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10 Rules Of The Watch

Once upon a time..

Most men with a sense of style know not to match brown shoes with black belts, a pre-tied bowtie or pyjamas in public. I remember my father once mentioning that the only glass a man loves to keep clean is the glass of his watch. When it comes to wearing watches people don’t really care about the rules. On many occasions you will discover men wearing completely inappropriate timepieces to their outfits. Being aware about some watch etiquette will save you from embarrassment, no matter how expensive, casual or formal the occasion is.
Younger gentlemen will eventually begin to appreciate the meaning of classic—–an item that stands the test of time. At some point, these maritime gauges that so many of us wear look like what you’d expect to see on the QEII or Queen Mary or a cargo ship. The will fade out of vogue and when they do, you will be able to cover the succeeding watch with the cuff of your shirt and jacket sleeve.

1. Match your metals & colors
Try and match the metals and the colors of the watch to the rest of the outfit you have on. Note the color of your belt buckles, shoe buckles, rings, collar bars or pins, and cufflinks and choose a watch in a matching metal. Wear yellow gold with yellow gold, and don’t wear a brown band when you’re wearing a black suit. Focus specifically on the boldest parts of the watch; the color of the strap, the color of metal and even the color of the dial.

2. Don’t wear the same watch every day
Even if you only own one nice watch, you shouldn’t wear it every day for several reasons. First, if the watch is a piece that you love, giving the watch a break will make it last longer. Second, one watch is rarely suited to the variety of outfits that a man will wear in a given week. The office, the gym, sporting events, dinners out, and parties all require different clothes and hence different watches. If you wear the same watch daily, chances are that 20-30% of the time it is the wrong watch to be wearing.
Regardless of your budget, if you love wearing a watch, try building up a small collection of reputable watches that suit all the various needs you have during the week, and give you favorite piece the occasional break.

3. Skip the bling
Wearing a diamond encrusted watch is fine if you’re a music mogul, but it has no place in the wardrobe of a well-dressed gentleman. Like an oversized watch, flashy diamonds and jewels are simply a cry for attention. They will distract from the rest of your outfit by drawing all the attention to one point. Most people will be wondering if it’s real, rather than what kind of watch it is. Diamonds and jewels also have the effect of making men’s watches appear more feminine. Unless you’re trying to be the next Eminem, skip the diamonds – with one exception. Some dress watches use very fine diamonds or other stones to accent small details, such as the rim of the dial or the numbers on the face. If the stones are subtle and enhance the overall features of the watch without being ostentatious, then they can find a place in a gentleman’s watch collection. Just remember to wear them in appropriate settings and don’t buy sporting watches, as diamonds are not suited to more casual watches. Finally, it should go without saying that you should never buy a watch with fake stones. If you can’t afford the real thing, skip stones altogether, as they will only cheapen the overall look and make it painfully obvious that you seek the kind of attention diamonds can bring.

4. Wear your watch on the wrist that suits you
The old rule of thumb was to always wear a watch on the non-dominant wrist. The reasoning was that it is the opposite of the dominant hand. Don’t let tradition dictate on which hand you wear your watch; wear it where you find it most comfortable. Like any other garment or accessory, your watch should fit you properly in two key ways. The size of the dial should be proportional to your wrist, and the band should fit snugly but comfortably. A loose band looks sloppy, so take it to your jeweler to have it sized to your wrist.

5. Admire other men’s watches from a distance
Just as you would never touch another man’s wallet, don’t expect to handle his watch. For many men the watch is the only piece of jewelry they own or wear, and they take great pride in keeping it dust free, fingerprint free and well polished. It’s perfectly okay to politely ask to see a watch, but don’t expect him to take it off his wrist. If he offers, feel free to accept, but try to handle it as little as possible and never place it on a hard surface where it could get scratched.

6. Pair watches with outfits appropriately
Just as you wouldn’t sit on the beach in a morning coat, you also don’t want to wear your dress watch sailing. Try and match the type of watch you wear to the activity you’re involved in each day. If you’re unsure what you’ll be doing, pair it with your choice of clothes; sport watches with athletic wear, dress watches with business wear, or a simple Seven Friday with beach wear. If you’re invited to a formal event or gathering and the dress code calls for black tie, attitudes have changed about wearing a watch. Historically it is considered impolite to wear a watch, but the rules regarding black tie have softened to accommodate wearing a simple dress watch with a black face and band if you choose. A pocket watch like U-boat or Bomberg is an alternative. For the rare white tie event, tradition demands that you do not wear a watch at all.

7. Beware the implications of checking your watch
Even though a great watch is one of a man’s ultimate accessories, checking it can have some negative social implications even if that’s exactly the reason you are wearing it!
If you’re on a date, in a meeting, or at a social event, don’t check your watch visibly in front of other people. Just like it’s rude to check your phone at a movie or restaurant, checking your watch shows that you have other things on your mind; things that take precedence over your present company. Unless you’re still young and have a curfew, the only way you should know what time a date is over is when she says goodnight.

8. Wear dark with dark, and light with light
If you’re out during the day consider a lighter colored face such as white or cream. However, at night focus on darker dials such as black, grey or browns. Just like a tuxedo is for evening wear and you wouldn’t wear it to brunch, a dark watch dial should be on your wrist at night, rather than during your 9am tee time at the country club.

9. Never wear a dive watch with a suit
Just because James Bond did it, doesn’t mean you should. James Bond was a spy who might, in fact, jump into a river in a suit at any moment. As far as we can tell, he’s the only one (besides other actors with endorsement deals with Omega) who should wear a dive watch with a suit. Dive watches are bulky, they don’t fit well under a suit jacketand they are a tell-tale sign that you don’t know the rules of watch-wearing…or that you aspire to have your own theme song. The same way that you wouldn’t wear your sunglasses at night, leave the dive watch for casual wear and pair a simple dress watch with your suit.

10. The oversized watch is over 
For the last couple of years, oversized watches have become the norm in men’s style. This popular trend only served one purpose: to scream for attention. An oversized watch dwarfs your wrist, throws off the proportions of your entire outfit, and simply doesn’t “fit” well into a nicely combined outfit.
For a watch enthusiast, those large dials are nothing more than for show. If you want to be taken seriously in the world of horology, stick to watches that fit your wrist.

Fake Chats #185
  • Namjoon: they say you should never ask a question you don't want to know the answer to.
  • Seokjin: what they mean is: if you prefer the lie, don't ask for the truth.
  • Namjoon: they say curiosity killed the cat.
  • Seokjin: what they mean is: get your nose out of my business or I'll kick your butt.
  • Namjoon: they say everyone is afraid of what they don't know.
  • Seokjin: what they mean is: the unknown is scary, duh.
  • Namjoon: they say pride goes before a fall.
  • Seokjin: what they mean is: if your nose is in the air, you'll trip over your own feet. Namjoon. Not that you're prideful, but watch your feet, seriously.
  • Namjoon: they say never to kick a sleeping dragon.
  • Seokjin: you mean never kick a sleeping Yoongi.
  • Namjoon: same thing, really.
  • Jungkook: woah, the translator's translator!
  • Jimin: Namjin!
  • Jungkook: you ship it?
  • Jimin: they're cute. So, yeah. Don't you?
  • Jungkook: I mean, I wouldn't say it out loud,
  • Seokjin: what he means is: yes, but I'm a shy and awkward little bunny, please don't put me in these types of situations.
  • Jungkook:
  • Jimin: they say there's no wrath like a mom's.
  • Namjoon: and that's exactly what they mean.
  • Jungkook: I don't like you.
  • Seokjin: aw, I love you too, honey.
Bts reaction to having a smol girlfriend


I am so sorry for you, but you are going to have to suffer thorugh a lot of terrible terrible jokes and puns about your height. The thing is that Seokjin isn’t always the best at finding out that his jokes aren’t really that funny. Your height would never in any way interfere with how much he loved you, but… He would still joke about it , mainly cause you would laugh… even if you were faking it to make him happy.

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“Why should you never hire a short person a chef? The steaks are to high!”


Now lets be honest, he might like to pretend, but Yoongi really isn’t that tall himself. And he would probably appreciate you being shorter than him. He would be giving you tons of back hugs where he could rest his head on your shoulder comfortable, and it would be so much easier for him to be the big spoon when you were a tiny little blob.

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“you are so cute! Come nap with me!”


Hobi would found you so adorable! Small people are adroable! Just look at Jimin it is a fact! He would always be helpful with helping you reach stuff, and make sure to place it on the lowest shelves so you could reach it as well. He would never miss a chance to hug you close and almost hide you in his body. Plus you wearing his hoodies and sweaters would be adorable!

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“look at you! It is like my shirt is trying to eat you! Have you ever seen something this cute!? No calming down is not an option!”


Being the tallest member of BTS he would tease you about how he had to hurt his back and neck to bend down and kiss you, but he would still find it adorable how much shorter than him you were. He would always try not to push the teasing to far. He knew he didn’t specifically like it when people called him a noddle with not control of his limbs, no matter how true it were.
So he would know not to push it to far.

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“This is why you can never leave me, my back is going to be damaged so back that nobody else would want me anymore!”


Now let’s be honest we all know that a smol girlfriend is Jimin’s dream! That means that he wouldn’t look so small himself! There would be a chance that he would do everything in his power to talk you out of wearing heels tho! He prefered when you were smol in flat’s! It made you look so adorable and it fit everything better!

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“Think about all the negative effects heels has on your health! I really just want the best for you! Which let’s be honest would be for you to leave the heels at home, you aren’t going to wear them all evening anyway! “


Tae would found it way to funny to put things where you couldn’t reach it, you better get used to this joke until he finds something better to do. In his defense this is how he shows that he loves you. That an leaning his head above your and resting it on your. Generally yes he would tease you! But he still loves you no matter what height you were!

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“oh I am sorry! I totally didn’t notice I put it up there!” 


Smol girlfriend? Time to show off! Get used to be lifted up to things you can’t reach, or just in general get ready to be picked up. We all know that Jungkook seem to enjoy picking people up, and those people are much bigger than you. Think about how much he would enjoy just in general you being small and easy to pick up! I hope you are not afraid of heights ;)

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“why are you screaming!? I am not going to drop you I promise, I do this to Jimin all the time and you are much smaller! I could throw you up and catch you again! Stop panicking! I am not going to do it, but I could!”

Authors note

I always thought I were short, until apparently I found out that 174 cm is not short in other countries… my entire life is a lie.

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you humans are so obssessed with appearences 
but ignorant of the true nature of tings

quick redraw of this shot 

I love her //Shawn Mendes

“You told me you were happier with her but you want me to stay.”


The moment Shawn Mendes walzed into your life was undoubtedly the best, You shared a bond nobody could understand. Not even you.

Every moment spent with Shawn, felt like an eternity. He was one of those people who never failed to make you smile, every time you were together you were sure your heart would burst with happiness.

Soon months turned into years, and Happiness and fun turned into jealousy and hate. You see, Shawn loved you. As a bestfriend, a confidant, a little sister even.

He didn’t fall for you the way you fell for him, and you fell hard. So when he announced his girlfriend to you, it felt like the heavens were punishing you, you never should have let Shawn in.

Faked smiles, fake happiness. Shawn eventually stopped talking to you, he never tried to reach out anymore. You would by lying if you said it didn’t hurt you, because fuck it did. So much.

You should be the one Shawn loves, the one who gets to see him at his worst and at his best, be there for him no matter what, love him with every bone in your body, she’d be the one who got to mother his children, got to be his wife. Not you.

Why would Shawn Mendes love Y/N Y/L/N?
It didn’t make sense, because who would choose a daisy in a meadow of Roses?

Shawn was so oblivious, You didn’t bother trying to talk to him about it, or explain your feelings because would he even care? He had her. She is all he needs. You aren’t important anymore.

When Shawn stopped talking to you, so did your mutual friends, Brian, Ian, Leah, Rayah, Tim and Lyall. You were the one who introduced them to Shawn, your friends were the second thing the stole from you, your heart being the first.

Matt was there with with you, helped you, You could never thank Matt enough for staying with you after everyone left. He knew that you loved Shawn, how could he not?

Matt was like your older brother, You could tell him anything and everything. He knew about your feelings for Shawn before you did.

So now here you are. Inside Shawn Mendes’ Condo, about to Spill the secret you’ve kept locked inside for so long.

“Y/N?” Shawn asked groggily, I probably woke up him, but I didn’t care. I came for one reason and one reason only.

“Look Shawn-” I started, My voice wavers. A clear indication that I’m scared. Hurt and nervous.

“Shawn I- I love you.”

His face pales. And his warm smile drops.
I have fear in my stomach, I already know what he’s going to say, I’m not ready to hear it.

“Y-Y-YN, you love me?, love love me?”

I almost laugh. Almost, I swallow a sob.
“I’ve been in love with you since we were 12! But you didn’t care! You still don’t care, because you have her! And I can never, ever be what she is.”

I swear I heard my heart crush, Break. Snap.
When I meet Shawn’s eyes. Tears form at the surface. He lets one slip, then two, then three and so on. Soon he’s a sobbing mess.

“Y-N, I-.” I cut him off, scared of what he’s going to say.

“I love her Y/N.” that’s all it takes before I let it all out, 6 years of emotions bubbled to the surface. I knew Shawn could never love someone like me, why would he?

“But I don’t want to loose you! You’re my best friend I’ve known you since we were 12, we’ve done everything together, been through so much. I- I can’t let you go.”

I scoff, “Shawn if you don’t love me let me go! Please, I need to find someone else!”
I beg, Shawn has me under his Spell.

“I-I can’t. I need you. But I love her.“

♥ As old as this issue was, some people still get told to kill themselves over having silly interests that make them happy, whether this interest reigns from FNAF, to BATIM, to Undertale, to even watching certain Youtubers or TV shows. Just remember, that your interests, are okay to have. Cringe culture is fake, and you should never feel ashamed for liking what you do. You should never think about harming yourself over something as silly and small as a hobby or interest, whether minor or obsessive. I love you, and pray that in a future day, things will be smoother, and nothing will be considered “cringe”, just because of the sake of a few naughty people in the fandoms. ♥

Maybe I am a bit more prickly on this at the moment.

I try not to talk about this too much, because it sounds whiny and kinda entitled (and I am also already sure I’ve always talked about it too much), but I’m always kinda convinced that I’m never going to have a romantic or significant platonic relationship with anyone. Like - that’s just how life is. I try to move on and accept it. It’s whatever. (It’s not whatever.)

I don’t know how much this has in common with the whole foreshortened future thing, which is apparently a recognised trauma thing. It definitely feels similar, in the type of no-questions-allowed bone-deep certainty - so maybe I’m just traumatised (not that that really helps the whole mutual caring thing). But then - I don’t know how much of the foreshortened future thing isn’t true either. Is it #trauma? Is it just a realistic assessment of my prognosis as a disabled person without social support or a decent welfare or healthcare system? I don’t know. (It’s probably a bit of both.)

It does vary, of course, on how much this bugs me. Some days I’m really glad for what friendships I do have. Some days I even manage to believe that they are real and that they might last, even having me in them. Some days I am sad somewhere deep inside (though of course that’s not an acceptable sadness to show). Some days I really wish that, if all my feelings are useless and pointless, I could just stop having them. Sometimes I can believe that it’s good and pure and part of this world to have strong feelings about people who will never care. Sometimes I hate it and wish I could burn it out of me, so that I never have to expend energy on it or get hurt by it again.

I don’t know what’s true and what’s #trauma - but it’s also not like #trauma actually helps you form relationships or makes you a nice person to know, so it probably doesn’t matter much. I try to pretend none of it matters. Sometimes I just fail, I guess.

H2O Delirious || Very Funny Guys

“Okay so me and Luke are doing a really quick Q and A before I starve to death!” Y/N said into her camera while grabbing her phone. “We’re going to be answer questions quickly, because I’m hungry.” Y/N had had a channel for a while and it had grown bigger. She lived in LA but for now she was in North Carolina visiting her best friend Cartoonz, Luke. “Okay go!” Luke yelled looking through his phone. “How old are you?” Luke read out, Y/N faked gasped. “You should never ask a lady her age.” Luke chuckled. “Lady? I don’t see a lady.” Y/N laughed and clicked another. “ow long have you and Del been together?” She smiled at the sound of him. “About  a year and a half now.” She answered not knowing that now the whole Q and A would turn into something about him. “You’ve done it now.” Luke said with a laugh. “What?” She asked before glancing at her phone. “Does it bother you, that you’ve never seen his face? No.” She said laughing. “How can you be dating if you’ve never seen his face?” She laughed harder at this one. “Oh god, you don’t need to see someones face to fall for them guys, seriously.” Luke was laughing at his phone. “What?” She asked trying to peak. “Are you friends with Luke to get close to Jon?” They both burst into fits of laughter. “Abs! I’ve got abs! I’ve earnt a pizza.” She giggled and looked at the camera with a straight face. “Luke is my Old, Very old, friend.” She joked while continuing to scroll. “How did you met him?” Luke asked looking at her. “Well the first official time was when I kept killing them both on GTA because they both suck ass.” Luke threw a pillow at her. “But since I’m not allowed to mention that one, it was when he followed me on twitter and we spoke for a solid 12 hours.” She said laughing. “Longest phone call?” Luke asked her. “Eemm….23 hours, I fell asleep on the phone to him.” He laughed and rolled his eyes. “Honestly it’s like they’re two children! You’re two people in love.” It was Y/N’s turn to hit him with a pillow. “Suck it!” She yelled before ending the video and quickly uploading it and tweeting it. @y/t/n: Yes! Another unedited video

“You ready for food?” Luke asked as she pulled on her blue leather jacket. “Starved.” She joked pulling on her black boots and walking out of the door. “Mine or yours?” She asked looking at her car. “Mine…I don’t trust the way you drive.” She laughed before getting into the side of the car. “Drive monkey drive.” She joked holding her stomach as it growled. “Before I die over here.”
“I’ll take a pizza and fries but with extra fries.” Y/N said looking at the waitress who was clearly eyeing up Luke, she stifled a giggle while biting her lip and grabbing her phone. @Y/T/N: Theres a waitress serving me and Luke, she’s trying to hard bless her. Y/N pushed send and continued to watch as the waitress flirted and Luke hopelessly didn’t notice. @H2ODelirious: Just hand her Lukes number ;) Y/N smirked before writing it down and slipping it into her hand and winking. “Thank me later.” She walked off and placed the order. “What was that?” Y/N drank her water. “Oh nothing.” He looked at her and her phone went off. @H2ODelirious: LOVING the jacket! You look like my GTA guy She laughed at first before it hit her head properly. @Y/T/N: Think you’ll find it’s my GTA character I look like, and ha ha ha tell Luke I said very funny for telling you what I’m wearing. You’ve done this before, it’s old now. She locked her phone and drank from her cup. @H2ODeliriou: Oh yeah baby you drink from that cup. Btw Luke has no idea I’m talking to you ;) She frowned looking around confused. She looked at all of the people in the diner. None of them looked like they were interested in their phone or her. @Y/T/N: Quit it Del, I know its you and Luke messing with me  Someone coughed and her head shot around to see an elderly man. She looked back at her phone. @H2ODelirious: He’s too old thats not me ;) But also your butt looked great walking in those jeans. She looked at Luke. “Luke quit messing with me, he’s not here.” Luke held up his hands. “Not me.”  She looked around. “That means that he’s here.” She looked back at Luke while he smirked at her. Suddenly someone covered her eyes. “Hey there Bootylicious.” She giggled before peeling away his hands and looking at him. “Del?” She asked taking in all of his features. She touched his face and smiled. “You’re-you’re here.” He chuckled and she touched his face again. “I’m here.” She teared up and kissed him. “Alright jesus.” Luke said coughing into his water.

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i just want to say to all the demigender peeps out there who ever feel like they're "fake" or just "want to be special," nonononononoooooo. no. n o. your gender identity is 100% valid and real, and you should never feel ashamed or like it's "fake." you're real. this is real. don't ever doubt that. <3

^^^ thank u so much nonnie

 - mod daria

Alas piling old books on nest spots could not stop her brood and an eggy has arrived. I really wish she’d take a longer break in between, I don’t think it’s even been a week. She only gets about 30 days between each pair of eggs so only 30 days to recover from that. When pigeons lay you should never take away the eggs, you may replace them with fake ones so long as they have something to sit on. Taking away eggs causes their “oh no a predator ate my babies I must replace them!” instinct to kick in so they’ll just lay more eggs which leads to egg binding. Let them sit on the eggs until they’re done with them.

So recap: when your pigeon wants eggs, embrace the broody and give them a nest and some lovin’. The broody is good and natural. A few times a day kick them off the nest so you can “sit” on the eggs for a few minutes and they can eat, drink, poop, and bathe :)


the best of Oliver Queen: 61 of

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76. Pidgance (listen idk what this ship is called anymore) .... I'm weak for this trope

76. “I need you to pretend we’re dating…”

“Pidge? Hey Pidge? Piiiiidge~?” Lance annoyingly repeated.

“Whatever it is, I’m busy,” she groaned, not wanting to deal with it. Lance only got like that when he wanted something. And usually it was stupid or trouble.

“Aw come on, I can’t just wanna hang out with my good friend, Pidge?” he gasped with fake offense.

“You never do, so why should this time time be any different?” she shrugged, clearly untouched. She was immune to Lance’s tactics.

Lance just pouted. At this, Pidge just sighed.

“Okay, I’ll bite. What is it?”

“I knew you’d come around! But uh…well…” suddenly he looked unsure of himself.

“Out with it!” she snapped.

“I need you to pretend we’re dating…” he said quickly, so quickly that Pidge almost didn’t catch him.

There was an awkward silence that followed.

“That’s not funny,” she huffed, before turning on her heels.

“I’m serious!” he responded, gently grabbing her arm.

“Seriously? Do I even want to know why?” she asked.

“Uh well…see Keith said-” he started but Pidge shook her head.

“Nope, not happening. I’m not going along with this because Keith said something to bruise your ego again.”

“Aw come on!” he whined.

Pidge narrowed her eyes, “Why are you asking me, anyway? Why not an actual pretty girl, like Allura?”

Lance’s face turned completely serious as his eyebrows came together at her comment. Yes, Pidge didn’t think she was particularly pretty, but she never cared about that.

“What are you talking about, Pidge? You are pretty!” Pidge turned around, convinced that Lance was just saying that, only to be taken aback by the sincere look on his face. He thought…she was pretty?

“You didn’t even know I was a girl till a few months ago,” she pointed out, shaking her arm out of his grasp.

“So? Why does that matter?” he responded.

The meaning of his words sunk in and Pidge started feeling her face heat up and her stomach was feeling funny. Her mouth opened and spoke before her brain could fully process what she was about to say.

“Okay fine, I’ll help you…”

Lance’s face immediately brightened up and a huge grin spread across his face, “Aw thanks Pidge, you’re the best! Now, shall we…babe?”

“Don’t push it…” she muttered, hiding the small smile on her face from Lance’s view.

I call it Pidgeance, others call it Plance. Doesn’t matter. Anyway, hope I did this justice for you lol! 

Show Me

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Request: Would you maybe pretty please be able to do a Dean x reader where Dean is teaching the reader how to give a blowjob? And he’s just really sweet with her because she’s never done it before? And praises her and it’s just really cute and fluffy? 

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,300ish

Warnings: language, smut (oral)

A/N: Sweet kind of smut…

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asking an abuse survivor "proofs" that they were really abused is just the worst thing ever. not only ur automatically making them remember what happened but ur also literally doubting of their suffering. this isnt about ace ppl anymore, this is about being a decent person and RESPECT ppl who were abused or harassed for being who they are. even str8 ppl can be harassed by creepy ppl wanting to force them into relationships (ex: getting them drunk to have sex), what makes u think ace ppl cant?ugh

 It’s abuse. It’s textbook extortion. “Either give me what I want or you’re going to suffer”. Simple as that. 

Plus, this is coming from the crowd that says that you shouldn’t doubt a victim because no one would fake that. So I guess you should never doubt anyone - unless they’re part of or defending a group you don’t like. In which case it’s perfectly okay. And when they do prove it, backpedal as much as possible : )

“I’ll take the all the blame, if it means you could smile again.”

Dedicated to voltagechris! Thanks for being a totally awesome friend and like talking to/bearing with me back when i was still a semi-immature prick hahah! <3 <3 <3 May our love for KOR influence other people! still hopes for junpei to come out even though it is not possible.

Took images left and right, sorry if i took yours!


I suppose since I have the time I’ll parse the logic of Archer and Shirou’s argument since it’s one of the more interesting parts of Stay Night.

Simply put Archer represents an interesting ethical dilemma of a man who has lived his life nearly flawlessly upholding a set of moral beliefs only to wind up in hell. 

(Not a happy place.)

The argument from his perspective goes something like this: aside from factors that were somewhat outiside my own control (my ability to always be strong and skilled enough to succeed at what I was doing) I always held up my own ideals. No choices I made were mistaken according to those ideals but the results were terrible therefore to trace back the root cause of my misfortune- how I could have prevented this outcome- I must go back to the origin and accept that my ideals were wrong or at least unsuitable for the world in which I live in. My own moral intuition was incorrect and I should never have pursued it.

(A fake like you should never have been born.)

He is essentially correct in answering the question: what would have prevented this situation from occuring in the first place?

However there is a flaw in this line of reasoning as Shirou points out. 

(Not included: pictures of memes from translation errors.)

To begin with there is a logical paradox present in the sentance “my moral intuition was incorrect or at least wrong for the world I live in”. One cannot claim morality is wrong on moral ground- for one thing winning that argument means you lost your original purpose behind making it, if morality is amoral then there is nothing amoral about morality and such curious nonsense that should make it obvious this is wrong.

(Some days are better than others)

Furthermore if an ideal is incompatible with  a given reality that does not automatically lead to the conclusion that the ideal is flawed and the reality is correct in fact that is the very opposite of what our morality tells us- that sometimes the world is wrong and the ideas in our head about how it should work while sometimes impossible to carry out represent the correct order of things. Since one cannot argue from a point other than ones own moral intuition making the opposite argument that people are wrong and something else is right is impossible unless that is something that’s already included under your moral intuition making the two sides identical.

(Shit happens)

No matter how you look at it arguing against one’s own innate sense of right and wrong isn’t possible. 

So Shirou concludes that instead of answering the question of what would absolutely prevent Archer’s fate we must instead ask what Archer did wrong to cause this situation. The answer to which is simple: nothing. 

(Pictured:Literally nothing wrong)

Surprisingly for some no doubt Archer did not in fact spend his life going on random killing sprees for the sake of some far off greater good. Before his contract after death took away his sense of volition he always maintained violence as a last resort doing his best to resolve situations peacfully and trying to live up to the ideal of saving everyone instead of everyone whom it was convenient to save. He never truly succeeded but he never truly gave up.

The world as has been established is not a place that is always correct according to morality therefore it does not logically follow that someone abiding by morality will experience good outcomes. No system of morality guarantees ŕesults, only better chances. Archer made the best decision on the best information available to him thus the outcome is irrelevant. Morality cannot be established after the fact for one’s moral reasoning the question is always “in the exact same situation, knowing what I did only then should I make the same choice?” and Shirou agrees that he would. Knowing now of what he learend from Archers troubles he would make different ones but that does not mean that the ones Archer made in those circumstances were mistakes he simply got unlucky that the universe contained so specific a trap for him. There is nothing for him to beat himself up for (in the most literal sense possible).  Nor can the implausibility of a goal be used as a measure of its moral worth.

Interesting note: the rhetorical device of addressing your opponants strongest possible argument is called a Steelman.  

Just The Way We Like It oneshot

Just the way we like it

Request: Could you do one when you’re ex (josh) is still trying to get back with you and you ask Dean to make him jealous and you end up kissing Dean and you both admitting that you actually do like each other (teen!dean please?)

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: I really like writing this one! Anyways I had some fun writing it because I realized once I wrote Booby instead of Bobby, which me being the immature unicorn that I am laughed for a few minutes at my mistake. Oops :/ anyways enjoy!

You were best friends with Dean Winchester, you had been for quite a while. He didn’t live in town, but you were neighbours with his ‘Uncle Bobby’. He only came to town about once a month and you cherished every moment of his visits.

When you were 16 the two of you would sneak into midnight movies; every night. When you were 17 you would ditch school and go to the beach. And on your 18th birthday Dean snuck the two of you into a bar using fake id’s. (A/N: which you should never do by the way. We don’t need you getting drunk underage- and if you do, you didn’t get the idea from here~~~~ I was never here~~~~~) Dean Winchester was your best friend and you loved him, he loved you too of course he didn tlove you the way you love him. He loved you like a sister; as his best friend. But you were in love with him.

You were almost 19 now and had just broken up with another one of your shitty boyfriends a few weeks before. His name was Josh, Dean had met him once when he saw the two of you on your front porch. Dean had just come into town and came over to say hello. He found the two of you kissing on the steps leading to the front door. When he saw you lip locked with Josh he felt a twinge of pain in his heart, he was looking at his best friend, the girl he was in love with kissing some douche bag. You only noticed he was there when he awkwardly coughed. You pulled away from Josh and saw Dean standing there, you left Josh in the dust and ran to dean; jumping up into his arms.

That was a month ago. You broke up with him a week later. Josh didn’t understand why you broke up with him, and you thought he never will. The day after he came to your work and started to flirt with you, he tried to win you back. When you turned him down he just came back again the next day. And he never stopped.

 Dean was due back for a visit today. You couldn’t wait to see him again. Bobby knew you were excited to see him again so he invited you over to wait at his house for Dean to return again. You heard the rumble of the impala just outside window. You looked out to see Dean and Sam climb out, wave at the car and walk towards the door. when they first walked in they didn’t see you

“HEY BOBBY, WE’RE HERE” Dean shouted throughout the house.

“BOBBY” he repeated.

“I heard you the first time ya idgit” Bobby said rounding the corner to see the two boys standing in the doorway.

Dean rounded the corner into the library and saw you standing there.

“Hey Dean” you smiled

He walked towards you and wrapped you up in a huge hug.

“Heya Princess, miss me?” he asked

“Not a chance” you laughed

You could feel Dean silently laughing with you.

When you pulled away from your hug you saw Sam awkwardly standing in the doorway “Hi Sam” you smiled

“Hey y/n” he muttered then walked away

“so uh, y/n shouldn’t you be with your dick of a boyfriend, Whats his face, James?”

You laugh “first off, his name was Josh. And Secondly, we broke up right after you left town last month, so I am single and ready to mingle!”

It was Deans turn to laugh.

“I was thinking about a movie marathon at my place tonight, we can order pizza, eat popcorn, all that kind of stuff”

“I’ll come over at 7”

You gave Dean one more hug before leaving. On your way out you shouted thanks to Bobby and ruffled Sams hair.

Dean pulled into the parking lot to your apartment building around 10 to 7. You had moved out the week Dean visited last time to a place closer to the college in town.

You opened you door to see Dean standing there with a couple different movies and assorted candies.

“if you’re trying to win a girl over you’re going to need more than sour keys and gummy bears” you moved to the side and let him in.

Dean rolled his eyes and put everything on your kitchen counter.

“I already ordered the pizza so it should be here soon” you added

“With everything on it”

You nodded “just the way we like it”

As soon as you put the movie in you heard a knock at the door, you figured it must have been pizza so you sent Dean to get your wallet while you answered the door. When you opened the door it wasn’t the pizza man standing on the other side, it was none other than Josh, your ex. (A/N:  haaha it may not have been the pizza man you were hoping for, but it was your old pizza man if you know what I mean *wink wink* *nudge, nudge*)

“What are you doing here?” you asked

“Can I come in?”

“No” you said flatly

Dean walked up behind you with your wallet. He stopped in his tracks when he saw Josh standing in the doorway.

“What are you doing here” Josh asked Dean

“I could ask you the same question” Dean retorted

you had no other choice but to give Dean the signal. 5 words to be exact. You looked at Josh and told him “I have another boyfriend now”

you had given Dean the signal and he had followed through, placing his arm around your shoulder. Josh scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“yeah right, the two of you. I don’t believe that”

“Why not?” you question

“Because he’s such a dick, I mean c’mon y/n. you don’t date guys like that”

You laughed then said “I dated you”

Dean couldn’t hold back his laughter, Josh’s face heated up pink but went back to its original colour.

“but I still don’t believe you broke up with me for him”

“oh yeah?” you raised an eyebrow

You pulled Dean towards you by the shirt, pressing you lips against his.

He was stunned at first, but leaned into the kiss.

you heard footsteps walking down the hallway away from the door. but you didn’t want to stop kissing Dean, so you didn’t. you moved you lips against his, harder. Your tongues moving in sync.

He was the first to pull away, he rested his forehead on yours.

“Y/n?” he breathed

“mmhmm” you muttered

“James left”

You didn’t even bother correcting him, because you didn’t care. “I know” you whispered.

“uh did you guys order pizza?” said a voice from the doorway

You quickly moved away from Dean and took you wallet from his hands.

“Yeah, thank you” you took the pizza from him and handed him the money.

Before he left he looked at Dean and said “nice” then walked away.

You laughed and closed the door. you put the pizza on the kitchen counter and was grabbing two plates from the cupboard. There was a light touch on your wait, Deans hands. You could feel his breath on your neck. You slowly placed the plate on the counter and leaned into dean.

“that wasn’t just any kiss, was it?” he asked

You shook you head no. Dean placed a light kiss on your neck.

“Y/n, you are so beautiful” he whispered

You sighed and turned around so you were facing him.

 “I love you, y/n. you know that” he leaned down and kissed you again.

“I love you too Dean” you murmured against his lips.

You sat on the couch with Dean eating pizza, popcorn and candy watching ‘Jaws’. He had one arm around your shoulder, and you were leaning into his side. Everyonce and a while you would catch him staring at you.

Sometimes you would say “keep your eyes on the movie, not me”

And he would respond with “But I like you so much better” you would laugh and pull him closer to you if that were even possible.

Othertimes you would just lean up and kiss him then tell him how much you loved him.

He stayed with you at your apartment for the rest of his visit. You would meet up with him for lunch on days that you had to go to school, when you were at work he would visit you during every one of your breaks and at night you would crawl into bed and he would tell you stories of the monsters he’s hunted with his dad and Sam, on lazy days the two of you would stay in and lay in bed all day talking, cuddling or making love.

You and Dean were in it together. Just the way we liked it.

the end