but your faces

tae couldn’t stop looking at jin or touching his neck throughout the entire vlive can someone please collect them

i’m so sleepy ,,

“Pleeease, I’ll be your bessfriend,” Cami whined with puppy dog eyes to the bartender when they officially cut her off, shaking their head and sliding her a tall glass of water. “Fine, but I want the pink straw don’t even tell me no,” she pouted, poking her bottom lip out and flicking the green straw they gave her onto the bar. 

It had been yet another long day at the clinic running around risking illness as she did all the bitch work for Dr. Goodwin, so here Cami was as usual, drunk, happy, and ready to be anyone’s friend. She turned her head to the person that just sat down beside her and poked their cheek. “You have a reaaally pretty face,” she slurred slowly before laughing. “I’mmm Cami, whussyername?”