but you still can imagine you're the girl

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Now I love the idea of Camren but can't ignore other possibilities. You know why Lauren may hate Camren. Imagine being relentlessly shipped with a girl you lowkey legit crush on while you're still in the closet and know she's 100% straight and unavailable. Imagine this straight girl realizing you have a crush on her. Imagine fans realizing it. Imagine overreacting super hard to deflect your sexuality. Imagine the straight girl staying silent to not hurt you even worse. Just thoughts. 👀

Yes definitely. I’m all for all angles. I love to deconstruct and dissect shit. So that’s also possible.

But on the other hand, can we really dismiss Camila’s side of the story? Lauren wasn’t the only one who looked at Camila a certain way. And their indirects were basically a conversation if you put them together.

Lmao I’m laughing coz I know Camren is dead and shit, but this mystery is legit one of the most intriguing and addicting shit I have ever indulged myself in. And I’ve been into mysteries and history and all that geeky stuff since I was a kid 😂

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I've always found it fascinating with celebrity crushes and the "I don't want them to be gay because I like them" thing is that... that shouldn't change how you as a fan/admirer feel about them because let's face it, it, the celebrity falling madly in love with the fan they meet randomly fantasy, was likely never going to happen anyways so you're imagination can still go respectfully wild. Matt Bomer being gay hasn't stopped my mother from swooning every time she sees him in something.

Yeah, I think it’s strange too, especially since as a gay person, I obviously have lots of crushes on straight celebrity girls and it….doesn’t affect that I find them attractive because I don’t actually think I have a chance? Such a weird straight person thing to feel entitled to someone’s sexuality lining up with yours so that you can feel less weird about fiding them attractive lol. 


Oh so perfect braids…thank you Bebebrillit…they are just lovely.  I wouldn’t enjoy

 sims 4 as much if it weren’t for your lovely creations and retextures.  Thank you

 for being you….

Dress by decayclownsims. just amazing….sim by violablu (Gallery)&


Male sim by duirebelaar (Gallery)….he (anime gunzo chihaya) has max skills in

 almost all categories…he is a pleasure to play…I love watching him tend bar

 and playing music.

bebebrillit ,Your girls’ collection is wonderful…thank you,  thank you, thank you

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Also didn't Jin express discomfort with being called Mom, just like Taehyung doesn't like being called an alien, but people still do it?? Y'all claim to love them but go against a simple request like not calling them these things...

people who still call them mom and alien are so disrespectful.. why use such ugly nicknames when you can call them something cute??? like taetae or worldwide handsome.

jin doesn’t want to be called princess so i don’t think he wants to be called mom. i think i’m the “mom friend” in my friend group and they don’t call me mom 24/7. if they did i’d definitely go crazy lol.

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cap! i adore you and i hope you're doing well ❤️ i need some advice re: talking to cute girls: how? i don't know how to initiate conversation and your dialogue is always so witty i can imagine you're the same in real life. i need tips!!! i'm a hopeless lesbian!!!!

Oh honey, don’t let the internet/writing deceive you: I, too, am a hopeless lesbian. Honestly, I still haven’t figured out how to initiate conversations with other human beings, but what I’ve observed and felt is that demonstrating an interest in the person conversationally is important. Like, I always watch one of my closest friends engage in conversations with people she doesn’t know, and she always asks them questions about themselves, and asks follow up questions. It never comes off as overeager, just as like, her being interested in them as human beings. And from there, things can happen??? I guess my point is, it’s less about being witty and more about being you, and finding points of interest to talk about?? Hey socially competent tumblr, help us out here ;) <3 <3 <3

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Can you write an imagine where you stranded in the Night's Watch beacuse you are attacked (you're a girl) and you and Jon Snow get a liking of each other and the other's don't like it :-)

Request - Jon Snow “I shall take no wife”

“And, when are you leaving?” A man dressed in black leaned towards you. He had a smirk on his lips and the smell of alcohol was almost overwhelming. 

Even though you would say that after all those months you would have gotten used to it, you still felt a little intimidated. “I don’t know. Until J…the Lord Commander has found a safe place for me.” Your cheeks heated up and you quickly took a few more sips from your soup. 

“Leave the lady alone.” Jon stood up from his seat and with slow steps he walked towards you. “She shall stay here as long as she needs to.” His lips formed a straight line and he had his back straightened and his chin lifted. “This is the safest place she can be right now and until I’m sure she’s as safe somewhere else, I won’t send her away.”

“Jon…” The man next to you stood up and he lifted his chin too. “You’re the Lord Commander, but she’s been here for months already.” The man cocked his head and he crossed his arms over his chest. “You’re not looking that hard for another place for her to live, are you?” It was not really a question. It was more a statement and you bent your head to avoid their glances. 

“As Lord Commander I have a lot of things to take care of. Finding a safe place for her to live is only one of those tasks and not even the most important one.” Jon shook his head and his eyes rested on you. “There is an army of dead people marching towards us and you’re worrying about a girl in Castle Black?” He raised his voice, but the man didn’t even flinch, didn’t move, didn’t stop grinning. 

“We all know why you’re keeping her close.” The man hissed between his teeth and everyone around you was silent now. “You’ve started to like her. We should wonder if the safe place you’re talking about isn’t actually your bed.“ 

You held your breath and tried to breath in and out to prevent your cheeks from heating up even further. You had started to like Jon.

He had a kind heart, he was understanding, he thought about people before he thought about war or power. He could have sent you to one of the villages nearby, but instead he had offered you a safe place here in Castle Black. 

Although you had known that he had sworn a vow and that he would never fall in love with you, you had started to fall for him. Your heart had started to skip beats every time he walked by. Your skin had started to glow every time he said something nice. Your mind had started to dream about him, during the cold and lonely nights. 

"I understand that for some of you the concept of liking a girl without wanting her in your bed is totally foreign.” Jon cleared his throat, but he cocked his head and looked around to make sure all his men could hear him. “But I don’t have the intention to break my vow." 

"You’ve already broken it and we all know it.” The man hissed between his teeth, but Jon grabbed his shirt and lifted him of the floor. 

“I said that I was not going to break my vow again. Just like I won’t break my promise to (Y/N). I won’t send her away before I have found a safe place for her.” Jon spoke softly now and he carefully put the man back on his feet. “Don’t let me hear you speak like that to her or me again." 

OITNB (Season 3) : Sentence Starters
  • "Killers don't look like killers if they're good at their jobs."
  • "You know what gives me a headache? This job!"
  • "Ka-ching! Check it out! Woody fucking Allen. Now, that's some Jew shit right there."
  • "It tastes like Play-Doh."
  • "No one in here is people."
  • "More often than not, people believe what you tell them."
  • "One drop of ethnic blood, and bam, I'm basically made in China, like you and my toothbrush."
  • "I could be some kind of ax murderer who wants to make coats out of the skins of babies or something."
  • "We making panties?"
  • "Look, if you wanted to look like a real woman, you would let your roots grow out and get some bags under your eyes."
  • "I refuse to be invisible, _______. Not for you, not for _______, not for anybody."
  • "Maybe this is exactly where I am supposed to be right now."
  • "Go ahead and call me Jesus from now on 'cause this bitch just worked a miracle."
  • "I feel stupid for being in here."
  • "_______'s not my mom. Wouldn't wish that on her. I wouldn't wish that on anyone."
  • "Books are made from paper and trees, so we thought they should be returned to the trees from whence they came and everything."
  • "I owe my younger self 23 years of wild sex with multiple partners, but I'll settle for my name back."
  • "You know, historically, me and reality...not friends."
  • "Man, this was the pill before there was a pill. It's cheaper than condoms, and make your coochie crack smell like lemon fresh."
  • "If you say "bean leaves" one more time I'm going to punch you in the fuck hole."
  • "How does that work, with you being a lady-man and all? "
  • "I don't know from these things. That's why I'm askin' questions."
  • "A good mother does what's best for her children. And maybe what was best for your children was wipin' 'em out before they had to lead miserable fucking lives."
  • "Oh my god, this is such a metaphor for their lives."
  • "Well fuck her. I'm done with mamas. and stand-ins for mamas. I am parent free, and proud."
  • "God. This is the loneliest place I've ever been and I lived in a tree for eight months."
  • "Hey, you know who made up that never snitch bullshit? People who probably deserved to be snitched on."
  • "You really wanna be callin' me a lady-man when I got a fistful of your hair in my hand?"
  • "Here's the thing about mamas. They're only mamas as long as they got kids."
  • "I just got word that I'm taking over your job."
  • "I've masturbated. There was this statute of Jesus that was especially ripped. That was my guy."
  • "I do like you down on your knees."
  • "It's not the dying that's hard. It's that I have to do it here."
  • "There's too many people in here. It's making the air feel weird."
  • "You're still hot. I mean you're a horrible person, but you're hot as hell."
  • "We keep the fence between us, but we can all see each other."
  • "If you want to assassinate someone, vision is a basic requirement. It's like step 1, pick a person to kill. Step 2, kill the right person."
  • "I will potato her at a future time."
  • "The trick is to imagine the bugs being bugged by you. You can’t give away your power."
  • "Why do girls like it when men call them sluts during sex? Or bitches? Or dirty whores who love cum?"
  • "The world is better in black and white. And red."
  • "I ain't her keeper."
  • "Six months old, and she shits like a human."
  • "And once you rip it off, all we are to each other is scars."
  • "Are you saying mouths evolved to give blowjobs?"
  • "We all think we're the good guys."
  • "Once you know Santa Claus isn’t real, it’s all downhill from there."
  • "So it’s a woman thing. It’s always a woman thing."
  • "It’s not just sex. It’s love. It’s two people connecting…with four other people…and aliens."
  • "Clarity is important. You should be meticulous with your words."
  • "The hot one's back."
  • "Because a doughnut thats selling doughnuts is basically a slave trader."
  • "Thug life has turned you cold."
  • Random Person: Why do you like superheroes? Aren't comics like... sexist? You're a girl!
  • Me: (boils with rage)
  • Me: (brims with tears)
  • Me: (stifles a scream)
  • Deadpool: I can respect women and still love boobies.
  • Peggy Carter: Good to know. Now get out of my way, I have a job to do.
  • Black Widow: I could remove his tongue.
  • Deadpool: Mine or the random dudes?
  • Black Widow: Both would be my preference.
  • Deadpool: I like her. Imagine her more often crazy chick.

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Ah~I really sorry for not making myself clear before about making Aoba as a girl,Yeah,What I meant was have you ever considered drawing Clearao gender swapped,Aoba as a girl (女) and Clear is still male,Like an Heterosexual 異性愛者 dmmd,You see I'm Japanese and I'm trying to get used to English I really didn't know what to call it so,I'll use Gender swapped,and I meant ever word I said in the first message I've sent you before,I truly do cherish you're magnificent art in every way imaginable ◕‿◕❤!!

I can read Japanese a little! If you can’t use English well, just send me your language..not too difficult:D
Anyway, I LOVE GENDER SWAPPED VERY MUCH ! ! ! I was really tired just minutes ago, but your request encouraged me to draw it right away. I hope you like it!

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that tweet about luke getting mad at a lamp can u imagine daddy luke trying to operate the baby bottle warmer thing early in the morning and you're still in bed and you hear him downstairs yelling and cursing at the warmer and you chuckle and come downstairs and he's like "nonono i promise i can do this" and you shake your head and turn it on and he drops his head to the floor and is like "im a terrible father" so u and bby girl give him a kiss on the cheek to make him feel better

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You don't read fan-fictions? Damn, you're missing out girl..If I rec u some Niall fan-fictions would u read it? What would u prefer? Niall imagine fics(as in u r Niall's love interest) or Niall/other character(homo or hetero, [shipping Niall w/another person], can be smutty or not)... beware on smuts though: it can get really hot and may result in a lot of feels if u know what I mean *wink wink*

Hm that’s really nice, thank you but I’m not really interested! But you can still make a list, some of my followers might want to read some. :)

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Every time I see the candids of Taylor and Calvin and she's wearing these 3-4 inch heels, there's this part of me that wants to say, "Taylor, it's okay to look small next to your boyfriend. I know you're used to towering over people, but it's okay to let him fully tower over you, girl." 😂

Yeah but at the same time, she has a guy that still towers over her when she’s towering over other people. There is a whole lot of meaning behind “i wear heels now”. I mean yeah it would be nice to see how much smaller she really is than him but at the same time can you imagine how much power she feels when she’s wearing her heels? and then the fact that she has a MAN now who’s level she doesn’t have to stoop down to physically,mentally, and probably emotionally? Why should she make herself look smaller around him when she isn’t small? She’s right where she needs to be

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i know i like girls but everytime i imagine having a girlfriend i think "you're too ugly for such pretty girls to ever love you back." i know its just because im still a teenager and its a really low point in my life, but idk if i can get it out of my head that im not ugly and that someday i'll have a beautiful girlfriend who will love me as much as i love her

listen i was in the exact same boat youre in and right now i’m dating the most beautiful person in the world and i’m a fucken potato ok. it’s possible. keep ur head up


Riley and Lucas Cloudy AU: It was known that Riley loved cloudy days because in the stories that was when the big kiss happened. Plus, even when she was alone she still had a warm fluffy blanket, slow songs and an excuse to make hot cocoa every twenty minutes. However, this time she wasn’t alone. She had Lucas to twirl her around the big city, and to hold her in her room.


A/N: Well I usually do Riarkle, but I did this because I realized that I thought that I should do a Rucas one, and I think it turned out pretty decent.