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A Helping Hand

Prompt: Jerome is trying to hide the mess he made of his mother’s body. When you, a girl he always saw around the circus, stubbled upon the scene. He thought you would be terrified, like any sane person would be, but your reaction both interests him and attracts him to you.

Author’s Note: I’m trying to stay focused and I’m milking this vyvance for all that it’s worth, but I feel it wearing off so this imagine is probably gonna be shitty and I apologize in advance :’)


Jerome’s shoulders were taught and sore as he repetitively impaled the wet earth with his shovel. The damp soil crunched against the metal and was tossed over his shoulder carelessly with a soft thud. His fingers ached from the tight grip he had on the shovel and he sweat bullets that trailed down his muscular chest making clean streaks through the specs of dirt covering him. His chest heaved heavily up and down with every deep huff of oxygen, and his throat began to burn despite the frigid temperatures outside. And yet, no matter how much his body ached and begged to rest, he still kept a deranged smile on his face. He had done it. He had finally murdered his bitch of a mother. Looking back over to her bloody, lifeless body, it was like a burst of adrenaline and endorphins pumped in his veins. He kept digging, and digging, a malicious smile covering on his face. He was about to get away with murder.


The woods were dark and silent, their shadows terrified and confused you. Why the hell had you gone out here? Oh yeah that’s right, your Dad brought another woman home… again. The cold air nipped at your skin harshly, and your small baby-doll dress wasn’t helping much either. You tried to bring some warmth back to your body by curling your arms around yourself and rubbing your hands up and down to try and create some friction. Again, to no avail. The sound of your chattering teeth was the only thing to keep you company during your walk. If you could even call running out of your house and getting lost in the woods “going on a walk”. Your nose stuffed up and forced you to breath the cold, harsh winter air through your mouth. It burned your throat with an intensity and forced scratchy coughs to erupt from you every once in awhile. As uncomfortable and annoying it was to be out here, you’d still rather be here than in your own house, waiting for your father to get bored of whoever he’s with and come straight to your room. Any place was better than there.

Your small black boots crunched against the dead leaves covering the forest floor, and the more you walked the more you noticed another sound that was muffled by the crunching leaves. At first you thought it might’ve been you, or you were just hearing things, but it became quickly apparent that the noise wasn’t coming from you.

As you got closer to the source of the sound, you could see a light and shadows accompanying the sounds in perfect sync. You tiptoed through the trees to the edge of what looked like a small clearing, and watched a shocking scene unfold;

An old car, a rusty truck maybe, faced a man with it’s headlights beaming bright to illuminate the task the man was working on. He only wore a thin, button down short sleeved shirt covered in dirt and some other substance and an old, worn out pair of jeans. You could see what looked to be a discarded jacket a few feet away from him laying on the damp grass. How, in the holy hell, is he not freezing? The first few buttons on his shirt were even unbuttoned, exposing more of his pale flesh. You would literally kill for that big winter coat he was taking for granted on the floor. But your attention was ripped away from his warm looking coat when a burst of color flashed your peripheral vision. Orange. With each movement the man’s slicked back hair became more unruly and the color of it caught the glare of the truck's’ headlights. He seemed to be digging something, and you noticed with pleasure how the muscles in his arms flexed and stretched every time he pushed the shovel into the ground. His body stature seemed so familiar to you, to the point where it was slightly annoying not knowing exactly who you were staring at.

Then you heard the laugh.

The laugh that had been running rampant in your most intimate dreams and made it feel like millions of butterflies were tickling your stomach just for fun. The laugh you had secretly been in love with since you were twelve years old.

Was that… Jerome?


Jerome couldn’t hold in his bubbling laughter as he mocked his mother in his head all the while glancing every now and again at her lifeless corpse.

“Go get me some cigarettes, Jerome!”

“I told you to stay in your goddamn room, Jerome!”

“You’re gonna get your ass beat when we get home, Jerome…”

He cackled at the thought. The bitch can’t nagg on and on anymore, now can she? Jerome couldn’t wait until he had the whore buried six feet under and could finally walk into their trailer with no screaming or empty bottles in sight. He’d finally be able to sleep on a real bed without having to worry about his mother waking him up with a beating. He could be his own man; no nagging, controlling mothers in sight! He smiled so much his cheeks burned, but his long-lasting smile faltered at a lightning speed when he saw her.

She was peeking through the trees, her big eyes following his every movement.

As soon as Jerome’s eyes caught hers, she went rigid, not knowing what to do.

Jerome quickly climbed out of the nearly-finished shallow grave and stomped her way. He harshly threw the shovel to the side and ran up to the girl before she could even move. Jerome roughly grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her out of the edge of the woods, her small shriek of pain filling him with joy.

“Enjoying the show sweetheart?” He mockingly whispered in her ear. He wanted desperately to see whatever terrified look was plastered on her face, but her hair was in the way. Jerome unforgivingly dragged her to the front of the car and roughly bent her over the hood of the truck, holding her face down against it by her neck.

“You know, watching people trying to do private things is very bad… Do you know what we do to little girls who are very bad?”

Jerome used both of his hands on her waist and turned her small body around so that now her back was against the hood of the car. He pressed his body against hers, pinning her body to the hood of the trunk while one of his hands slid into his back pocket to grab his switchblade. He’s not gonna lie, he enjoyed how her body was pushed so closely against his; she was so small compared to him and it made him feel powerful, it made him feel like a large, intimidating predator deciding whether or not to devour it’s innocent prey.

Jerome had flicked the blade out, running it up her torso slowly before lightly pressing it against her neck. He didn’t particularly want to kill such a cute little thing, but he couldn’t have a random girl running around telling people his business, now could he? Jerome’s other hand began to slowly sweep away the girl’s hair from her face,

“Come ‘on darlin… let me see your pretty eyes. I wanna watch the life drain outta them…”

He pulled away the last strand of hair and was met with an all too familiar face.

It was (Y/N).

Her eyes stared right into his and didn’t hold any fear or terror like he thought they would; instead her eyes held wonder and… excitement almost? Looking down, he saw her perfect pink lips curved upward into a small smile that sent shivers down his spine and for the first time that night made goosebumps appear on his skin. Jerome had known her since they were kids, she was a few years younger than him, but that never stopped him from stealing glances of her. Whether she was laughing with childlike amusement at the cheap carnie games or creating her own forms of entertainment while they were in between towns, watching her and seeing that damn smile was always the best part of his day. She could tell he recognized her, she didn’t understand why though. She probably didn’t ever wonder if that certain someone she thought was so intriguing and different thought the exact same way about her. (Y/N) smiled her smile though, not scared of Jerome’s tactics, just excited she got to be this close to her years long crush.

“H-hey J… whatcha up to..?”

Jerome slightly scoffed at her nonchalant response to him putting a knife to her throat. He could feel her legs on the side of his waist slightly swinging back and forth waiting for an answer. The hand he used to move her hair out of her face was now where Jerome rested his cheek, looking at her like she was the most compelling thing he’d ever laid his eyes on.

“Little bit of this, little bit of that… little bit of burying my bitch of a Mother… What about you (Y/N)? Why is a little thing like you out so late instead of in her nice bed at home? That’s where you wanna be right? Of course it is… you could be under your safe, warm pillows. Not shivering under a sociopath.” He hissed like a snake so close to (Y/N)’s face that she could feel his minty breath against her lips. Jerome smiled like a cold-blooded killer, which in all actuality, he was. (Y/N) unintentionally batted her eyes innocently,

“If my dad wasn’t being a carbon copy of your mother, maybe I would. But for some odd reason, I feel like even if that wasn’t the case, I would still want to be here shivering under a sociopath.”

Her breath quickened as she felt Jerome run the tip of his switch blade around her chest and collar bones in small patterns.

“Well when you put it like that doll… You sound just as crazy as me.”

Maybe that’s why he liked her so much; maybe he somehow knew deep down that she was like him.

Jerome, much to his and (Y/N)’s displeasure, he got off of her and helped her slide off the hood of the car. Jerome brought her over to where his mother’s lifeless body lay and nervously bit his nails while he watched for her reaction. Now, most normal people would be terrified and frantic. They would probably be telling him to call the cops, or be disgusted and nauseas by the scene, or screaming at how he was sick in the head. But (Y/N) was far from normal.

“Need a hand?” She said to Jerome like it was the most normal thing in the world. Jerome let out a breath that he didn’t even know he was holding in. (Y/N) just smiled and shrugged, grabbing a leg and waiting for Jerome to do the same.

She didn’t really know why she was helping him, yes she liked him a lot but not enough to just up and help him hide a dead body. Maybe it was because she was secretly jealous of Jerome, and how he had enough courage to get the job done. Unlike you. You lost count of how many times you wished you could do this exact same thing to your father. And even though it unfortunately wasn’t your Dad that was about to be buried in an unmarked grave, it gave you happiness that Jerome didn’t have to deal with his shitty parent anymore.

Jerome grabbed his mother’s other leg and you both began to use all of your strength to drag her into the hole. Once at the edge, you both moved to the front of her body, and with one final push, sent her body six feet under. Jerome laid down at the edge of the grave, his legs dangling off the side and his arms spread wide in exhaustion. You weren’t nearly as tired as he was, considering he murdered her and dug the grave all by himself, so you sat by his side.

You shoved your hands in the pockets of your dress to warm up your freezing finger tips, and felt a stick leading up to some kind of sphere. Ooohh a lollipop! You ripped the paper off of the sweet treat and immediately put it in your mouth, savoring the sugary cherry flavor. Your Dad never let you have any sort of sweets, not even when you were a kid; you always had to lift some from the concession stand or pick pocket some change to buy some. That’s probably where this one came from to be honest.

You didn’t get to taste the favor for long though, as you felt the sugary treat get pulled from your mouth. Looking to the side you saw Jerome, looking everywhere except for your direction, with your lollipop in his mouth. He quickly caught a glance at your face and burst out laughing when he saw your scowl. You crossed your arms in annoyance, also because you were still freezing fucking cold. How is he gonna steal your candy after you just helped him hide a dead body? So rude…

Suddenly you felt a warm hand on your arm pulling you closer to Jerome, he grabbed his large winter jacket and pulled you onto his lap so that you could both be kept warm inside of it. He took the candy out of his mouth with a pop and gave it back to you, which you gladly accepted. With a soft hand Jerome tucked your head between his chin,

“Hey doll… thanks for, ya’ know… helping me bury my mom and not go cryin’ to the cops.”

“…No problem J. We’ve been around each other for years, I know how your mother is; If you didn’t gank her now I probably would’ve later.”

Jerome laughed a genuine laugh, one that you had never heard before.

“I knew there was something I liked about you… ever since we were kids I knew you were different. You were just like me.” He said with a proud, triumphant smile.

“Yeah I guess you’re right… Although, I am a bit cuter.”

Jerome threw his head back with a cackle and you couldn’t be happier that you were the one who caused it.

Jerome wrapped his arms tighter around you and lightly kissed your temple, a small act that had you shivering from for than just the cold.

“Just so you know princess, your Dad is next on my list.”


“I met her a long time ago in Portland when we were playing a show. It was just a brief encounter, I gave her a sticker and we were talking a little bit. I thought she was like, Nancy Spungen or something. She just looked like a classic punk rock chick, you know? I didn’t feel attracted to her, probably wanted to fuck her that night but she left. I just wanted to add some excitement in my life and I had never met anyone so outspoken and charismatic, and it just seemed like she was a magnet for exciting things to happen. I felt like a rebel in a way because I was going off of Courtney and we were scoring drugs, and fucking up against a wall outside and stuff like that, you know? And causing scenes just to do it; just because everyone is just sitting at this table eating food and not having any fun. It was great to just play this role with someone who would stand up all of a sudden and smash a glass on the table and scream at me and throw me down, you know? It was just really fun.” — Kurt Cobain on Courtney Love

Koi No Yokan

Characters - Steve x Sharon (stick with me here), Reader, Clint

Words - 636

Warnings - Angst

Koi No Yokan (Japanese) - The sense upon first meeting a person that the two of you are going to fall into love. This is different than “love at first sight,” since it implies that you might have a sense of imminent love, somewhere down the road, without yet feeling it. The term captures the intimation of inevitable love in the future, rather than the instant attraction implied by love at first sight.

A/N - Yay, new drab series! I’m just setting the scene in the first couple parts so please hang with me. Feedback is what I crave so go for it :)

“Baxter!” Your hoarse voice tore through the neighborhood just a few blocks from your own. There were tears clouding your vision and you couldn’t stop your nose from running as you wailed through the streets like a mad woman. “Baxter!”

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Story Time!

Some idiot jumped the curb and crashed his car into the light post on the street corner outside my office this afternoon. It was a relatively slow day, so my co-worker and I watched the scene unfold.

Police and fire crew showed up, of course. There were no injuries, so they were standing around chatting for a while.

I watched one young, attractive cop reach over and adjust something on one of the young, attractive firefighter’s jacket. They smiled and joked and laughed.

Everything my life I witness, I swear to you, ends up as a Dean and Cas AU. That being said… Rec me, y'all. Where my fireman/cop AUs at? I might write one sooner or later.

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Ok so y/n is pregnant enough to have mood swings and no control over her hormones. So shes been going on and on about looking like a huge whale and Harry tells her that she doesn't but one day Harry's talking to someone on the phone and says that she thinks she looks like a whale with how big her belly is and she catches the end of the sentence at the wrong time and its a huge misunderstanding but shes not having it and Harry tries to explain to her that its not what it seems but still nothing

In which daddy Harold comforts you when you gain weight and being hormonal about not being attractive.. it could also turn from this fluff to smut, where he shows you how he loves your body (in front of a mirror) 💘💘

These two were similar enough that I wound them together. The smut is… sprinkled at the end. Cause the heart and point of this really seemed to be the body stuff, so a hard scene felt gratuitous, but there’s a mention. x. 

042. You’re Pregnant, Love

“I’m huge.”

“You’re not huge, angel, you’re pregnant.”

“Not really a difference,” you remark as you examine your profile in the mirror. “I’m pregnant and huge. I’m huge because I’m pregnant,” you say decidedly.

You tap your fingers against the swell of your belly and glance down your body. “I’ve got two behinds,” you muse.

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Tension (Chris Pratt)

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(GIF is not mine.)

Anon asks: Love your imagines ^^ I would like one with (Y/N) and Chris Pratt having an awkward sexual tension moment, but ends up in something funny ans sweet. Thx!! keep writing:) 

(Y/B/F/N)= Your Best Friend Name

       You can’t help it when you start to have feelings for your co-star. When you’re a part of someone’s life for a long period of time, you get to know them and their quirks. How funny they are, how sweet and talented, also it never hurts for me to find him extremely attractive.

Today is our last day on set so everyone is messing around with each other; and of course (Y/B/F/N) had to prank you. I just finished my last scene with Chris and I were heading to the trailers when (Y/B/F/N) and some of the crew started to chase Chris and I with water guns. We grabbed each other’s hand and ran for my trailer, getting soaked as we ran.

        I swung open the door and ran in with Chris trailing us and slamming the door shut behind us and locking it. We looked at one another and bursted out laughing, we were both soaked, his shirt was dripping water all over the floor and my dress was soaked as well. 

“Let me go get us some towels before it looks like it flooded in here.” I say and go to the bathroom, grabbing two towels and going back out to give him one. “Here you go.” I say and hand him a towel, which he thanks me for and starts to dry himself off “Sorry for the mess (Y/N).” he apologizes “Oh it’s fine, it’s (Y/B/F/N)’s fault anyway.” I reply “Alright.” he says. 

        “I wouldn’t have happened to have left any clothes here last week when they were fixing my trailer, would I?” he asks me “Um, I think you left some sweatpants and a t-shirt in the corner over there.” I answer, pointing to the other side of the room. He goes over there and sure enough there are some clothes. “I think I’ll go change into these.” he says and starts to head to the bathroom “Oh before you do that, can you unzip my dress?” I interrupt “Yeah sure.” he says hesitantly and comes over to me.

He puts one hand on my shoulder; his thumb glides across my skin, back and forth. His other hand grazes against the bottom of my neck and he slowly unzips my dress as he looks int the mirror in front of me. He reaches the bottom and we just look at each other in the mirror, and my heart starts to race from the feeling of his skin on mine. Then I blink and realize that we are staring at each other “Oh… um, thanks.” I stutter out and turn around “You know, you can have the bathroom, I’ll change in here.” he says “Ugh thanks.” I say and head to the bathroom.

I change into my clothes that I store in the bathroom and then head back outside and see Chris slipping his shirt on and I can see the muscles in his back flex. He turns around and smiles at me “You know, (Y/N), I was just thinking. Why don’t we go get drinks later to celebrate our last day on set?” he asks me “I’d love to Chris, I think that would be a lot of fun.” I answer him. “Okay, how about I come pick you up at 7?” he asks me “Alright, I guess you should go and get your stuff from your trailer.” I say “Alright, I’ll see you later then (Y/N).” he replies and winks at me as he walks out the door of my trailer.


“Sonya, you don’t know what it feels like to be in love like this-”

“I do know what it feels like to be in love, Natasha! And suffer for it!”

Don’t like it? It’s okay.

I DO like some of these shows people insist so hard to curse and insult with such hatred, like the Powerpuff Girls reboot, Transformers RiD, Ben 10 Omniverse, etc. 

And I’m surely not the only one. Some people around the world DO like and support these shows. For instance, the kids, that are the main focus of these attractions.

These shows bring up good vibes, they have good story-telling, fun scenes, good action and sometimes lessons we can relate to.

The past shows were good? Yes, they were. But comparing one to the other, and adding curses and hatred will not make things better neither for you nor anyone.

So if you don’t like the newest shows, don’t spread so much hatred. Nothing against free sppech, nothing against anyone’s tastes, but you cannot FORCE anyone to hate it until they actually see any of these shows. Everyone has different tastes, and they can either like it or not.

For me, I’m okay with who don’t like it as much as with those that do.

If anyone’s with me on this team of okay with both, against hating spreading, reblog it, please?

Type: Imagine

Pairing: Vision x Reader

Prompt: This takes place right after the first experience with Vision. He’s been distant since and you’ve been left extremely confused and conflicted. However, with the appearance of an attractive new man in the building who enjoys flirting? How can a girl resist the chance to provoke some feelings from our favorite creation? Well, Vision has a few… thoughts about that.

Requested Sequel by Multiple People

Warning: There’s a pretty intense…ish make out scene towards the end so… yeah. Just letting ya know.


You were so conflicted at this point.

A month ago, something happened between you and Vision. Oh, who are you kidding? He kissed the life out of you! Yup, he gave you the best kiss of your life before he made a cheeky little comment about how this ‘needed more experimentation’ before flying away. You had, of course chased after him in order to demand an explanation. But, he had already disappeared like he was Batman or something.

And ever since then? Well, he never brought it up again. He just continued to be his normal formal self. He even called you 'Ms. (L/N)’ again which, if you must say, was enough to make you whimper like a little girl. Why? Because he’d finally called you by your first name after this kiss, only to go back to calling you by your last name.

Back to square one all over again!

And it’s not like he’s not interested in you even a little bit, you know he is! Subtlety has never been Vision’s strong suit regardless of what you may think. You would see him gaze at you when you weren’t looking, you’d see the adorable confused puppy dog look he’d get as he looked, the way that his touch would linger on a second or two too long-you were no idiot! Sure, you may not be the smartest of people but you liked to think that you had some sort of instinct for these kind of things.

And besides, you were not the only one to notice. The others had too. You’d see Tony smirking at the both of you while not even trying to hide his expression, even wiggling his eyebrows tauntingly which was enough to make you blush. Then, Natasha and Clint. They were a bit more conspicuous however, you had to be blind to not notice their whispers as they looked between you and Vision attentively as if watching a film. And Bruce? He, being the sweetheart he is, did his best to not embarrass you both. He pretended to be oblivious and would toss you encouraging looks. And Steve? Oh, poor Steve. He was the only one who was hopelessly oblivious as to what might have transpired between Vision and you.

Anyway, you were getting more and more annoyed and confused by the day. Why was Vision just pretending this didn’t happen? He seemed so… interested prior but now? Now you were just not sure at all. All you knew was that you had feelings for Vision and you were a very determined person. You would not just give up on him. So, you then went to the only person you could think of that was mischievous enough to be able to help you conceive a plan to get Vision’s attention.

And who was that?

Tony Motherfucking Stark, as he liked to be called.

Tony and you talked for days about possible plans in order to gain his attention. However, they were all shot down after further contemplation.

Idea: Wear something sexy to gain his interest.

Problem:Vision would be too oblivious to notice the seduction tactic. Also, he never liked promiscuous girls.

Idea:Confront him.

Problem:You were way too much of a coward to do so. You’d probably faint or something knowing your luck.

Idea: Just kiss him!

Problem: Vision is not one for surprises. A kiss out of nowhere could really throw him off and push him away.

And there were plenty of other ideas that were tossed after various issues were found with them.

And it was at the point that everything seemed lost that Tony had an idea.

Tony had an old friend named Michael that was a successful business man like Tony, although not nearly as successful as Tony made sure to state. Tony was gonna call Michael up and cash in on a favor that Michael owed him. The favor?

Have Michael pretend to be doing business with Tony and have him come over where, in a totally natural way, he’ll flirt with you and Vision will totally become jealous and admit that he is madly in love with you and… yeah. And, in a fit of obvious desperation, you jumped onto the idea.

So, within the week, the plan had started. Michael had arrived a few days later and the flirting began! And let’s just say that it was not difficult to get into it because… OH. MY. GODS. He was simply gorgeous. With tussled black hair that was shaved on the sides some while sticking up on the top in an 'Just-Had-Wild-Sex’ way with lightly tanned skin and pale blue eyes. The man oozed sex appeal and if you weren’t dead set on Vision you would’ve been all over this guy.

But, alas, your heart belonged to another.

The flirting started off simple. Lingering kissed on the hand, a hug that lasted a little too long, and lingering gazes mixed with subtle flirtatious comments and compliments. And considering you were Tony’s PA, you had to talk with him a lot whenever he was in the building. Although, there were a few times you had to call your sister Pepper in order to get help on other Personal Assistant stuff that you could do with Michael.

But, all in all, it worked like a charm!

The more you talked with Michael, the more you noticed in regards to how he was feeling. Whenever Vision would see them together you would notice a few things that, to be honest, make you blush like crazy.

His mind gem was glowing in a very bright and concerning way. His eyes appeared darker than usual. His body was even more tense than usual. He seemed to never take his eyes off of you and Michael, following your every move. He spoke in very short and clipped answers whenever someone spoke to him when you and Michael were in the same room. Or whenever he saw Michael period, from what an gleeful Tony informed you. So yes, the plan was most definitely working.

But, the thing is… he still wasn’t making a move! All he’s done is stare and act jealous yet nothing! Nothing! You felt dejected. And that explains everything that has happened up to this specific point.

You were currently sitting on the couch on a Saturday night. Everyone had been called away due to an invasion/attack or something a couple of hours ago. You’d gotten a few texts from the others who said that they were going to get shawarma to celebrate the victory before going to a party that was thrown in their honor. You were invited but you were a bit too bummed out about Vision to even think of going out.

So, here you sat. On the couch. Carton of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream beside you with a large spoon shoved in your mouth. Baggy jumper and sweatpants. Watching the Vampire Diaries. More specifically, drooling over one Klaus Mikaelson. (Seriously, look him up. Gorgeous.)

You’d come to the conclusion that you were alone considering everyone had gone to the attack. But, you were apparently wrong. Halfway through a scene, you heard extremely soft footsteps. The only reason you heard them was because you’d been trained by Natasha and Clint after getting the job. With all the attacks that happen at random, it was better for you to be able to defend yourself in a fight if need be. So, your senses had grown quite a bit though nowhere near the level of the resident assassins.

You jumped up, whirling around with a spoon hanging out your mouth and fists up in the position Natasha had taught you.

You looked like an adorable kitty. You anime people know what I’m talking about right? Like, those adorable pictures you see on Pinterest or something where there is an adorable drawing of an anime kitty with pocky in their mouth. Ugh, so freaking adorable. Think of it like that! Except with you instead of a kitty, I guess. ANYWAY, back to the story.

You were somewhat ready to fight and defend yourself until you realized who it was.

“Vwision.” You mumbled around the spoon, fists lowering lamely. No wonder you heard him and was thrown off, Vision usually hovers everywhere. You hardly remember times where he was just walking around. Vision looked at you with a small and polite smile. “Hello, Ms. (L/N)”

You were unsure as to what to say next but, it was then that you quickly remembered the state you were in. You quickly removed the spoon from your mouth, holding it behind you and out of sight as if it was never back there. You saw a flicker of amusement in his eyes before it faded into a type of indifference.

“Uh… I thought you were out with the others.”

Vision walked further into the room, cape billowing majestically. You were momentarily distracted by it but, quickly shook yourself out of those thoughts when he spoke.

“I was with the others and after the battle they spoke of going out for food. I decided to return, my disinterest in such things the reason.”

You nodded along, shuffling your feet as the silence stretched on. You could feel his gaze burning into the side of your face and you just knew that your face was flushed. Curse the effect that he has on me, you thought glumly before deciding to be the bigger person.

“So… wanna join me and watch the Vampire Diaries?”

Vision looked at you, unmoving for a few seconds before giving a bow of his head and responding with, “Thank you, Ms. (L/N).” before moving gracefully over to you. You plopped down on the far left of the couch with your ice cream while Vision sat on the far right.

After resuming the show you both settled in to watch the episode. The whole time you noticed Vision glancing over at you with a type of curiosity and hesitation. And it was during the sex scene between Klaus and Hayley that he spoke.

“Ms. (L/N), pardon me if I come across as inappropriate but… have you ever been involved in sexual acts?”

You’d been placing a spoonful of ice cream into your mouth when this question was asked. You immediately choked and had to cough a few times in order to remove the ice cream lodged in your throat. After calming down you looked at Vision with wide eyes.


Vision gave you a look of concern before continuing, hesitant and almost nervous in his explanation as if he was afraid of your response.

“In this television series, there have been multiple instances of sex. From what I understand, women who have not experienced such a thing tend to blush with blood or become embarrassed. However, you are able to look at such a thing with little to no reaction. I’m curious.”

You were able to put together a response, albeit a response that made you blush with the idea of revealing this.

“Yes. Yes, I have uh… had sex before with my ex-boyfriend.”

It was subtle at first. A slight twitch in his left eye and the tightening of his muscles that had him tensed up. Before it then turned to a deep frown and a furrowing of his brow as he seemed genuinely upset. You could not help the mini-version of you in your head who was jumping up and down and screaming 'Jealousy’ over and over again. You pushed her down into the darkness of your mind, ignoring her.

But, maybe she was right…

Because, before you could even study his darkening expression more, he was onto you. Your eyes were wide in disbelief at the feel of his cool lips on yours. It only took a few seconds for you to register what was happening before it cleared. His hands on your waist, his lips against yours in a rough way, his cool skin against yours.

You returned the kiss eagerly.

Your arms coiled around his neck pulling him closer while his arms circled around your middle. The movement allowed him to hover over you while you laid on the couch on your back. His right hand moved up towards your hair, the slight brush of his hand against your breast making your breath hitch.

He broke the kiss, instead moving to pepper kisses along the side of your neck. You let out soft sighs at the feel of his cool lips on your skin. Your legs moved to encircle his waist pulling him closer. When he began nibbling on the juncture between your shoulder and your neck, you made an embarrassing sound between a whimper and a groan.

And it was at that point you had a moment of clarity and realization. You quickly mumbled, “Wait, wait, wait.” which caused Vision to pull away, looking down at you with dark eyes. You licked your stinging lips before speaking breathlessly.

“Where did you learn that?”

Vision managed a smile that made your heart pick up speed. “Well, (Y/N) I have had a lot of time to do some research.” You gave a dazed nod, eyes locked on his lips. But, he wasn’t done. “And in doing some research, I’ve discovered a few things that give me some… insight on all the new changes I’m feeling in this form.” Your haze cleared and your gaze focused on his eyes. “As it seems, I felt jealousy at the relationship between you and Mr. Corvin. And it seems the jealousy developed due to some romantic feelings I’ve been developing for you. A new and strange development that I’m looking to study more if that’s alright?”

As you looked at him with wide eyes and a dropped jaw it seemed pretty obvious as to what your answer is. However, it seemed your brain had forgotten how to make and pronounce words. So, all you could do was nod and make a sound that was something like 'Yehhwammaahhh?’

Vision seemed to understand what you meant to say as he gave a kind smile that soon changed into an expression that made you have no doubt that he was created by Tony Stark. And also made you wonder about where he went to in order to do 'research’. However, pushing that question aside, Vision moved his head down in order to press his lips against yours in a deep kiss that made your body weak. However, one thought stood out in your cloud of happiness.

Did he call me by my first name?

jazzinjuke  asked:

AND ALSO Saki/Law #9, the hiding from authorities ;)))))

9. We’re hiding from the authorities and it’s very close quarters in here, I can feel your body against mine.

The last two days had consisted of nothing but one poor decision after another. Raiding that patrol ship, docking so near to a Navy base, picking a fight with that crew of wimps – she swears she doesn’t remember a single face from bounty posters, and she is good at remembering, thank you very much – and making a scene at the nightclub, as if Jean Bart’s size wasn’t enough to attract the attention of everybody within a mile, and before they knew the rival crew was flying through the clubs’ windows and the Marines on the island were onto them and everybody had split up to escape and she and Law had ended up squeezing into a tiny dark alley that smelled like sorrow and regret, as many are wont to do late at night. That had possibly been the poorest decision of all, with his body pressed against hers and an arm wrapped around her from when he had pushed her into the alley and his breath unintentionally fanning against her ear. Meanwhile, the soldiers ran down the street ignoring their hiding spot, because nobody who valued their bodily integrity would have chosen to step in there.

Law shifted to look better at what was going on outside the alley, and the contact sent tingles down Saki’s spine. Definitely the poorest decision of the week.

“You could have just taken them out,” she whispered, trying to be annoyed so she couldn’t think about other things, like the tattooed hand running down her arm and stopping right about where her waist was and that maybe, maybe, someday he’d let her fix, and thank goodness that he was an easy person to get annoyed at.

She saw him smirk from the corner of her eye, and he said, “I will if I have to, but where would the fun be in that?”

“You think this is fun?” And she meant the alley, with its sticky ground and grimy walls and puddles of best left unknown origin, but she was slightly out of breath and kind of smirking as well, so when she spoke it came out very different, and she wasn’t sure she even minded.

His chest rumbled against hers as he said, “You don’t?” and leaned even closer, and when he saw she made no attempt to get away, the hand on her arm slipped to her torso and his fingers began to trace a line following the waistband of her pants.

Saki stood on her tiptoes, bodies brushing smoothly, and the dim yellow glow of the streetlights made it impossible to tear her eyes away from his, golden and wanting and half lidded, as she closed the inches between their lips, because she figured one more poor decision to add to the record wouldn’t make a difference anymore and the night was still young and not completely lost.

So I heard a couple things that bothered me about the fan base last night. 

1. One of my best friends went to the show but had to leave because girls were screaming at her calling her a bitch and a slut, they were pushing her around in the crowd and made her cry so she left, to whoever was doing this to her FUCK YOU. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO CALL ANYONE THOSE NAMES AND RUIN THEIR NIGHT WHICH WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN. This made me extremely upset. 

2. I saw a girl post on facebook about how when Chris came into the audience she STUCK HER HAND DOWN HIS PANTS. THAT IS SEXUAL HARASSMENT!!! DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT HE WANTS A 19 YEAR OLD SCENE GIRL TOUCHING HIM?! NO.  I don’t care if you’re sexually attracted to him but to do something like that is so disgusting and demoralizing… 

THIS IS WHY THE MOTIONLESS IN WHITE FAN BASE HAS A BAD NAME. I never go off like this but hearing this stuff just really made me upset and I felt I needed to say something about it. Rant over…


Infamous scene
The important fact about this scene is that Anakin is socially awkward teenager here.
People learn the majority of communication skills in their teen years. The years that Anakin spent in the Jedi Temple almost in utter isolation, save the droids he built for himself.
Attack of the clones movie was his first real coming-out into society. Naturally he felt awkward because he was never taught to communicate. Moreover, he found himself to interact with the woman he is attracted to. He wants to pay a compliment, but he doesn’t really know how to. There came such strange lines as “You’ve grown more beautiful”.
And the scene where he opens Padme about his feelings? Sounds like something Shakespearian, which is where he probably took this monologue from.
While he was staying with his mother, he was way too young to be taught about courting. And then the Jedi feel like these type of people who avoid any topic regarding love and physical relationship. So books were likely Anakin’s only source of information. He had to figure out on his own how to court, to kiss, to seduce.
However, Anakin hardly read any of books himself. He looks like the guy who reads only manuals for technical devices and military reports. So it was probably Obi-Wan who read him aloud. And that is how Anakin memorized this romantic monologue.

So I watched Boruto's movie for the 2nd time...

…and brought my non-shipper/Naruto fan (in general) friend with me.

This post contains very minor Boruto: Naruto The Movie spoilers, so if you’re avoiding any information/spoilers related to the movie, please skip this post!

She literally loved Sasuke in the movie. She calls him, “Tsundere Papasuke” which he kinda sorta is (although not the energetic/super violent reaction/vocal kind lmfao).

She also ended up really loving the Uchiha family/Sarada & Papasuke’s relationship as well as Papasuke and Mamakura’s relationship (at least, what we see of it in the movie).

To wrap it all up, she went home a SasuSaku Shipper.

“I’m reading SasuSaku fanfiction when I get home,” was the first sentence she told me (after seeing that rooftop ending in the movie).

So yasss, our SS fandom is growing even more.

P.S. Papasuke looks really hot in the movie. And I mean really, really attractive. The scenes that you see of him in the trailers weren’t his best shots (neither were the scenes that featured Naruto).

Being a prominent character of the movie, he has a ton of screen time (meaning a good number of talking/training scenes and his action/fighting scenes were all just downright amazing). So yes, prepare for the sexiness, I kid you not.


Behind the Scenes of Smith And Jones (Part Three)

Excerpts from DWM #381 (article(s) by Jason Arnopp)

[Quotes from Anne Reid:]
“I told my agent I couldn’t wait to suck David Tennant’s blood. She told me I wasn’t the only one!”

“He’s the most wonderful Doctor Who and he’s so nice to work with.  So kind.  Makes a huge difference.  When you have a leading actor who’s as genuinely nice as he is, it goes through the whole company, in my experience.  I didn’t realize he had a Scottish accent!”

[Russell T. Davies on Anne Reid:]
“She was brilliant, and David got on with her a treat. That scene, where she’s sucking his blood with a straw… must’ve been 500 takes cos they were both laughing so much.”

[Roy Marsden (who plays Stoker) on David Tennant:]
"David has a dynamic, energy, charm, and a wonderful quality of innocence. That’s very attractive in a character.  His energy drives the show.  He’s what I call an actor who really hangs out the line, so everyone else can hang their washing on it.”

[Freema on David:]
"Straight away, I was a little bit in awe,” she confesses.  "I’m glad that we did a few scenes without him yesterday, to give me a chance to be calm on set.  Having said that, there was a moment today, when I looked at him and had to do a double-take.  He’s amazing.  He’s so good at what he does: a quality actor.  Being in a scene with him, I find myself watching him like a viewer, then remembering that I actually have to interact with him and say lines!”

Other BTS posts about Smith and Jones are here: [ 1 ]  [ 2 ]  [ 4 ]
The rest of my behind-the-scenes photosets are available [ here

The Bombshell

Title: The Bombshell

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 1509 words, kinda better?

Warnings: Swearing and my attempt of doing references.

Summary: Winchesters and the Reader are on a vampire case in Montana. Jealous!Dean comes swooping in to ruin your chance to be with this attractive, but then something happens in the parking lot.

Requested: @frostedmoose

Originally posted by transgendersam

A/N: First part is kinda long, but it does get better! Hope you guys enjoy!

“Missed me boys?”

Rolling in through the town, the boys and including you were working on a case. Usually they would disregard your request to join the fun, but you guessed this time they needed more than just two hunters on the scene. They picked you up on the way to Montana and caught you up with so far of the case. Apparently there’s a whole coven of freshly turned vampires who don’t know where their place is.

You’ve been working with the Winchesters for a while, knowing their tricks and little jokes to each other. Whenever you were around them, you just felt like you were somewhere you belonged. You haven’t felt like that in years, especially when you finally went out on your own to hunt. 

They were two guys who were raised to be hunters. You, on the other hand, were raised to become a normal college graduate with honors. Though after seeing your parents die at the teeth of vampires, you kind of started turning away from the normal. You owe those brothers your life and when they need you, you would go right away.

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Arrow Fic: Love is Red 4/?

Love is Red 4/?
Author: dettiot
Rating: T for now
Summary: Actors Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen have known each other for years.  They’ve never been more than acquaintances.  Yet when they are cast opposite each other in an unusual romantic drama about astronauts on the first mission to Mars, the sparks of attraction might just flare up into a bright red fire.  
Disclaimer: I don’t own Arrow. No copyright infringement intended.
Author’s Note:  Thank you so much to everyone who continues to support this story!  I love reading your comments about Oliver and Felicity.  :-)



Felicity did her best to hold in the sigh as Digg put a halt to the scene when it had barely begun.  They were shooting the scenes of the astronaut selection process, a moment she had looked forward to when she had read the script.

When she had been in middle school, she had qualified for admission to Space Camp.  But with only her mother’s cocktail waitress salary, there was no way Felicity could go.  Something her middle school self had not handled well–in fact, she had been a major brat about it.  So this scene had been a way for Felicity to live out that middle school dream.

But in reality, it wasn’t going very smoothly.  Crowd scenes often were difficult, between the extras and the need for multiple angles, but more than that, something just seemed off today.  Maybe it was because of the set: they were back in the large auditorium from the beginning of the film, and Digg seemed to be having trouble getting the cameras in position for the shots he wanted.  Which meant the cast and the extras had been squeezed into the tight seats for an hour without anything to show for it.

Next to her, Oliver shifted, trying to move his large body away from her another quarter-inch.  Felicity pressed her lips together, until she reminded herself that she would need a lipstick touch-up if she kept doing that, which would mean another delay.

Blowing out a breath, she tried to relax her shoulders.  She looked over at Oliver and gave him a small, hopefully-encouraging smile.  “I guess you’ve had to deal with these kind of long days a lot, yeah?”

He nodded, keeping his eyes forward so she could only see him in profile.  “Yeah,” he answered, his one-word response not exactly effusive.

Read the rest on AO3.