but you're like really pretty

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AU of sorts where Chris walks up to Yuuri after the Sochi Short Program and is like "My friend thinks you're really cute and was pretty impressed by your skating today, but he thought it would be weird to just walk up and hit on you, so I'm doing it for him. Can I get your number?" Viktor, who is dying somewhere across the room, can't decide if Chris is the worst friend ever or the best.

omg victor’s probably like:

Ok I start understanding how to make colors on photoshop!

  • Percy: Annabeth?
  • Annabeth: Yeah, seaweedbrain, what's up?
  • Percy: I have something I need to tell you
  • Annabeth: ....Alright, I'm listening.
  • Percy: I have a huge crush on you
  • Annabeth: Percy, we're married
  • Percy: Like I think you're really pretty and cool
  • Percy: We have ten kids together
  • Annabeth: I am literally the mother of your children
  • Percy: Yeah, but I like you SO much. More than anyone
  • Annabeth:
  • Percy:
  • Annabeth: Go to sleep
(51) Gladio’s pick-up lines

Gladio: *sneezes*
Noctis: You’re always sneezing, big guy. 
Prompto: Want to go to a warm place?
Gladio: It’s not the cold. It’s my allergy to feathers.
Noctis: …? There’s no chocobos nearby.
Gladio: No, but there’s Iggy.
Prompto: So?
Gladio: I mean, all angels have feathers. 
Ignis: Oh.
Prompto: * squealing in background*

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Can I pretty pretty please see a feverishly delusional Lance stuck in bed and missing breakfast? Then Keith going down to check on him and Lance just groggily looking up at him and saying things like "You're really pretty, Keith." "Is bang you in a heartbeat if you'd let me." And when the others come in, Keith just turns to them in fear and says, "Oh my god, he's lost his mind."

Words cannot express how much I love this prompt.

When the his alarm goes off in the morning, Lance feels unusually tired and sluggish. Opening his eyes is difficult; his eyelids feel like they’ve been weighed down with stones. Eventually he manages to pry his eyes open and reach over to turn off his alarm. Every movement is slow and clumsy-the world feels like it’s moving in slow motion.

Now that he’s a little more aware, Lance realizes that something must be wrong with the heating system on the ship. It’s the only explanation for why his skin feels like it’s on fire, and his hair is plastered to his skin with sweat. Groaning, Lance reaches down, feeling around with his fingertips for the edge of the blanket and tossing it off of him. The instant rush of cool he feels allows him to breathe a sigh of relief.

The blanket ends up in a heap on the floor, but Lance is willing to clean it up later if it means that he doesn’t have to boil alive. Speaking of getting up, he should probably head to breakfast now. Slowly, carefully he levers himself into a sitting position, pausing for a moment to let his spinning head and churning stomach settle.

Pushing himself to his feet proves to be his undoing. Lance wobbles for a moment, briefly hopeful that he’s going to make it, before he’s overcome with dizziness and falls back onto the bed. He curls into a tight ball, trying to stop the room from spinning and his head from pounding. He’ll be fine-he just needs a few minutes. It’s probably just low blood sugar or something like that, and it’ll clear up as soon as he has breakfast.

He doesn’t even notice when he falls asleep.

Keith scowls as he stands outside the door to Lance’s room. Of course the slacker is running late. The others had been worried when Lance hadn’t showed up at breakfast, but Keith had just rolled his eyes, figuring that the blue palladin had just overslept. He’d volunteered to go fetch Lance-not because he was worried, but so he could give him a lecture for being lazy.

“Lance?” Keith calls, knocking on the door again. Still no answer. Grumbling under his breath, Keith decides to just open the door and go in. If Lance wanted privacy, he would show up on time.

He shoves the door open, calling Lance’s name again and sighing heavily. This is not how he wanted to spend his morning.

He stops in his tracks when he spots Lance. The blue palladin is sprawled out on his bed, a deep red fever blush painting his cheeks. The rest of his face is deathly pale.

Keith curses, kneeling by the bed. He shakes Lance’s shoulders gently. “Lance? Are you okay?” He presses a hand to Lance’s cheeks and forehead, wincing at the heat that he finds.

Lance slowly cracks his eyes open. “Heya Keith,” he slurs tiredly. His eyes are glassy and dazed.

“Oh good, you’re awake,” Keith says in relief. “Listen, you’re running a really high fever. We need to get you to the medical bay.”

Lance doesn’t seem to be listening, just shoots Keith a crooked smile. “You’re really pretty, Keith. Especially when you’re worried.”

“What?” is all that Keith manages to sputter out. But Lance isn’t done yet.

“I’d bang you in a heartbeat if you’d let me,” Lance says seriously, letting his eyes fall closed again.

Keith can’t even come up with any words to respond. He’s pretty sure that his brain has short-circuited.

After Keith has been gone for quite a while, with no sign of either the blue or red palladins, Pidge gets impatient. “What is taking those boys so long?” she asks irritably, standing up. “I’m going to go see what they’re up to.”

Hunk and Shiro voice their concerns as well, and the three of them make their way over to Lance’s room, where Keith had been going before. Finding the door open, they peek in.

It’s certainly an odd scene: Lance is lying on the bed, looking deathly ill, while a dazed-looking Keith crouches next to him.

“Keith? What’s going on?” Shiro asks tentatively.

Keith turns to face them, his face full of confusion. “Oh my god, he’s lost his mind,” he whispers hoarsely. “He’s saying the strangest things.”

Together in Paris

A Percabeth fic inspired by the movie Anastasia. I’m not 100% happy with the title, it might be changed in the future. But anyway, I hope you enjoy!

The Beginning

Poseidon’s palace was the most beautiful building in the entire country of Greece, so of course it was the first place Annabeth went when she ran away from home. So what if it was the ultimate symbol of power for her mother’s sworn enemy? So what if she’d probably be murdered if they ever found out her true identity? Annabeth was drawn to the place, pulled by an invisible rope that weaved around her wrist, her ribs, her very heart, coiled tight and dragged her in. She belonged in that beautiful building. She didn’t know why, but she was a smart girl: she’d figure it out.

The staff took pity on her. Unwilling to turn away a seven year old girl who had appeared on their doorstep in her pyjamas and claimed to be an orphan, they put her to work. Annabeth didn’t mind the labour. Mostly she was grateful that she had something to keep her busy, and her job as a maid meant that she got to spend her days admiring the impressive architecture of the palace. Once her chores were done she liked to wander, craning her head back to peer at the towering gables in the roof, the floor-to-ceiling windows and the amazingly life-like portraiture that decorated the walls. 

And after all that, she liked to read. The palace had an extensive library, but no one else that lived there seemed to make much use of it; but Annabeth didn’t need to worry about being discovered there anyway. There was a secret compartment, in the very back left hand corner of the room, that could only be accessed by sliding open a panel in what appeared to be a solid wall. Annabeth had discovered it by accident in her first week at the palace, when she was dusting one of the busts and slipped, knocking the panel slightly loose. It was now one of her favourite places: her own secret space, where no one could find her. 

She was in there one day, reading a thick tome on the history of the palace, when she heard the library door shut with a soft thud, followed by a boy declaring, “Yes, this is perfect. Chiron will never think to look for me in here, and I won’t have to do the Latin exam after all!”

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I went to a salon yesterday and one of the ladies working their suggested bonding my hair as in straightening it and I told her I liked my hair the way it was. One of the stylists there was shocked and told me people don’t really like their own curly hair. I felt so sad because curly hair is beautiful too in my opinion and I hate the fact that most people who get their hair permanently straightened are bullied into it or told that their natural hair isn’t worth much or gives them less value. I mean it’s totally cool if you did it because you wanted to and not out of insecurity. But for those people who don’t feel beautiful because of their hair or are told that their hair is disgusting, I’m sorry you have to go through that. You deserve to know that you aren’t less than anyone for having curly hair.

Drunk!Alec - You're Really Pretty
  • Alec: (waving his finger) You're ...like...really pretty.
  • Magnus: (taking Alec's drink away from him) And you're really drunk, darling.
  • Alec: (crowding in Magnus's face) Okay, but you're still really pretty.
  • Magnus: Alright Alexander, I think you need to go to bed now.
  • Alec: (smooshes Magnus's face between his hands) ....Pretty.
  • Magnus: (taking Alec's hands off his face) And bed, Alexander.
  • Alec: (excited, trying to wiggle his eyebrows) Oooh...
  • Magnus: (pulling Alec up off the couch) No, darling. You are going to bed.
  • Alec: (pouts)
  • Alec: Do I at least get cuddles?
  • Magnus: (sighing) Yes, Alexander, you get cuddles.
  • Alex: (hugs Magnus) Yeessshh...! (Pulls back for second) Did anyone ever tell you you're really pretty?
  • Magnus: Bed, Alexander!
  • Clarke: did you know that everyone wants us together
  • Bellamy: what?! haha that's so gross
  • Clarke: gross?
  • Bellamy: well I mean not gross as in I'd never want to date you gross like gross as in those people need to get a life gross but I mean like you're really pretty and you smell nice and I really love the color of your eyes and I think we'd be a great couple actually but like I mean only if you wanted to and-
  • Kane: Bellamy breathe
  • Jaha: Thats embarrassing
  • Roan: haha told you he had the hots for Clarke

LOL so today at work some guy tapped me on the shoulder at my desk and was like “hey I heard you’re an illustrator can you help us fix this anime drawing we had commissioned for Coke’s Esports Twitter her face is kinda funky” and so I did but then I was like “…..you know…coincidentally I, too, draw the animes my dude” and like discreetly showed him some of my YOI drawings on my phone (like the shameless self-advertiser that I am) but needless to say I’m probably going to be drawing some Coca-Cola-related anime boys and girls at work and I’m like is this real life


so i was tagged by @kibumsbitchface (thank you!!) to do a selfie x color moodboard thing so I just did dark green/black even tho i have 0 idea how to do aesthetic moodboard stuff asldgnalgsg some kinda… nature witch…idk

I’ll tag @leejinklies @sataeminism @flower-taemin @choiminoh @jjonghyun @silverznight @tofnew but only if you guys want to of course (if u dont wanna do selfies u can substitute pics of your bias)