but you scare me

Monsta X Reaction || Their Girlfriend Screaming From The Bedroom And When They Come In They See She Climed Up The Door Frame Because She Saw A Spider And She Wants Them To Kill It
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“But… What did the spider do to you?”


“Spi…der? I thought you’re hurt! I nearly had a heart attack! Don’t scare me like this, babe!”


“Y/N… How did you climb up the door frame? That’s hilarious!”
*Looks around*
“What spider? ……… Oops.”


*Is disgusted but he would never show that*
“I’ll save you, honey!”


“… Just ignore it, they don’t bite”


“Oh no I am not coming near that, I think it’s time to move out”


*Kills it right away*
“You’re welcome”


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Ah, you can make a nice addition to my victimization. *Traps Colin in cage* With the power of this M!A key and me endless determination, make this computer human for 10 or 20 asks! Now! Unlock your dream! *Puts M!A key in lock, destroying cage and turning Colin human for 10 or 20 asks* Farewell for now. *Disappears*

Wait , what

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Am I supposed to be scared of you or something? Get over yourself, sweetheart. Please! Regardless of what facts you state, your pettiness doesn't change the fact that the women in wrestling are finally all getting the screentime and opportunities they deserve. While people like you are bitter and jealous and petty about it, because you got nothing better to do.

When did I say you were supposed to be scared of me? I told you to drink the tea. I was actually being nice. Anyways, what other girls besides the 4HW have gotten opportunities? Title opportunities? Main event matches? All that shit? Please enlighten me. Plus, people like me are tired of seeing the same girls get opportunity after opportunity while the other girls have to stand and watch in the back. Since you stalk my blog so much, you would know that I actually like the 4HW. And I’m super important if you felt the need to message AGAIN. You don’t have shit to do. And learn what pettiness is because this is nothing compared to what I can be. Now here’s a nice gif for you.

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Hi, i saw some people freaking out about not seeing Even anymore in Skam...Do you think it's possible? it's scares me a lot even if i don't think so because there's so much to figure it out about him and Isak right?

It’s been like three days it’s too soon to be freaking out. We’ve gone a lot longer without him! He’ll be back.

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hello its gay away anon who moved away from my home town to study in 2015!! idk if u remember me but just wanted to give u an update!! still w my gf (together for a year and three months) and we are planning on moving together which means i'll be moving to a different country!!! it wont happen till next august bc rn we both are still studying. and im going to italy for two and a half months to work as a part of my studies!!! so much stuff!!! i am v happy!!! hope u r happy too!!

Of COURSE I remember you! I think about you often. You have no idea how lovely it is to know you’re doing well.

What a trip, that means that you first messaged me well over a year ago, so scared and confused. Now look at you, ready to move to another COUNTRY.

It blows my mind but I’m SO happy for you, I actually have a few happy tears in my eyes.

P.s if you go to Rome I HIGHLY recommend Da Enzo al 29. Best food I had in Italy, hands down. Tiny little trattoria, amazing food.

I restored my fucking phone today so it started with the fabric settings all new
And THIS PICTURE WAS MY BACKGROUND? I didn’t even have this picture on my phone?? I already restored my phone once like a month ago and it had a plain background that you usually get. So what the fuck happened? It really fucking scared me when I saw it.

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Can you do one where Lena and the reader are in a relationship but Lena thinks the reader doesn't like her because she always pulls back when things get a little too heated so Lena decides to talk to her about it?

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“I just…am I doing something wrong, Y/N?  Or am I just more into this whole, um, thing we’re doing?” 

Lena buttoned her blouse back up and her eyes darted nervously to you.  Insecurity filled her gaze.

“Lena, no.  I…this kind of stuff scares me.  And I really like you, so I’m taking it slow.  I’ve dived into things before and it’s always ended badly.  I promise,” you reached over and took one of her hands in yours, “I’m just trying not to mess this up.”


this is the first letter I am writing to you. we just started dating and you’re all I think about. it scares me but it feels so good to love again. i am scared you’ll get bored and leave or you’ll find someone better. I’m also scared that you won’t understand my random sadness and breakdowns. you say you’ll work on it but it’s hard. how could you possibly understand anyway? it’s impossible, it seems.

-b (im falling so fast for you)

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can you gif negan raping/hitting/making it very VERY clear to his wives that they can NOT "divorce" him under any circunstance??? oh, no, wait... these scenes arent real, my bad :D

OMG you scared me there for a moment, Anon!! LOL

Imagine being Caius' mate and a youtuber

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‘What’s up guys, it’s me (Y/N) but you know me better as (YT/N)!’ The lower guards eyes narrowed. Was that? No way. It couldn’t be…it is!
“Master…have you seen this?” The guard showed his phone to the blonde king. He seemed surprised to be seeing his mate on his screen.
“Master hundreds upon thousands have seen this…”
Caius sat quietly for a moment, his eyes flickering before quietly leaving the room.

You jumped when Caius was behind you in a matter of moments in your room. “You scared me!”
“(Y/N), listen carefully and take head of my words.”
“Is everything okay?”
“You need to stop making those videos, a lower guard showed me and me alone, if this is revealed whilst on going, you will pay with your life. Please, my love, please stop making them.”
You sat for a moment before nodding. “One more, that’s all I’m asking. One more to say I’m leaving with an excuse and I won’t go near it again.”
“It would need to be quick and soon.”
“It will be, I swear, I’ll make it the now.”
“Then go, I can’t have Aro knowing this before it is over with.”

You hurried away, grabbing your camera.
You kept to your word.
The same guard checked your channel a while later to find your final video. ‘TIME TO SAY GOODBYE!’
You said it was to do with personal things and embarking on the next chapter of your life…I mean…you didn’t lie, but no one was going to guess just why you were leaving YouTube.


today we’ve officially known each other for a week. i was a nervous wreck when we met, i still am, but you’re so nice to me and it helps so much. 

we’re supposed to go out this weekend to see a movie. i don’t think my family knows it’s a date. it kind of scares me. i’ve never dated anyone before, but i think you have. that scares me too. 

-sleepy eyes