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T: Have you ever been escorted out by security?

J: Uh, from a show? I don’t know…

T: Your own show?

J: I guess just in general, no. I wish that I could say yes.

T: I feel like you should say yes.

J: Yeah. I get into a lot of trouble, I cause scenes and major trouble. 

T: It’s better for our band if you do.


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If Taylor wasn't a singer and had an interest do you think she would have been a succssful model?

ABSOLUTELY! she is tall, has the body and is sooo incredibly photogenic and this is coming from fashion photographer Nigel Barker, please watch this 

(ignore the Kendall part)


so yes i do think she could be a successful model BUT she has to work on her posture and walk… but as a campaign model she would be amazing, she should be the face of a fashion house tbh

O shit

Hey cucks. So I decided to go back to leafy’s channel to see what he’s been up to after my great friend Rex Maxwell told me he still watches him. If you don’t know who rex is, he’s the cunt who made the pyrocynical sacrifice white privilege episode 3 video. He a great guy, you should check him out. He’s fucking adorable. I love him. Anyways, but I watched a few of Calvin’s videos and he isn’t as boring anymore. He changed up his content just enough to were I can go back to it and not be bored. But not so much that it’s completely different, like pyro did. Pyro it a totally different channel now. I still like it but yeah, so I guess I’ll get back on there every now and then to see what’s up.

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I know they were done by other people but they could still be acknowledge so people could learn more about these already popular/iconic series, specially when Watchmojo made Doomguy vs Duke Nukem and gave both a worse analogy than ScrewAttack did in Doomguy vs Master Chief (sorry for even mentioning these things, i know i should watch something better)

resist the urge to give those pointless top 10 list videos views

you’d get a more meaningful experience eating a bag of chips alone in a dark room

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What should I know about Lana Del Rey when I want to get into her music but know nothing about her except the "daddy" memes?

You don’t have to know anything about her! Just watch the videos and read the lyrics. Although it helps a lot if you know anything about mid-century women’s culture

Can people just stop?

While watching videos on youtube this morning I glimpsed a title of a video that said the following; “Jacksepticeye backstabs Pewdiepie”…. Sorry what?? I haven’t watched or read anything about this and I don’t intend to because there is simply no need whatsoever to do it. I watched Seán’s video and that’s all you need. He didn’t backstab Felix. He could and perhaps should have been more showing of his support in his video but still, he wasn’t unsupportive. He came at this from a more objective perspective, that’s all. Maybe a bit too objective but he did try and clear things up and make it right afterwards so I really don’t understand why some people feel the need to try and create non existent conflicts. There is already so many other and bigger actual existing conflicts and issues in the world that we need to focus on right now.

We are all only human and we all make mistakes and do things we regret. Now I don’t think that he should regret nor feel bad about his video (“Let’s talk”) because I think it’s good to look at things from several different perspectives. To sort of keep an open mind and be open for discussion. And also to allow yourself and be willing to grow and learn as a person, like Seán himself said in his video.

Friends can disagree on things, disagreeing on something doesn’t make you a backstabber. Seán did defend Felix and made it clear that he is not anti Semitic and that he is indeed a good person. But he also made some other good points too, like for example that the joke Felix made went too far and that it wasn’t as well thought through as it should have been. And that making dark jokes like that can and most possibly will have consequences and that you will have to take care of and handle those, which is true. He also says in his video that this whole thing could have, and should have, been handled much better (both by Felix and the media).

What I think really matters, in the end, is that Felix knows that he supports him. Seán tweeted and said that he had had his mind opened by many of the comments on the video and that, in my opinion, just shows that it’s fully possible as well as allowed to change your mind about things. He also said that he had talked to Felix so I’m just hoping right now that things are good between the two of them. According to me that’s what’s important.



Watch: Serena Williams just masterfully defended herself against a manipulative reporter and gave us all a world class lesson in self love at the same time

There are 101 ways this exchange could’ve gone differently. However, Williams’ concise directive, “You should apologize,” did more than demand kindness. It demanded accountability for rudeness. Well done. This is truly the perfect lesson in “How to respond to respond rude people in 2017.”

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one day i was walking and i found this big log then i rolled the log over and underneath was a tiny little stick and i was like, “that log had a child!”

Teacher: So tell me again why this paper isn’t finished

Me: Okay so Resident Evil 7 just came out and I’m trying to watch everyone’s videos to be fair of course-

Teacher:… of course

Me:- and the videos are all like an hour long, so I end up marathoning them, not to mention the *other* youtube channels I’m trying to stay up to date on, right?


Me: So really I guess my point is this was a really bad month for you to assign that paper, and that a student should not be held accountable for poor organization on the teacher’s part

Things about uni I learned the hard way

1. Rewriting notes is useless (for me)
2. I should read my textbooks in advance
3. Syllabus of each subject is essential and it’s pretty much a study guide that tells me when I should study what.
3. When teacher says “search it up” or “please read this” or “please watch this video” you better do it …Cause it’s going to be on the test.
4. When teacher tells you to print / download some material you do it asap just in case he’ll delete it later without warning you… (one of my teachers is like that)
5. Never rely on others.
P. S.: Procrastination leads to eternal misery.

Google Drive’s “unable to play this video” solution:

When you get this message on google drive

you can watch the video by giving a right click on the file and selecting “make a copy” (to do this I think you need a google drive account (you only need to have a gmail account to make one))

after you do that click on “my drive” and the file should be there. Wait until it is done processing (it might take a few minutes) and then you should be able to watch the episode.


The thing about love ~

Things you get to DO as a fan:

● Support them
● Buy their music
● Buy their merch
● Watch their music videos
● Request their music on the radio
● Cry with their selfies
● Laugh with their interviews

Things you DON’T get to do as a fan:

★ Choose who they should date
★ Hate on the people they date
★ Act like you own them
★ Be an asshole


If You’re Still An Undecided Voter After You Watch This Video, There’s Something Seriously Wrong With You

Once you see this, there should be no doubt in your mind who you should vote for on Election Day. 


Watch: This plus-size dance company is blowing away outdated stereotypes about what kind of body you should have to be a savage dancer

Dancer Akira Armstrong has been featured in two Beyoncé music videos, but when she flew to Los Angeles, she couldn’t find an agent to represent her — due to her size. So she decided to form her own dance company, and they are killing it.

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