment)

Then in addition to performing SMG and Night Changes (as usual from “Four”) the other “NEW” song they performed from FOUR was “GIRL ALMIGHTY!!” 

I already made a gifset here

But here’s Zayn :) 

So the boys want to go out and see the sights…problem is the fans are so crazy outside they have to “sneak out” of the hotel. 

How do they do that, you ask? Well stick them in the back of a bread van of course! 

Yes, stick them in a tiny, confined space, on top of PILLOWS all squished together…being all OT5…in a tiny, confined space, on top of PILLOWS, squished TOGETHER…

(And the moment all OT5 fan fic writers died as their deepest fantasies were possibly about to come true)

Louis: “Can I come in and cuddle you Niall”

Harry: “The important thing is, is that we’re all in this together” 

And of course Harry just HAD to remind us

Oh wait…let’s look at that again…and slow it down a bit…

Who is that next to Harry?? In a tight, confined space, on PILLOWS? ;) 

Moving on…

Do you Zayn? Do you? I’m sure you do :-D

It was so awesome to see some OT5 time OFF stage too!


Next was “Night Changes” and did you notice this wonderful piece of editing?

Now I KNOW he wasn’t actually blowing that kiss to Louis…but it was still a nice edit :) 

Before I go to the ultimate crowning glory moment that I swear was the death of me that night…how amazing was it that we were able to see some of the recording process..and also get to hear the guys sing without any music or production? 

And now..without further ado…the BEST moment IMO of the ENTIRE special *breathes*

So Zayn is just recording

When out of nowhere…

Now of course Niall just HAD to come in, in only his underwear, while ZAYN was recording ;) 

And then…while Niall is in his underwear…they start to sing…TOGETHER

(Look at how Zayn points it “back” to Niall!!)

And then after watching that…this was me

So that, my friends, are my personal highlights, memorable moments, and favorite things from the NBC special. I’m so happy it turned out to be such a wonderful event, and I’m sure, like you, wish it was longer than just an hour! 

Hope you enjoyed this little (well actually long) post combining many of the great moments in one! :-D

Look at these adorable cuties💘💖💕 Ziall is absolutely one of my OTPs, and nobody draws them as lovely as Mica👌 @pass-the-pencil I’m so glad your letter finally came and I hope that you receive yours from me this week soon!! Im sorry I can’t draw pictures for you too, maybe next time I’ll write a special little paragraph for inspiration or something 😅😂

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talk about ziall moving into a new place and they want to make it feel homely but they're on a budget and they've never had to furnish a place before and all they have is like half a dozen candles harry got them as a home warming gift.

I mean…Niall and Zayn are both particular about their space, but in very different ways? Can you imagine, the two of them moving in together for the first time? That careful negotiation of boundaries and levels of tolerance? They’re both tidy in their own ways, it’s just that Zayn is like whirlwind. Like spilled ink. Scattered and omnipresent but artful. Niall is more particular. He’s clean and spare and minimal. 

Can you imagine them wandering around IKEA? Niall is drawn to furniture with simple angles in muted colors and he’s biting at his nails trying to imagine how everything will fit together in the space they’ve got to share. It’s not just his anymore, he understands that, but he’s got to live in it. And every time he turns around, Zayn is admiring a set of drapes with technicolor paint splatters or a wall clock that’s a garish orange or holding a purple velvet pillow up to a couch that’s striped mint and white, smiling.

“This would look sick, Ni.”

And Niall starts to sweat, right there in the store because what the hell are they doing? Who has he yoked himself to? Who is this mint and purple couch person? He’s cut the sleeves off his shirt and he’s covered in tattoos and Niall thinks sometimes that they’re from different planets. That there’s no way they could ever really understand each other. 

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Only once in your life you find someone

 who can completely turn your world around. 

You tell them things that you’ve never shared with another soul,

they are not embarrassed to cry with you when you are hurting

 or laugh with you when you make a fool of yourself. 

Never do they hurt your feelings 

or make you feel like you are not good enough, 

but rather they build you up 

and show you the things about yourself that make you special 

and even beautiful. ..

Things that never interested you before 

become fascinating 

because you know they are important to this person who is so special to you…“