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Zach Herron Imagine.

Title- Cutie Caught.                                                                                

Warnings - None.

Type - Cheeky Fluff.

Summary - You walk in on your boyfriend in the act of snapchatting himself dancing. 

Your long drive back to the boys hotel room had finally come to a finish, meaning all you had to do now was take the late night snack run back up to the room. Zach insisted on joining you, but you assured him he could stay in and rest whilst the other boys were out doing their own thing.

You pulled the key out of your pocket, a bag of snacks hanging from your fingers in a loose grip before unlocking the door and strolling in. You bumped the door closed with your hip and called out to your boyfriend.

“Zach, baby, i’m back!” Yet a reply was not returned.

“Zach?” You called again walking further into the hotel room.

You drop the bag softy onto the kitchen bench and walk around into the small bedroom hallway. You can hear music faintly starting, and worried but curious about interrupting something, you peek past a wall to meet a shirtless Zach.

A shirtless Zach dancing in front of a mirror, the flash of his phone on and his white sweat pants hanging dangerously low on his waist, causing a smirk to appear on your face. Needless to say, not a disappointing sight. You walk around the wall to lean against it, arms folded and watching with a smile as your boyfriend lip syncs, snapchats and looks like he’s loving every bit of himself.

Being lost in admiring your boyfriend snapchatting what he’s doing, you hadn’t realised he turned around with an embarrassed look.

“Oh please, don’t let me interrupt.” You raise your hands in a surrendering manner, bite your bottom lip and stroll over to your boyfriend who’s now pursing his lips and has a blush on his cheeks.

“How long were you standing there?” He spoke lowly, looking down at his phone in his hands.

“Long enough to know that any of your fans about to see that little mirror tease are very lucky people.” You walk closer to him with each word, deciding to take full advantage of your boyfriend now smirking, his eyes darting up and down your body.

“But I think i’m luckier.” You whisper, running your hands up his exposed chest, reaching until your hands wrap around his neck. Goosebumps arising on his body as your smaller cold hands make their way up, hearing his breath hitch slightly.

You feel one of Zach’s hands slip into the back pocket of your jeans to pull you closer and his face nuzzles into the crook of your neck.

“Debatable, because I have you,” He kisses your neck softly.

“But I really don’t think it’s fair that i’m the only one here without a shirt on.” His lips meet your ear and his warm breath sends chills down your spine. Before the moment could get too heated, you decide to have a little fun with him.

Playfully you push Zach away from you, running into the open bedroom space with two single beds taking up most of the space before yelling out,

“If you can catch me you can have me!” You giggle hysterically at your now flustered boyfriend grunting and shaking his head.

You watch as Zach drops his phone into his pocket, lowering his pants even more causing you to strain your eyes away and run behind one of the beds before you get too lost in his very minimal attire. A white pillows suddenly flies across the room and makes contact with the curtains behind you. You shoot back up from crouching with furrowed brows and let out an exaggerated gasp.

“Missed me, missed me, now you gotta kiss me!” You mimicked a teasing voice, shaking your hips side to side, which you could instantly tell drove Zach crazy, noticing his eyes go a darker shade of brown and his stare become more seductive.

“Is that a challenge, sweetheart?” Zach folds his arms and speaks in a low tone, strolling slowly and closer to where you are.

“More like a statement.” You shrug, trying to hide your smirk.

Zach huffed a wide smile before crawling over the bed in front of him, running around to embrace you in a warm bear hug and pulled you down onto the bed, giggling into your shoulder and rolling over on top of you.

Thank you for reading! Requests are always welcome. Let us know if you enjoyed. Until next time, stay mean, green, fighting beans. Authors note - Lately Zachary has been personally attacking me and I don’t want him to stop. 


Responsible for my Death - Zach Werenski #14

Originally posted by detroitundeadwings

about/request: Reader is minority injured and player freaks the fuck out and tries to baby them but is put in their place by reader AND hiii. sorry if you got like three of these because my internet is messed, but can you do a zach werenski imagine where French is your first language? You can do whatever you with the idea!

warnings: my awful take on french and a concussion and some bilingual cursing

authors note: i know someone will give me shit for the french im sorry in advance, hope you like it!!

word count: 1122

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Why they cry...
  • Jonah: He cries when he's missing his family or you. Whenever he remembers home, he begins to tear up.
  • Zach: He cries when he's broken hearted or when he breaks up with someone. He cries when he's hurt.
  • Corbyn: He cries when he's happy to see someone or just out of joy. "Happy tears" or "Tears of joy" he calls them.
  • Daniel: He cries when he's mad. He would be bottling up his anger to the point where it causes him to cry.
  • Jack: He cries when he watches sad movies. He likes to pride himself with never crying except during movies.
Dazed and Distracted ♡ Jonah Marais Imagine

Title: Dazed and Distracted

Pairing: Jonah x Fem!Reader

Word Count: 388

Summary: Jonah’s live on Younow but he’s more focused on you.

Warning(s): None that I can think of. Message me if you see something I don’t!

A/N: I’m doing good, thank you! And thank you so so much for the request! If anyone would like to request an imagine, you can do so here: x

(Also did anybody catch the Disney reference in the title??)

You were curled up on the couch, reading a book, while Jonah sat a few feet away. He was live on Younow, talking to fans about what he and the band had been up to recently. You were completely focused on your book, so you didn’t realize that Jonah was talking to you.

“Babe…Babe…Baaaaabe,” Jonah said. “Babe!”

Your head shot up, and you looked at him. “Hmm?”

“Whatcha readin’?” he asked. “The fans want to know.”

Meddling Kids. It’s by, uhhh,” you looked at the cover of the book, “Edgar Cantero. It’s, like, Scooby Doo but more mature.”

“Would you recommend it to someone?” Jonah asked.

You laughed. “I mean, I guess. I’m only a few chapters in, so I don’t know how great it is.”

He looked back to the camera. “You heard it here, folks! Y/N is recommending Meddling Kids, and if you end up hating it, blame her!”

You shut your book. “Excuse you!”

He grinned at you. “Love you, babe.”

“Mhmm,” you hummed, reopening your book and continuing your reading.

As you tried to focus on your book, you couldn’t help but feel like someone was staring at you. Lo and behold, when you looked up, Jonah was staring at you with the biggest grin on his face.

“What?” you asked.

“You’re just so perfect,” he said. “Come here, say hi to the fans.”

You set your book down and sat next to Jonah, resting your head on his shoulder. “I’m only here because Jonah’s dazed and distracted if I’m not beside him.”

He glared at you. “Shut up! You can just go back to reading your stupid book if you’re gonna be mean.”

You giggled. “Oh, you know I’m kidding.”

“Mhm, sure,” he said, leaning in for a kiss. “Whatever you say, babe.”

You pulled away from the kiss. “Or I should just leave, because you’re distracted when I’m beside you.”

You started to get up, but Jonah wrapped his arms around you, forcing you to sit beside him. “No, you can’t leave! You have to stay right here.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes, you do,” he said, “because you love me and you can’t love me when you’re walking away.”

“I…I don’t think that’s how it works, Jonah.”

“Shhh…Just let me be selfish please,” he said, kissing you again.

Talent in Trouble Z.H

pairing: Zach Herron x Reader

Warnings: Swears, not many

Side note: Song involved is Beautiful Trauma by P!nk, it’s a good song and i would recommend checking the sing out before reading but it’s your choice 😊❤️ (Ps Her whole album is lit defo worth the listen)

Summary: You stayed late to finish off preparing for the talent show, a show yiu hated with every fibre in your body.

The halls where empty, after all it was well past school hours, 6:30P.M to be exact. You had been forced into helping the drama class prepare for the talent show. You and a few other, others who had chosen to. You however had gotten into trouble and as punishment the Principal thought it would be best to make you help with the talent show. You absolutely despised this kind of thing. You where well known amongst the school for your troublesome behaviour, you where always in detention or kicked out of class or called to the principals office. The principal had tried everything to help you but it was completely useless, you where just trouble.

He wondered the empty halls, football practice had gone on longer than intended meaning he was much later than normal. The halls where silent as he walked down them, heading for his locker to pick something up. He pulled his phone out, sending his mother a quick but reassuring text. Letting her know that he was still at the school and heading home shortly.

He was the popular, handsome boy. The one every girl threw themselves at, he was invited to every party and was the school star, since he was on the football team and of course in a band. Everyone knew him.

He snapped out of his thoughts when he could hear faint sounds coming from down the hall, instantly catching his attention and as we all know, curiosity got the best of him and he began to follow the sound, it was becoming clearer and clearer as he got closer.

“We were on fire, I slashed your tires” He could hear faintly still approaching the beautiful sound.

“It’s like we burned so bright we burned out. I made you chase me. I wasn’t friendly” He was desperate to know who was singing, it wasn’t anyone he recognised. This intrigued him more.

“My love, my drug, we’re fucked up, oh.” He glanced in every room he passed despite to find this mysterious singing.

“Cause I’ve been on the run so long they can’t find me, You waking up to remember I’m pretty and when the chemicals leave my body.“ He began picking up his pace, excited. So excited that he nearly walked right passed the school hall.

“Yeah, they’re gunna find me in a hotel lobby, ‘cause these tough time they keep coming. all night. Laughing and fucking. Some days I can barely breathe. After we were high and the love dope died. It was you” He jolted back when he heard the beat pick up only to notice, there on the stage a girl casually dancing around the stage by herself. Singing as the some played loudly. It was the girl who often wore a black leather jacket with ripped jeans. A girl smirked at a challenge and always had to prove someone wrong. The girl that no matter how broken she was or hurt from the harsh words of other, still put up a front, sticking up for the weak.

“The pill I keep takin’, the nightmare I wake in, there’s nothing, no nothing, nothing but you! My perfect rock bottom, my beautiful trauma, My love, my love, my drug, oh” He watched, smiling to himself, seeing the passion in your eyes. He stayed hidden at the back. He hadn’t heard you sing before, Christ, the only time he’d ever heard you talk was when you where insulting him or talking to someone else. You began to sing the chorus again, it was as it you where one with the song. The passion in your voice as you belted the song out.

“My love, my love, my love, my drug oh (x3) My love (oh) my love, my drug, we’re fucked up " you casually sung as you continued to dance across the stage. Your voice echoing around the empty hall. filling it with passion. You went to sing the next verse, stopping only when you had spotted a figure, leaning against the frame of the door in the back. Your heart sank, someone had finally caught you. You couldn’t recognise who it was, until they spoke.

“Don’t stop for me" Of course it was him. It was none other than Zachary Dean Herron. The play boy of the school. You two were always ripping at each others throats. You were the complete opposites. You stopped what you where doing, jumping off the stage.

“show’s over asshole” You muttered jumping off the stage, slightly embarrassed but you wouldn’t let him know that

“Hey, I was being nice but I don’t mind going back to insulting each other” He smirked walking down the path.

“What do you want?” You sighed "Looking for another reason to irritate me? Take the piss out of me for?“ You spat before he could answer.

“I never said you were shit!” He defended. “You’re amazing” He added quieter. This took you off guard. Your anger quickly turning into shock as you looked at him. Your y/e/c eyes wide.

“W-wh-at?” You whispered. His cheeks flushed redder than normal as he shared an awkward smile. Realising what he had said. No, realising that you had heard what he had said.

“I, er. Nothing” He stuttered out. You cocked an eyebrow at him, You knew exactly what he had said. But had he meant it.

“Pretty boy!” You replied returning to your usual self “What did you say?” You practically demanded. His caused him to return to his usual self.

“What does it matter to you?” He almost snarled.

“Cause I wanna know why pretty boy here is being a creep” You replied harsher than attended.

“Hey your the dumbass who’s singing in school! If you didn’t want anyone to know don’t sing in a public area!” He snapped back.

“Thanks for the advice Smartass” You muttered as you barged passed him, only for him to grab you arm and pull you back, spinning you to face him. You where now milometers from his face, his breathe hot on your skin as he looked down to you. You where shorter than him, not by much but enough for him to use it against you. Your eyes fell from his lips to his hazel eye.

He cursed himself for doing that. He knew you hated him but he couldn’t help it. You fact that you where yet to pull away from him made him relax slightly. He brought his hand up to the back of your head pulling you into a kiss. Taking you off guard again.

Shocked! Your heart raced. You wanted to pull away, slap him, scream at him but you couldn’t. You had longed for this moment. You were fed up of hiding your feelings behind hate. You kissed back, you hands reaching up behind his neck as you stood on the tip of your toes. Pulling away for a breathe. A smirk very clear on his face, you playfully shoved his shoulder.

“Next time I won’t be so sweet” You smirked heading up the path.

“So there’s a next time?” He called back smirking. You spun on your heels at the top of the stairs.

“Pick me up at 9 tomorrow” You smirked looking down to him before vanishing into the empty halls


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