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“Don’t move! Yes, yes. That’s perfect, Nico. Hold that pose.”

Older Nico di Angelo commission for KelseyAh! I’m so happy I got to draw my boy, The Underworld Prince. Look at him, so clueless lol. Redbubble


@natvanlis: Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and tell the twelve-year-old girl that got shoved into lockers what her life is like now.


this rose was not intended to be mine nor was it put in my locker by me.

however, it’s really not as intriguing as you think it might be.

happy love day.

  • Rei: Nagisa, I need your help!
  • Nagisa: What happened?
  • Rei: This girl wouldn't stop flirting with me no matter how many times I said I wasn't interested or gay so I told her I was married.
  • Nagisa: So...you need me to be a pretend husband?
  • Rei: Why would I want anyone else as a husband?
  • Nagisa: I'll go get rings!


Well, not exactly how I thought it would go down, but I knew it was coming.

Things I learned:

Mickey can’t swim but he loves the beach.

If you had any doubts that he likes to bottom you will never doubt again.

He’s still wearing hideous flowered clothing.

He still has the most fucking gorgeous blue eyes ever (hi Noel!)

He’s still a little rabid chihuahua when somebody insults him.

He apparently always carries a ski mask with him.

He’s impressed with what Ian has done with his life.

He fucking loves Ian Gallagher to his bones.

Ian Gallagher fucking loves Mickey Milkovich.

Yes, I honestly believe this…maybe for the first time. It was written all over his face and actions in this episode.  Yes, even though he decided to let Mickey go. He did everything he could to keep Mickey safe this ep, even gave him his freaking life savings, so he could start a new life across that border. He had fucking tears in his eyes he was so scared shit Mick wouldn’t get through, and then he looked like he’d just seen his first sunrise and rainbow all in one when Mickey finally made it. I’ve never seen Ian look at anyone the way he looked at Mickey in this episode. I believed his I love you (it was so matter of damn fact, like…this is fact, it’s not even a question), and I believed that him deciding to stay doesn’t mean he loves Mickey any less. 

Ian Gallagher finally fucking loves himself as much as he loves Mickey. Being on the run and risking jail doesn’t give him the thrill it used to, so he decided to be true to himself. I don’t think he left to go be with Trevor or even his family. He didn’t mention them. He decided to stay and let Mickey go so they could both be free. Not from each other…that bond will always be there…but be free to be who they are, as individuals.

Mickey Milkovich deserves better than being a fugitive in Mexico. But I believe he will be happy.

That was the most tender kiss I think I’ve ever seen between them, ugly cheap earrings and all. (When Ian reached for Mick’s face I literally screamed “rip the damn things off for pete’s sake!”) 

Their story isn’t over because it won’t ever be. They Brian & Justined the shit out of that. They don’t have to be together to love each other. And if Ian showed up on a Mexican beach one day for an extended holiday, or showed up in 10 years to get Mickey out of a messy damned bitch of a situation, before going home, again…I wouldn’t be surprised one tiny minuscule bit because they know, they will always love each other, together or apart. 

Mickey will be okay. He always finds a way. And he knows now, he is loved.

Mickey’s first (well second) and last words on Shameless were “Gallagher” and I fucking love that.

Publishing work is intimidating; publishing something that you’ve been working on for months, something with a heavy word count and a lot of people involved, is even scarier. You never want to be torn down for something that you’ve spent so much time on. Fortunately, this fandom is typically very encouraging.

I know how it feels to post a monster fic, and to be so excited for people to read it. It’s exhausting and nerve wrecking but most of all, it feels like relief.

With that being said, @tvshows-addict and @anhcor just released a massive fic called Where Your Heart Is. I chat with some of the people (or rather, person) working behind the scenes to help make this story come to fruition, and I know it’s been labor intensive and a lot of work for everyone involved. When a community has come together to create something this big - a community clearly filled with love and support - you know it’s something special. I haven’t read the fic yet - let’s be real, it’s 155k, unless I’m a robot, I obviously haven’t read it yet - but knowing that this fic has been in the works for months and has had so many people actively taking part in it makes me think it has to be good ;) Congrats to the writers and betas! (Now go take a nap!) xx

Coldtomyflash feedback for content you want to see
Let me know what type of content you'd like to see me continue posting / post more of, here on @coldtomyflash

I made a feedback sheet. As a person who uses survey data in my research, I know it’s an awful survey with many flaws, but I don’t really care. I’m just looking for a coarse/broad idea of what people enjoy of the content on this blog. 

I won’t specifically be tailoring my content based solely on this, but I like to work with data, and I like to deliver value to the people who follow me (I’m in marketing, I can’t help but think about value…)

Anyway, please fill this out if you have a spare minute and want to indulge me :) This will be open until Feb 20th 

some sketches i colored ??? who doesnt need to see more sora / riku / kairi hugs am i right?? also i dream and wish every day that riku had never gotten the horrible dream drop distance haircut and had instead opted for a bun or something

feat. some smol ballet rikus

anonymous asked:

How do you deal with writer's block? And also, what made you decide to make your name the same here as on AO3? Do you every wonder if it would have been better to separate the two? I really like your fics and I'm so happy to see what you post on your blog :)

Writer’s Block: I used to not deal with it very well actually. I wrote prolifically in 2010-2011, then dropped off the face of the earth fic-wise until summer 2016. Now I’m trying to deal with it better, so I guess my tips include:

Talk about your fic to your friends! I have a few friends who I talk to about ideas, and them being excited makes me way more excited to write it

If you have an idea you love, jot down the bare bones of it. Make an outline so you can come back to it later. I have a really really long list of fic ideas, most of which I’ll never write, but it’s nice to have new ideas to pick from 

I have trouble falling asleep right away, so I fantasize fic while I’m waiting to drop off. I also do a lot of fantasizing during car/bus/train rides

If it’s the words that aren’t coming, take a break and work on something else. If you focus too hard on the fic, it can become a huge mental block. For me, letting a half-written fic sit for a month and then reading it again is like reading someone else’s writing, and your brain finds new avenues to explore

Don’t be afraid to have lots of WIPs. No one but you will know how many unfinished fics you have. I’ve left a trail of sad WIPs in my wake

Speaking of WIPs that never get published, I have a doc called “Snippets” that is made up of bits and pieces of fic. Sometimes they’re just one line that doesn’t fit anywhere, sometimes they’re like 1000 words that I scrapped. On occasion I go through it and suddenly know what to do with one of them

Just write. Even if it sucks, the dialogue is clunky, the words aren’t the best, just keep going. You can go back and edit later, but starting to write is the hardest part. Once you get going, it gets easier

Take breaks!! I used to think I needed to write at a punishing pace for hours and hours, but now I write more in chunks. Heck, I watch TV shows in between and get new ideas even

Reread what you wrote. That helps get me into the mindset that I was in while I was writing it, and it can give you a hint of where to go next

If you have absolutely no ideas at all, try prompts and creative challenges. They’re useful for getting you off your feet

A while ago I asked some friends from the Tolkien fandom about how to stay in love with a piece, and their excellent responses are here here and here :)

Now about my AO3, I have the same username for a lot of platforms, which I made when I was like, 12 or something. It was mostly so I wouldn’t have to think of a new one every time. I didn’t think I’d ever post anything on my AO3, since I’ve had that account since 2013, mid-hiatus. I think it’s overall easier for both me and my readers, me having the same name on my tumblr main and my AO3. (And my hockey tumblr url is based on my main so)

“In June of 2010, the first game was released, in July of 2011 the first phase of the animation was aired. The third in 2013 and the fourth in 2015. During all this time, we shared love, dreams and feelings with the fans. 

Now, fall of 2016,  the Uta☆Pri World, welcoming another idol group, will come back to the stage to become legends…!”*

*Improved translation, thanks to @kuroorchidnobass!