but your blog is so nice

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How did you get your cursive to look so nice and steady, and do you have any tips for beginners? I love your blog btw 💝

Hi! And thank you!! So my handwriting looks the way it does because I’ve been journaling for so long that I’ve had a lot of practice. Practice is the number one tip I have, but I’ll link some posts and asks that have some practical advice as well. 

This is a frequently asked question of mine so I’m hoping to put together a more in-depth resources post soon!

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Um how did you become a well-known blog? And did it take long?

  • naruto (lol) and not really, i guess?
  • tbh, i don’t really consider myself a Well Known or Tungle Famous blog? though i appreciate that im reasonably visible in my most active fandom right now (Hetalia)
  • i credit it a lot to fandom dynamics. this blog began life as a naruto fanart blog when the series was ongoing. fans always checked the chapter tags for new art and parodies each week, which was a situation that allowed new artists to get noticed. so that’s how i got hundreds of notes for the very first doodle i posted even though I had 0 followers and 0 people to promo me. from there, you kind of grow a base instead of just yelling into the Void™. once you have some followers, u can also branch into other fandoms or your own stuff. so…a fair bit of luck, an active fandom and plenty of nice people reblogging my stuff and who were willing to encourage new tumblr artists
  • which reminds me…support and encourage content creators! especially if you don’t want a fandom to die.

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I’ve been using tumblr as procrastination instead of studying for exams and I’ve spent so much time reading your blog that today in my soc exam I went off about Jeff bezos for my essay because that’s all I could remember. So like, thanks?

haha nice

rogues ranked by alfred as most to least acceptable for bruce to marry
  1. Edward Nygma. he’s smart, he’s polite like 70% of the time, he knows how to dress for his coloring, he’s killed relatively few people, please marry the nice riddle boy Bruce
  2. Ivy. stylish, classy, committed to green energy. unfortunately way out of your league 
  3. Jervis Tetch. listen, I know you don’t get along but please let me have another British person in this family I feel so alone. plus witty, well-read, smarter than most of our current R&D department
  4. Harvey Dent + Harv. Harv brings the ranking down but I think most of Gotham is already psychologically prepared for you to marry Harvey. you two are obvious. I actually still have a wedding planned from back in the day so we’d save time on that
  5. Harley Quinn. Loud, terrifying, but also miraculously good at getting along with everyone she meets. together, she and Bruce Wayne would be an unstoppable force of social likability 
  6. Jonathan Crane. objectively a bad decision, likely to face backlash from the press. he has no social skills. however, he likes my cooking and you could probably just give him the keys to the Wayne library and it would be an effortlessly happy marriage. we could work with this 
  7. Waylon Jones. He seems… nice. A bit rough around the edges, but I’m sure we could eventually find a suit that fits him. shares your love of hiding out in deep, dank places even when there are objectively much nicer places to be had
  8. Jack Napier. Ranked this low due to personal feeling and appearing on this list at all because I know you’re thinking it, Bruce. but please. no
  9. Selina Kyle. Would steal our silver and be off the next morning. Rather certain that she’s a lesbian
  10. I know you’re still thinking about the Joker but Bruce please consider the feelings of your butler slash father figure and reconsider
  11. he calls me the Bat-ler and doesn’t appreciate any of my cooking and you can’t take him anywhere public
  12. Talia. you know she’s just going to stab you again, Bruce

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Nora,you are one of my favourite people for running this blog.I haven´t even met you in person,but the things you write or just your answers to people,say a lot of how you are. Because one you and your posts are one of the things which keep me alive,and with the hope of continuing with my life. Thank you for this.

Thank you, it’ so nice of you to say that. I really wasn’t expecting anything when I started this blog, if only I expected people come running and calling me delulu based on what I wrote on JK, but surprisingly the reception has been 99% positive! 

Please live on, you’re important. If you want to talk to me you can send me non-anon message or talk to me in the chat too. I don’t bite.

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Hello! I love your imagines so so so much, but in regards to the small font, it makes it incredibly hard for me to read, and your blog layout isn't super forgiving on zoom (at least on my desktop). Do you maybe have an AO3 that you keep your work on as well? Sorry, I have really poor vision lol.


I’m going to go through a theme update right now – I’ve noticed it’s difficult to read my stuff on my blog too. Don’t apologize! LEMME FIND A NICE MINIMALIST ONE!

Also, I don’t have AO3, but would you guys want me to have one? I could update “chapters” to the fake!wife fic… I’ve considered it but never knew if people would be interested!

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Shame you have to be like you are. You honestly suck. Ive been following your blog for the past few weeks, you're so fake. Maybe you're nice sometimes but you pushed your friends away. Probably for the best.


I don’t actually have the words for this but I’ll try anyway.

I’m not fake. I’m severely depressed and suicidal and most days I only have enough energy to drag myself to work, come home and collaspe.

I go through stages of feeling on top of the world and then 6 feet under. That doesn’t mean I’m fake. It means I’m mentally ill, I’m struggling to keep breathing and don’t always have the energy to reply/interact with you and others.

I would give anything and everything to not have depression, PTSD and a still ongoing diagnoses of a personailty disorder/bipolar. I would give anything to be able to live without a tonne of medication. I would give anything to have the energy to write more/post more and talk more with my followers and mutuals.

But I don’t have everything. I have a broken mind and a scarred body from the loss and trauma of my dad killing himself when I was 14, of my friend jumping in front of a train last year and grandad dying of cancer this year plus many other losses.

I’m just glad you clearly can’t relate to this pain and instead believe it’s because I’m fake. I would never wish this pain on anyone including you, despite you adding to it.

I push people away because I don’t want to hurt them. I was forced to watch my father fall apart and get eaten alive by mental illness and it destroyed me. I was helpless and I watched him slowly die, and it destroyed me. I don’t want anyone else to feel that, so when I’m suicidal or self destructive, yes I push people away. I’d rather that than something happening and them feeling like they could have done something more, feeling totally helpless at having to watch me fall apart and slowly die. I’d rather they were angry/hated me than be in the agony I am in.

I am working towards recovery, and everyday I get a little closer. I am trying. I reply to messages when I can. The second I have the energy I message many of my mutuals and followers and make sure they know I am always proud of them. I’ve bought, packaged and sorted over 10 separate gifts that I’m sending to my tumblr friends this month. I write peotry for those who message me and are struggling. I support others and their writing.

You can call me many things but I know, and so many others know that I am not fake, I am ill.

There’s a difference.

If I had cancer and struggled to be active and reply to people from sheer exhaustion you would never have dreamt to send me this. What makes you think it’s okay just because my illnesses aren’t visisble?

You are more than welcome to message me privately if you have anything else to say. I’d love to know how you jutifity such blatant, and unnecessary cruelty towards someone you don’t even know.

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Stop acting like people like what you write. Your shit isn't good, your not cute and your annoying. I literally only found you from a reblog on someone's blog. Your so annoying. You try to be quirky and nice and shit so people read your shitty writing. Your just being annoying and shit. Like, just stop and stop writing, your fics aren't good and your not cute

**you’re 😊

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I appreciate your lance post so much He's just??? Not a very nice guy??? I have an art blog and I get a lot of request to draw him and I want to end it all I don't like his character and I ESPECIALLY can't stand lance stans

Ah damn, sorry folks are pressuring you to draw a character you don’t want to. I can empathize with not really liking Lance. Especially season one and two Lance, he wasn’t as you said, a very nice guy. Maybe try re-blogging a salt post or two about Lance? You’ll lose a few followers in the short term, but may reduce your stress long term to have people know where you stand.

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Hi!! I'm new to your blog and I just want to say that I'm obsessed! You are such a great artist and I get so happy whenever I see your work! I especially love your Destiel drawings but they're all great! Hope you have a great week! Bye-bye! :)

This is so nice, thank you so much!!!

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Just dropping by to tell you that I love your writings. ♥ I hope you had a nice day though!

Thank you so so much! I love your blog too!~ 💞 I’ve had a wonderful day and I hope you have too. Thank you for your kind message!! 💕

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Ahhh I already love your blog!! ❤ If it's not a problem could you share your brushes? They look so nice~

Thank you so much for your kind words!  ❤ ❤

Not problem at all! here they are

These are my main brushes, but I usually use the marker tool, and play with density and opacity to obtain different textures! The point is to play around a lot and see what works for you! : )

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Oh gosh your art is so nice! I'm glad I stumbled into your blog :o

how dare you say that “I stumbled” of course not, it wasnt an accident, everything was planned out ehehehe

                                                                                         ˢᵒʳʳʸ ᶠᵒʳ ᵗʰᵉ ˡᵃᵗᵉ”””  

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Whatever. bathe in your self loathing then. Well enjoy YOUR posts and YOUR blog I guess it must be nice to have a little stash where you can collect all those pretty little messages about how great you are and tuck them under your pillow. I just wish you didn't have to tell everyone how bad you feel about yourself to collect them.

Lmao you’re making me laugh, you think you’re amazing when in reality all you’re doing is making people think you are the crappy person rather than me
“Self-loathing” isn’t a joke, it’s something that I really struggle with so let’s not use that term so loosely I have friends who care about me, I don’t tell them things to make them like me.

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Hey Forky, just sliding in to request that you tag your surreal memes. They make me really uncomfortable because they kind of give a physical form to disassociation. But it's really awesome that you can enjoy them! Lots of great people put hard work into those memes. Just, please tag them. Have a nice day. ^^

Oh ofc!!!…. if you’ve been on my blog you know I’m real bad at tagging things so I am s o s o sorry if I miss one, but I’ll try my best ^^ 💜

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*hugs* Darling, i can call you darling right ? ok~ Darling, listen... you deserve to be happy and be alive! so, you know... Smile! be happy and don't overthink too much about the things that are bad because it'll only make it worse, my own experience... so look for stuff that makes you happy, you know like all those people telling you that they'd be sad when you'd be gone like mostlyjovial! (sorry if i misspelled darling!) so yeah, even though i just landed on your blog you seem like a nice very

Thank you..!

It’s Giving Tuesday

2017 has been an exceptionally tough year. There have been national tragedies and natural disasters, awful policies put in place and great policies threatened. 

What so many of you have done in response was give. You’ve donated money, time, and resources. You’ve marched and you’ve protested. You used what you have to try and protect and give to those who have less. 

If you can, try and do a little bit of that day today. Make the word just a little bit better on this Giving Tuesday. Here are just a few exceptional places to which you can donate:

Can’t donate money? Try volunteering your time. Ask your employer if they offer paid time off to volunteer at a charity. Start a donation drive in your at your school.  Coats, socks, mittens, toys, and so much more can make a positive impact in your local community.

Have a nice day, Tumblr 💙

so uh here’s a old drawing i did of cup and bends about a month ago its not really good i’m only a little 13 year old anyways ;-;. but here take this little fanart of bendarang ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and a edgy ass cup, i’m sorry for trashing your wonderful blog with my trash.

art by askbendyandinky

  • response:

Cup, lay off the drugs

and Bendy, get real!

seriously tho, great job, love it!

Hey art friends

Have you come across a “bad art” blog that features your art, or the art of someone you know? And they won’t take the art down no matter how much or how nicely you ask? Well you’re in luck, because you can submit a DMCA through Tumblr. And unlike other reports filed on this website, this is one that Tumblr staff actually takes seriously and will take action on.

Just be sure to read through the steps so you know what to do, and submit your report. Et viola, your art is no longer on that blog.