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listener: have you ever been a class leader?
jonghyun: i have never been one since primary school. grades were important in order to become one in my middle school. the middle school i went to …, you were able to be a candidate only if you had good grades. i don’t think i would have put myself as a candidate even if i had good grades. i felt amazed when i saw my friends who tried to become leaders. in primary school …, it was more like a popularity vote. starting from middle school i started to think about the burden that the position held. i thought i wouldn’t be able to do it even if someone offered me the place.

I’m so happy that such a  kind souls like @mizjoely or @elennemigo liked / reblogged my post, cause they were my heroes before I got brainwashed by all the disaster that was all this TJLC mess.

And yes, brainwashed is the best word I can use. Brainwashed to the point I got so mean and hateful towards the people who didn’t deserve it. That I lost good friends like @thistie. That I haven’t even noticed some of TJLCers are nice to you till you agree with their theories. And no, I don’t mean all of them. I mean people who loved Mark and Steven till S4 turned out not to be a confirmation to TJLC. I mean people who started to send their hate to Mark and Steven just because the show didn’t go their way. I mean people who behave like whiny kids, angrily stomping their feet, just cause they didn’t get what they wanted. I don’t want to do anything with those people. I’m not like them, and I’m glad that I finally woke up.

[and yup, it was like ‘John punching Sherlock in TLD’ kinda waking up.]

The Six Thatchers started and I knew in a blink that there isn’t any conspiracy and there never was. That this is the story that Mark and Steven always wanted to tell. I can’t even watch Mary’s scenes without crying my soul out loud and if it has to be my punishment for being a mean, hateful asshole towards her character and all the people who didn’t deserve it, then good, i’ll happily suffer. 

And I’m aware it’s not enough, but I wanted to say two words [no, that’ll be actually more than two] I’m sorry and thank you. I’m sorry for being a blind, vile, hateful person without realising I hurt people and I’m not like that at all. Thank you, for your love, kindness and everything.

Seventeen reaction to having a crush on this sweet girl only to find out she is covered in tattoos.

WOOOOOAAHHHH!! Those look so cool! Are you good friends with the artist or did you have a different one tattoo you each time? ~Hoshi, DK, Mingyu, Wonwoo

I was not expecting that but okay, they look coo- OH MY GOSH THAT ONE IS SO DETAILED IT MUST HAVE TAKEN FOREVER. Do all of these have a meaning to you or did you get some because they were cool? ~Woozi, Jeonghan, Vernon, Dino

As long as you think they have some meaning to them. They still look cool though. How much did it hurt? Or these boys wouldn’t really have a reaction. There is no in between. ~Joshua, S.Coups, Seungkwan, Jun, The8

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(Sorry that the reactions I write aren’t really as good quality as they used to be. I don’t have much time because of chores and school and homework. I will do better when I have more free time.) ~Admin Liz

A few days ago, I met with a college friend I had not seen in five years. It was as if no time had passed as we updated each other on what had happened in those years between the phone calls and visits we hadn’t made. There was still a deep knowing and comfort between us. Before I left, I made a joke about how I would do those years we shared in college differently, knowing what I do now. Those years were hard; I wished I had done more, been better. I was unsure of my future and lived like it. But my friend wouldn’t let me get away with the veiled shame I was casting upon myself. “Yeah, but this is how I saw you,” he said. “I always knew who you were.”

I realized that all of my good friends, the ones who’d been in the trenches with me across my life had this in common: an unwavering belief in me, even when I did not believe in myself. They saw past the me affected by external circumstances into the eternal me, radiating from within. They’d never been confused about who I was, even when I didn’t live like I was remarkable. As I left, full to the brim with the kind of comfort that only comes from spending time with a good friend, I realized this is what God is like. He doesn’t call me sinner or servant; He calls me friend. He doesn’t point to the past in condemnation as a method of behavior modification. He sees me with the eyes of an old friend, full of knowing, and compassion. He made me, after all. When He sent Jesus to the cross, they both knew what they were getting when they sacrificed His life for me. All wrath, satisfied; all shame, wiped away. Whenever I feel ashamed, I am able to sit with my oldest Friend and let Him remind me of how remarkable (how worth sacrifice, how worth knitting painstakingly with a purpose) I am. Our external circumstances will try to convince us out of our eternal identity – but our closest Friend rushes in to point us back to who we really are.

“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.”
-John 15:13 (NIV)

—  by Alaina Stratton

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Clarke wears a ring and Alex told the reporter that they were married. Good luck with them convincing people they aren't married (not yet anyways)

Alex is my fave dumb little chubster she makes clexa play wedding with her and she calls them her husbands (she reeeeeally doesn’t get it) and she gets mad when clexa tell her that you’re supposed to marry someone you love, bc she’s like….“But I love my mommies” and her moms swoon cause she’s the sweetest kid and thinks marriage just means becoming official best friends (bc honestly look at clexa) and she just wants them to be her friends 😩😭


Request: “Could you do a Alec imagine of being Izzy’s parabati and best friend since childhood and Izzy talks you into going on a double date with her and Simon and Raphael because she knows both you and Alec need a push to make a move and she knows Alec knows Raphael has a thing for you which will make him extra jealous?? And you can’t deny you didn’t have a good time because Raphael is nice once you get past his layers of undead doucheness and you both were sarcastic snarky brats the whole date??”

This has been sitting in my drafts for ages so I decided to finally post it.


Word Count: 1384

Clothes, shoes and a range of other items Izzy deemed ‘necessities’ lay scattered across the entirety of my bedroom floor like that first, crisp layer of freshly fallen snow, or perhaps a more accurate description would be that it looked as though the heavens had unleashed an almighty roar and sent waves of snow cascading down in an avalanche.  In reality, Izzy had come barrelling into my room, her arms laden down with a rainbow of fabrics and all sorts of beautifying concoctions that I couldn’t even name.  Somehow or other, I had allowed myself to be convinced into going on a date with Raphael.

I knew I shouldn’t have let Izzy talk me into it.  It was a crazy idea from the start, and I had somehow, foolishly let her convince me that I was doing this to help her out, and that things weren’t the other way round.  It was just so hard to argue with her perfect,well formed, valid arguments.  I mean, really, what reason was there for me not to go?  Apart from the obvious one which was that it would be a date with a vampire, but Izzy had managed to counter that argument faster than those superhuman bloodsuckers could run.  The one and only good reason I had for not going, was that I liked Alec.  I really liked Alec if I was being honest with myself… but Izzy didn’t know that.  Or at least I sincerely hoped that she didn’t.

Sneaking out of the institute was going to be near impossible.  Sneaking out of the institute without our absence going unnoticed was going to require divine intervention.  I didn’t know how Izzy managed it on a regular basis, especially with those terrifying high heels she always wore. Izzy had insisted that I wear something she picked out, and Izzy could be pretty stubborn when she wanted to be.  I supposed it was a Lightwood trait, it was definitely a huge contributor to all of the arguments she had with her brothers.  Her brothers.  If Alec caught us out here he would definitely kill us, if I didn’t die of embarrassment first.  Perhaps I would just sink down through the ground once and for all into my own grave.

Somehow, we made it out.  That wasn’t to say that we would make it back in, because I certainly wasn’t sure about that, but I was sure that Izzy would be able to sweet talk her way out of almost anything.  Or sweet talk somebody else into almost anything.  Like how she sweet talked me, into going on a date, with a vampire, with Raphael.

To be fair to Raphael, he wasn’t an awful date.  Sure, he could be snarky and sarcastic as hell, and had had a good few lifetimes to perfect the art of the perfect comeback, but that didn’t mean he was worse than me.  One of the good things about this constant bickering was that I think it made Izzy regret her decision to invite me along just a little bit.  I caught her rolling her eyes at Simon more than a couple of times throughout our meal at Takis Diner.  Especially when we first walked in.  
“Well hello there darling.”  Raphael had practically purred, his eyes crinkling with mirth as his lips tugged to the side in a smirk in reaction to the glare I shot his way.  
“Hi.”  I replied, stiff as a robot.  Simon stifled a laugh as he reached out to embrace Izzy in a warm hug.  
Raphael offered me a pout, his arms outstretched.  “Hey!  Where’s my hug?”  
“Same place as that Shax demon I banished yesterday, would you like to join it?”   
“I’m beginning to think that might be a better idea than this date.”  
“Good, then we’re on the same page.”
“Can’t you two be nice to each other for one night?”  Izzy interjected with a frown and a sharp glare. 

As it turned out, the answer was no.  Whilst we weren’t being serious, or at least not entirely with our insults and snippy snide comments, they did carry on for the rest of the night.  They continued through the meal itself, while I watched, with morbid fascination as Raphael and Simon both drank glasses of blood.  “Something the matter dear?”
“Just wondering how that stuff can possibly be appealing to you.”  I frowned, glancing at the deep red liquid.  
“Don’t worry darling, I’d much rather be drinking your blood.”  This was said with a deep breath in, which got him exactly the reaction he had desired.  With my fists clenching around my cutlery I managed to snap back with sickly sweetness.  “Well don’t you worry either sweetheart, I’d much rather be spilling your blood.  Guess we can’t all have what we want.”  
“I have to agree, I certainly don’t think I’ll be getting any -”
“Hm-hmm.”  Simon cleared his throat with a meaningful glance towards Raphael who sighed, leaning back with his drink in hand and a roll of his eyes. 
The bickering also continued along the walk home, although I did notice that as the night wore on, and we spoke more, chatted more, I began to like him more.  Not like like him, I was still head over heels for Alec, but I couldn’t deny that Raphael could be a nice guy.  When he wanted to be.  Or maybe it was just that I had wanted to see it before, or hadn’t looked close enough, hadn’t read between his sarcastic lines.  Either way, for somebody who was dead, he certainly managed to make me feel alive.  He managed to make me laugh and smile, and warm up to him little by little, right up until the moment Alec met us at the institute gates with a scowl to rival them all.  

Simon and Raphael got the message straight away, and scurried off into the night, leaving Izzy and I to approach a gently fuming Alec with dread curling in the pits of our stomachs.  “Heey.”  I greeted as I swung open the gate.  “Fancy seeing you here!” 
“Fancy not seeing you two here!  For the last 2 hours!  Where the hell have you been?  And why were you with that bloodsucker?!”  I took note of how when Alec said that, how he didn’t use the plural.  He was referring to Raphael, and Raphael alone.  
“We were on a date.”  Said Izzy with care.  
“A date?!”  Alec all but roared.  “With a vampire?!”  He was looking straight at me now, and I got the distinct feeling that I was the person his anger was directed towards.  Or perhaps it wasn’t quite anger.  Was it jealousy I was detecting?  “Do you have any idea-”
“It was my idea.”  Izzy butted in, her tone as pointed as her stiletto heals.  Hurt and a hint of betrayal flashed across Alec’s face.  
“Why?”  To me, he directed his next comment.  “I’m sorry she dragged you into that then, although you seemed to be having a very nice time.”  Was I imagining things?  To me, it sounded like jealousy, for sure.  
“I did have a very nice time, but I can assure you it won’t be happening again.  Raphael is nice, he’s funny, but I don’t see him that way.”  
“Oh.”  He seemed to pause to collect his thoughts.  “Well, that’s, good to know I guess.  But, why did you go on a date with him in the first place if you didn’t think of him that way?  You know he likes you-”
“Wait, what?”  
“And,”  Alec carried on regardless, “I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just ask somebody you do think of that way.”  Alec’s fists were now clenching and un-clenching at his sides as his eyes darted about.  He was thinking about something.  And if I wasn’t mistaken, he was jealous, which meant maybe this would be a good time to finally say what I had been thinking for a while.  
“Maybe I wasn’t sure he thought of me the same way.”
“Yeah, well you’ll never know if you don’t ask.”
“Okay then Alec, will you go out with me?”  For once Alec seemed entirely lost for words.  He nodded, still not uttering a single word, even as his mouth opened and closed while Izzy danced beside me.

New Series (Coming TODAY!): Tiny Dancer

You and Sam have been partners in the CIA since you graduated from your training many years ago. What started as a friendship quickly turned sexual, and…It really stops there. Yeah, everyone and their mama knows that you guys sleep together, but they also know that every time they use the term “girlfriend” or “boyfriend”, Sam looks like he’s going to bust a blood vessel. But hey, you’re fine with this routine, good sex with a best friend, what could be better?

Well, he could:

You’re assigned to be the guardian of a man, Gadreel (AKA Ezekiel), after he’s put in the witness protection system. Your instructions were simple. You’re undercover, check in on him as much as possible, keep him alive. But from the first moment you talked to him, you knew that you were stolen. His smile, his cologne, his relationship with his son, and that little spark of mystery behind his eyes; Not to mention what he does for work. But of course, this type of romance would be too complicated. With his possible affiliation with the mafia and your ties to the CIA (Ok, and an oddly jealous/worried Sam) things are bound to fail. Are you willing to risk that?

Coming in like, two hours or something, a CIA!SamxCIA!reader, WP!GadreelxCIA!reader

Don’t I Know You? (Newt x Metamorphmagi!Reader)

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Request:   Hello~ could you write a newt x metamorphmagus!reader? They met each other at school than meeting again when newt follows after an animal that he’s been trying to study and follows it to her home where other animals are staying.  -  Anon

Blah blah blah might have a rushed ending oh well

You were a metamorphmagi, such as your father.  Being one really helped you excel in your Care of Magical Creatures class at Hogwarts.  Once you had to do a project with a partner, and you were assigned to Newt Scamander.  He loved to watch you use your skills and turn into any creature you wanted.  Eventually you became very good friends, to the point where you would take Newt into the forest and use your skills to transform into a creature to interact with others so that Newt could approach and observe the other creatures with ease.  You also helped him get his Transfiguration grade back up when it started to fall.

You and Newt remained friends all throughout school, even when Leta Lestrange came into the picture.  But when Leta managed to get Newt, your best friend and mini-crush expelled, you hated her with a passion.  You met Newt at the front of the castle before he was about to depart in tears.  Newt showed no emotion until you threw your arms around his neck and pulling him close, not wanting him to leave in the slightest.  As soon as you did that, Newt broke down.  Right before Newt got onto the train you made him promise he would write to you often.  Only…

He never did.

**Flash forward to now**

It’s been three years since you graduated Hogwarts.  You were currently living alone in a nice, small house in the middle of a secluded forest somewhere in England.  You were surrounded by creatures.  Some made homes in your garden, while others decided to nest in the corners of your house if you would allow them.  There weren’t exactly any people nearby, so your only company was your creatures  (I mean, you’re basically half-human half-animal.  But mostly human).

Mooncalves were abundant in the woods you lived in, and you loved them all.

There were still some days that you thought about Newt.  The sweet, shy, adorable, handsome, charming, sexy… Merlin, you need help.  But everyday you remember how he didn’t keep your promise and never ever wrote to you.  That sadness still hung with you to this day, but you were mostly busy with other things so it didn’t cross your mind that often.


Newt Scamander was trying to come across a mooncalf to study for his upcoming book for the British Ministry of Magic.  He was searching through a somewhat-large forest on the edge of England when he finally found one.

Now, he didn’t want to frighten the poor thing, but he also wanted to find out where they lived.  So Newt was completely silent as he followed the creature, only stopping when his boots accidentally snapped a twig or got caught in a tangle of tree roots by mistake when he wasn’t paying attention.  Eventually the mooncalf lead him to a house.  A house?  That was strange.  But when Newt looked around, he realized this was far more than just an ordinary house.  There were different creatures all over the place.  From billywigs and bowtruckles to fwoopers and hippogriffs.  They all seemed to have their own little habitat around the house, the smaller insect-like creatures specifically in the large garden.

Newt was very curious and fascinated by all this, so he was going to approach the front door (which was almost completely hidden by plants) but before he could do so, you stepped out of the door holding baskets that had to be full of animal feed.  You stopped what you were doing when you saw a man standing at the front of your house.  He noticed you, too.  You set down the baskets you were holding, and began to walk over to him.

“Hello?” you said.

“Oh–hi–is this… your house?” the man replied as you got closer.

“Yes–” you began as you approached him, but then you got a good look at him.  “Newt…?”

He knit his eyebrows and observed you.  “Y/N?” he said cheerfully.  “Merlin’s beard, it is you!” he exclaimed and hugged you.

“Yes, it’s me.  Why are you so happy to see me?  You never wrote to me after the… incident… even though you promised me you would.  I missed you, Newt.”

He frowned and his eyes got big.  “Y/N!  I wasn’t trying to avoid you in the slightest!  After I got expelled and I went home… my parents took everything from me.  They told me I couldn’t write to anyone for the rest of the year, took my quills and ink and owl… and so on.  I told them I needed to write to a girl at school, but they wouldn’t have it.  Please, Y/N, I missed you too.  A lot.  You were my only friend… especially after what she did.”

“Newt… why didn’t you talk to me after I had graduated?”

“Because I thought you hated me for not writing to you.  That you hadn’t forgotten me and moved on,” Newt said sounding truly sad.

“I would never forget you, Newt.  I’m just glad your back,” you said forgivingly and pulled him in for another hug.  Once you pulled away, you looked at him oddly.  “Hey, what were you doing in these woods anyway?”

“Oh, I’m writing a book for the Ministry about magical creatures.  About why we should be protecting these creatures instead of killing them.  I needed some information on mooncalves, so I found one and followed it here,” Newt answered.

“I could turn into a mooncalf if you want.”

“I’m fine.”

“Good.  Would you like a tour of the place?  All sorts of creatures live here, it’s Newt heaven.”

“I would love that very much.”

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!

nct 127 hogwarts au; taeil

-my boi is a ravenclaw
-but a shy one
-can yall imagine book nerd taeil with glasses fuck
-hes that #shy ravenclaw
-what a cutie
-he’d be a rly good student!!
-sometimes he’ll be eating and like all of a sudden hes like
-‘o shit I have an essay to write lol brb’
-and everyones like ‘??boi’
-but he already ran off lmao
-so then theres u, a hufflepuff cant relate
-taeil would’ve spotted u very quick tbh
-but he was too busy being cute hiding behind his books
-it wasnt until year 4 that you noticed him
-lmFAO OK so u and ur cute hufflepuff friends were sitting at the table in the great hall
-and off like 0-100 real quick u heared a  plate scatter and a gasp
-so u look and o shit
-someone laughed so hard and accidentaly kicked the table
-and somehow taeil’s plate fell on the floor
-but like 5 minutes later when all of the students returned to their dorms
-taeil was still picking up the scattered pieces
-and u were like
-‘hecc man i gotta heLp this,,,,,,,woah cute ass looking boi wth’
-so u walked over and started picking up some pieces
-and taeil doesnt look up til mid sentence and it kinda goes like dis
-'you dont have to-’
-and he almost chokes bc what the hecc,,,,,hes been crushing on u since year 1 fuck
-but u just smile like the adorable lil fucker u are
-and then after cleaning the mess yall talk for abit more
-its akward but so adorable hecc im having a stroke
-so like u guys start to hang out
-yall dont talk THAT much but hecc
-u were in class and u look down and u see taeils name written everywhere on ur test lmFAO
-and u kinda freak bc,,,,,u gotta give this to mcgonagall in like 3 minutes
-so u scratch his name and nervously hand in ur test and then dash to the library
-lmfao and then mcgonagall looks thru ur test and she sees taeils name and shes like ;)
-so u arrive at the library and taeil is curled up on a couch reading a fat ass book
-and u try not to drop to the floor bc he looks so ethereal
-like,,,,have yall seen him hecc
-so u walk over and taeil makes room for u
-and u two kinda read together
-then johnny comes outta nowhere
-smh what is his ass even doing here dis binch dont read
-and hes like 'taeiL DUDE WE CAN GO AND STEAL A GOAT AND THE-’
-and johnny sees u
-and u kinda just blink ur eyes bc what hte hell m8
-johnny becomes the ;) emoji
-hes like 'aye tae who dis’
-ur so shookt like wth first u wanna steal a goat and now-
-and taeil becomes so pale hecc man
-lmfao he stutters out ur name and johnny is now like ;;))))))
-and ur so confused like wth
-so u do
-and then after u leave johnny slides into ur spot
-taeils so flustered omg!!!squishy baby
-johnny’s lowkey fangirling tho lmfao
-i swear on my dead hamster taeil almost fainted
-hes like 'noooo omfg they dont like me like that!!’
-johnny keeps teasing him tho i swear taeil was about to strangle him
-so he just gathers all his stuff and leaves
-next day
-u worked a long ass time on that paper hecc dude sleep
-so in like 4th period u almost fall asleep
-and remus notices that (hes alive fight me)
-hes like hecc girl are u ok
-'taeil bring her to her dorm pls thx’
-mr lupin ships it bYE
-taeils shookt
-so yall are calm and walking to the hufflepuff common room and u both sith on a couch
-and u both go kinda quiet
-ur like hecc dood my heart beating hella fast lol stahp
-i love bts rip
-so ur shy ass decides to speak up
-'i think i like u’
-ur legit a cherry
-taeil almost fucking jumped
-lol no he couldnt move rip
-he was frozen
-'i-its ok if u dont like me back i’ll just g-’
-and suddenly u two are hugging aww cuties
-rly shyly he’s like 'hecc i like you too,,,,,,pls be my girlfriend’
-you nod against his chest and yall r so happy n cute woah im emo
-so yall dont do that pda shit non
-after like 3months of dating yall hold hands while walking in the hallway tho
-like,,,,,yall cuddle sm in private
-and yall get still shy when u kiss aww!!!!
-ok ur first kiss was probably in the woods or smth
-like u loooooove the woods
-so taeil was like
-'hecc we’re goin there,,,,,,bciloveu’
-and ya so u ended up walking here lmao
-so ur playing with a squirrel
-and i swear for a second taeil thinks ur some magic angel fairy
-like,,,,,the sun shines on ur face and ur eyes are sparkling and u have this smol content smile on ur face
-ur like 'hecc dood ur silent whaddup’
-so u turn ur face to him
-hes staring so intensly at u and u can see the adoration in his eyes
-and he leans in
-and u lowkey panic but dont show it yikes
-so he kisses u rly sweetly
-and its like for a few seconds but yall are so red omfg
-and yea yall didnt talk too much on that lil date
-but its u guys fav memory together
-u guys are everyones otp like hecc,,,,,,ur friends are jealous sometimes
-and johnny is still ;;)))) till this day


Tropic Party pt.2:Back Home +2 *Rafinha Imagine*


After explaining to everybody what had happened and why Rafinha and I left everyone congratulated us. Our families were more than happy that we’d come back but even more happy that we had gotten married over our break. “Now I have a little sister” Thiago had said smiling

I chuckled, and after that we had gotten together at a place to celebrate the marriage with our family and friends. 

~2 Months Later

“Just let me sleep a little longer” I said into the pillow

Rafinha laughed from next to me, “Babe you’ve been sleeping for a good 8 hours straight, can’t you wake up for me?” He asked

I turned to look at him, “Can’t you let me sleep?”

Rafinha smiled placing a kiss on my nose, “C’mon we’ve got to go to the doctor’s” He said getting off the bed

I watched as he got up and went into the bathroom, groaning I sat up, “I really don’t understand how you’re such a morning person it disgusts me to be honest” I said 

Rafinha just laughed, “I love you too” 

I groaned and flopped back down on the bed, “I don’t wanna go” I said

I heard the water turn off, and felt the bed dip before Rafinha spoke. “C’mon we’ve gotta go see what’s wrong with the big baby” He said

I looked over to him, “I’m not a big baby” I said

“You’re my big baby” 

I chuckled, “Then can you let the baby sleep?”

He shook his head, an got me out of bed. We made our way to the bathroom and did our morning routine, and everything I left my hair curly and in my face because I didn’t have the energy to do anything with it at the moment. 

After we were done, we headed out to the car and then to the doctors. It didn’t take long for the doctor to see me, and as I sat in the room Rafinha waited outside. “You sure you don’t want your husband inside?”The doctor asked

I shook my head, “I love him to death, but he’ll ask more questions than necessary” I said chuckling

The doctor nodded, “So you’re sick is what you said on the form?” He asked reading over a chart

I nodded, “Yes, I’ve been feeling sick for quite a while now” I said

He asked me to explain what’s been going on the last few weeks, and I explained to him about the throwing up, weird food that I’ve been eating and the sensitivity to smells. He chuckled and a little smile came onto his face, I raised an eyebrow, “Is something wrong?” I asked him

The doctor shook his head, “It’s nothing big but have you tried taking a pregnancy test?” He asked

I nearly choked on air, “I’m sorry but tried taking what?” I asked

The doctor looked at me seriously, “Taking a pregnancy test, I mean everything you’re describing sounds like that of a pregnancy” 

I laughed, but then stopped after thinking about it. “You’re serious” 

He nodded, “We can take a sample of you blood or you can give us a urine sample” 

“I’ll do the urine” I said

~1 hour later

Rafinha turned towards me, “Are you alright?” He asked

I nodded, “I’m peachy” 

He chuckled taking my hand in his, “Everything will be okay” He said

I sighed, but nodded. After a little while the nurse came back giving me a smile, “Would you like to hear it privately or together?” She asked looking at me

“You can just say it”

She nodded, and looked through the charts. “Well congratulations you two are going to parents in 7 months” She said

Both Rafinha and I stared at her not uttering or saying a word, “And that’s not all it’s twins”

First Love (Yoongi scenario)

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It’s been a while since you were home. Being surrounded by the familiar environment, it made you feel good. You got to spend some time with your family whom you miss very much. Since it was the weekend, you decided to spend the day walking around the city. You were reading at a quiet, empty cafe to kill time while waiting for someone.

“Y/N-ah?” you hear that familiar voice and you knew he wasn’t the one you were waiting for.

You looked up from your book and saw Yoongi standing in front of you. Yoongi was your closest friend back in school. He always stuck by your side, protecting and taking care of you. As cliche as it seems, he was also your first love - unrequited first love. You knew he would never return your feelings so you decided to forget him. You stopped texting him, looking for him, contacting him. The fact that he started working as a music producer and you were going overseas to continue your studies right after graduation made it easier. Now that you’re back home, you thought everything would be just fine but here you are, face to face with Yoongi.

As he took a seat, you observed him. He wore a mouth mask and cap to disguise himself from the public eye. Even so, he looked good, a lot better than the last image of him that you had engraved in your mind, which you desperately had tried to erase.

“How have you been?”

Yoongi wasn’t much of a talker but every time he speaks, you melt a little on the inside listening to his voice. As much as you want to deny it, he still has that effect on you.

“I’m fine. I see that you’re doing extremely well these days, with your music and producing,” you replied, as the waiter served your drink.

“I see you’re still drinking Iced Chai Latte? You’ve never changed since then.”

You loved how he remembers the littlest things about you - from your favourite Avengers character (he wasn’t even a fan of Marvel) to how you look if you’re heading out or home after school. They may seem like insignificant details but they mean so much to you.

“Y/N-ah, I know it’s been a few years but… Why didn’t you tell me when you left home to go overseas? I had to find out about it from Kihyun. I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. I know I don’t do much but I had so many things prepared for you. I, I wanted to tell you about my feelings for you,”

You felt your heart beating quicker. You couldn’t believe what you heard. Before you could say what you’ve held in for many years, you felt an arm wrapped around your waist and a peck on your head.

“Hey babe,” your boyfriend, Jimin, said with a smile.

“Ah, Jimin, this is Yoongi. Yoongi, Jimin,” you introduced them to each other.

As they shook hands, you felt as if your past and present collide.

“It’s great meeting you. I should get going,” Yoongi stood up, getting ready to leave.

“Actually, Jimin, can you give me 5 minutes with Yoongi? I’ll meet you outside,” Jimin nodded and gave your hand a squeeze before walking to the door.

“Yoongi, I’ve always liked you. You were my first love. I’ve always wanted to tell you how I felt but I didn’t think you would feel the same way. So I decided to move on,”

“And now you found someone to replace me. I guess I deserved it for not confessing sooner,”

“I’m sorry Yoongi,”

“Don’t say that, it’s not your fault. This is a few years late but, I guess, this is goodbye,” you embraced him in your arms, trying to take in as much as possible.

“Bye Yoongi,” you whispered and made your way to Jimin.

You intertwined your fingers with Jimin and he greeted you with a peck before you started walking. As you walked away, the image of Yoongi in the cafe got smaller and smaller.

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How do I be a better Christian the Bible keeps telling me things and I'm trying but it's so hard and it doesn't need to be easy but nothing I ever do is good enough and there are people out there overseas and speaking out and actually being a good Christian and then you have me who's stumbling through the Bible and not getting any better and I don't even know what to do at this point

Hi friend,

But let each one test his own work, and then his reason to boast will be in himself alone and not in his neighbor. - Galatians 6:4

It’s much easier said than done, but please try not to compare yourself to others. All of our journeys are different. If I were to compare myself to someone like, say, Beth Moore, I would feel horrible about myself, because I would feel like I need to do more, be more, etc. I would feel like I’m not good enough, not Godly enough. And none of those thoughts are going to help me. If anything, they’re just going to deter me and make me feel awful. If I compared my present self to my past self, however, I can see how far I’ve come. I can see that I’m closer to God than I ever have been. I’m praying every day, reading His Word every day, and am doing my best to help others in their walks with Him. 

So instead of comparing yourself to people overseas, think about who you are now versus who you used to be. You are good enough, friend, and God loves you so much, just as you are. 

As for how to grow closer to Him, talk to Him about this. Tell Him what you’ve written to me here. Cry if you have to. Get upset if you have to. Whatever it takes. Just be honest with Him, and ask Him for help. He is your strength. 

You said you’re “stumbling through the Bible.” When you’re studying it, are you trying to get through as much of it as you can, or are you truly meditating on it? It’s better for us to meditate on just one verse a day or week and to truly write it on our hearts than to inhale chapters at a time and not get anything from it. 

Keep going, friend. You’re doing great, I promise you. God knows your heart. He sees how much you care. He sees that you’re ready to change. You’ve just got to voice it to Him and keep working at it, and you’ll get there. It takes time and patience and grace. Give yourself lots and lots of grace, okay?

Sending so many prayers your way. Please keep me updated on how you’re doing. <3

All my love,



He wasn’t my friend. He was my partner. My lover. I used to hate those words, but his father hated them more, so I grew to love them. Elliot’s father, you may have heard of him. Sir Laurence Bishop. No? He owns just about everything in the U. K. including his family. When we first met, Elliot was messing around with boys in the back rooms of bars, all the while dating appropriate women. Appropriate by his father’s standards because they were women. I didn’t mean to fall for him. I’d never fallen for anyone. You see, I-I-I’m quite surprised you haven’t heard of Sir Bishop because he’s a good old fresh and righteous Anglican who wanted his only son to be so, too. It’s his his legacy. You see, we still believe in that kind of stuff where I’m from. But when he found out that Elliot and me were more than friends, he cut him off. Closed every door. Said if he wanted back, he had to come back a man and well, Elliot hadn’t worked a day in his life, so he had nothing. Well, he had nothing but me. And that lasted about three months, and then he was gone. I tried to see him. But I couldn’t find him. His family wouldn’t talk to me. I reached out to his sister, who tried, but they got to her, too, and he stopped returning my calls. So I stopped calling. A year goes by. In the mail, a wedding invitation. “Sir Laurence Bishop invites you to attend the wedding of his son.” And I think, “Is this a joke? Is s-someone someone trying to screw with me?” Or m-maybe it was him, you know? Maybe it was a cry for help. But whatever it was, I didn’t answer. Six months later, I come home from a night out, and there he is, in my house, looking like the wrath of God had hit him. He was a strung out or drunk. Couldn’t tell. Wanted to know if I still loved him. Wanted to know why I didn’t stop him. Couldn’t help him. But whatever I said, it didn’t matter because he realized then that he couldn’t have them and me. He had trapped himself in. There was no way out. And before I knew what he was doing, he grabbed a knife from the kitchen counter and ran himself through with it. Uh well, not once, not twice. Three times. I tried to save him. I did. But there was so much blood.

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funny moment from today: INTJ and I were in science and I kept calling him a nerd, and he was like 'shut up, you're a nerd too, I'm not that bad' and like five minutes later ended up explaining Esperanto, fencing and D&D (like his main passions) to these kids in our science class and I just gave him this Look™ and he burst out laughing (he always covers his face when he starts to laugh and it's lowkey adorable with his curly hair) and it was a Good Moment™ I love my INTJ friend

WHY DO ALL INTJS DO FENCING!?! I swear if you’re trying to figure out if someone is an INTJ, ask them if they do fencing/swordplay and if they say yes you’ve got yourself an INTJ™ (of course this is a stereotypical exaggeration you critical ‘that’s not true’ nugget followers of mine)
Anyway that’s pretty coooool I love INTJs!!!! For that reason !!!!

“I’m sorry, you were only ever a good friend to me and I shut you out..”

My ex fp, the last message I remember from her. I was always secondary to her, and it only got more apparent when I moved…I tried so hard to fix it, and this was the last time I bothered trying.

I still don’t know if she ever cared at all, almost 5 years after I moved.

Chapter four: the last picture show (Barchie rant)

I just rewatched the 4th episode and I’m so mad at Archie, you guys don’t even understand.

Like he fucking looks at Betty saying that Miss Grundy was the only one there for him. Are you fucking kidding me Archie?! May I remind you that Betty was the one encouraging you with your music always saying how good you are and how you shouldn’t give up on your dreams, like?! Where you even listening to her, oh yea I guess you weren’t cause you were busy fucking that child predator and gawking at Veronica while Betty was supporting all your shit.

Also how dare he think that Betty would expose him and Miss Grundy in the school paper like what the actual fuck Archie?! She’s been your best friend since you guys were little kids! She was the one to help you read, you little ungrateful fuck! And whenever you are disgracing yourself in front of her she has tears in her fucking eyes and shaking her head because she thinks too highly of you!

To be honest, I’m not that bothered anymore about Bughead happening because Archie needs to get his shit together and learn to respect Betty like Jughead does.

I just — I’m sorry everyone for cussing so much and ranting but I had to get this off my chest.

We're okay ? Lmao

Maybe I agree. Indeed, you can say Candice and Grant are actors. And yes, they’re really good.
People shipping them are free to think what they want. Some people are not shipping them as lovers but just as friends, but yes many people are shipping them as lovers.

Excuse me but I saw many other US series where “actors” were not on that level (remember on Joe’s sofa? Remember tonight? Cool 😌). We just have to talk about Oliver and Felicity. People can say “yes but Stephen doesn’t want to hurt his wife”.
*hum hum* just remember lat……. (if I was gg’s girlfriend, I think I wouldn’t sleep good every night, just sayin’).

Also remember eyes can’t lie.

Dear Y/N

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I’m writing ya this letter because I thought I’d take the time out to write down my favourite memory of ya. Which just so happens to be the first time we met. A group of us decided to go to the beach and Renee had invited you along and there you were all carefree and happy to be spending the day with new people and a couple of your good friends. Your presence from the moment you met the group captivated me, there was something electric about your personality. That’s when I knew that there was something about you. One day I was going to be with you.

I wasn’t wrong.

I love you,

Jimmy x