but you're kind of adorable sometimes

the signs as i know them (part II)
  • aries: they love so much. sometimes they find themselves in inner conflicts. they can rage like a storm and then be calm like the sea on a day in april. but in april the weather changes so fast and so do they. leave them alone when they're angry. when they show you they want to talk about it, be there for them. they need a lot of space for themselves but that doesn't mean you get the same space for yourself. they can be jealous if you flirt with someone else. they're a little possesive. if they love you, they would conquer the world and make it yours. they decide. if they want you, they want you right now. some aries are not as flirty as others. but they will let you know what they feel for you, open your eyes.
  • taurus: faithful until the very end. they like to spoil you but they know they can't buy your love and they're not even trying. if they buy you a dress/shirt/whatever it's because they think you look amazing in it and they will enjoy watching you take it off. they love the dolce vita. good food, good drinks, beautiful (wo)men. when you're sad or something they will hold you and listen if you want to talk. if not they will hold you until they're sure you're okay. jealousy is a problem. they get jealous very fast. it takes some time to upset them but when they're upset you better watch out. they would do anything for the people they love. if they love you they won't give up on you.
  • gemini: they love the game. they are fascinated by the beauty of so many people. but they are no players. it's easier to break their heart than to have your heart broken by them. never forget that they're dreamers. they love adventures and they want to experience their dreams with someone they love. it's true that their mood changes like the weather. but it's not bad. give them time for themselves, do not try to keep them close 24/7. they love very intense but they always need their personal freedom. let them know how you feel and they'll do the same.
  • cancer: they are romantics. they dream of romantic evenings, candle light and cuddling. but only with their chosen one. they fall in love with souls, minds. they want someone they'll still love when they're 90. a short romance, one night stands, temporary people are nothing for them. they are strong people with a kind heart. some of them like to write poems about the people/things they love. they are creative and will always find a way to show you their love for you.
  • leo: a leo's fire is burning bright. their love can be compared to their fire. they like the heat, whether it be in bed or simply the way they kiss. and they fight. they fight for your love, they want to conquer you. sometimes they rage and what they need is someone who'll be both; the water and the one who they can talk to, trust. trust is so important for them. nothing will work if they don't trust you. sometimes they may hurt you but when they do they are very sorry and will let you know that. do not doubt them, support them. they will support you, too. they'll love you as much as they can, they are passionate lovers.
  • virgo: they are vulnerable. they don't let many people in but if they let you in, if they love you, you are a lucky one. their hearts are pure. they are understanding and encouraging. they know what you want and what you need. they won't leave you alone when you need them, even if you tell them to. they may not be as passionate as others but their love can heal every broken heart, every broken soul. they love so deeply.
  • libra: they have a heart for beauty. they'll see art in you where you've always seen nothing special. their heart beats for beauty and they can hear the melody of your voice like no one else. they make you feel like you're the most beautiful person in the world. they can give you confidence. they love you so much that they can teach you how to love yourself and above all what to love about yourself.
  • scorpio: they are in love with every part of your body, every inch of your soul. they want to kiss every inch of your skin, feel you, taste you. they want to know you better than anyone else. the most passionate water sign. do not play with their feelings. never. trust means everything. if they trust you, you can trust them. they want you to be bad just for them, whenever/wherever they want you to be. they love to look at you because to them you're a masterpiece. their eyes cut like knives but it's a beautiful pain. they can see into your soul and they can calm the storm inside you. sometimes they just feel incredibly sad/desperate/numb. listen to what they have to say. they'll feel better when they know you're not scared of their inner depths.
  • saggittarius: their love is so colourful. like spring. everything inside them is coming alive. they are passionate. it's important to know when they're serious. if they love you they see potential in you. sometimes they only want to play but in that case they'll tell you so. they sometimes can't handle the world and that is when they need you the most. they won't try to make you think like they think but they care a lot about your views, ideals, goals. their love is hot just like their character so don't mess around with it.
  • capricorn: they don't fall in love so fast but when they do they're totally into you. they'll do a lot of things for you and expect you to cherish that. their love knows limits. they won't let you break their heart. they won't let you try to change them. their love is precious and you have to do a lot to deserve it. they are honest and don't want to play with you. talk to them, they have got a busy head but they're intelligent people.
  • aquarius: love is like a game to them, but it's a serious game. they are affectionate and caring but also like to be childish and need a lot of time for themselves. friendship is as important as love to them. don't be jealous. if they love you they have a reason to do so, don't question it. they sometimes need someone to help them through tough times, busy days, days when they're just sad. they need a little help sometimes. be their lover and their best friend.
  • pisces: they are very passionate. although they're a water sign they have a fire burning inside them. if they love you then they truly adore you. they would do anything for you but will not let you do anything to them. as much as they may love you - when they see you're not being honest, fair or kind they will set you on fire and leave. it's hard to get their love but it's even harder to get their trust. but once they trust you and love you you're a very lucky person. they are caring, understanding and know what you need. losing them is a loss but loving them is as easy as breathing.

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I LOVE you for real, let's get married honey. But if you're not up to that, could I pretty please get the minor trio discovering MC speaks in their sleep. Like, every night. Sometimes the sentences don't make any sense, but sometimes they might blurt out something really embarrassing. Lot's of love to you!

✿ you don’t want to marry me, i’m a mess


  • At first, he thinks it’s adorable. He’ll lie awake at night, listening to you mumble to yourself with this positively delighted grin on his face. But when he actually starts listening to the content of what you’re saying, he gets kind of… disturbed.
  • “There was a hideous screaming which echoed above even the hill noises and the dogs’ barking on the night Wilbur was born…” you mumble into your pillow, your slow drone interrupted by a gigantic snore and a dribble of drool. He has literally no idea what it all means because his english isn’t great, but he knows a couple of those words and they are not good words.
  • He’s curious though, so he gets a pad of paper and starts scribbling stuff down. in the morning, he presents it to Jumin.
  • Jumin is a very, very smart man. He’s educated, well read, speaks at least five different languages… and he tells Yoosung that you’re quoting H.P. Lovecraft.
  • Okay, well that sounds like it’s something straight out of H.P Lovecraft, but it’s kind of endearing hearing you mumble about the tentacled things from the deep.
  • (That’s how you know the boy’s in love.)
  • He starts brushing up on his English so he doesn’t have to ask Jumin to translate everything, and he starts realizing that, wait. Wait.
  • You’re not just quoting stuff. You’re putting the RFA in this weird spooky bullshit.
  • You talk about how Jaehee punches a cultist in the face, and how Jumin is among the congregation of townsfolk who worships a weird fire monster in the basement. Zen is the avatar of an ancient god, and Yoosung…
  • You mumble about Yoosung, and how he gallantly rescues you from being sacrificed to a strange, eldritch power.
  • o h m y g o d
  • he just starts grinning.
  • you’re dreaming about him saving you from eldritch abominations.
  • he wiggles underneath the sheets, trying not to wake you as he does a little happy dance.


  • Ok, so Zen likes watching you sleep, but he swears it’s not in a creepy stalker way ok
  • Like it’s just - the light on your face, y’know? The way your hair flutters across your face as you breath in and out, the way your lips move as you mutter softly to yourself…
  • Sometimes he’ll even lean in to listen, letting your breath tickle across his ear.
  • He’d kinda been hoping for something ~sexy~ or just… romantic babbling about ‘oooooh, Zenny-zen, I love you and your muuuscles’ but no such like. Occasionally there is some mention of musculature, but it’s always in the context of anatomy and your apparent obsession with rabbit bones.
  • why do you like rabbits so much.
  • this is weird.
  • Like, you like rabbits in the waking world too, have keychains and t-shirts and hoodies with rabbit prints, but you’re weird fascination with quantifying the silkiness of their fur based on breed is.
  • It’s weird, okay.
  • Zen occasionally tries to ask you about it when you’re awake, and you vehemently deny ever dreaming about anything that weird, so he just… tries to pretend you’re saying cute things instead. One night, though, you take him off guard by actually saying something adorable.
  • He sees your lips form the words “Zenny-zen”, and at first he thinks he’s just projecting his desires on you. But he leans in and hears you mumble about how Zenny-zen is your favorite rabbit and his hair is the softest and prettiest and shiniest and
  • Zen just. Preens. So, of all the rabbits you surround yourself with, he’s your favorite?
  • He teases you about it in the morning.


  • She’s a pretty restless sleeper, so she often wakes up briefly in the middle of the night. When she hears you whispering to yourself next to her, she’ll cuddle up and listen to you to help lull herself back to sleep.
  • even though what you say is nonsensical and totally weird.
  • You talk about books you’ve read, recite facts about coffee, say something about how parliament’s been destroyed and then go on to call Jumin a melon.
  • like a literal melon.
  • you repeat ‘Jumelon’ to yourself three times and Jaehee wakes you up with her giggling.
  • The one thing you say though that really melts her is just this quiet mumble of “I want to start a religion worshipping Jaehee’s coffee”.
  • omg.
  • of course you go on to say things about you’ll make a coffee god that consumes everyone with its java-y goodness but
  • y’know.
  • That’s why she loves you.


  • Jumin needs to get eight full hours of sleep to be prepared for the day, so he can’t really stay up to listen to your sleeptalk.
  • He records it, though.
  • Oh boy, does he record it.
  • To be fair, he gets your permission first, and it becomes something of a tradition between the two of you to listen to the recordings in the morning.
  • The weird shit you say become in-jokes between the two of you. “I want to lick a snail”, for example, is something that Jumin now says whenever he’s asked what he wants to eat today. You’ll tell him that he has “very consumable eyes” to compliment him, and one day, Jumin leans in and whispers to you, they’re coming for you in the dark to which you bust a gut laughing.
  • no one else gets it.
  • jumin loves that no one else gets it, because it’s a proof of the connection that the two of you share.
  • One morning, you’re listening to the recordings and you actually say something pretty normal and coherent about how Jumin looks really sexy when he’s trying to cook, and you just bluuuuuush up a storm.
  • “Is that why you’re always watching me from the doorway?” he asks and you whine and tell him to stop listening.


  • “Take me to the stars, 707. I want to eat a piece of the moon!”
  • is that sleeptalk or just something you’d say normally? hard to tell, isn’t it?
  • To be quite honest, sleeping you is the same as normal you content wise. Seven tells you that it’s like he never has to be apart from you from a moment, which is both weird and romantic and totally fitting of his relationship.
  • He wants to be the little spoon so he can listen to you better, and he just has this sparkle-eyed expression on his face when he stays up and hears you talk.
  • You could say anything and he’d eat it up. How you want to eat a cactus, or how you want to swim with the fishes and put clam shells in your hair.
  • He’ll tease you about this in the morning and ask if you’d rather go to the ocean than the moon. Or if you really do think that his hair looks like cranberry sauce, or if you think he tastes as sweet as melon ice cream.
  • (you scream softly. WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN SAYING…!!)
  • The stars are watching us, you breathe out into his ear, and it’s both creepy and sooooooo romantic.
  • He makes that his new status, as he does with many of the other things you babble about.
Smile - INFP & INTP
  • INFP2: It was just hard to think that they were taking me seriously, you know? They all had that ...that smile that you sometimes have.
  • INTP: A smile?
  • INFP2: Yeah.
  • INTP: ...?
  • INFP2: It's, like, kind of patronising, but mostly you can just tell you're thinking "God, it's so ADORABLE how they keep trying"
  • INTP: What-
  • INFP2: ...
  • INTP: I -
  • INFP2: ...
  • INTP: That's not -
  • INFP2: ...
  • INTP: Well, I never -
  • INTP: *tries not to grin*
  • INTP: *grins*
  • INFP2: ...
  • INFP2: *laughs*
  • INFP2: Yup, that's the one!
An Aries views on each sign
  • Aries: yass bitch. We have so much fun, you're all cool af. Our stubbornness is what gets us through life.
  • Taurus: how are you almost as stubborn as me but you're so level headed?
  • Gemini: i love hanging out with Gemini's! you're almost hypnotizing with your amazing mind. But i would like it very much if you wouldn't change it every two seconds or tell me what to do. You don't know everything.
  • Cancer: you're hot af. You may be a little too emotional but you are some of the nicest people i know. Plus you have the biggest heart. Don't let things get you down so easily!
  • Leo: you're cocky but in an adorable way & it makes me smile. And you're all little rays of sunshine haha
  • Virgo: im kind of indifferent about most of you. Easy to get a long with but just very different from me.
  • Libra: you seem nice at first but you come off fake. You're also kind of all over the place. Plus you need to take a stand for yourself sometimes.
  • Sagittarius: you're incredibly sweet & the way you talk about the future gives me hope. You never fail to cheer me up or make me feel good. But sometimes you are blind to other people's feelings. And sometimes you're not right.
  • Capricorn: I can only take so much of your rules and order until i feel like im suffocating. But, you are pretty easy to talk to & ive never met an ugly capricorn.
  • Aquarius: I love you but stop shutting down. You are so laid back and I would totally want more friends like you. Keep being cool (;!
  • Pisces: you are worth way more than you think & it's almost frustrating for me. You're a good friend but sometimes you can be a loud mouth. But its never on purpose. Plus you go out of your way for anybody.

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Can you imagine bad boy!Jungkook trying to flirt with you but you're just kind of thrown off cause like hey wow you are so sweet and cute and wait are you hitting on me or are you trying to be my friend I don't get it He would get so annoyed and flustered but that would be so adorable omfg

there are moments where jungkook thinks: for a smart person like you… oh boy you could be dumb as fuck sometimes (he means that in the nicest way possible).

what boggles his mind is that you could tell apart the different shades of colors with just one look. deciphering math equations once you see them. picking out the words that mess up the whole sentence after reading it twice and it’s something people struggle with once in a while but with you, it’s a breeze. a fucking walk in the park with sunshine and a prepared umbrella in case it rains and boy, god has another thing coming to catch you in your bad luck.

which brings him to now, when he’s talking to you, obviously interested and throwing all possible attempts to get you to understand that woman, i, jeon jungkook, is attracted to you.

but no, of course, you don’t see that. you see him as just being nice when he compliments you on how you look. you think he’s just being courteous whenever you sneeze, as soft as it sounds, he’s able to exclaim bless you, princess from across the room. for some reason, when your shoelaces had gotten undone as you walk down the hallway, he got down on one knee (slow down there boy) and tied them for you.

jungkook: a person who thinks it’s ridiculous to do that, did that for you.

it’s another day of trying and honestly speaking, jungkook thinks he’s about to explode today. he always tells himself he’ll be direct and get on with it but seeing your doe eyes and innocent smile throws him off so hard he can’t bear to do that.

but today, ladies and gentlemen, jungkook’s skyrocketing to the heaven’s if you don’t get it again.

just as the bell rings and everyone’s left, gone, the room is empty and only left with you and jungkook (mainly because of the look he gives everyone else while you were busy keeping your things), jungkook takes this time to make a move.

he walks around the tables until he reaches yours, picking up a pen that you dropped and you smile in gratitude when jungkook hands it to you with you dropped this.

“thanks, jungkook-ah,” your voice is sweet, sending the shivers down jungkook’s spine as he exhales, taking a seat on the table beside yours that’s almost empty now. he clears his throat as you swing your bag over your shoulder. jungkook takes a brief moment to take in your attire: a simple white t-shirt, plain, blank, matched with denim jeans and jungkook still doesn’t get how you look effortlessly beautiful. on the other hand, jungkook’s clothing is one you noticed suits him a lot (and he loves how you don’t judge him for that). he has a liking for white tops as well, overlapped with a black leather jacket. his jet black hair always having that messed up effect, as if he kept running his fingers through them to keep it like that. his fitting leggings, black with torn holes for style at his kneecaps. one or two rings slipped on his fingers, a piercing on his right ear and you can tell he’s getting to his desired gauge size.

“you look good today, y/n,” his voice is clear, words echoing into your ears after each syllable and it makes you smile, something jungkook’s fond of doing. “thank you,”

you can’t find of anything to say after that, noticing that he’s staring at you with such expectancy that makes your heart race. gulping, you hang your head low, kicking your own feet before looking up when he coos your name.


“do you have anyone to do your research with?”

please get it. get it this time. c'mon y/n please-

“um… no, why?”

“wanna be partners? we could go to the library and carry out our research together.”

this has to be it. you should know i don’t even do this or give a rat’s ass about this subject-


jungkook’s losing it.

“i-i don’t mean it in a bad way or anything, i just don’t get it and are you-”

“jesus fucking christ, y/n,” he hops off the table, making you flinch as he takes one step and it eliminates all space between the both of you. gasping, you feel his breath on your skin when he tilts his head down to look at you, deep into your eyes and you only see that properly when he cups your chin, tilting it up for your eyes to lock. biting down on your lip, it makes jungkook lick his before his lips part to murmur, “you’re driving me crazy, you know that?”

your first instinct was to apologize, but what he says after that throws you off. finally, it throws you off.

“i like you, y/n. do you get it now? or do i have to spell it out in algorithm for you to understand?”

jungkook then remembers why he likes you so much in the first place.

your cheeks heat up, blushing to the point of no return and that smile you have on your face is one that brightens up his own. and your words, they make him scoff a laugh as he rolls his eyes but without any venom when you’re so, so, so you, genuine and you’re just you.

“i mean, if you could spell it out in algorithm that would be pretty cool,”

with his head turned to the side, it’s your turn to laugh when he curses,”fuck’s sake…”

not realizing you were responding to what he asked earlier, he has to do a double take at you and focus on what you’re repeating because you’re saying it for the second time.

“i’d like that, jungkook-ah,”

this is where the bad boy of this place turns into a sap, him clearing his throat to direct your eyes away from his blushing cheeks. he steps back and extends his arm, his hand faced up and you shyly reach out, placing your hand in his before he tightens his hold and leads you out of the classroom, smiling all the way as he walks you to the library.

((“by the way… that took you long enough,”

“the fucking nerve-”))

A Day in the Life of Larry...Kind Of
  • Harry: Is there anything you'd like to tell me?
  • Louis: Yes. I've decided there's a difference between your two creepy stalker stares. The first is your "I want you to sit on my dick" stare and the second is your "you're so adorable I want to cuddle you into the next century" stare. You alternate so quickly sometimes that I wonder if you have multiple personality disorder.
  • Harry: Let me rephrase. Is there something you'd like to confess?
  • Louis: Yeah, I did let Liam catch me. You can't handle me when I'm wet and I'm kind of an evil shit.
  • Harry: Not what I meant.
  • Louis: Oh you mean how I-
  • Harry: Sent Nick every piece of dirty fanart and pornographic manip of us that you could find?
  • Louis: I was provoked. He keeps flirting with my boyfriend.
  • Harry: And?
  • Louis: And my boyfriend is about to lose a limb in a minute. What do you mean "and?"
  • Harry: You think I'd fuck Nick when I've got you? I've only been trying to marry you since I met you.
  • Louis: Oh.
  • Harry: Yeah, oh. Now sit down and shut your sassy mouth so I can do it properly.
Signs as People I Know
  • Capricorn: (you're my dad.)People say you come off as scary but you're one of the nicest people I know, you always lighten up the situation, you throw shade so damn hard, you take everything literally, you're the student that's always a smartass but the teacher can't help but love because you're super smart
  • Aquarius: (you're an old friend.) You're super dorky, and would rather vent to your cats than to a person, you don't trust easily, but once you've found someone you can trust you attach to them, you have a beautiful soul, listens to emo bands but doesn't look like it
  • Pisces: (you're my neighbor.) You let people walk all over you, a go-with-the-flow vibe, physically aesthetically pleasing to the eye, always has a sense of wonder, the most chill person
  • Aries: (you're my best friend.) You're the kind of friend that constantly gets on everyone's nerves but would never want to lose you, you do have a big temper lmao but despite that you're a great listener, you're very confident in everything you do, you make your dreams a reality
  • Taurus: (you're a new friend I met this year.) You're very down-to-earth and grounded, you're that person who always has their shit together in a horror movie, you're good at keeping people stable, you have a pretty personality that no one else seems to realize
  • Gemini: (you're my brother.) You're not very too-faced as the stereotype depicts, you're really good at coming up with funny one-liners, you don't know what to do in a bad situation, you're also very chill and don't really make decisions in a group, don't talk much in a group convo but everyone wants you there
  • Cancer: (you're the boy I like.) You're under appreciated and so kind, you're surprisingly very hotheaded but you cool easily, you have a hard time showing but you care for everyone a lot, you don't like showing weakness to anyone and sometimes you really should, you have a tendency to hurt yourself whether you mean to or not
  • Leo: (you're a classmate.) you're so socially awkward it's adorable, you look so innocent but you are most definitely fucking not, definitely has the prettiest eyes, are also very chill and will only get heated if something applies to them
  • Virgo: (you are my childhood friend.) you're the biggest meme I know, unintentionally funny, you love so hard without meaning to, hopeless romantic but would never admit it, very insecure but doesn't want people to know, is a social butterfly
  • Libra: (you're an acquaintance.) you talk way too much, you're very awkward in social groups, but you always have an opinion that is used in the end, clingy, very blunt, has an idgaf attitude which is fine until you lose friends and complain about it
  • Scorpio: (you're my mom.) you're the most forgiving person I know, you never get mad at anyone, you have a very spiritual vibe, honestly if you ever got into any trouble with the po po you'd probably get away with anything bc you're so god damn nice and loving
  • Sagittarius: (you're my cousin.) you're that person everyone hates just bc you complain about your figure and you're rocking an hourglass body like wtf, incredibly creative and artistically talented, you can pull off a variety of styles, very good with children, also good at persuasion

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@ carboxyls: hello!! you are my favorite writer ever and i love your taeguk fics with all of my heart n soul and i hope your day is just as brilliant as you are. okay, so i'm not sure if this has been asked before, but why do you ship taeguk? heh heh. like i'm a taeguk shipper myself but i want to know the reason(s) why YOU ship them together. (。・‧̫・。).**♡ okay that's all goodbye i love you i hope you're happy n smiling!

oh my god anon babe this ask so so sweet i almost teared up holy shit (꒦ິ⌓꒦ີ) aaaaaa oh my god i’m gonna tear up for real if i reread it HAHA

hmm! this a pretty hard question and sometimes i wonder myself why i took one look at taeguk back when i first started in army fandom and decided it’s them, this is the otp. okay, let’s see…

  • i adore adore adore otps where person a is generally not touchy or huggy or fond of that kind of thing but they’re a giant softie for a particular person b. not that person a inherently dislikes the physical acts of affection themselves, they’re just not one to engage in it very much unless it’s with someone they really really care about! and taeguk is that otp for me ꒰๑˃͈꒳˂͈๑꒱ jeongguk is just so soft on taehyung hwuhwhuwh
  • as we all know taehyung has this notorious box smile :[] this one, but sometimes he has a crescent smile or just an oddly soft quiet one just when he looks at jeongguk and it’s. omg
  • the way they goof off with each other!!! dubsmashes and the like you know how they do. also in the v app broadcast in osaka jeongguk just STICKS HIS FINGER IN TAEHYUNG’S NOSE like come ON LOL? aaahhhh i love it when two people inexplicably operate on the same wavelength of humor because seeing them interact is (*⌓*) 

actually this list could go on forever but i’m not going to do that to you guys. these are the main reasons though!!!! ah and thank you again for such a kind sweet message thank you so much (꒦ິ⍸꒦ິ) i’m glad to hear you like my stories and i hope i can keep doing that for you! –carboxyls

Things i wanted to ask the signs so bad! (Based on people i know)
  • Aries: why are you such a know-it-all? Everyone knows,that you're clever,okay? You don't have to prove it. And why do you fall in love so fast? and woooow.. why are you so self-conscious? Want! And how can someone be so good-hearted?
  • Taurus: awwe,why i don't know you? You seem so kind and lovely and.. omg you like anime too! We should really talk more!
  • Gemini: where's your smile? you always seem so happy but now.. you're always so sad. you pretend to be okay,but you aren't. And why i'm not allowed to help you? I want to help you so bad! Remember,that you are not alone!
  • Cancer: gosh! Why are you self-critical? And why do you hate yourself so much? And why do you prefer always your family and friends over yourself? you want always the best for them,i know.. but yourself is important too! Sometimes,you need to think of yourself first. Oh and.. why are you always so moody?!
  • Leo: you don't know what do you want,right? Make a decision! and why are you always so down,when something doesn't worked the way you wanted? Why do you always blame yourself for everything? It isn't always your fault! And.. how can you always work so hard? It's impossible! You're such a workaholic!
  • Virgo: oww..why are you always so serious? Sometimes,you need to have fun. i've never seen someone who's so serious. and why do you seem so cold? it scares me a bit..
  • Libra: why are you so fucking directly? And always so kind? And why do you post always so kitschy shit about your loved ones on Facebook? That's sometimes so annoying.
  • scorpio: awwe,why are you so caring? Why do you love your friends and family so much? And why do you hate yourself sometimes? you're a great person! and why the fuck are you so deep? It's so awesome!
  • Sagittarius: awwe.. why are you sometimes too serious and in the next moment not serious enough? And why are you so teasingly sometimes? So.. teasingly.. and.. why do you pretend to know anything?
  • Capricorn: omg why are you so cute and adorable? What do you want? I don't know. You're so confusing. and.. why are you so aggressive? Who had hurt you and why are you so fucking loyal? It's great but.. wow! Why are you so fixed on me? So many questions..you confusing me so much.
  • aquarius: you're so funny! How? And how can you be so kind and mean at the same time? It's impressive!
  • Pisces: why are you so kind and cute?! And why is everyone falling for you? What's your secret?!

Watching season three of Buffy is so weird sometimes because whenever I see Angel and Wesley in the same scene, all I can think is, “Ohhh, you boys have no idea what kind of ride you’re in for together.”

scorched-lungs  asked:

I was having a panic attack last night, so I started watching Hook, and it calmed me down. I felt happy and safe watching it. This gave me an idea. I wanted to personally thank you for all the things you've done. All the works you have been apart of, all the stuff you've done in your own life as well. You're an inspiration to a lot of people, and you're adored by many. Thank you for everything you've done. <3

Thank you so much for this kind note… I do appreciate it. Sometimes, we are so busy on our hustle, trying to book the next project or finish the current one, we forget that the work we’ve done somehow makes some impact on someone’s life, whether it be big or small. Even all these years later, sometimes the things we make can last the test of time.

Well, I can truly say… it’s been my honor.

signs as we know them
  • aries: headstrong. you don't always have to be a mad bitch, you can sometimes be a sad bitch. hides literally every emotion, if I didn't know you, I would think you were a psychopath. pushes those closest to them away. incredibly smart. type A personality. gets their shit done.
  • taurus: kindhearted. weird. super energetic, and sweet. genuinely cares about people. great music taste. set in their ways. determined. open minded. sore winner. dog lover. easily manipulated. don't lose yourself in a relationship.
  • gemini: aloof. detached. doesn't really understand when they've hurt someone. hates confrontation. will talk about you behind their back. can keep a secret. insensitive unintentionally. can be harsh, but typically trying to do whats best for you. sees the bigger picture. tell people you love them when you have the chance.
  • cancer: sweet. sweet. oh my god, you give me a toothache. outgoing. loving and nurturing. greatest sense of humor. rockin bod. loud asf. empathetic. don't let people take advantage of you.
  • leo: literally you're so gorgeous inside and out. best sense of humor, sometimes dark. fun. motherly. willing to fight for those she loves. headstrong. stubborn. learn to back down from a fight.
  • virgo: unapologetic. gets their shit done. sweet, but with a kick. loves you until they don't. fickle. indecisive. avoids confrontation like the plague. commitment issues. escapist. commit to something or someone, please, the only thing keeping you here is gravity.
  • libra: good listener. good sense of humor. empathetic. warm. genuine. honest. really pretty laugh. childlike. innocent. blunt. wow, you're such a cutie pie, but pissing you off is a bad idea. lighten up that temper.
  • scorpio: intense mood swings. always looking for love, sometimes in the wrong places. cares about everyone and everything. very outgoing. bubbly. carries the weight of the world on their shoulders. stop fighting for people that have never fought for you.
  • sagittarius: always changing. little shit head (in a good way). always getting into trouble. cheeky. adorable in the 'i kind of want to punch you in the face' type of way. reliable. trustworthy. never judge you, for anything. stop being so mean to your sister.
  • capricorn: headstrong. blunt to the point of rude. cares, cares so deeply. so many things that they're passionate about. athletic. goal-oriented. scared of their own feelings. stop burning bridges you may need to cross someday.
  • aquarius: heartbreaker. indecisive. moody. literally just pick someone already. make sure the drugs aren't doing you. erratic. acts before they think. animal lover. easily manipulated, however, manipulates easily. please stop playing the victim, when the curtain comes up, everyone's an ally.
  • pisces: outgoing. bubbly. not loyal. loud. beautiful. unique. get your head out of the clouds, asswipe. cheaters never prosper.

anonymous asked:

Hello sweetie! I just wanted you to know that ur art is super cute and adorable and its very admirable that you take all these requests without expecting much in return. So I think I speak for everyone when I say thank you for being so kind and make sure to take breaks if you're not feeling up to it. ur not obligated to draw anything u dont wanna since I would imagine you get alotta requests and shit and people sometimes take that for granted. regardless of that ur v nice. toodles darling!

Oh nooo, oh my god, you are just the sweetest!
You just don’t know how I feel when I get these happy messages.