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So tptb are editing previously filmed footage. Which means it could be all the Beth stuff from season 5. Everyone called us crazy including you guys. Now everyone is scrambling and we're the ones laughing.

Oh, honey if you seriously believe episodes are being re-edited to include Beth resurrection footage then you’re going to be super disappointed. Assuming the editing rumors are true, the footage would be from this year when alternate versions of some scenes were supposedly filmed. No one is scrambling. If anything, we are excited because this could mean fewer cut-scenes, more complete stories, and hopefully some surprises along the way. The rest of the season is gonna be lit!! 🔥

Seriously, I know you don’t believe us because you’re too far gone, but our track record speaks for itself. We go through this every season now sadly. You keep telling us, “Beth is alive. She’s coming back. You’re a bunch of lying liars who lie and are covering up her return. Blah blah blah.” Over it. Be sure to come back and see us after the finale when Beth is still dead and we’ll see who’s laughing.


We always said that if we got separated I should come back here and wait for you. You’d show up with beer and pretzels. You remember that? I know. You probably don’t. You always said that when we stated dating you forgot to tell me you had a shitty memory. You used to get so frustrated by it. Knowing you wouldn’t remember those good days. I felt bad for you. I remember there was so much you wanted to hold onto and then it’d be gone. But you’re lucky you don’t remember things, D. I wish I could wait for you now, but I know if you would come with me or take me back or kill me. You didn’t want to live in that world and I made you. I did what I did because I didn’t want you to die. But now you’ve killed and become everything you didn’t want to be and it’s my fault. I let Daryl go because he reminded you of who you used to be. And I wanted to let you forget. I don’t think I’m going to make it out here. But you’re wrong being there isn’t better than being dead. It’s worse. I hope you realize that. I hope you get away, I hope you remember the good days. Even just one of them. But I don’t think you will I don’t think you’ll ever read this. I loved who you were. I’m sorry I made you into who you are. Goodbye- Honey

  • *at The Hanged Man*
  • Varric: You know, I'm writing a new novel where I ship two characters who would never work in real life.
  • Merrill: Ship? You mean like a boat.
  • Varric: Nah, Daisy. I leave those ships to our resident pirate. I'm talking about relationships.
  • Merrill: Oh. Well in that case I 'ship' a lot of people. Bethany and Sebastian for example.
  • Fenris: *groans*
  • Varric: Hey now, Broody there's nothing wrong with a little fantasy. There's got to be some people that you ship.
  • Merrill: Oh! Yes. Who'd'you ship, Fenris??
  • Fenris: Anders. Back to the Circle.
  • Anders(yelling from another table): I heard that.
Aquarius: Weekly (Starting on February 27)

Be careful in business on Monday. Go over all the specifics and make sure you’re well-versed in the fine print before you scrawl your signature across the line. The deal is solid and you want to feel confident about it. On Wednesday, you’re going to connect with someone you thought you had nothing in common with, and that’s going to make you feel confident as well. Clearly, you are coming into your own. You find that you are useful in the world. You know what you’re going. The weekend will be defined by a feeling of accomplishment and expansiveness.

Career & Finance

The last thing you expect on Monday is pretty much what comes your way – a meaningful, intellectual connection with someone who, on paper, would seem to have nothing in common with you. This is something that happens to you fairly often, but it always comes as a surprise – a happy surprise. Tuesday through Thursday, as much as you’d like to be having great conversations with brand new allies, you’ll be feeling awkward and exposed and not particularly chatty. But your week ends with some open-hearted group bonding that reconnects you to your coworkers and plants the seed for a social weekend.

Love & Relationships

Sometime on Monday you bump into someone. Ten minutes later, you find yourself still talking to them – or wishing you were still talking to them. It’s yet more proof that there’s no way to predict who you’re going to hit it off with. Tuesday and Wednesday, try to connect with as many people as possible, though it’s unclear whether any of these interactions will have a romantic cast to them. Thursday and Friday you’re in a total funk, but Saturday and Sunday you take flight. You’re so high in the air that it feels as if you can see the future.

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i don't know how I ended up following your blog, but I have followed you for maybe three years now. I want you to know that you have been a major force in how I view the world and the daily struggle of POC that didn't occur to me until your posts came into my feed. I'm embarrassed that I was so unaware of the struggle. You have inspired me. Five years ago I would have been someone who said All Lives Matter - you have changed that for me and I understand - BLACK LIVES MATTER

Omg this is dope! I’m glad to inspire and move you to view the world as it is.


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Could you do one of the writing one-shot thingys where Prince gets upset about him not being able to find a princess or his true love, and Anxiety comes to the rescue to comfort Prince. If you could do this, it would really make my day!!!<3

Okay okay okay. I know what you are asking for, but I’m going to teak it a bit. You gave me a great idea and I’m going to run with it. So if you see where I’m going with this idea, send in more ideas for thing Anxiety can do for Prince.


“I have no purpose!” exclaimed Prince, throwing himself on the couch.
“Who told him?” Logic joked, and Anxiety had to bite back a snicker. Prince threw Logic a dirty look.
“There is no one to save. I have no princess. I have no love. I have no purpose.” Prince sighed dramatically.

“Now that’s not true. You just haven’t found her yet. That’s not a problem.” Morality urged, with a wink.
“Statically, you still have about 30-40 years before you would be too old to go on a quest.” Logic provided, setting a hand on Prince’s shoulder. Anxiety quietly walked out of the room, nothing he could say would help Prince any. And he desperately wanted to help Prince.

But what was the likelihood of Prince finding some girl to save? Or even some girl who would love him? Even someone to love him? Not that he was impossible to love, but what was the likeliness of love in general? Did love even exist or was it just a made up emotion?
Anxiety knew love like he knew heartbreak. Because who could ever love him? No one. It had to be make believe. A trick his mind played on him.

How else could he be in love with Prince? How else could he feel the need to cheer him up? How else could he feel the need to make Prince be happy again like he felt the need to breathe?

It had to be make believe.

But that didn’t stop Anxiety from finding Valerie. It didn’t stop him from setting up this elaborate hoax to prove to Prince he was worth something.
Because regardless of if it was real or not, he still felt it. Like a twisting knife in his chest. Anything was preferable than Prince being unhappy. So he plotted.

At dinner the next night, Prince was still moping.
“I heard about a girl who needs rescuing.” Anxiety casually remarked.
Prince perked up, “A maiden in need of a prince to save her?”
“Yeah, too bad you would mess it up.” Anxiety sneered.

“I would never mess it up!” Prince exclaimed, his heart racing. A chance to prove himself. Finally. “I will find her and save her!”
“Prince! At least wait until it’s morning!” Logic said, but the other was too determined to notice such insignificant details as the darkness of the night.
“Run along and save your princess so you’ll stop moaning about it.” Anxiety said.

Prince was gone in a flash. Logic turned on Anxiety.
“Why did you egg him on? He’ll get lost!”
“The gloom is supposed to be my job. Not his. If he kept it up, he would be taking my spot.” Anxiety smirked, before leaving the table.

Anxiety and Valerie had left an obvious trail for Prince to follow. There was a monster to defeat and a princess to save. They made up a fantastical story to complete the tragic tale.
All that was left was for Prince to complete the “quest”. And that would be easy enough for even him to do.

Anxiety could feel the knife in his chest twist a little more when he thought of the princess Prince was always wanting to save. A girl. Not him. Because he didn’t matter. He could never be Prince’s dream. He would never be good enough.

The next afternoon Prince got back with a glowing tale of monsters and villains and the beautiful princess waiting at the end. Alas, he was regretful to find out the princess had another betrothed, but she would forever be grateful to him and promised to give him any help he would ever need.

“There, Anxiety, told you I wouldn’t mess it up!” Prince gloated, “All the princesses will be begging for me to save them.” Anxiety felt his smile fall. All the princesses. Yes. Princesses. He would do well not to forget that.
“You might have won this time, but your luck won’t hold out.” Anxiety replied, and he quickly left the room, lest he give something away. Valerie had done her part. Now it was time for him to do his.

I am sorry. I am sorry for not choosing you before, for not keeping you, and for not staying. God knows how much I wanted to choose you but the timing was a little bit off and the situation got suffocating for me, too. I know you hate me but I just want to tell you I am grateful that I met you, and all of the things I said and the plans I made with you and for you were all real.

If you’re gonna ask me what I regret in the past, it would be not choosing the better people to keep in my life over those who have done nothing but hurt me.

I regret not choosing you, and I am sorry.

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What about Mor and Rowan? I feel like this would be interesting....

Holy everloving crap. Here. For. This.

- Okay so how about this: seventeen year old Rowan (who canonically said he didn’t know how to talk to girls) face to face with MOR
- he can’t breathe. She is so beautiful and so light and feisty and stunning and charismatic and
- “what the hell are you staring at?”
- Rowan turns beet red. “I… I’m sorry, I just– you’re very… um…”
- Mor smirks, sauntering up to him slowly. They’re at a party and no one really notices.
- “I’m very what?” She asks seductively. Oh gosh Rowan can hardly breathe.
- “Beautiful,” he finally manages to say. She’s chest to chest with him now, looking up at his lips (HEIGHT! DIFFERENCE!)
- “mmhhmm, I know,” she murmurs. “You’re quite the looker too, Rowan Whitethorn.” She KNOWS HIS NAME HE IS GOING TO DIE. “But your voice is what’s really sexy.”
- Rowan cannot breathe. She looks down at the outline of his hardness in his tight pants and grins.
- “do you want me?” He nods. Nods A LOT. “Good. I want you, too. But you can only have me if you promise to talk to me with that sexy voice of yours all night.”
- he does. All night. And some of the morning too.

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Um, don't you think incest ships are, you know, gross?

Well, since i’ve already said i’ve read them, i obviously don’t. It’s human nature to be curious about taboo and dark subjects, i find fiction a good tool to safely explore that. I’ve a good grasp on the distinction between fiction and reality, i can enjoy a story while acknowledging that a certain aspect would be immoral, wrong or harmful in real life. If you disagree, don’t consume that content and don’t interact with people who do. It’s very easy.

Sounds - Jughead x Reader

Hey! So this is my first Riverdale imagine and I hope it’s ok! Send in request!

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader
Warnings: Nervous reader, mentions of psychologists appoints which I know can be difficult for people (including me). Just one curse word

A/N : So this was great for me to write as the trips to the psychologist can be very difficult and I always get nervous before them so this was nice to write. I know it’s random but I hope you enjoy! Xx

Up and down.

Up and down.

Up and down.

If you had continued to pace your room there would be track marks left in the wooden floors. You figured that this was a waste of time and the exertion was doing your nerves no good whatsoever. Picking up your phone you automatically pressed the name of the person who was guaranteed to calm you down.

After several rings, a voice answered, sounding as if they had food in their mouth.


“Hi Jug.” You answered.

“How’s life?” The sound of a bite of something crunchy came through the receiver.

“Okay. You?” You answer in a small voice.

“You sound weird. You ok?”

“I have a psychologist appointment in the morning.”

“Oh. You should have told me. I know that they’re hard for you.”

A minute of silence followed this, but between you and Jughead, this was ok. Most days yourself and Jug would be found in the same booth at Pop’s, he’d be trying away at his novel and you would be chatting away animatedly for a while with Jug nodding or smiling at all the right points. You would eventually exhaust yourself and you’d order 2 meals for yourself and your boyfriend of a year (neither of you would share your food, not even with each other).

You eventually spoke up, “I just needed to hear your voice.”

“Dunno if you can hear me through this burger.” He replies chilling.

Laughing at what you know is his attempt at cheering you up, “Ugh you little shit, you’re making me hungry.”

Neither yourself nor Jughead were the best with expressing your vulnerability, and being able to talk to each other just showed that you shared the deepest trust.

“Do you wanna talk about it?” Jug interjected.

“Nah, not really. I’ll be fine once I get there, don’t worry. This happens every time. Talk to me about something else. Hey! The Oscars are on tonight, predictions?” These distractions were just the ticket for getting your mind off the difficult morning ahead of you.

“Well I guess La La Land will win big time. I thought Arrival was really good too, and I know you liked Hacksaw Ridge. I wonder will they ever make a film of my novel?”

Jughead’s film taste was largely similar to your own, so movie nights never really resulted in arguments.

After an hour or so of this absent minded chat, you giggled and realised you had chores to do.

“Hey Shakespeare, you should get back to your novel and I’ve to load the dishwasher and stuff, I’m looking forward to reading over the newest parts of your piece de résistance tomorrow.”

“Usual time, usual place?”


“You’ll be fine tomorrow, don’t panic. I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon.”

“Thanks Jug. Really, thank you. I don’t know where’d I be without you.” Your heart swelled with love.

“You would do and have done the same and more for me.” You remembered all you have been through together. Nights spent awake discussing life and problems, comforting each other and laughing.

“What else is the best girlfriend in the world for huh?” You joke!letting out a small laugh.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Night Jug.”

“G'night (Y/N/N).

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do you mind if people gently correct others, or would you prefer we just don't get involved at all? a lot of these posts seem directed at the more aggressive people, so i'm just wondering, if we see someone who uses the wrong pronouns, is it alright to just say "hey, kdin goes by she/her now, just thought i'd let you know!" or something along those lines?

Honestly, if you see something, at all, and it raises a flag for you:

!!!Bring it to my attention and then I’ll handle it!!!

It’s much better that I directly interact with people to tell them. Having someone who doesn’t know me very well, or at all personally, dealing with these things causes issues in most cases.

Again, I appreciate it. But it’s so much easier for me to tell people myself.

Having anyone else say things would just be second-hand information, which will generally cause a lot of confusion.

I believe everyone who is in my situation has every right to handle things how they see fit. This isn’t exactly a situation that any can be prepared for, and it’s very much up to that person how they want things handled and that persons wishes are what should be respected the most.

For me, I want to handle things as personally as I can to halt any confusion and stop any problems before they arise, especially if they are started “on my behalf”.

People see me as “high profile”, I suppose. That puts me in the hot seat even more so. And if there are people out there “speaking for me”, that can and will cause problems.

Imagine having someone who’s only read something about you, or only briefly interacted with you, answering personal questions on your behalf. You can see why that’d be a bit much.

So again, I can tell that you, and many others, are coming from such a good and kind place. You’re doing something out of the kindness of your hearts to help me, and I appreciate it so very much.

But just send those people who don’t know my way, and I’ll speak to them!

Night talks

Dan x reader

A big Thank you to Joey my gay lover for giving me this stupid idea.

The two of you had been talking in bed for hours. You had been feeling extra awake this evening. So what was better than to ask each other weird questions to get into each other’s brains.

“Your turn. If there was a house fire and let’s assume you had all the necessary items like keys and wallet. Phil and I are safe what item would you grab? “Dan was thinking very long and hard.

"Probably my laptop because that’s where all my video ideas are. I only say that because I know you’re safe.” You smile and place a quick kiss on his cheek. 

“I’m glad you were making sure I was safe. Okay, your turn.” Dan paused before the question piped into his head. 

“Who are two famous guys you’d love to see eat spaghetti and meatballs lady and the tramp style?” It was your turn to furrow your brow and think about your answer.

“I’m going to go with captain America and Bucky. Not just for me but for all the shippers of there.” This caused the both of you to burst into a fit of laughter. Once the laughter died down you started to let your mind wonder to your sleep deprived crazy mind. 

“If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, who gives a fuck?” This set the two of you into a burst of laughter as you wrapped your arms around him. 

“Have I mentioned I love you?” Dan placed kisses all over your face making sure to make the kissing sounds extra loud and dramatic.

Regina Mills being jealous would include

Originally posted by emitiel

● Regina wouldn’t get jealous easily.

● She’d think of an excuse to get you alone.
♢ “Henry is looking for us.”
♢ “Excuse us we have some matters to attend to.”

● As soon as you two were alone you can expect:
♢ Rough kisses that leave you gasping for air, leaving you with bruised lips.
♢ Regina biting your bottom lip.
♢ Hickies on your neck.
♢ Messy hair and clothing.
♢ You looking like a hot mess, while Regina still looks like she just stepped out of a magazine catalogue.

● Regina strategically walking with you past the person who flirted with you earlier, so that they’d see your flustered state and therefore know that you’re already taken.
♢ She’d be so smug about it.
♢ She would totally smirk at them.

● If you didn’t believe her excuse she’d just kiss you in front of the flirt, so they’ll get the message and leave.

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I need to know which ship you think would have the aesthetically pleasing erotic photoshoot and then who would find the photos and get off to them

IM ALIVE. Feysand would have the erotic photoshoot I mean come onnnnnn. And who would find them? MOR. MOR MOR MOR. Azriel walks in on her getting herself off with the pictures next to her on the bed and almost DIESSSSS. 50 years later he mentions it at a family dinner and Cassian spits his drink EVERYWHERE and looks at Mor and says “YOU TOO?”

Hello o:

I am a shy bean.
I get really anxious when I try and speak to most people on IM - even those who I may speak with almost everyday.
This does not mean that I am only here for your muse and not you the mun. I would love to get to know people more but I just get so worked up about trying that I give up and simply hide behind my muses.

I just wanted to write a small thing so you knew that I do see the person behind the blog and I would love to become friends.
My anxiety affects my everyday life and if we do happen to speak you’ll find that I apologise an awful lot - just for sometimes simply saying hello before you do ^^;

I’m one of those people who sit gazing at their notifications, wanting to interact but too shy to do so. That type of person who requires the other end of the conversation to say hi or good morning first in order to feel less of a bother. This has nothing to do with you but everything to do with me. I’m even this way with my boyfriend ^^;

So this was a short psa so I can place it somewhere on my blogs when I have time and a short thank you to each and everyone of you who’s made me feel so welcome since I joined. Despite my issues I really have made some awsome friends and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you read all that here is a cookie from me.
*hands over virtual cookie*

When We Were Young

Hey so I went over 2,000 followers this weekend (HEY GUYS). I don’t know if all of you are here for the fic, but for those who ARE, I figured I’d follow up on this!

There’s only two chapters left to “When We Were Young” (unless they get too long because I’m jamming in a lot of crap), but more or less since I started writing it I have planned for there to be a sequel to it. Originally I was waiting for First Strike to come out since it would delve into more of the early Overwatch lore, but since that’s not going to happen I’m going to be continuing my trend of totally talking out of my ass and making shit up.

There will be some plot threads in WWWY that are going to be left dangling when it’s over, and those will be picked up in the sequel “You Were There First”. This fic will take place about 2-3 years after the end of WWWY, which means we’re going to get to see Ana, Reinhardt, Torbjorn and Liao, and a slightly older/more experienced Jack and Gabriel. (And for those of you who care, yeah some of my OC’s from WWWY will be showing up as well!)

It’s a contained universe, and while my original aim was that you can read WWWY and YWTF (god why do i use such long titles) separately… that probably won’t exactly be the case. The miniseries of “The Lucky Ones” will be contained to the same universe/timeline, just in case I decide I want to go further after the sequel is done. There is 30 years of Overwatch lore, so you never know!

Anyway, I know I mentioned this way back in… November? But Christ it’s been four months and suddenly there are a bunch more of you.

As always, my mailbox and messages are open for questions/comments/complaints! If I don’t rely on the fic itself, know it isn’t that I don’t get super excited and thrilled to bits at every comment… it’s that I don’t want to artificially inflate the number of comments on the story like I did when I didn’t know how AO3 worked.


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What fantasy hair color does the guys prefer on their s/o? 💕💕💕☺️


♥Shu: I don’t really care about the hair color. Use whatever color you wish… Just don’t do anything crazy with your head.

♥Reiji: Absolutely not! You won’t use any strange color on your hair. Be serious, good grief… Besides, school wouldn’t allow you to use fantasy colors.

♥Ayato: Hmm… Maybe a combination between yellow and red! It would look like fire!

♥Kanato: I would choose the color you would use! Anyways, pastel pink or lavender are okay with me.

♥Laito: Hm… Lightblue hair looks cool, Bitch-chan. And if you have matching underwear, it’s better, nfu~

♥Subaru: I don’t know… Maybe silver hair. Or your natural hair color with a different color on the tips.


♥Ruki: Are you kidding, Livestock? The moment you step into this house with a different hair color, I’ll shave your entire head.

♥Kou: Fuchsia is a nice hair color! But dyed hair is dead hair, so, I could take you to my hairdresser, M Neko-chan~.

♥Yuma: Why would you want to dye your hair, Sow?! D,don’t fuck around! Your natural color is good enough…

♥Azusa: No, Eve… Don’t change your hair color… Your hair is your most… Beautiful feature… And you would look… Very different… I don’t want that.

So I have this friend.

Her name is Chrissy.  Christine if you wanna get technical. @chrissy22787

And about 6-8 months ago she found my blog.

People talk about things being fated.  People say two people were meant to be in each other’s lives…and I didn’t ever really believe that until now.

Chrissy is one of those people who doesn’t approach others with cynicism in any form.  She is one of those people who wants to walk away from an interaction with someone and leave them smiling.  
I mean…honestly?  She’s the female version of Harry Styles.

She has seen me at my worst and never once has she held it against me.  

So today, on her birthday I wanted to take a moment to make sure she knows I love her.  Because sometimes I might not make that evident even though it’s always true.  

I love you Chris.  You are the Ethel to my Lucy.  I dunno what I would do without you.  

Her birthday is tomorrow and I’m posting this early just so I can be first.  Because I’m a competitive fucker like that.

Have the happiest of birthdays, My Friend….you deserve it.

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She would do everything to get your attention, every time she saw you looking at her she would give you a big smile and wink at you only to cause herself to laugh and start blushing.


She would look at you with nothing but heart eyes, finding you super cute and wanting to get to know you. After a while of fighting with herself, she would finally find a way to talk to you.


“Who is that?” She would ask the members pointing to you, once they all told her they didn’t know you, she would then do everything to get you attention. She would seriously run to the bathroom making sure she looked good and then walk to you telling you about herself and after a while she would ask you for your phone number.


Sana would look at you for the longest time, to the point that Momo would turn around looking at you. When Sana finally see that you caught them she would hit Momo saying “Why did you look with me? I saw her first. What if they fine me creepy now?” Momo would just laughing calling you over and then leaving only to wink at Sana causing Sana to blush. When she was about to leave she would ask for your number.


She would look at you until you see her and when she notice you are looking at her she would give you a big smile and wave at you. She would end up asking for your number and for the rest of the day you were all that was on her mind.


She would be to shy to come to you, so she would have one of the girls go to you and tell you about her, how she wanted to get to know you. When you started walking towards her, she would start blushing and looking down smiling big.


She wouldn’t think twice. She would walk up to you and just start having conversation not caring if you find her awkward.Once she realize that you were enjoying her stories she would ask if you two go out sometimes. 


She would actually walk up to you after a while of thinking if she should. She would simply ask you about yourself and then tell you a little about herself, then tell you that she would like if you two could talk more.


She would ask one the girls to see if you were okay with her talking to you because she was super shy but really wanted to get to know you. Once the girls come back pushing her to you, she would have a big smile on her face for the rest of the day.

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I ship Ariel/Moana and I got into a minor fight with a friend over it. She says that because Ariel 'fetishizes humans' it's inherently messed up because Ariel would only be into Moana for her looks, not who she is. I'm really bad at figuring out when ships are toxic and I don't wanna ship something that is. I thought maybe you might be able to offer up your thoughts on this? I've learned most of what I know about toxic shipping from you, after all.

“Fetishizes humans”? What?

While it’s not really my thing, I think Ariel/Moana could really work since a girl from a culture that is close to the water and a mermaid would make a good couple.