but you see little glimpses

She’s not the type of girl you’re used to… and you’re not quite sure if you like it or not. She’s not easy to get to know. She’s guarded and closed off… anything even slightly personal is harder to get to than Fort Knox. With her – it’s always one step forwards and two steps back and it’s SO frustrating… But you think maybe you kind of like it… because when you see those little glimpses of her you know you’re probably the only person who ever has.
She can’t be charmed… she’s not that type of girl. She manages to twist your compliments into insults or downplay them into jokes, and again… it’s so frustrating!!! Why can’t she believe that you like her!? Why can’t she just accept that she’s beautiful?
She can’t be bought because again… she’s not that type of girl. Jewelry, flowers, gifts… none of it interests her and she gets angry if you try it. She seems to think it’s effortless, and to her credit she’s kind of right… you’re simply repeating the same rehearsed steps to try and make her like you that you did with every other girl… and it won’t work… because she’s not like other girls.
She’s demure yet provocative… She runs hot and cold… She’s self-conscious, but also self-assured… In fact, she’s just about every contradiction you can possibly think of and yet you’re somehow addicted to this roller coaster ride because you know that even when she’s being the complete opposite of herself she’s still the most ‘real’ woman you think you’ve ever met and you just want to get to know her more. You want to see all of her… get inside her mind… know everything there is to know about her…
But she won’t let you. She’s not that type of girl. And when the day comes to let her go and kiss her goodbye forever, you can tell she wants to cry… But she won’t… because she’s not that type of girl. She never was. She never will be… And that’s exactly what you loved about her most.
She’s not the type of girl you’re used to… and you’re not quite sure if you like it or not. She’s not easy to get to know. She’s guarded and closed off… anything even slightly personal is harder to get to than Fort Knox. With her – it’s always one step forwards and two steps back and it’s SO frustrating… But you think maybe you kind of like it… because when you see those little glimpses of her you know you’re probably the only person who ever has.
She can’t be charmed… she’s not that type of girl. She manages to twist your compliments into insults or downplay them into jokes, and again… it’s so frustrating!!! Why can’t she believe that you like her!? Why can’t she just accept that she’s beautiful?
She can’t be bought because again… she’s not that type of girl. Jewelry, flowers, gifts… none of it interests her and she gets angry if you try it. She seems to think it’s effortless, and to her credit she’s kind of right… you’re simply repeating the same rehearsed steps to try and make her like you that you did with every other girl… and it won’t work… because she’s not like other girls.
She’s demure yet provocative… She runs hot and cold… She’s self-conscious, but also self-assured… In fact, she’s just about every contradiction you can possibly think of and yet you’re somehow addicted to this roller coaster ride because you know that even when she’s being the complete opposite of herself she’s still the most ‘real’ woman you think you’ve ever met and you just want to get to know her more. You want to see all of her… get inside her mind… know everything there is to know about her…
But she won’t let you. She’s not that type of girl.
And when the day comes to let her go and kiss her goodbye forever, you can tell she wants to cry… But she won’t… because she’s not that type of girl. She never was. She never will be…
And that’s exactly what you loved about her most.
—  Ranata Suzuki | Not that type of girl

 I summed up the most interesting things Adam said during this interview.


During his first auditions for the role Daron was impressed by how good Adam was at making “fighting sounds”. He thanked his years of martial arts for that.

- When Adam had to come up with a voice for Marco, having seen his pictures, he thought that he looked like a “kid with a sweet demeanor who sort of wants to be a bad boy”, and he essentially used what’s his normal voice, with a higher pitch.

- Adam sometimes feels like he’s reliving his teenage years by voicing Marco, and said that when he read the script for Sleepover he was shocked to see the piano scene, since he essentially did the same to impress the girls over at his house for his sister’s sleepovers. 

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dating Suga (BTS) would include:

  • first things first, sleep is the most important thing in this relationship obviously
  • it will be three in the morning and he’s still working on the same rap and you literally get up and wrestle him to the bed but when you try to get up in the morning, he wraps his arms and legs around you so you can’t leave
  • he tries so damn hard to hide how much he cares but every now and then you see little glimpses of it when he lets things slip or when you catch him just kinda staring at you like you’re made of diamonds or something
  • if you mention in passing something that you’ve been wanting, he will take out his credit card and will hand it to you without a word and you’re like that’s not necessary babe
  • but then he says he feels bad because he works all the time so he doesn’t have time to buy you nice things so at least this way he can get you something
  • and it’s ridiculously sweet of him to say that so you toss the card and straddle his lap and shove your tongue down his throat
  • there will be times in the middle of the night where he will throw one of his hoodies at you and invites you on a run to the store with him because he needs ramen to finish this verse
  • when you go out with the group, you and him are the two that don’t say a word but stuff your mouths with food and make weird derp faces at each other to see who can make the other spit out their drink first
  • yoongi the type to go from zero to sixty real quick, like you’re both discussing what to have for dinner and he’s thinking he’s in the mood for something spicy then he whispers in your ear how good you would look bent over the dining table just saying
  • he falls asleep on you all the time, even if you’re in the middle of a conversation with him, telling him that your period was late and he just kinda falls over and lands perfectly in your lap
  • there are times when he puts too much stress on himself and he will stomp around the bedroom swearing and shouting his frustrations and you just stand there to listen but when his face tenses up because he wants to cry so badly but he doesn’t wanna cry in front of you that you rush over and hold him
  • you are backstage for almost every performance because you’re his support system and you never fail to stroke that ego because he deserves it
  • fighting is rare but arguments are common because you both have strong opinions about things but he has never raised his voice or lost his temper, he’s more inclined to silent intimidation or cold shoulders until everything blows over
  • occasionally the two of you are just chatting quietly and that lisp will show up and at this point you’re both so chill that he don’t care if you hear it and you think it’s cute but you don’t say anything
  • the members will ask him if he had a good weekend and he will very calmly tell them that he spent most of it between your thighs and they understand that’s why he’s in such a good mood
  • and he’s the type to sit down during practice and feel something in his back pocket and has no idea what it could be and he pulls it out and it’s your panties then he just snickers and puts it back while he replays the memory in his head
  • the kid cannot hold his liquor, he becomes an obnoxious little shit when he drinks and most of the time you’re just struggling to get him to a couch or bed so he doesn’t bust his head when he finally passes out
  • after a while you both have matching styles and clothes like you go out wearing leather jackets and snapbacks with swear words on them and people dart out of your path but they have no idea you’re both squealing over kummamon
  • yoongi never wants to meet your parents, because he truly believes he’s not good enough for you and worries that one day you will move on to someone who is more worthy of you and that thought keeps him up at night he’s an idiot
  • after some really good sex he will hold you and will jokingly play around and ask you to marry him and you always answer yes this makes him very happy
  • he’s spitting fire and you’re screaming at the top of your lungs as you watch and when you finally meet up with him after the performance you smack his butt and brag “that’s my man” and he freaking loves that
  • whines about how much he hates dancing while he lays on the bed pouting so you prance around in your underwear trying to dance dope and he finally shuts up before showing you the correct way to do it
  • whenever he hugs you before leaving whether for a few hours or a few months it’s painful because you’re like his best friend in the universe and he just wants to give you everything and when he can’t it tears him up
  • in his opinion heaven is when you and him are in a hammock somewhere and are the only two people left in the world

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I 100% agree with your intrepertion of Jughead this episode, at first I was really not expecting how he was acting but after watching a second time you see the little glimpses of regret that he's trying to shut out because no matter how angry with Betty he is he still loves her and he knows it. I think he's a really interesting character that really needs to be paid attention to be understood and a lot of people are letting those little emotions he lets through fly by which is a shame


Stefan Salvatore Imagine Requested- I’m not the Kind of Person you Fall in Love With


Alright here is the Stefan Salvatore imagine requested by @kaitlynw011 .  I hope you enjoy it! xx.

Saturday night and you were sitting on your couch cuddled up in a large blanket.  Your television was playing some sappy 2000s romantic comedy, but you weren’t paying attention. Your mind was reeling as one awful name echoed in your head.  Klaus Mikaelson, it made you shiver.  Klaus decided to revisit Mystic Falls and was hell bent on taking his once right-hand man back.  Your sweet and loving boyfriend, Stefan Salvatore.

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I found a webm of a Maruko Chan Pilot film on Sakugabooru and im just wondering if raws of it even exist for it to be subbed.

I assume you’re referring to this charming video–


Yeah, I saw that in my travels a while ago and naturally I grew quite interested into this glimpse into what the Chibi Maruko-chan TV show could have been in another universe.

Well, I came back from that independent research study with good news and bad news – the good news is that raws of that pilot film DO exist on one of the DVD compilations that are out there. The bad news is that the film is entirely unvoiced, and it’s unclear whether or not there’s music attached. Instead, it was subtitled. (This is not unexpected for a pilot film.)

 And while this isn’t guaranteed, I’m pretty sure that that webm runs the length of the entire pilot film. So that little glimpse you see on Sakugabooru means you’ve seen all that there is to see, sadly! Even if I get my hands on the film and the accompanying subtitles, I doubt doing a translation would be worth since it just seems to a re-telling of the events in Episode 1.

As for why this animation style was abandoned, a cursory glance at the Japanese Wikipedia page reveals that Momoko Sakura herself vetoed the proposed look of the series and wanted something that was closer to her own personal style. If you’re upset by this change, I am ultimately sympathetic, but you have to realize that the animation exhibited in this pilot film has quality more in line with an OVA and probably wouldn’t have been possible to keep up for a weekly series. (At least, that’s my two cents. Someone more schooled in animation might have more informed opinions.)

One other thing to bring up is this:

In the original manga, especially at the beginning, all of the asides, inner thoughts, and explanations were done in Maruko’s own voice – understandable as it began as a semi-autobiographical manga. We all know that the anime we got solved the problem of bringing that to the TV screen by introducing an external narrator which piled on the snark. Clearly that concept was not part of the planned adaptation from the beginning – we see here in that frame that the original plan was for the action to freeze and to have a “spirit” Maruko address the audience directly.

Hope this has been illuminating for you! I was hoping to bring this stuff up one day, but never really got around to doing it.

Save Me (5)

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Chapter 1: Second time? - Chapter 2: Awake - Chapter 3: First Love - Chapter 4: Mama - Chapter 5: Reflection - Chapter 6: Lie - Chapter 7: Stigma - Chapter 8: Begin - Chapter 9: Taken - Chapter 10: Torture - Chapter 11: The Plan - Chapter 12: The Escape

Reader X Jungkook

Mental Hospital AU


A/N: We really hope everyone is liking this fanfiction. We haven’t gotten many reviews so far, so we’re a little nervous about how everyone is feeling about it. Please let us know what you think! There’s starting to be more drama filled chapters. Thank you and enjoy! Also, please check out Gaisho’s new threeshot HERE about Minhyuk x Reader. It’s awesome!

Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction. We did take their personalities and match as best we can with illnesses, however we do not claim that the boys from BTS have these mental illnesses! Also, we did as much research as we can on each disorder. We are not meaning to offend anyone who has these illnesses at all. ALSO, WE DO KNOW BTS CHANGED THEIR ENGLISH NAME TO BEYOND THE SCENE BUT WE’RE USING BULLETPROOF BOYSCOUTS CAUSE IT FITS THE STORY BETTER.

Trigger warning: Mentions of mental illness, hospitals, self harm, suicide attempt and abuse. Both Gaisho and I recommend, if you feel like you need to go to the hospital for ANY reason, please don’t be afraid to do so. It can help. If you EVER feel like you need to talk to anyone, vent, or need advice on anything, please do not hesitate to msg us! We’ve been through it all.

Character Descriptions so far:
Reader- Chronic Depression, Derealization Disorder and Dissociative Amnesia
Jin - Narcissistic Personality Disorder (With homicidal tendencies)
Suga- Narcolepsy and Chronic Depression
J-Hope- Bipolar II Disorder

Chapter 5: Reflection:

       You, J-hope, and Jungkook walk back to the lounge where everyone else should be. You couldn’t help but smile. You’re starting to get to know the boys more and in a way, it’s very comforting. ‘For once in my life…Could I really be happy?’

       As you’re walking, you feel like someone is looking at you. You look to your left and J-hope is walking next to you with his eyes looking forward. You slow your walking a little bit and you see Jungkook trying to get a glimpse at you. Your eyes meet and this time he didn’t look away. His cheeks start to turn pink. Your lips move on your own, “Kookie…” Just then Jungkook turned bright red and he started to walk faster to the lounge. ‘Oh no! Why did I say that again!? Aghhh! Why do I gotta be this way…’

       You arrive with J-hope to the lounge and see that all the boys along with other patients are sitting quietly. You guys grab the next available seat. 

       “What’s going on?” You ask the rest.   

       “Looks like the big man himself wants to make an announcement,” says Rap Monster in a low growl.

       “Good afternoon everyone. As you all know, I am Dr. Seung Ho Choi, the founder of Be Free Behavioral. My goal is to further the science behind mental illnesses by *ahem* experimental means. In the next few weeks, we will be upping evaluations and eventually be splitting you all up into different groups, called controls. Then… That’s when the experimentation will begin,” he says with a creepy smile that makes you all cringe. 

       The preppy nurse interjects, “Well isn’t that just exciting news!”

       “So, this is what you meant… You’re right. He can’t be trusted. But, what do we do?” you whisper to Rap Monster with concern.

       “That’s the issue…” before Rap Monster could continue, the nurse starts talking again.

       “Since the doctor will be commencing his evaluations immediately, we’re a bit short-staffed during what would have been our group sessions,” the nurse visibly frowns. “I know, it makes me sad too! So, we will be playing a movie: Inception. We also have popcorn for you guys as a treat! I will be returning later to check up on you guys!” She skips away.

       “Oh! I love this movie. The human mind is very interesting… The way we think, the way we feel, and even the way we dream. The ones where it’s a dream within a dream… And we’re not really even sure if our current state is reality or dream…” Rap Monster says as he starts to trail off.

        “Ah ha… Yeah. If anything I think I know how that feels better than anyone,” you mumble nervously.

        “Hm? What do you mean?” he says as he tilts his head. 

        “Oh uh, never mind! Hey uhm, do you think we could talk somewhere? Some things are better talked about in private,” you say as you look around to make sure no one else is listening in.

        “Follow me.” You follow Rap Monster out the lounge and down the hall to his room. You notice something that you never noticed before. It looked like he was counting his steps and even was making sure he walks a certain way. 

        Just then, Rap Monster reaches his room. He turns the knob, but turned it a certain number of times before he actually opened it. ‘I wonder if this is part of his condition?’

        “AHHHHH!!” Rap Monster immediately trips over himself and he stumbles into a massive bee line until he manages to grip onto the desk though his legs continue to wobble. 

        “O-oh! Rap Monie, you okay?” you try to help him up.

        “Ah, I’m such a klutz. I just organized this room too… Please forgive me. I need to tidy up before I let you sit,” he scurries around the room picking up things he knocked over.

        “Please, let me help you!” you insisted.

        “No no, you’re my guest and I’m the host,” he says as he continues to clean. As you stand nearby watching, you see that he organizes things in a particular way. By the type of item, by color, by size, and everything in between. He even makes small tweaks to the positioning of the items. ‘He’s quite interesting.’

        “Y/N, please sit,” he motions you to sit at the edge of his bed while he takes a seat at the desk. He almost missed the chair and nearly fell again! ‘This boy…’

        “Ah, you need to be more careful!” you say with worried eyes.

        “Don’t worry about me, hehe, I’m just fine. Juice?” he pulls out two boxes of juice and offers you one.

        “W-what? How’d you sneak these in here?” you take the juice box and start drinking.

        “My little secret. You can’t be a leader and not have some tricks up your sleeve,” he tries to sip from the juice box all sly, but the straw missed his mouth about five times. You giggle.

        “I uh, I was wondering…” you stop because you don’t want to offend the leader by your question.

        “You were wondering what got me in here, don’t you?” he puts down his juice box.

        “Ah, y-yes, but if you don’t want to tell me, I understand…I just wanted to get to know you a little better is all,” you say while picking at the juice box.

        “Of course. Well, I’m sure you’ve noticed my uh, habits. The way I carry myself and how I do things. It’s… Different from others,” his face all of a sudden got more serious.

        “W-what? Noooo I -” he raises his hand to stop you.

        “Y/N, it’s okay. It’s hard not to notice. You see, I wasn’t always this way…”

        “You weren’t always clumsy?” you instantly cover your mouth. ‘Why do you have to be such a smart ass sometimes!?’

        “Hahaha! Good one, Y/N! No, no, I wasn’t always so… Particular about things. Being the leader means I need to take care of my group and the boys individually. That’s a big responsibility and sometimes I can’t handle the stress. Well, it caused me to develop habits that I can’t control. Thus, my obsessive compulsive disorder. The fact I’m super clumsy just makes it all the more worse,” he starts to rub the back of his head. “I uhm, I got so carried away with my OCD at one point that the boys found me in my room walking in circles and just spewing out random words, numbers, and nonsense… Having a complete mental breakdown was definitely not a good look as a leader.” Rap Monster sighs before he continues.

        “I know, every life’s a movie. We got different stars and stories, we got different nights and mornings, our scenarios ain’t just boring. All of the members, they have different dreams and aspirations. It is my job to help them get there. I care so much about them that, it drives me insane… Don’t get me wrong, I would die for each one of them. But you know, sometimes I really really hate myself. Heh, too be honest, quite often, I really hate myself. And do you know what I do? I just stand there with the familiar darkness,” Rap Monster starts to hit his head with a tight fist.

        You quickly get up to stop him and hold him close, “I’m so sorry… You carry such a big role on your shoulders. But, you need to remember how important you are to others. You’re important to me too, you know?” you bring his head towards your chest to rest on and you feel him start to relax.

        “It’s just that… I want the world for my boys. But, the world is just another name for despair. How am I supposed to give them everything when the world is so cruel? I just… I am all of my joy and anxiety. It repeats everyday, the love and hate directed to me. And everyone else knows where they’re supposed to be, but only I walk without purpose. I wish I could love myself. I wish I could love myself. I wish i could -”

        “Stop! Please, stop…” you hold him tight. “Do you really believe everyone finds their purpose in life? Many people die before ever finding what their purpose is, and that’s okay. But, you need to love yourself just as much as your boys love you. I see the way they look at you and respect you. I think without you… Things wouldn’t be the same. Maybe that’s your purpose. Being the rock for them, their cheerleader, their friend, their leader. All of those things,” you smile as you start to shed tears. 

        “Y/N, I’m sorry to have made you cry. But, thank you… Your words were truly kind. I feel… I feel I understand now. Now is not the time to give up and feel weak. If anything, they need me more than ever.”

        Just then you hear the door creak open and you look to see who it is. ‘N-no… It’s Jungkook!’ He sees you holding Rap Monster still. You step back and try to explain, “w-wait! Jungkook!” it didn’t work. He immediately ran off. ‘Great… Now there’s definitely no chance for me’

        You fall to your knees in defeat and mumble to yourself, “ugh, why am I so stupid.”

        Rap Monster comes up behind you and puts a hand on your shoulder. “I bet you are also wondering how to approach our maknae, huh?”

        “Am I that obvious?” you hide your face.

        “Nahhhh… Maybe,” he sticks a tongue out at you. “Well, being the golden maknae that he is, he is pretty shy and individualistic. His motto is ‘living without passion is like being dead’. With that said, I’ll leave it up to you,” he starts to exit his room.

        “…Wait, hold up. That wasn’t any advice at all!” you start to run after him, but he turns around abruptly making you stop dead in your tracks.

        He pokes your forehead, “just be yourself. He is just as random, funny, and rebellious as you are. In fact I bet he would have loved your comment earlier about me being clumsy. He definitely would have laughed.”

        “Rebellious? What makes you think that I am?” you nudge him.

        “Don’t you also want to get out of here?” he nudges back.

        You both smile in mutual agreement. Both of you walk back to the lounge and sneak back into the seats you were previously in. Just in time too. The nurse walks back in to call out a name for an evaluation.

        “Park, Jimin. Please follow me,” she says in a much serious voice. It’s definitely not what you’re used to. Usually she’s a lot perkier.

        “Be strong, don’t let them get to you,” Rap Monster says before Jimin exits the lounge. 

        You and the rest of the boys feared for Jimin. “So uh, that plan of yours…” you whisper to Rap Monster.

        He nods. “It starts now.”

Ghosts of the Past

Pairing: Adam Cole/You

Summary: You and Adam have a love/hate relationship. As much as you want to forget about him, his rarely seen softer side keeps you intrigued. Now you’re both in NXT things are finally going to change. You think.

Notes: So here it, the Adam Cole fic i promised. Honestly don’t know how I feel about it. There are bits I like and bits I don’t but hopefully you guys enjoy it 👍

You haven’t seen Adam Cole in two years and the first thing he says to you is, “Did you miss me baybay ?” The urge to slap the taste out his mouth and then make out with him against a wall is strong. So really it’s business as usual where you and Adam are concerned. It’s like no time has gone by. Honestly, you guys could have not seen each other for ten years and he probably would have said exactly the same thing.

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Not What They Seem (Part 3!!!)

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Part 1

Part 2


And so, as great love stories start, we became friends. If I’m being totally honest, friendship was even more painful than him hating me. With Alex hating me, I knew exactly where I stood. But friendship is like looking through a stained glass window. You can see glimpses of the other side, little, obscure flashes of what might be out there, but the focus is on the big picture. Well, it was exactly like that with Alex. It was little things, like his hand lingering for a second too long on my back, or him taking me out to get ice cream and him holding my eye contact for a second too long, or him refusing to let me pay for my Starbucks in the mornings. But then those little things are quickly squashed by him turning that lingering hand into a playful arm punch, or the photo we take at the ice cream shop being posted on Instagram with the caption “friend of the year.” And it was frustrating. But having these one on one moments with him, the midnight texts when he’s having an anxiety attack or I’m stressing over a big test are the ones that make up for the glimpses of “what could’ve been.”

But I’d be lying to myself if I didn’t still have a huge, gigantic crush on Alex freaking Standall.

I lived for those little moments, and I let my expectations build themselves up only to be crushed with the transformations afterwards. So I drew. I got my stress out through my drawings. When I couldn’t tell Alex why I was upset at the party where he was flirting with Miranda, I went home, cried for a little bit, blamed it on food poisoning and drew. I drew Alex sitting alone, concentrating on his guitar. I drew Alex smiling at a lunch table, the other faces blurred around him, the central focus on his beaming blonde face. I drew Alex’s hands, the ones that so deftly moved up and down the guitar. I drew his smile, the one that lit up whenever he saw one of his friends, and I drew his frown, the one that appeared whenever Monty was around, or whenever I cried.

But they all were in my sketchbook, my secret, drawn diary, which Alex would never ever see. Until May 19.

May 19 started like any normal day. A boring school day, a Friday, but the air was abuzz with summer and senioritis. Alex drove me home, and we had a meaningless conversation about which Disney movie was best as he sped down the freeway. He turned into my driveway, and jumped out, running over to my side to open the door for me. 

“Thanks, Alex.” I smiled at him as he grabbed my bag, throwing it over his shoulder as my dog raced over to him.

“Hiya, Tucker!” He dropped to his knees, switching into his baby voice as he scratched him behind the ears. Tucker loved Alex. That made two of us.

We headed inside, Tucker following closely behind as we went into my room. “How much does Communications suck?” I groaned, unzipping my backpack and dumping everything out onto my bed.

Alex groaned in agreement. “I know. How many essays can one person write about active listening?”

“I’ll be right back. I just have to grab my laptop charger.” I left the room and walked towards the kitchen, pausing to toss a ball into the living room for Tucker to chase. He bounded across the floor, his claws skidding slightly on the hardwood. I giggled as he raced back over, dropping the ball at my feet. “One more throw, buddy. That’s it. I gotta get homework done.” He raced away, and I grabbed the charger and two glasses of water. I walked down the hall and heard pages flipping from my room, and I entered to find Alex sitting in a beanbag, with my sketchbook open on his lap. But not just open to anything, open to the drawing of a certain blonde haired boy sitting in that very beanbag, a mischievous smirk on his face and his eyes beaming slightly to the left.

My eyes flew open in shock as I dropped the two water glasses onto my carpet.

Alex looked up at me, no shame evident in his face. Actually, he wore that same mischievous smirk as in the picture. “You sure draw a lot of pictures of a blonde kid that looks like me, Y/N.” He said, his voice lilting playfully.

“That…you weren’t supposed to see that. Those. Any of the drawings.” I stammered, turning bright red and dropping to my knees to soak up the water on my rug.  I glanced up slightly to see Alex taking slow, deliberate steps towards me.

“You’re a really good artist, Y/N. Is there a reason you like to draw me?” He knelt down next to me.

I shook my head, refusing to make eye contact.

“C’mon, Y/N. Tell meeeee.” He drew out the e, playfully poking my sides, that same mischievous smirk on his face.

“I drew you because you’re nice to draw.” He chuckled, pulling up my chin to face him.

“You drew me because I’m sexy as fuck and gorgeous, and you know it.”

I snorted. “Sure, Alex. That’s why I drew you.”

He smirked again. “Hey, you said it.” He paused, making sure I was looking directly into his bright blue eyes. “It sucks that I can’t draw….”

I just rolled my eyes, still bright red, as I gathered my sketchbook and shoved it under my bed.

“C’mon, Y/N! This is where you’re supposed to ask why it sucks that I can’t draw.”

I rolled my eyes again, a smile spreading across my face. “Why does it suck that you can’t draw?”

“Because you’re sexy as fuck and gorgeous and I sure as hell know that.” My eyes shot open with that statement, and Alex leaned in quickly, capturing my mouth with his. He gently placed a hand on my back, pushing me in towards him as he deepened the kiss. I placed a hesitant hand on his shoulder as he knotted his hand in my hair, pressing against me for a few seconds until he pulled back, leaning his forehead against mine. Butterflies rocketed around my stomach as his cool breath flickered across my cheek, and he pressed his lips to mine one more time, very quickly.

“What… just happened.” I said, less of a question than a statement.

Alex just smiled. “Y’know, it’s a good thing I found that book, because I didn’t know if you felt the same way. God, I’ve been waiting for months to do that. But now I can do that whenever I want because holy shit that felt good.”

I smiled, hesitantly looking up at him. “Can we do that again?”

He groaned, pushing me gently to the ground, panting slightly as he hovered over me. “You don’t even need to ask.”

a/n: hope you guys liked it!! send me requests :)

Robert protecting dadsona from a cryptid

(I accidentally deleted the prompt oops this was written by mod damien btw - mod rae)

The forest surrounding Maple Bay is silent save for the sound of crunching leaves and twings beneath your feet. Normally you had no problem going on hikes with Robert, of course that was when the sun was out and it wasn’t pitch black and freezing cold out. You could see the beam of Robert’s flashlight bouncing up ahead, not far from where you walked from behind him. Despite having Robert by your side you still felt uneasy. Sometning just seemed… off about the woods tonight. Even Betsy seemed nervous as she walked close to your side, head swinging back and forth as she searched for signs of danger. You checked the time on your phone and let out a sigh. It was already 9:45 and you’d been walking around for at least an hour, feeling anxious and on edge the whole time. “Hey Robert, maybe we should start heading back? It is getting kinda late and I doubt we’re gonna find anything out here anyways.” You called out to him. Robert paused and turned to face you, shining his flashlight directly in your face. “What, you afraid? Afraid the Dover Ghost is gonna get you?” He said teasingly. Your face goes bright red as you blush and turn your head away sheepishly, not wanting to admit that he’s right. Noticing your blush, Robert sighs and steps closer, pressing a gentle kiss to your forehead. “Nothing’s gonna get you alright? I won’t let anything get you. So relax already, will you?” He says reassuringly. “We can head back now though if you really are that scared.” He adds. You shake your head and stand a little taller, looking him in the eye at last. “I’m fine, Rob. I’m not a little kid, I can handle one cryptid hunt.” You say sounding a lot more courageous than you actually feel. Robert laughs and kisses you again. “That’s the spirit.” He says, going forward once more. Betsy barks in affirmation. You fall into a steady rhythm walking side by side for a while, eventually twining your hand with his. It’s peaceful at first until the temperature seems to drop and everything goes silent. Your heart beats a little faster and you swear you see a glimpse of a something to your left. Robert squeezes your hand gently as Betsy begins to bark at something unseen. Slowly, Robert withdraws a switchblade from his jacket and flicks it open, gently shoving you behind him. Betsy begins to bark louder as something rustles within the trees. You silently pray that it’s a raccoon and not a cryptid. You take a step back, reflexively as the thing moves into view. Betsy whimpers and you drop your flashlight to scoop her up with one arm, still holding Robert’s hand with the other. Everything is silent for a moment as Robert let’s go of your hand and steps forward. And then all hell breaks loose. The thing lunges with thin, grey hands that extend into sharp claws at the end and Robert shoves you back, yelling for you to run as he slashes at the Dover Ghost. Everything screams for you to take Betsy and run back the way you came but you stay frozen like a deer in headlights. The Dover Ghost lets out a demonic hiss and you assume Robert has managed to hit at least once. It lunges again, at you this time and all you can do is close your eyes and hope for a quick death. Death never comes however, but you can hear Robert cursing as he stabs at it. There’s the unmistakeable sound of a fist connecting with flesh and bone cracking and something cold and wet splatters against your cheek and you fight the urge to vomit. You’re vaguely aware of Robert grabbing your hand and dragging you away, Betsy still clutched close your chest. You can faintly see the emaciated, grey limbs of the Dover Ghost as it struggles to stand again. Black blood oozes from slashes across its body and it fixes you with an angry glare, soulless black eyes boring into your soul before it disappears into the darkness, growling and hissing. Eventually you reach Robert’s ancient truck and you both throw yourselves in, careful not to crush Betsy in the process. For a moment the truck is silent save for the sound of your breathing before you turn to face Robert. “Did you really punch that… thing in the face?” You ask, still trying to catch your breath. Robert grins and winces a little as he holds up his hand. Even in the dark you can tell it’s badly broken. You sigh and take that as a yes.

Sneak peek to my Taekook fanfic!

So, I asked you all if you wanna see a little glimpse of my fanfiction and honestly seeing you all being so supportive made me feel very happy. So here is the little sneak peek to a fanfiction whose name I haven’t decided yet.

Tell me your thoughts about this! Either in the ask or message or anything I would love to hear your response.

Genre : Enemies to Friends to Lovers

(Let me tell you that Taekook are also exes here)


If you asked Kim Taehyung that what was bad luck according to him, he would probably tell you about his decision on keeping the second floor of his house on rent because who knew that his bastard of ex-boyfriend will be the one that is willing to live there?

But that wasn’t all.

The story is still left, my friends.


“Yes Chim I’m serious…no you don’t need to lend me money…I said Chimnie its fine….getting a tenant isn’t dangerous what the hell are you saying?….no I’m not keeping a creep as my tenant…yeah okay mom…bye!” Taehyung sighed and kept his phone beside him on the bed before looking up at the ceiling.

His parents because of some financial difficulties back in Daegu couldn’t afford Taehyung’s college fees, leaving him with the option to work on his own and for some additional money, keeping a tenant in his 2-story house.

The house wasn’t necessarily big, but 2 people can live there easily. It was Jimin who used to live with Taehyung in the house but moved out with his boyfriend of 4 years now, Min Yoongi or Mr. Grumpy pants as Taehyung used to call him before.

(“He isn’t grumpy! He is just sleepy!” “I don’t remember anyone almost breaking my nose when all I did was to ask for some breakfast” “Then the fault is yours. You should know he doesn’t like working in the morning” “What kind of best friend are you Chim?” “Sorry Tae…boyfriend comes first.” “Fucking traitor”)

So, when Taehyung started searching for a new person who could afford the rent, because lets be real. It won’t hurt having another person living with you and paying you. And if Taehyung was to be honest it was a little lonely after Jimin left.

But, the Yoonmin couple (“What the fuck is that?” “But the name is so cute Yoongi! Thanks Tae!”) being the third set of parents (the second being the Namjin couple) of Taehyung were reluctant to let Taehyung live with a complete stranger.

Taehyung understood their concern. He really did. After the Minho incident, he swore that he wouldn’t ever let a stranger into his house because if Jimin wasn’t there that day to come exactly at that time to ask for some help, Taehyung would’ve been in danger. Absolute danger.

After that incident Jimin and Yoongi both stayed with him for almost a week, with Seokjin and Namjoon visiting him frequently as much their busy schedule would allow them too and Taehyung was grateful for that.

But, now he was willingly ready to let a stranger come inside his house, let alone stay with him. So the concern was legit.

Taehyung stood up from his bed and made his way to the living room before dropping down on the couch and turning on the TV.

He had already contacted the brochures to let the news spread that he had his house on rent because finding a tenant himself would have been really really difficult.

After 15 minutes of just browsing the channels aimlessly, Taehyung switched off the TV and as he was about to lay down on the couch, the door bell rang.

Taehyung’s eyebrows furrowed. Was he expecting anyone? He shrugged and stood up before making his way to the front door and opening it. He was about to ask who was it but the sight in front of him made the words stuck in his mouth and his body freeze in the exact position as it was.

Standing in front of him was Jeon Jungkook. The Jeon Jungkook who was now the CEO of the Jeon Enterprises. The Jeon Jungkook who was Taehyung’s boyfriend when he was in high school and Jungkook was in freshman in college. The Jeon Jungkook who broke his heart after 2 years of dating. The Jeon Jungkook whom he will never forget.

The said person was standing there, looking like a hot model with his business suit on and black hair styled back, exposing his forehead that made Taehyung gulp.

Ignoring the shocked expression on Taehyung’s face, Jungkook invited himself in the house, looking at the interior with a sharp gaze and nodding his head in confirmation.

Taehyung was fast to come back to the reality and standing in front of the taller man who was busy looking at the decorations of the house.

“Hey! Who gave you the permission to enter my house like this?!” He asked, eyebrows knit together and lips forming into a pout that was too cute to be considered as anger.

Jungkook just smirked at him and made his way into the kitchen, opening up the fridge and taking out the water bottle before gulping all the water in one go.

Taehyung tried not to stare at the way the others Adam’s apple bobbed as he drank and maintained his scowling face.

“What do you think you are doing in my house Jeon? Your mother didn’t taught you any manners or what?” He taunted or tried to well.
“Maybe your mother didn’t taught you any manners about how to talk to elders Kim” Jungkook retorted “and I won’t need your permission to do things at my house”

The words hung up in the air like glue and that made Taehyung choke on nothing before screeching out.

“Your House?! I think you’ve been mistaken Mr. Jeon. But this house, here, is mine. This is the house of my grandfather. So I will appreciate if you just go and not disturb me any further” Taehyung said calmly but Jungkook didn’t move a single inch making Taehyung frown.

Then suddenly the other turned around his heels and walked fast out of the front door. Taehyung sighed in relief but as he was about to shut the door, he saw Jungkook coming back with a briefcase in his hand.

What the hell is going on? What as he done to deserve this? Jesus Christ help.

And soon after, Jungkook was back in front of Taehyung, opening the briefcase and handing a document in Taehyung’s hands. Taehyung looked at the papers in his hands and then looked at Jungkook, who ushered him to read them.

Having negative thoughts running into his mind, Taehyung sighed shakily before running his eyes on the sheets of paper, blood turning cold as he read each word.

He read the paper, once, twice, thrice, but the words didn’t change. The meaning didn’t change. Jungkook bought his own house without Taehyung knowing about this. And now that he was technically homeless but the most dreading part was that his grandfather’s house was sold. And was bought by none other that Jeon Jungkook.


Haha I’ve written more than that actually and maybe right now its there upto some 5k words already but, here is a short piece.

Hope you enjoyed that! :)


Requested by @herhero

Clarke was not having a good time on Mount Weather, she knows that they were hiding something. She sat down in one of the armchairs, her mind running through all the possibilities of escaping out of this place, but her mind stopped working when her eyes found your silhouette behind a bar.

Since she got inside this place, her eyes will always find you, sometimes talking with a few people, other times preparing some drinks, smiling at everyone. Monty had told her that your name is Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N, and that you were the bartender.

She had tried to approach you, at least to say hi, but her shyness would somehow ruin her plans of talking to you, of knowing you. Even though her hands would sweat every time she saw you, and her mind would run out of words, a little voice in her head would always tell her to forget about you. She was going to escape after all, and you could be part of the bad guys. what if you’re putting something on the drinks, what if you’re there just to watch her friends, what if-

“Hey there” You said, sitting in front of the blonde, two drinks in hand.

“Hi” Clarke said, all the paranoid thoughts disappearing

“You looked angry” You said smiling at her. Clarke had her usual grumpy face, that for you, it would make her look cute. Clarke sighed at your comment and focus her gaze on the drinks that you were holding.

“oh yeah, sorry I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Y/N Y/L/N, I’m the bartender, and I have two drinks in my hands, and one is for you if you tell me a little bit about …outside” Clarke looked at you and at the drinks, while her head said “keep looking for a way out” her heart was really dying for a conversation with you, and seeing that little glimpse of curiosity on your eyes and that bright smile was making her feel dizzy

“okay, seems fair enough”

She could look for a way out later, right now, she’s going to tell you all about her adventures.

why you should play Masquerada: Songs and Shadows
  • it’s got an all star cast, including Matt Mercer (Fallout 4, Overwatch), Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect), Rick D. Wasserman (Batman: Arkham City, Dragon Age II), Crispin Freeman (Overwatch, Naruto) and Yuri Lowenthal (Ben 10, Naruto)
  • a haunting soundtrack that has an 8 person choir 
  • it’s a fantasy game that’s kind of like avatar the last airbender set in renaissance venice
  • complete with all the complicated politics you would expect from something with a setting based off renaissance italy
  • the world-building is phenomenal and there are codex entries scattered throughout the game and so much lore to read (if you’re into that) and the entries are written through the POV of the main character, like a journal, so you really see what he’s thinking and you get little glimpses of his past through those entries
  • the visuals are gorgeous and it’s really colorful
  • the character designs are top notch
  • many of the main characters are poc
  • it has a canon gay character (who is super sweet and deserves all the hugs in the world)
    • that said a lot of his companion quest revolves around him being gay in a homophobic society and that can hit a little close to home and be a bit rough to get through (at least it was for me) but everything turns out okay!
  • and a badass lady warrior decked out in gold armor who carries a big sword and has no time for anyone’s shit
  • a sympathetic villain
  • it runs pretty smoothly on non-gaming computers like mine (i mean it gets a little bit laggy during battles against a lot of enemies, but other than that it’s fine)
  • it’s such an emotional journey
  • like really i was laughing and crying and everything in between while playing this game
  • it’s really fast paced and everything happens within the span of like four days
  • please play it
  • there’s like no fandom and very little fan content i need more
  • it’s like $25 on steam and took me 17 hours to finish it on story mode so i think it’s worth it

I see little glimpses of you everywhere:
Blue skies remind me of your perfectly messed up hair,
Seeing kindness reminds me of yours,
And seeing people live out their passions.

It’s almost like I’m in love with you.

I see people doing couple things and it makes me think of you:
They hold hands,
They give each other that look,
They do something for the other one.

It’s almost like I’m in love with you.

I do things for you that I don’t do for many people:
I spend hours on YouTube,
I talk about the dark parts of my thoughts,
I even write poetry.

It’s almost like I’m in love with you.

I think about things that I wouldn’t normally think about:
How my hand would fit in yours,
How we will spend our time together,
How I would feel wrapped in your arms.

It’s starting to look like I’m in love with you.

I worry about things that I know I shouldn’t:
If what I say to you is the right thing,
If I did enough in the time that we had together,
If you are hurting in some way.

People are starting to think that I’m in love with you.

I take the things you say to heart:
That I’m kind,
That I’m smart,
That I’m beautiful.

I’m starting to think that I’m in love with you.

I can find you in music:
Can’t Help Falling in Love – Elvis Presley
Fly Me to The Moon – Frank Sinatra
Shut Up and Dance – WALK THE MOON

That’s it:
I’m in love with you.

anonymous asked:

Headcanons being Harley's sister

Being Harley’s sister:

  • While she’s working as a psychiatrist at Arkham, you’re a cop for the GCPD. You’re wary of her new job but she assures you she can handle herself 
  • You not liking the Joker and how he’s affecting Harley, and you openly voice your opinion to her. You often fight about her relationship with Joker. 
  • Both of you are fiercely protective of each other, although Harley has a hard time showing that.
  • You constantly trying to visit her when she’s at Belle Reve. You talk about when you were little and sometimes you see glimpses of her old personality. You have a hard time trying to adjust to her new personality, but she’s your sister and you’ll never leave her side. 
  • When you hear that she’s being recruited for the Suicide Squad you immediately volunteer to fight with them under Flag. Harley tries to stop you but you do it anyway
  • Flag and Deadshot like you because you’re pretty much the only one who can (to some extent) control Harley. They can’t believe you’re sisters though because your personalities are so different. 
  • Boomerang tries to flirt with you. Harley immediately shuts him down. 
  • Both of you learning from each other. You’re much more reserved, and you teach Harley to be less spontaneous and reckless. But Harley also teaches you to relax a bit and be more adventurous. 
  • Harley always wanting to go out and do something crazy together, but you often turn her down because you don’t want to get in trouble. When you do finally agree though, you have the best freaking night of your lives.


Where’d You Go - Derek Luh

Pairing: Derek Luh x Reader

Warnings: None 

Request: Hi I love your imagines btw! Could you do a Derek luh imagine based off the song ‘where’d you go’ by Fort minor if it’s not to much to ask. Thanks!

Song Here: Where’d You Go

Where’d you go?
I miss you so,
Seems like it’s been forever,
That you’ve been gone.

My boyfriend, Derek, has been on and off of tours for months now. While, even though he visits and we spend his time off together, he spends more time on tour than with his family and I. His parents miss him, his sister misses him, the boys who don’t see him as much miss him. But, and not to be selfish, I feel like I miss him the most and always will. The months that he goes on tour feel like eternities, a feeling that I’ll never get used to as long as I’m with him. 

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you people don’t understand what people may be going through and try to make up this perfect image of their life bc you see little glimpses through a fucking screen

Pisces can reflect the people, the situations and the areas around them so much that their accent can even change, their mannerisms and body language. It’s amazing to watch when you become aware of it, especially when you see glimpses of yourself in them, which can be a little too sobering at times. 

Pisces seem to react one of two ways in crowds though, either they get on with everyone and manage to vibe with each person individually, or they feel swamped, like there is too much energy and they are too porous to it, which can make them feel conflicted and confused, pulled in many directions.