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Hey, I miss interacting with everyone here so let’s do the “requests” thing again, a bit different tho’. 

I usually try (and fail) to draw everything you guys ask, I won’t be able to do that now, but I still want to know, so just tell me anything if you want to and I’ll try to pick something later and do a smol drawing.

No promises because I don’t trust myself for it right now, but even so I just really love to know what you’re all up to and heck everyone is sort of precious so yeah…

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So, you posted the quick history of Olexians quite a while ago, but I'd like to ask what it means by hoofed feet and animal heels?

there’s your arbitrary lieutenant fact of the day 

I’ve been thinking a lot about Health At Every Size lately, and why it’s so crucial to me, especially as someone with a chronic illness that causes my weight to fluctuate a lot. 

First of, I think I’ve come to find that my take on HAES is very different than what the anti-HAES people seem to think it is. 

My simple take on the movement: Focusing on living a healthy lifestyle without the main goal being weight loss. Meaning eating responsibly, and as healthily as possible while being accountable for what I put in my body. Being as physically active as is safe for me at the time, and pushing my limits when I’m able to. Using exercise and physical activity to help with mental health as well. A good ballet class is far more effective than any therapy session in my book. 

It is absolutely not anti weight loss. Over the past year and a half I managed to lose 50 pounds, but now that I’m having heart issues gain, I’m having issues with fluid retention. Before anyone chimes in saying my problems are from clogged arteries from a crappy diet, I’m so sorry to disappoint but my latest cardiac work up showed no blockages, no calcifications, no plaque, no coronary artery disease whatsoever. It’s all arrhythmia problems from autonomic nervous system dysfunction. (and believe me, cardiologists do not sugar coat ANYTHING, as it should be.)

In the past two months I’ve probably gained and lost 15 pounds 3-4 times. Somehow my overall weight trend is down, but daily, even weekly it’s all over the place. I *have* to weigh myself daily to keep track of it. And damn if it doesn’t drive me crazy. And while I know it’s physically impossible to gain 5 pounds of fat overnight, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t mess with me. If I could walk away from the scale forever I would, but I know it’s necessary to keep track of things. It’s enough to make me want to give up some times.

But I can’t. I know I can’t. If I gave up on trying to be as healthy as possible, it would be a death sentence. I’m completely convinced that the reason I’ve managed to tolerate my heart issues as well as I have is because I’ve done my best to be as physically active as I have. 

If the *only* measure of success I used to measure my habits was weight loss, I would have given up a long time ago. 

You cannot give up on healthy habits just because you’re not losing the weight quickly.You cannot give up because you gain a few pounds. You cannot give up because your body is not acting the way you think it should. 

This idea of treating weight loss as the ultimate reward for being healthy is one that has to change. A healthy lifestyle is its own reward, nothing more, nothing less. The benefits of attempting to be as healthy as possible still show in your body whether or not you lose weight. 

That’s not to say that you won’t lose weight or that losing weight is bad, but it should absolutely not be the penultimate measure of one’s health. 

The tldr version: My version of Health At Every Size simply means attempting to live as healthy a lifestyle of possible without using weight loss as the sole measure of health. 

It really is as simple as that.

St. Patrick’s Day in a university town is always surreal. My friend and I saw cops breaking up three different house parties at 11am while we were driving to a grad faculty event.

5 Things Tag

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5 Things You’ll Find in my Bag
(backpack bc i’m a child and only use my backpack for everything)

- mango Burts Bees lipbalm 
- climbing shoes
- advil + allergy meds
- fox shaped scissors
- phone charger

5 Things You’ll Find in my Bedroom

- a color coded closet
- panda calendar :D
- course readers from old classes
- my collection of hats
- an extensive sharpie collection

5 Things I Always Wanted to do in Life

- be productive lol
- travel on my own
- learn to letter well 
- be done with school tbh
- get free boba 

5 Things I’m Currently Into

- boba (but i’m always into boba)
- thai food
- rock climbing
- being lazy bc its break  
- ignoring all the application essays i need to write (amongst other things)

5 Things on my To-Do List

- study abroad scholarship applications 
- WRITE FOR @wooziology
- redo tumblr theme
- record english version of spring day??????????
- cry bc school starts again soon and i’ll be drowned in work again

5 Things People May Not Know About Me

- i lived in California for 5.5 years
- i have a cousin who has the same face as woozi
- i have super small handwriting my 2nd grade and 8th grade teachers needed a magnifying glass whoops
- i’ve been following seventeen since 2012
- i run a salt blog for my salty korean soul where i just complain about koreaboos tbh

I’m tagging @hoshinoyas, @minghaeo, @jamlessjisoo, @wonnmoo@verhoon, @soon-shine​, @chocoshua, @kwon-grandma, @hansold, @momjeonghan

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I present Volpina!Piper 

Thanks for everything you do for the ML fandom! <3 I hope this cheers you up :D

Interest Check

I’m gonna be making a side blog specifically for all the comic format stuff I draw and for the highest quality art stuff I do.

Would anyone be interested at all if I offered to do up to 4 pages of comics on commission?  They’d likely be more pricey than most commission posts due to how labor-intensive they are, but I’d be willing to do them in simple color palettes as well as monochrome.

I’d only be offering to do comics for Mob Psycho 100 since that’s my primary interest and what I’m currently most able to write In Character for. Since I’m only doing MP100, if you could tag it with #mp100 and/or #mob psycho 100 to signal boost, that’d be really helpful!

INTP–ISTJ The Quiet Little Dino

ISTJ: I really missed giving people toys, so I also got you this.

ISTJ: *Hands a stuffed dinosaur to INTP*

INTP: Oh cute. Thanks, I love it.

ISTJ: You’re welcome.

ISTJ: Are you… going to play with it?

INTP: Well, no, probably not. But I can let it sit on my bed with me and all of my other stuffed animals.

ISTJ: And you guys are going to hang out?

INTP: Yeah, something like that. It can socialise with all my other stuffed friends.

INTP: AH– but only if all of them want to!

INTP: I’m not going to force any of them to interact with each other if they don’t want to, you know?

ISTJ: You don’t want any forced socialisation?

INTP: No, I’ve been there, it’s not that fun.

ISTJ: You don’t think any of them are going to have a problem with that?

INTP: Oh, no, all of my stuffed animals are introverts.

ISTJ: Hahaha.

ISTJ: You say that with such confidence.

I shall be in love with no one, and never shall unless it should be with you.
—  Book!Carmilla still unable to locate her chill.

For @wearetakingthehobbitstogallifrey and @blackaquokat

Just fun questions? Feel free to skip this over!

1. Favorite coffee creamer flavor? (Butter pecan for me)

2. Favorite snacks/cookies? (Honey maid graham crackers)

3. Favorite uncommon (not vanilla or chocolate) ice cream flavor? (Butter pecan again!)

4. Weather aesthetic? (Cloudy with that just-after-the-rain fresh smell)

5. Hogwarts House/Houses (do you do hybrids?) (Slytherin and Hufflepuff consistently, but also Ravenclaw?)

6. Patronus? (I usually get variations of cats, but I really like the deerhound I got recently)

7. Ilvermorny? (Thunderbird or Puckwudgie)

8. Current favorite book? (Silmarillion)

9. Favorite hobby? (drawing!)

10. Favorite thing to cook? (Spaghetti or Fettuccine Alfredo)

11. Favorite ancient civilization? (Ancient Rome or Greece, mostly for the art)

12. Something you can eat a lot of? (umm, rice and chicken? or cookies. Usually nutter butter or oreo)

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awww yay, I'm glad today was better!!! Yay for good news regarding moving to Korea (so exciting??? ahhhh!!), yay for kpop stores, super extra yay for Weekly Idol! (I love when GOT7's on Weekly Idol haha it's one of the things I look forward to the most with comebacks c: I'm gonna watch it tomorrow hopefully, though I'm a little distracted bc I'm trying to put together an art thing to submit to ASC hahaha) I hope tomorrow is just as good for you as today was! <333

Weekly Idol has been one of my favorite things for years and GOT7′s episodes are among the absolute best of the best, and I basically live for them. (And BtoB’s… BtoB are true variety kings, tbh.) But GOT7′s ASC episodes are also beyond amazing, and I’M WISHING YOU THE BEST OF LUCK WITH YOUR SUBMISSION!! That’s so exciting, dear!! I hope it goes well, that you have a wonderful day, and that you enjoy the Weekly Idol episode whenever you have a chance to watch it… although I suppose there’s really not much doubt of that!

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I dunno what to do with the bad dreams. What’s — what’s things that goes bump in the night? I don’t like how that sounds… I don’t like it at all

(Author’s Note: Thanks for reading, guys — the next 3-4 entries will be the final entries in the Ask Little Sam special! We’ll see how it all turns out!)


Isana Yashiro || Happy Birthday to the sweetest cutie ever, Annie!!! (人*´∀`)+゚:。*゚+


Stanley: “Good riddance! Hope I never meet that person!”

“Not even in my dreams! -Bastard demon comes to me and calls them-self a ‘Dreamweaver’I’m the best Dreamweaver known in the Astral Plane!!

“Well, I’m actually a Dreamwalker… Since I can manipulate other people’s dreams and even conjure them.. Pretty much the same thing..”

“Ahem.. Anyway, onto the game now! No interruptions this time!”


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