but you're my little shit

We got into a Kitty au on the discord and it got into the subject of 76 and McCre grooming each other. But all I could imagine was how my cat aggressively grooms our kittens, even tho she hates them???

So here’s grumpy old Kitty 76 aggressively cleaning young coyote pupper McCree.

romeo: griefs of mine own lie heavy in my breast 


I’m amazed that people on Tumblr can simultaneously be the most open minded people yet the most close minded people I’ve ever met.

Repeat it after me, folks:


I ship a cousin incest ship! Doesn’t mean I want to bone my cousin! I ship something with a slightly uncomfortable wage gap! Doesn’t mean I want to bone a 13 year old!

Jesus FUCKING Christ, they are fictional fucking characters for God’s sake. Let people have fun as long as they aren’t hurting anyone.

I was reading a fanfiction and zuko saying “get up you little shit” to ozai literally just made my whole day

askadragonite  asked:

Jeff@Chrys: HEY! You're the little SHIT that stole MY SHIT! Least you didn't grow another head. All righ' then, how about I make a little deal with you. I'll overlook what you tried before if you bow down under my glorious claw. Who knows, maybe they'll be a chance for you to score a few extra gold pieces if you choose to, gyahahaha.


You REALLY hold a grudge, dontcha? 

Wait a seco-


Chrys has pledged his unwavering alliance with Jeff in exchange for gold. Bribery is always the best policy. 

Happy belated birthday to this annoyingly cute salt child- ace, captain and awesome blocker of Datekou!

Lmaoo ughhhhhhhhhhh im over it already. I’ve been in this fandom since these little assholes were on the XFactor. I remember being so embarrassed I was a one direction fan at 18 that I wouldn’t even listen to their music in the company of others. Until I decided f*ck it. I don’t care what people think. I’ve literally watched these boys grow into the young men that are taking over the world right now. I have my opinions about them and you have yours, but don’t get it twisted that you can call me delusional. I question things I know to be suspicious considering the mouthpiece they come from. If you can’t see the stark difference between the written narratives and what was said on camera. Then oh well. I’m not here trying to prove anything to you that you can’t come to a conclusion about yourself. I’m not here to join in on an anti vs larrie argument either. I love these boys so much and I just want them to succeed. All of them whether that be solo or together. I’m here for them. So I’m gonna say it one more time. I’m a larrie who wants you to buy and stream Back to You and go watch Dunkirk. While you’re at it stream Get Low and Slow Hands too. Put that on a playlist.


This is happening….

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Don’t Close (Me Out) Mountain!

Chapter 1

He was sick. 

As a dog…

HeTian closed his door before the bag could hit him. He thought of taking it back with him, but chose better to leave it there. 

And so, without the use of a dry jacket, he ran back home in the December rain, and was soaked to the bone.

So of course he started sneezing late in the afternoon. And sniffling late into the night. And coughing early in the morning…


His brain was fuzzy. Maybe he had the flu? His mother insisted that he stayed in, after all it was the last day before winter break, and it was early release anyway. She gave him some awful tasting medicinal tea, laughed at the face he made while drinking it, and gave a kiss on his head before heading out for work.

This was all HeTian’s fault. 


Really? Does just thinking about him summon him, or something? You don’t even need to draw a pentagram - no Ouija board - no sacrificial virgin - nothing?

‘Where the hell are you?’

Tap…Tap… ‘go away…’

‘You at home?’

Tap…T- He sneezedTap…….Tap…… “this all your fault,,,you and your dam jacket,,, i’m sick cuz of you so leave me alone”

‘On my way.’

What does…he mean he’s…


GuanShan swore. Waking up to the sound of repetitive knocking has to be the worst and most alarming of awakenings. 

He hardly tried to put on a shirt, and cursed from his feet touching the cold floor. He was afraid the person may have been waiting a while, and might have also even been his mother, who might’ve forgotten her keys. 

He opened the door…and was almost immediately lifted up and walked back down the hallway. 

“‘Bout time! Were you sleeping?? Where‘s your room?”

“What- HEY- BASTARD YOU CAN’T JUST COME IN HERE! And stop tracking dirt in- take off your damn shoes!!”

HeTian peaked into the first rooms on the right where the kitchen and dining room stood adjacent, “Do you want me to leave or stay? Your demands are conflicting.”


“Suit yourself~”

HeTian moved into the room on the left and lifted him slightly just to carelessly drop him horizontally. 

GuanShan stiffly braced for impact, but his back only hit his mattress and duvet.

Looking up, he could see HeTian casually surveying his room, like the asshole had been invited… 

“How warm and cozy… And this room is far more tidy than I imagined. With this level of organization, it should make it way easier finding your porn mags-”


“I’m just kidding~ and I’m not going anywhere until you’re better. This is all my fault remember? I told you I was coming in my texts.”

That sounded vaguely familiar. Did he say that? And what text messages? He searched his bed for the cracked phone until he found it under a pillow

贺天:Unread Messages (16)
贺天:Missed Calls (2)

The hell…

“How do you even know where I live?”

“Oh, I’ve known your address for quite some while. I peeked at your school file in the teacher’s office. One of the school staff owed my uncle a favor.”

“The hell are you- some kind of crazy mobster, stalker? Pullin in favors from people to find an address??”

“I’m surprised that you’re even surprised. How do you think I knew your phone number?” GuanShan open his mouth to respond…but realized he didn’t really have anything to counter with. It seemed HeTian had this information for about a week. And besides, he was too tired to argue.


“Atta boy just let the good doctor make you some soup.”

“I don’t want to hear that from someone who can’t make something as simple as beef stew.”

“Who says I can’t?”

“Your rubbish bin. Filled with your failed attempt at cooking.”

HeTian’s eyes widened. 

Oh? Well, if he didn’t want him to see that, he should’ve thrown out the trash before inviting him over to cook and clean his kitchen.

“Oh, yeah. I saw that little monstrosity… Why did you put in whole carrots-”

“Shut up.”

“Instead of cutting them-”

“Shut up-”

“-like a normal person.”

GuanShan wore a proud smirk. And if he didn’t know better, there was a tinge of pink on the otherwise composed face. It felt good having the upper-hand for once…

“…Do you want soup or not.”

The slow rhythmic pounding of an oncoming headache and fuzziness was returning to him; but at the same time he said ‘no’, his stomach growled from not having eaten anything since last night.

“Apparently you do want some. Wait a moment.”

“Mm…” Drowsiness was beginning to overtake him again...






What now??

‘Hey Redhead! It’s me, the awesome and amazingly handsome JianYi!  HeTian gave me your phone number!’


Ping! ‘
By the way HeTian’s heading over to your house. Wanted to give you a heads up!’

TAP-TAP-TAP-TAP… “you’re late in telling me that!!!!”

“Should we drop by too?”

TAP-TAP-TAP-TAP…  “NO!!! one idiot’s bad enough!” 

‘Oh, don’t be like that! He was quite worried about you!’

That reminds him… 

GuanShan backed out of the chat and to his list of contacts, and selected the one with 16 unread messages

‘Have the door unlocked for me, okay?’

‘Hey. Don’t ignore me.’


‘Don’t Close Mountain’

‘Mr. Premature Ejaculator’

‘Nothing from that last one?’

‘Hey look, a Corgi!’

‘贺天 sent a photo to you’

Call cancelled by caller

‘I’ll beat the crap out of you if that door isn’t unlocked before I get there.’

‘No seriously, come and unlock the door. I’m here.’

‘Please say something.’

‘I brought soup.’

‘Are you asleep?’

‘Are you mad?’

Call cancelled by caller

‘i’m sorry’

‘but please open the door…’

“OK, so I thought that I knew what I was doing, but I guess I’m just going to have to order some soup instead- what’re you looking at?”

HeTian caught an expression he had never seen on the near constantly irate teen before; almost…gentle. Complete with a genuine smile. He didn’t like it

“What? Ah,” he saw GuanShan’s fingers swiftly turn off the phone, hiding the contents in a veil of black, and put it down out of sight, “It’s nothing!”

He stared down at the spot where the device was hidden, shrouding in mystery who the fuck the red-haired boy was talking to.

He definitely didn’t like it. 

【微腐向け】ハイキュー!!落書き詰め合わせ by ゆき哉

Oikawa: Hey, since we’re both setters, we should get along, don’t you think so?
Oikawa: So how about going on a meal right now?
Suga: Ah, you’re right. Then, let’s take Kageyama with us too
Oikawa: No, we don’t need that guy
Suga: I’ll call him, okay
Oikawa: No, we don’t need
Suga: I’ll call him, okay
Oikawa: ……
Suga: …..
Tanaka: !?


“I’m tired of waiting”