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No matter what I'm feeling your dragons always lift me up (I LOVE DRAGONS, gonna be one in the after life) I'm currently really ill with essays due in, could you draw one please? It would really motivate me? (Don't worry if not, you're a human being, you may have other things on! ^^)

You won’t get any help from this one but good luck and get better soon!

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When I'm older, I'd like to have a little dog like a chihuahua or a Papillion. How can I make sure to give it as much bodily autonomy as a big dog would get? I don't want it to always be on edge and stressed out because it doesn't feel safe

Straight up just treat it like a regular dog. Don’t pick it up when you need it to do something - train it instead - or when you need it to move. Let it growl or bark and listen to what it is telling you, rather than ignoring it or thinking the signals are just cute. Train it to walk on a leash without pulling, with all the manners you would expect of a giant breed. 

Tale as Old as Time (StevexReader)

Hello, my darlings. In honor of my favorite Disney movie getting a LIVE ACTION REMAKE (which is amazing, btw), here is a new oneshot including BEAUTY AND THE BEAST❤❤❤


You were stressed. There was no sugar coating it. 3 missions back-to-back, long briefings, and, to top it all off, your “big birthday ball” was tomorrow.

The ball was Tony’s idea. He knew just what you wanted for your 21st birthday. You’ve loved Disney ever since you were a little girl, and had always wanted a ball. But now that it’s actually happening, you were stressing out over it.

You were laying on your bed, surrounded by all of your dress options when Bruce walked in.

Bruce was your best friend. The two of you met when you were recruited to defeat Loki and retrieve the Tesseract. Ever since then, he’s been your partner in crime. He knew you better than anyone.

“Hey, lovebug,” he says as he plops down right next to you. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” you murmur.


You sigh. “I’m tired as hell, nervous as shit, and I can’t figure out what fucking dress to wear.”

Bruce grabs your hand. “Breathe, Y/N. What are your options?”

“An icy blue floor-length gown for Elsa, a yellow ball gown for Belle, or a blue and yellow gown for Snow White,” you say calmly.

You and your friends were all dressing as Disney characters. Whatever dresses you don’t pick go to Pepper and Sif. All of the guys were dressing as the male counterparts of all the girls. For example, Natasha was dressing as Ariel, so ultimately, Bruce would be dressing as Prince Eric. You still didn’t know who your counterpart was, since all of the single guys were given random princes.

“Well, it’s not just about which dress is prettier. Which princess do you relate to the most?”

You close your eyes and begin to think. You love to read. When you were younger, all you wanted was adventure. Plus, you were a total outcast. Everyone used to think that you were odd, and maybe you still are.

You shot up. “Belle. I’m Belle!”

Bruce finds the yellow ball gown and hands it to you. It’s an exact replica of Belle’s dress in the live-action Beauty and the Beast. Tony had it custom-made.

“It’s perfect,” you whisper. “Thanks, Brucie.”

“Anytime, princess.”

~1 Day Later~

You stood in front of the mirror you found in a spare room at the ballroom, gazing at your appearance. Bruce walked up behind you.

“Are you ready?”, he asks.

You shake your head. “All of those people will be looking at me as if I was an actual princess. And the dance…”

You were required to have the first dance of the night with whoever was Prince Adam. The fact that no one would tell you who it was made it even more nerve wracking for you.

“Y/N, you did amazing at your dance lessons. You got this.”

“Can you at least fucking tell me who Prince Adam is?”

“Nope. But when you find out, you’ll be thanking me.”


“Not telling. Now get out there!”

He pushes you towards the doorway to the ballroom and the two of you link arms. He was the one presenting you to the guests.

“Ready?”, he whispers.

You nod, and Tony’s voice booms through the room.

“Introducing her royal highness, Princess Y/N!”

The doors open and you put on a dazzling smile. Everyone gasps at your appearance. You looked like a dream. The bodice of the gown showed off your curves perfectly and the skirt flowed beautifully. Your hair was styled expertly by Natasha and your makeup was done to perfection by Wanda. You truly were a beauty.

All of your friends were there, dressed flawlessly. There was Daisy as Mulan, Natasha as Ariel, Steve as Prince Adam, Mack as Mau-

Wait a fucking minute. You feel your heart start racing. STEVE WAS PRINCE ADAM. That’s why Bruce wouldn’t tell you! You’ve had feelings for Steve since the Battle of New York. You honestly thought he was dressing as Prince Charming! He stood in the center of the ballroom, the space cleared for your first dance.

“Bruce, what the fuck?”, you whispered.

“Surprise,” he whispers back.

Bruce guided you down the “Steps of the Palace” (you’ve been singing the song from Into the Woods all day), trying to stop your trembling.

“It’ll be fine, Y/N. You’re going to have a blast.”

“I’m going to step on his feet.”

“He’ll just find that adorable.”

You and Bruce finally approach Steve. Bruce gives you a small kiss on the cheek and walks to where Nat stood.

“Steve, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to,” you say softly. “Bruce probably forced you into this.”

He gives you a small smile and takes your hand. “Y/N, I was the first one to volunteer. I want this. I want you.”

Your heart started racing again. He wants me, you thought. He fucking wants me!

You hear “Beauty and the Beast”,
your favorite song, start to play. Wanda and Bucky grab microphones and start to sing. You specifically chose them for this song, since they have the most relaxing and beautiful voices.

Tale as old as time, true as it can be

You and Steve begin moving gracefully across the dance floor, never looking away from each other.

Barely even friends, then somebody bends, unexpectedly.

He twirls you around, gazing at you with complete adoration.

The two of you get lost in each other, falling deeper in love than you ever had before. For the rest of the song, you don’t even notice anyone else being there until it ends, then everyone starts clapping and cheering.

Still ignoring the crowd, you press your lips to Steve’s, not wanting the moment to end. Tony’s voice booms through the room.

“Talk about a tale as old as time, folks!”

Yoongi Scenario: Tempestuous - Part 1.

Request: I want an assassin au where yoongi is a trained assassin and he has a target bc of a vendetta but when he goes to take out that person they show up with y/n and y/n gets injured in the crossfire and yoongi takes her with him bc the others left her, he thinks he can use her to lure the enemy but instead he develops feelings for y/n, like they discover the other is not what it seems something like that and then yoongi is hurt and y/n takes care of him? You can decide the end! Thank you💓💓💓💓💓

Genre: Romance / Drama.

Warning: Violence. Unhealthy Relationship.

Getting ready was always the most important part of his job. Preparing and preparing well was crucial, Yoongi knew he had to take his time and thus he let his clients know. This particular one though, wanted things to go faster. It didn’t sit well with Yoongi, he was methodic and liked to do things his own way, but he’d earn good money and for that he could do a couple of adjustments.

He looked down at the picture of the man he’d been on for the last month, a mafia head, Kwon Jisook, he had done some foul business with one of his partners and now said partner wanted him off the game. It was cool for Yoongi, a bit troublesome since mobs usually were targeted and thus tended to be more guarded, but he could do it. With more time Yoongi would be more at ease, but he had accorded less than six weeks with his client so it had to be done.
He was currently in his car in an underground parking lot, with his dark windows he couldn’t be seen and the car he had chosen for today, not too flashy but not a piece of trash, he knew those could grab more attention than any luxury car, so he had gotten a chrysler 200 in black for this job, it mixed perfectly with the kind of car that would be in this precise place. An outlet just getting outside midtown, one that people didn’t frequent much because of the lack of commodities, but that guys like Jisook liked because it let them a free window to get together with their dealers and the storage rooms were gold.

As he had been informed and later proved by himself, Jisook came at least once a week, and thrusdays were his fixed days, he could not come other days, but as Yoongi had noted thursday, that was today, Jisook would be coming without a doubt in just about ten minutes.
Yoongi had already scanned the parking lot for any possible sentinels, mobs often had those around to guard them the zone before they got anywhere, but not here. Yoongi thought that they were conceited, maybe too trusting on their influence and power to believe a hired shooter would be lurking around. Either way he put his pistol at the ready, the silencer was set, just a few minutes and he’d be done. A glass of whiskey and a nap would be good after this, maybe a good fuck. Yoongi didn’t usually choose shootings like this as the way to dispatch, but this was another of the perks of his client. And of course an extra to charge for him.

The BMW made appearance, and the set up was made, the dealers were supposed to be inside the outlet where Jisook would go to meet them, Yoongi would just pull the trigger and be gone by the other entrance of the parking lot. He’d done it before, it could be easy as it could be messy so Yoongi wanted to get it out of the way as soon as possible.
As he had foreseen Jisook got out of his car alone, and then he wasn’t.
There was an old man with him and a girl. Yoongi didn’t enjoy killing women, he didn’t accept them, he could take out the old man and charge extra for him later, but not the woman.
-Fuck- he breathed before making his move.

At first he went slow and then he pressed the accelerator, he pulled down the window slowing down the car and aimed, there were gasps and a scream, Jisook took out his gun but Yoongi had already pulled the trigger, only that it didn’t hit Jisook like he had planned, the old man moved Jisook out of the way so Yoongi fired again and so did Jisook, Yoongi moved the car and did what had to be a definite shot on Jisook’s chest but then the old man threw the girl into the fire line.
The bullet made impact with her body and she fell to the ground with a cry.

-Son of a bitch- Yoongi cursed hitting the wheel as Jisook and the old man ran away crouched down between the cars. He wasn’t one to make persecutions but he wasn’t one to let a target leave. But right now his hands were tied and a girl was bleeding on the floor.
He had to think fast, he couldn’t just call 911, he had to leave her there, he had to leave. And then an idea came up to his mind.

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Got my first rude anon & just wanted to say if something as simple as artists reblogging art on their art blog bothers you, then what’re you here for? ¯\(o- o)/¯ 

The entitled attitude on this website confuses me. Don’t people blog for fun?… 

I don’t always have time to draw for fun because of school but I get new followers everyday so I reblog older work so they can see it (I know that I tend to miss a lot of things that people post because I’m so busy these days) 

anyway, I disabled anon & my hiatus will still continue until the end of april ^^; I might post schoolwork but this is mostly my hobby blog/a side project, so maybe not. I might make a separate blog for that type of work. 

If anyone’s interested though, I’m more active on twitter and sometimes post wips/schoolwork/studies  

“babe.” you look up into the eyes of your boyfriend. “yes?” “what do you love about me?” you smiled before positioning yourself so that you were sitting on your knees. “do you really wanna get me started?” you asked rhetorically arching a eyebrow. “okay, i love your strong arms and how they feel when they wrap around me and always make me feel secure…” you slowly trailed your fingertips down his bronze arms. “i love how that you’re not just a open book and like to keep yourself reserved not wanting the whole world to know every single thing about you.” he sat up and pulled you down on top him so that you two were face-to-face. “i love- God, i love your naturally curly hair. how it just forms these lovely swirls after you work out, come from band practice or even shower. i love imagining that our children’s hair will have super curly hair thanks to you and me.” you winked at him causing him to let out a deep chuckle. “i know that some people think that brown eyes are boring and i won’t lie because i was one of them… until i saw yours. i don’t know what it is about those dark chocolate swirls but Jesus they make me want to stare at them forever.” you could see a faint pink paint over his cheek before you continue on. “most importantly, i love your smile. the way your eyes crinkle tells me that you’re actually and genuinely happy and it warms up my heart every time and i love being the reason why you smile or laugh.” not even a second after your lips were pressed against his. “just needed another reason as to why i’m in love with you.”

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Yamamoto Dino and Hibari finding out their girlfriend is working as a bar waitress due to bills (and after being accused of being a gold-digger) and every guy keeps flirting with her


Please enjoy~

// Admin Chrome



  • Yamamoto always had a sneaking suspicion that what had occurred months earlier (the whole exile of you from the family because supposedly you were a “gold-digger”), was a complete mistake. Everyday he thought of the hurt expression on your face as the family shunned you and made you leave him. He was confused, yet he accepted the verdict since family knows best, right? … right?
  • Since then, Yamamoto had noticed that he had been going out to get drinks more often than not. He just wanted to drown himself in liquor from seeing that betrayed expression on your face. He wanted to forget you, and your perfect smile, your erotic body, and beautiful mind. You were such a perfect girlfriend, why did it have to be like this?
  • This time, Yamamoto decided to try a different bar, since the last one had kicked him out because he had gotten a little to “rowdy” with the bartender who called him “an asshole” for what the family had did to you. Yamamoto thought that this time he wouldn’t try to talk about what had happened because it was obviously not worth it. He decided to keep the pain inside.
  • He took a seat at the bar, already feeling the worries of the night start to slip away as he ordered his drink. Yamamoto closed his eyes, running his hands over his face, finally feeling the exhaustion that had been piling up all week. Suddenly, his whole body stiffened when he heard “[Name]!” being called from behind him. It couldn’t be you, it just couldn’t. However, when he slowly turned around, he saw your unmistakable smile as you visited the man at the table, writing down what he ordered on the notebook.
  • Yamamoto couldn’t breathe, his mind running a million miles a minute. You weren’t supposed to be there. Why? Why? Why? Before he couldn’t stop himself, Yamamoto was already reaching for you, pulling you away from the table (much to the dismay of the man) and taking you to a more secluded are of the bar. You were struggling to get away, but Yamamoto’s strength was far more superior than yours.
  • He knows it’s none of his business, but Yamamoto manages to corner you, his arms caging you, making sure you don’t run away. He’s asking questions on “why the heck you work here? why didn’t you just run off to another rich family?”, and it doesn’t take long until your smacking him across the face. You yell that you didn’t have anywhere to go, the love of your life having abandoned you to groundless rumors. You had to pay the bills somehow. Yamamoto didn’t have a retort, and he was even more speechless when he saw the tears in your eyes. He couldn’t do anything as you were ushered away from him, and he was promptly told to leave.


  • Dino thought about you every day. He thought of all the times the two of you had together, and all the beautiful memories you had shared with him. To forget about you, Dino had decided to throw himself into his work, so he could just forget about your heartbroken face as Dino broke up with you. The family didn’t need someone so greedy for money.
  • He had been going to numerous business meetings and dealings lately. Dino wanted to be anywhere but in his mansion, since everywhere he went he was reminded of you. It had been almost a year since the two of you had broken it off, and it had been hell for him, as he didn’t know anything about your current situation. However, he was told that you were living the life of luxury, having got a new boyfriend immediately after him. Dino didn’t know what to believe.
  • The meeting today was at a newly opened bar that had yet to have a bad review. Dino was looking forward to closing the deal on a new connection opening up with a software company. They had all been seated in a more enclosed space of the bar, where there was still a few people, but it was not crowded or loud.
  • The deal was being conducted and they ordered a round of drinks as a celebration for closing the deal and the other party had left. However, the night was dampened for Dino, as he thought he kept seeing moments of you in the corner of his eye. However, whenever he looked, you weren’t there. So, he went back to the drink he was nursing, ignoring the calls of “sweetheart over here!”, “you’re the best server in this joint, Missy.”, and “why don’t you just come home with me, I’ll treat you right~” that were being broadcast all over the restaurant. Dino felt bad for the poor server who was receiving those lines.
  • “Sorry, your original server had some business to attend to, so I hop-” Dino stopped listening, even though your lips kept moving. He hadn’t seen you in so long, that he was in shock having come into contact with you now. You looked good, as you did always. You shined more it seemed, and you had gotten a new glow to you. You had stopped talking, and now everyone was ordering more drinks, and your eyes had met his. He saw your heart stop, before you moved your eyes away.
  • Dino couldn’t say anything, nothing would come out. He could only watch as you scurried away to get the drinks. Then, as you were entering the common room again, there was a yell of “sweetheart, over here!” and “looking beautiful as always~”. Dino felt a flare of jealousy as he saw a shy smile being given at the comments, before you disappeared back behind the bar. Dino knew that he had to get you back now.


  • Hibari knew that what he did was right. He was not someone who liked being used like this. How could you be so deceiving? After finding out that you were only using him for his money, Hibari didn’t have any sympathy left for you. Hibari refused to be moved by your sobbing and pleading. He knew it was all fake.
  • It was months after the split, and Hibari still hadn’t forgotten you, even though it seemed like it. When he was alone, there would be traces of you in his mind. He would recall the way you laughed at his stubbornness, and how you smiled despite him scolding you. It was something he didn’t realize that he would miss now that you weren’t here.
  • Hibari had been invited to a meeting with another family for some new information about a war that was threatening to break out between two newly emerging rivals. Hibari, as much as he didn’t like public spaces, went for it anyway.
  • It was a crowded place, of course, and there were countless of rowdy men everywhere. Hibari knew that it was intentional too, so they could get a rile out of him. He was searching for a table, before suddenly he thought he saw a flash of your face, before it was gone. Hibari shook his head, refusing to believe that you were anywhere near this place. You were probably somewhere else, trying to leech off of more rich men to satisfy yourself.
  • It didn’t take long for the night to take a bad turn. The informant refused to give up the information without a price, and Hibari was soon getting impatient. Hibari was about to snap, but then he heard your laugh. That laugh echoed in his ears, and he didn’t even realize he was looking for you until he found you, giggling at something a customer (who was leaning a bit too closely too her for Hibari’s liking, as did another lad, who was directly staring at her behind).
  • It took all of Hibari’s willpower not to say anything, but he did crush the glass pitcher in his hand, sending glass shards everywhere. The informant screamed (probably thinking it was his fault), but all Hibari’s focus was on you. You had turned around quickly after hearing the shatter, and your eyes connected. Hibari saw you flinch, and you hurriedly turned around, avoiding his gaze all together. Hibari felt his chest tighten. All he could think about, however, was what the hell you were doing here?


i know the feeling of being lost and feeling like you should please everyone. i’ve felt that way before, probably a million times or more. 

and it’s hard. really difficult, to be honest.

as a girl who’s autistic and has depression, ocd, and a whole bunch of anxiety, it’s almost impossible. 

and i want you to know that i’ll always be there with you. no matter what you say or what you do. i’ll always support you.

i love you so much.

Her Refusing to Kiss Them cause She Smokes a Lot: B.A.P


Not the kind of guy to actually care whether you smoked or not, so he would make sure that you knew that.


Would be mature and tell you that you smoking shouldn’t matter, and that if you so it as such a negative to not kiss him, you should quit.


Annoyed that he couldn’t get a kiss but would sorta understand your concerns, trying to help you quit smoking.


Would give you an ultimatum to choose between himself and smoking, knowing full well what you were going to chose.


He would honestly be so confused, like… “If you don’t want to kiss me because you smoke, then quit smoking?”


He always was against you smoking in the first place, so when you refused to kiss him because of that, he would literally go mental and force you to stop smoking by guilt-tripping you.

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Something that is honestly kind of disturbing me a bit is the people who say that Colleen deserves someone better than Danny. Like... what? Danny treats Colleen with respect, tells her how amazing she, asks for her consent when he is having his first time, doesn't want her in danger but is not too overprotective, and validates her feelings of betrayal about the Hand. People can ship who they want to ship but I am confused with what they want.

(you’re probably getting a longer response than you wanted, but here you go)

I’ve seen people saying that he didn’t respect her or was condescending towards her, and when people say that I’m pretty sure we weren’t watching the same show, but. There’s like, one moment I can think of - the scene in the dojo when Danny is with her students and hits one of them, which i think might be what people are referencing?? What they seem to be ignoring, however, is that Colleen had exactly none of that crap and Danny did apologize, and he left without an argument when she told him to. He respected her there, respected her through the whole thing. 

I think the other one I’ve seen talked about was their sparring scene (bless this scene honestly) and said it was “condescending” like uhm no??? It was fun and interesting to see because they have different styles, it’s completely reasonable for Danny to have wanted to teach her stuff because he’s really enthusiastic about it and it wasn’t intended in a “condescending” way. And she enjoyed it, so. 

He’s protective of her, sure, but he doesn’t try and stop her from fighting. He recognizes that she is an amazing fighter. 

Honestly I’m not sure what people think that they want. I think the whole “she deserves someone better than danny” is mostly coming from the fact that apparently people don’t want the asian female lead to be in a relationship with the white male lead. I’ve seen that argument so many times around here, and it’s a crap argument like. 

ignore race for a minute. ignore skin color. maybe, just maybe, you could look at the fact that they’re good for each other. look at the positives of their relationship (and there’s a lot of positives) and just see how they are with each other. like i said, pretty sure these people weren’t watching the same show. by all means, people, ship what you want but i’m confused by this “she deserves someone better than him” stuff 

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Most entertainment closeting has historically been due to those in power telling those without that their career would be limited if they were to come out. This was as much true in 2010 / 2011 when the boys signed their Syco contracts as it was 29/50/100 years ago. It would be framed in such a way that the closeted individual would agree in principal to being discreet about their private life, while publicly being whomever tptb wanted. This hasn't changed, regardless of the law or public opinion

I totally agree. And I agree that arguing over whether the UK Equality Law prohibits closeting is beside the point, really. However, it always bothers me when that is thrown around because it is absolutely wrong and people use it to wipe away everything else, including what you are discussing. Like with the birth certificate, I’m getting caught up in a meaningless issue, really, just because it irks me that people try to use it as a shut-down point when it’s really not. You are very right that whatever legal changes there have been, we still live in a world where record execs generally think they will make more money off of straight boy band members and so they act in ways that effectuates this.

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Hey! I have a question for ya: how did you get in to heavy lifting? I work out now, lil bit of cardio, lil bit of calisthenics, but I want to try heavy lifting but idk where to start?! I'm also afraid I'll hurt myself with the wrong form!

Hey there! 

I’ve always been interested in it after reading about all the benefits for your body, and how it is way more beneficial to you than just doing cardio. Unfortunately since I have some anxiety issues, I was always nervous to approach the weight racks since it’s filled with people who know what they’re doing, and I was always scared I’d look like a noob or get made fun of or something for not knowing what I’m doing. Not only was I super wrong about that, but I’d kick any asshole who had something to say about someone trying to learn weights directly in their asshole. 

Anyways, I got super lucky and I have two friends who work at two separate gyms I go to! My friend at Planet Fitness showed me beginners’ weights and how to work certain machines that intimidated me and I always avoided. However, my school gym is much more athlete-oriented because of our football team here so the weight room was even scarier. Luckily I know a few people who go there who were kind enough to let me “shadow” them and to spot me and show me what different weights were used for and how to use proper form so that you don’t hurt yourself. 

I really wish I could give some advice on this topic, but honestly, I think if you work up the courage to talk to someone who works at your gym or just someone you see using weights you’d like to learn, most people would be more than happy to show you and to help! People are there because they want to improve themselves and they are super interested in doing so; this usually means they’ll also be super interested in showing someone else the knowledge they have on it. They may be flattered! 

I will say this - START OFF SMALL. It’s the best way to get a baseline and you won’t kill yourself. You also will be able to get proper form down first by using little weight, and then once it’s perfected, THEN worry about adding more weight. It’s not impressive if you hurt yourself, you’re right! 

I use youtube if I don’t have anyone to show me the right way to do things. Search something like “proper lifting forms” and there’s hundreds of tutorials from helpful people with that sort of knowledge. 

Sorry I can’t be of more help, good luck! (: 

Commissions are open

They have always been open but what ever

Well the money from this will be going to my friend Jae, I’m not going to tag his account because I’m worried about giving information about him and stuff.

Let’s just say, he has some health problems, and not a lot of money.

He is actually transgender, so I really really want to help him with getting food and a proper binder that doesn’t hurt him.

If you want to buy one, there are examples in the “my crappy art” and “Ohh ahh pretty glow” tags.

Message me for prices!

Some money may also be DONATED to Sai-Shou. I would not be buying commissions I would DONATE the money.

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What would be bons reaction to his s/o wanting to drink/ get drunk with him

Originally posted by mangekyorasengan

He’d be pretty taken back at first, he was kinda surprised you asked him. He asked why you wanted too and once you explained he said, “Sure, but not to much okay?” He agrees because he has always wanted to get drunk, just to see what its like, but doesn’t wanna get really drunk and have a hangover. What better way to experience something then with the person you love?

Originally posted by renzou-shima

He also doesn’t know how he’ll be when he’s drunk so he doesn’t want to get smashed and risk being a bad drunk, and be a prick to you. Since it’s illegal to drink underage and neither of you have fake ID’s, you both wait outside a shop for and hour asking passing locals to go in the shop for you, all of them refuse and tell you to go to the park like kids should. Until Mephisto happens to be walking by, and legit buys you the entire liquor isle, you didn’t even ask him but he just winked and said to have fun.

Originally posted by ao-noimagines

He was initially nervous about it, but he didn’t know why, you had drunk before so you were fine. Bon may be a bad ass but he’s a light weight.He starts slurring his words and talking shit, and of course theres those all over the place, drunken kisses and touches that normally wouldn’t be quite as adventures sober. Theres also a lot of hilarious snapchats and drunked messages involved. He’s mortal by time he leaves your dorm, he stumbles home to his dorm, gets lost and sleeps in a bush. Koneko and Renzo find him the next morning and ofc Shima finds it hilarious, especially when he takes picture and sends it to Suguro’s mom.

“What if I’m...” Finn shook his head.”You can’t be...” He mumbled.”We were safe, I always use the rubber and you are on the pill.””Things can happen Finn...” You croak, looking down on the pregnancy test. You had never been this scared in your life. Finn was finally getting the push he deserved and was main eventing pay-per-views, and you were finally getting a shot at the NXT Women’s Champion. A baby now would ruin your plans. Not that you don’t want kids. You and Finn have talked about it and even considered, but in the future, not now.”Hey, hey don’t cry babe. It will all work out. I will try and be home more often, we will spend more time together. Don’t think of it as a bad thing, think of it as a good thing. We could have a bundle of joy y/n, a little you or a little me.” Finn reassured you, calming you down a bit. What did you ever do to deserve him. 5 minutes felt like 5 hours. Your heart started to speed up as your timer goes off. You look down at the little wand, letting out a slight sigh.”So, are you...?” Finn asks, visibly at the peak of a nervous breakdown. You look up to him, tears strolling down your cheeks.”Negative.” You could hear Finn breath out loudly besides you. He pulled you to his chest, filling you with kisses. Funny thing, you thought you’d actually be relieved, but it’s the contrary. You are devastated. Was it maybe that you crave pregnancy over wrestling?

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Ok I think im late to the nice asks party but ur the nicest person ever wtf teach me how 😧😧


getting deep for a second… i know what it’s like for people to put you down and always beat you up and make fun of you… AND I NEVER EVER WANT PEOPLE TO FEEL THAT WAY!



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Like... every time I see people offer to draw other people’s mayors, it’s always gotta be someone well known/famous in the ACNL community who gets the drawings?Like, I get that they want to get noticed or make a good impression on them, but there are some other infamous ACNL blogs that also deserve that drawing you do of them???I mean, really, I can draw my own shit, but I’ve never seen drawing of mayors who I’ve never heard of, all of them are basically the “popular“ ones, and it makes me sad.

Awh I totally get what you mean! I always try to do a good mix of known and not known blogs! Don’t get too down, nonny! I’m really sorry. If ya want to come off anon, we can talk more!

Eyes Wide Open All the Time Chapter 20: We Want War: Part II

Summary: There is a sad smile in Makoto’s whisper. “You should know that I want your bad parts.”

Haru remembers saying those words but hearing Makoto speak them makes him start crying again. Though this time, both of them are smiling with wet eyes. “Even if you don’t want them, I do.”

Makoto’s fingers are gentle against a line of fresh stitches. “You’re safe here. You are always safe here.” From yourself, from me, from everything in between.

Work Summary: "You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into,“ Haru says even as he can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The light is in Makoto’s eyes. "I know you.”

In which Haru is a former drug addict selling dope, Makoto’s a teacher fresh out of the army, Sousuke’s a cop who makes the mistake of helping a rentboy named Rin, Nagisa and Rei run a support group in a church basement, and Nitori’s just trying to keep up.

Read Chapter 1 Here | Read Chapter 20 Here

Anyone else in a desperate mood for an intense, heartbreaking, heart pounding, angsty Voltron story of death and tears where you can’t stop reading till the end and after you finish you just sit there staring at the screen for a few minutes and later get it confused with canon because it was so good? Cause I am. I’m tempted to write it myself.

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Can i ask what your favorite fonts are to use on gifsets? :)

hi nonnie! sorry, I didn’t get a chance to answer this until now. Here are some of my favorites and links to download them! 

Modern No. 20 (x)

Constantia (x)

Fanwood (x)

Gauge (x) I use this one all the time! 

Hirjnotes (x)

Windsong (x)

This is definitely not all of them but it is a few! If you want a specific font from a specific gifset, you can always send me another message or instant message me! :) 

Hope this helps :)