but you turned your back

here is a long series of thoughts from a lot of reflection! 

i got 2 fatphobic anonymous messages today that i answered bc i didnt mind them much honestly, got a third that i finally blocked bc i was tired of it, and despite blocking i got a forth and a fifth that were clearly from the same desperate, lonely, pathetic person and for that reason i had to turn anon off for the time being!! my anxiety is high rn bc im sleep deprived from work but im in such a genuinely good place w/ my life and i rly dont need any negative energy in it. I’ve gained a lot of followers this summer which im grateful for but bc of that I’ve spent literally this entire summer fielding anonymous fatphobic hate and tbh i got enough of that from my 7th grade bully to last a lifetime so i need to take a step back from anon. 

i assume every single one of u who has sent me hate is here, reading this, bc y’all have an obsession w/ me as a fat girl who talks openly about her body, from the days i hate it to the days i love the shit out of it. i often say i want u all to choke and i dont owe you anything more bc of the ways you have treated me but i do rly truly want u all to evaluate why u do what u do because it is honestly, completely mind boggling to me.

what brings u joy about harassing a mentally ill 19 year old you have never met because she speaks about her body? i feel like we often forget that anons aren’t faceless messages, they’re sent by real people, real people who are dedicating time and energy to do this. why are you doing this to me, to anybody? what compels you to be soso mean with literally no reason at all? 

after i finish writing this, im going to log out of my computer. im going to order chinese food with one of my best friends who i haven’t seen in months and we are going to tell each other about our summers and have a good time. im going to wrap up some work i have to do for tomorrow. im going to message my best friend love and positivity because they’re going through a tough time. and then, im going to sleep because i have a long day of work and reuniting with two of my best friends ahead of me.

life can be that simple. you don’t have to resort to this to feel better about yourself. you really, really don’t. 


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Part 1 of your plan?


You started humming it while in class with him, looking off like you were minding your own business.

“What are you humming?” Emmett whispered when the teacher had his back turned. You frowned and pretended to think really hard. “I don’t remember. It’s catchy though.” You turned back to your notes and continued humming under your breath.

By the end of the period you could’ve sworn you heard Emmett humming as well. You fought to keep the smirk from your face.

Part 2 of your plan?


Of course she already knew what was going on, so she already knew the lyrics as well. The best part about Alice knowing was that she started humming too, which got to Rosalie during art and Jasper during history.

Soon enough most of the Cullen kids had the jingle in their heads.

All that was left was Edward.

You rode home with the Cullens, the song in your head once again. This time Edward was within mind reading distance, so he picked up on your thoughts.

“Y/N, stop with that damn song.” He hissed over at you. This of course sparked curiosity from the others excluding Alice.

“What do you mean? What song?” Emmett looked over at Edward with a raised eyebrow.

“Just an irritating song that Y/N won’t stop thinking about.” The mind reader shook his head and you pretended to finally understand.

“Oh you mean this one?” You started humming the intro with a small smirk.

Immediately the others started humming as well. You knew you did good by the look on Edward’s face.

Mission accomplished.

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alpha Bucky taking pictures of his knot swollen into for some content next time he's away from you for a while ,,,,,

“Don’t -fuck- don’t move, omega” he groaned, as he thrusted into you sloppily. His knot caught and you dug your hands in the sheets, looking for anything to grip onto. 

“God, alpha you feel so good” you moaned, breathlessly. Bucky was silent and you turned your back to see his wicked grin. “What are you planning?” you asked, trying not to move. 

“Hand me my phone” he nodded the phone near the pillows. You chuckled softly, knowing what he was up to. Reaching forward you tightened around him, both of you moaning at the sensation. You bit your lip and handed it to him.

You knew missions were hard for him, especially if his rut was on the horizon. Even worse if your heat was near because it killed him to be away from you. So with a few clicks, he took pictures of his knot tightly inflated in your cunt, still dripping around him. 

“Fuck, look at me omega” he growled and you did, looking at him over your shoulder. 

He threw the phone back down and kissed your warm back. “Next time, we should make a video” you smirked, his cock twitching in you enough of an answer. 

Sinful Sunday™

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Can I get a kink list for Maria and Angelica?


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Being called Good Girl and Angel.

She’s looking for assurance that you love her. She likes it gentle, but passionate. Buy her fancy lingerie and tell her to put it on for you. She doesn’t like being dominated, but she does like it when you admire her beauty and tell her what to do, from time to time, gently. 

Body worship. Neck kisses/hickeys. Whisper to her while you go down on her, it drives her wild, in the best way. Multiple orgasms. 

When you run your fingers through her hair, and stroke her thigh with your fingertips. Lips just inches away from hers. Tell her how she’s perfect just the way she is. Let her make the first move. 

She loves the feeling of your skin, she scratches and claws at your back. She likes watching you undress. She places little, needy kisses across your bare back. Turn around and give her a heated kiss, hold her face in your hands.

She likes sucking on your fingers. She likes it when you tease her, make her really want it, desperately. She likes to beg, when she does just sweetly change the subject to something about her, ignoring the begging, to make her beg even more.

Side note: She likes riding, but likes it when you take control of the motion. 

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Being called Ma’am. 

She likes being dominant. Handcuffs. Collars. Begging.  

Her favourite thing is you in black lace, she’ll corner you between the nearest object and kiss along your collarbone, up to your neck. She’s likes it when you struggle to get out of her grasp, even though you’re really enjoying yourself. 

Blindfolds. Garter belts. She likes you in heels. Hair pulling. 

She loves to finger-fuck you with you on your back. Watching your facial expressions and body language change as she gets you there is one of her favourite things. You’ll grab fistfuls of the sheets and arch your back slowly. It’s almost always a goal of hers to make you squirt, giving you the best pleasure possible. 

When you act innocent. Look at her with those Bambi eyes and bat your eyelashes. Maybe even sweet talk her. It’s all fair game if you’re wearing a skirt. She’ll grab your wrist and pull you closer, sliding a hand up under your skirt. You’ll tell her you’re going to be late, but that doesn’t stop her. 

Side note: Surprise her and the sex will be 10x better!

PSA if you don’t have eclipse glasses and don’t want to (or forget to) make an eclipse viewer you can turn your phone camera to front (selfie) and turn your back to the eclipse and watch on your phone screen that way, so you can still see without killing your eyes

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Part 2You were pouting and wanted to argue with him but when his lively green eyes met yours the whole set of negative emotions disappeared and you turned back his gorgeous smile. “Your dress is so beautiful. Surely you were planning something special and I am late again.” He scratched the back of his head awkwardly. “Actually I want to stay at home.” You pulled him in your apartment already choosing the movie and pizza in your mind.


me: [enjoys my garbage]

some pretentious fuck: excuse me, but that thing you are enjoying has no real intellectual substance and I don’t like it and you are stupid for liking it

me: [enjoys my garbage MORE AGGRESSIVELY]


All the hard work and dedication is for living fully his last year as a high school student 

I never hate you.” she said. “How…how could I even hate someone who I thought I couldn’t live without? How could I hate someone who made me feel so much? Yes it pains me, but I have loved you. And every single cell that has made you. Every part of your beautiful soul.” she looked at him with the same shine in her eyes. She closed her eyes for a second, and when she opened them, she said, “You might think that I hate you. But no, I never felt that way towards you. Even if I saw you slowly…slowly turning your back against me.
—  ma.c.a // I don’t want to hate you

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Okay, but if Rin was the one who won that stuffed Iwatobi-chan for Haru, then I bet that Haru did not take that lying down and won him something back.

Like a fish.

A fighting fish.

A fighting fish named Sakura. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Stolen Sweaters

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1.1k

Warnings: Nothing, this is just seriously fluff galore.

Summary: You accidentally threw on the wrong sweater that morning, one you didn’t exactly have permission to have in your possession.

A/N: So today my best friend gave me my late birthday present, which was a Midtown High sweater, just like the one Peter wears in Homecoming, and it’s my new favorite article of clothing. And it inspired me to write this cheesy, sappy lil fic for you guys. I hope you all enjoy it because it honestly melted my heart to write alsksklsj :,)

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The rain fell down hard outside, causing the train floor to be a slippery mess when you’d gotten on that morning. Luckily, you were there early enough to manage to find a seat so you didn’t have to stand up and tediously grip the railing. Honestly, you weren’t even sure that you wouldn’t slip and fall on your face if you’d been forced to stand.

It had been thundering all throughout the night, which to most people was calming, but for you, it just meant that you barely got any sleep. Something about thunderstorms always rendered your brain incapable of shutting down and resting. 

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Teddy Bear

Summary: Sebastian is a fuzzy teddy bear!! 

Word Count: 1.3k (oops…)

A/N: this little idea came from my beloved @justasunflower, and some new old pics of Seba today [see below], so I hope you all enjoy! :)

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sweet shop ➹ peter parker

summary : to put it simply, peter parker doesn’t like candy that much, but somehow he keeps finding himself at the same candy shop in manhattan, and it’s definitely not because of the cute worker always standing behind the counter at precisely four in the afternoon. definitely not.

wc : 1.6k

author’s note : if there’s typos my bad i don’t proofread i’m lazy

  “The freckly dork with the sweet eyes is back.” It’s the first thing you hear when you walk into work that afternoon, four o’clock sharp as usual, fiddling with the strap of your apron with the shop name scrawled across the front in lovely cursive letters. You lift your gaze from the cash register toward the aisle you’ve noticed he wanders in most frequently- not that you’ve really been noticing the cute boy of course- and find him through the throng of people, though he’s quite easy to spot considering he’s shuffling awkwardly through stacks of chocolate whilst blatantly staring at you. You’re not sure he even realizes what he’s doing until you lift your hand in a tentative wave and his entire  face pretty much glows pink as he smiles back nervously and he knocks into a display shelf. 

  “Poor kid is smitten,” your coworker sighs with a smirk plastered on her face as she unties her own apron and slips into the backroom to hang it up. “Does he even know your name? Do you know his?” 

    You wave her off dismissively. “My name is on my name tag, I’m sure he knows it. He never buys anything, anyway. He just… like, lingers here.” You shrug. “He’s cute so I let him stay.” 

   She throws her head back and lets out a laugh, returning her scrutinizing gaze back toward the boy with the precariously gelled hair who is hastily trying to restock the shelf he knocked over while simultaneously stumbling into another one. You wince at him, trying not to stare because god, he’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen but he reminds you of a baby deer learning to walk for the first time in the clumsiest, messiest way imaginable. “He comes here to gawk at you, dumbass. His eyes never stray,” she places a hand mockingly on her heart as you roll your eyes toward her. You flash a jovial smile to a customer when they approach you to ring up their order before turning back to your friend. 

   “Should I talk to him?” You inquire, placing the money in the correct slots of the register. You glance back up at him as he holds his hands out in front of a chocolate, silently pleading with it to stay put so he stopped looking like an absolute moron in front of you. He looks back at you and this time waves back a little, running a hand through his hair in an attempt to appear cooler than he actually was. “I’m gonna talk to him.” You say, not waiting for your friend to divulge her own opinion on the matter. 

   She shrugs, slipping on her jean jacket and grabbing her purse. “You’ve always been a sucker for the dorky, in need of help, doe eyed type of guys.” You swat at her shoulder playfully but she dodges it, winking at you before walking around the counter and lightly patting the boy on the shoulder as she makes her grand departure. He looks around in confusion until he sees your friend gesturing toward you. 

   “Scotty, can you cover for me for just a sec?” You call, your face turning to the backroom of the store while Scott, your other coworker, emerges from it. He gives you a scowl, brown eyes narrowed, though you know its playful. To avoid song quite conceited, you don’t admit it often, but you’re pretty much everyone’s favorite employee. “Thanks babes.” He takes your place at the register, and despite the tattoos and nose ring he sports, his smile is practically contagious. He’s another favorite among the customers just because of how pleasant and charming he is. 

    Peter, though you don’t known his name just yet, watches as you exit your position at the register and hastily tries to make himself look busy standing in front of the same selection of candy that’s he been for fifteen minutes now. He picks up a chocolate bar, pretending to examine it as thoroughly as possible when you lean against the stand next to him. His palms feel sweaty. “I- I was gonna buy something eventually, you know, one of these days. I swear.” He practically shoves the Hershey’s bar in your face, but you lightly push his hand back. “I’m just- I’m, um, very, very indecisive.” 

   You laugh a little. “Um, it’s fine. That’s not even what I came over here for.” You scratch the back of your neck for a second, an anxious habit because suddenly, you’re pretty nervous standing in front of a sweetly awkward boy with possibly the nicest eyes you’ve ever seen and the cutest shy smile that he seems to be trying to maintain desperately. 

   “Oh.” He nods, heat crawling up his cheeks as he sidesteps out of your view. “I- I- I- um, sorry for blocking something, I probably am-” 

   “You’re not,” you assure him. Peter can feel his heart squeeze tightly when you take a step closer toward him, but your smile is the least intimidating thing he’s ever come across. It’s gentle. He appreciates the gentleness of it. “So, um, what’s your name?” It doesn’t come out as smooth as you would have liked it to, but Peter grins back at you like you’ve just asked him the greatest question in the universe. 

   “I’m Peter,” he replies, running a hand through his hair again in a way similar to your own nervous tick of rubbing the back of your neck. “Uh, Peter Parker, he repeats, not knowing if you wanted his last name or not. 

   Scott, across the room, cups his hands around his mouth and calls toward you, “Y/N, if you’re gonna flirt with that kid, at least reorganize the shelves, too!” You turn around to give Scott the finger. To be honest though, you’re also turning around to mask the embarrassment on your face. 

    Peter steps out of the way again so you can stand in front of the mess he had already created just a few minutes before. “I’m Y/N, in case you didn’t catch that.” Peter likes the little disconcerted expression you’re donning now. He’s glad that he’s not the only one flustered here, and in an odd way, it makes him feel a little more confident when talking to you, the same person he’s been trying to gather the courage to hold a conversation with for the two weeks. 

   “I knew that already,” he says. Then, realizing the odd way you’re looking at him suddenly, he continues, “because of, you know, the uh, name tag. Your name tag. It has your name on it. So, that’s how I know.” Another nervous smile flashed toward you. 

   “Oh, yeah,” you look down at it. You continue stacking the shelves in the proper manner. “You really did a number on these,” you wave your hand toward the shelves. “Tell me, how’d you manage to knock down two different shelves in under five minutes and put everything back in a way not even remotely close to the way they were before?” 

   He knows you mean it lightheartedly, but he still blushes even deeper than before. “Hey, at least I tried,” he answers defensively. “But, um, I don’t even really know. I think you made me nervous. You- you waved at me.” He glances down at his shoes, shuffling his feet again. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that, he thinks to himself. He misses the beam you give him, secretly pleased with yourself for having that effect on him. It was flattering. 

    “I made you nervous?” You raise an eyebrow at him, and he nods. “That’s cute, Peter. I’m not much to get nervous over, though. Trust me.” You turn your back on the display shelf just in time for Peter to shake his head at you. 

    “I’ve been coming in here for two weeks now, and I haven’t bought anything because I’m too nervous to go up to the register and talk to you. So yeah, you are. Something to get nervous over, I mean.” You knew what he meant, but he had a habit of over-explaining every little detail that you found endearing, so you let him talk. “Is that weird? Am I weird?” 

    “Nah.” You reach out to squeeze his hand for literally a millisecond, which irritates him to no end because he kind of wants you to hold on for longer. “Like I said before, it’s kind of cute. You’re a cute kid.” 

   Puffing out his chest a little, he says, “Well, I wouldn’t really call myself a kid, I am fifteen so…” Oddly enough, it’s that comment alone that makes you sort of fall in love with him in that moment, and the way he so terribly wants to impress you. There’s no way to describe him other than ridiculously sweet, which is ironic considering you’re standing in a candy shop when he admits that you’re the prettiest person he’s ever laid his eyes on and when he asks for your number, you don’t hesitate to give it to him. 

   It’s the first time he buys something from the store, and he walks out with a stupidly happy grin on his face and approaches Ned with a new bounce in his step. He’s been standing out there for a half hour and patience that was diminishing faster and faster. As they’re walking back to the train so they can go home, Ned eyes Peter as he bites into a chocolate bar. “Peter, you literally hate chocolate, what are you doing?” 

    Peter shrugs, taking another piece off. “This chocolate bar scored me a date and the number of the cutest worker in that store. I’m gonna learn to love it.” 

    “The worker you’ve been stalking for the past two weeks?” 

    “It wasn’t stalking, Ned!” 

    Ned gives Peter an unconvincing nod, but truthfully, he’s glad to see his best friend so excited over someone. It’s been awhile since Liz, and Ned knows Peter deserves to be happy. And boy, is Peter ever so happy, even while he’s eating chocolate that he hasn’t liked since he was seven.

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