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Jennifer Yuh Nelson (“Kung Fu Panda 2 & 3”) takes viewers inside her creative process in an exploration of where ideas come from

7 rakamının mübarek olmadığına inanan insan net salaktır.Bu mübarekliği sizlere kanıtlamak için birbirinden mübarek 7 şaşırtıcı durum sıraladım buyrun :

İstanbul yedi tepe üzerine kurulmuştur.

Kabe’nin etrafı 7 kere tavaf edilir.

Hz. Mevlana’nın 7 öğüdü vardır.

Gökkuşağı yedi renklidir. 

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1 hafta 7 gündür. 

Cristiano Ronaldo ve Ricardo Quaresma’nın forma numarası 7′dir.

Haber sitelerinin yaptığı saçma derlemeler (temsili)

Call me a terrorist and threaten my pay? Enjoy your nuked careers, yuh heathens.

(long story. tl;dr is at the end)

I used to work in hospitality in a metro known for it’s obscenely huge tourist population, you know, the city built around the Mouse. I was a manager for the recreational division of the hotel. So one day, my boss (who we’ll call Mary for the purpose of the story) comes into the shared managers office and starts rummaging around for something, and strikes up a small conversation about work related minutiae with me. It’s important to note she is actually 2 tiers above me, but was acting as head of the department while searching to replace my previous boss who recently quit (great guy by the way, huge loss to the company).

As we’re talking, she abruptly stops and says “By the way, you need to shave your beard, you look like a terrorist and I don’t employ terrorists”. Haha, funny joke between colleagues, right? Nope. I am half Indian and I do look middle-eastern, and have been taking this kind of shit since middle school. Plus, we’re not close, at all. So I reply as calmly as I can muster, “Hey, I get you’re trying to be funny, but on my end it comes off as pretty ignorant, so I’d appreciate it if you chilled out with the terrorist stuff” to which Mary retorts “Oh, I’m ignorant? We’ll see how ignorant I am during your annual review”, and proceeds to walk out of the room in a huff. My jaw dropped so low I could taste the floor.

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