but you scare me

  • 707:i was thinking about going to get a bite to eat, you in?
  • MC:Mother fucking 707 jesus christ fuck dude mother fucking messenger hacker bullshit jesus can you fucking believe this shit
  • 707:I have no idea what we’re talking about.
  • MC:god damn created messenger hackers and fuckin cats n shit right fuckin jaehee and jumin god damn meetings fuck yo shit i cant even fuckin believe this shit have you seen this shit fuck i just read this shit fuck 707 i love you babe
  • 707:Mc you’re scaring me lol
  • MC:mother fuckin saeran saeran you put in the time fuck put in the time mother fuckin hack in with his bear hands fuckin brother 707
  • MC:im very tired
  • 707:no problem babe i’ll do the talking about the hacker in the messenger today
  • MC:No babe I’ll just talk about the messenger all day shit man you must be so interested in the shit I have to say about the messenger fuck dude I just checked it half an hour ago fuck V man man he fucked over 707 and crazy twins hacking jaehee making appointments fuck this guy who invented the messenger. I don’t like dying. I can’t think of who the fuck invented the messenger all I can think is the guy who invented the messenger who the fuck invented the messenger.
  • 707:BABE.

A bunch of ppl went to the annual fall cornmaze yesterday and I feel kinda bad for totally avoiding questions of why I didn’t go but “I’m slightly terrified of corn mazes”, while truthful, is a really stupid answer

prompt: can you do a one shot where Lucas notices Riley’s acting different and he confronts her about it and they get into a fight and he finds out Riley’s getting bullied again please??? ps i love your writing so much <3

awee thank you!! I love this prompt, but I did write it a little bit more in my own style so I hope that’s okay!!

Riley nearly jumps out of her skin when she sees her boyfriend sitting on her bed after she comes home from her dentist appointment.

“Luke! You scared the ba-jeepers out of me! Shouldn’t you be at home, having dinner with your parents?” She sets her bag down and starts to pull out some school work and her laptop.

“I’m right where I need to be.” He says, showing no emotion. He seems a little pissed off to Riley, but she shrugs it off.

“Well, I have a killer essay due tomo-”

“What the hell is going on with you?” He snaps.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She glares at him for snapping at her.

“Okay, everyone else might be buying your bullshit, but I’m not. We don’t lie to each other, Riley. So what’s going on with you?”

“Nothing is going on with me! I’m just tired and stressed and loaded with homework, so I’m sorry if I’ve been a little distant lately, but it’s not exactly my fault. You can’t just show up here and snap at me like that, because I didn’t do anything to you!” She avoids his gaze by walking over to her closet and picking out comfier clothes.

“Well, I thought if I snapped then you’d actually tell me the truth but that obviously didn’t work.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” She walks over to him.

“It means save it, Riley!” He stands up and crosses his arms. “I know you’re lying to me.”

She looks at the floor, not having a response.

“Riley, I told you my favourite thing in this world is when you talk to me. So talk to me. Let me listen, let me help.” He takes her hand and strokes it lightly. “ Just talk to me, baby.”

She looks into his eyes for a minute as he studies her gaze. His eyebrows furrow in concern.

“What? What is it you can’t tell me?” He speaks softly. A single tear rolls down her cheek and he instantly wipes it away.

“Riles, you’re scaring me. What’s happening?” She reaches into her back pocket and grabs her phone, placing it in his free hand.

“Don’t freak out, though. I’ve got it handled, I promise.” He’s silent for a while, reading the horrid messages. He stands up and paces for a while, still reading, and then eventually, he just stops, turns toward her, stands completely still, and very clearly, with a cold tone, speaks three simple words.

“Who is it?”

“I don’t know.” She stands and walks over to him, ready to reach out and soothe him, but he steps back and puts a hand up.

“I really don’t think you should touch me right now, sweetie.”

“Luke,” She doesn’t listen and runs her hand through his hair. “You’re not going to hurt me.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” His voice cracks as he speaks, and looks her in the eye.

“I told you, I’ve got it handled.”

“Clearly not!” His outburst causes Riley to drop her hand from his hair but she quickly places it on his arm, trying to calm him. “You’ve been acting so weird and distant, Riley!”

“That’s because I can’t keep a secret from you.” She smiles. “I had to avoid you so I didn’t spill the beans everywhere.”

He looks into her eyes for a moment, and then places his hand on her hips.

“You promise me you’ve got this handled?” He mumbles.

“I promise.” She plants a sweet kiss on his lips and then pulls him in for a hug.


I’m more scared of you than you of me.
Please don’t be scared to interact with me I want more friends and children to protect.

Goddess Anna and Mortal Elsa AU

“Anna!” Elsa cries, stumbling over herself to get to the goddess.

Anna looks over her shoulder, flashing Elsa an amused, if strained, smile. “I’m fine,” the divine says, pulling Hans’ blade from her gut and tossing it aside. “If it only took a small chunk of steel to end me, I would have been dead a long time ago.”

Elsa’s pace slows to a stop, a weary grin stretching her lips. “You have a way of scaring me, you know,” she says, her fingers twitching with leftover adrenaline. “You should really stop that.”

Anna throws back her head, her chest shaking with booming laughter. “I’ll keep that in mind,” Anna teases, a mirthful glint sparkling in her eyes. “Now,” she hums, turning to a very pale Hans, “I think we have to talk about your behaviour towards my betrothed.”

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"My wrists are fine, don't worry about it," Thory shrugged and let go of him. "After all these years I know how to take care of it."

Chad nods. “You scared the hell out of me last night.”

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10 for big cass

Your wish is my command Anon

10 - Why are you so freaking hot??

Prompt List Here

“Why are you so freaking hot??” Cass asked from behind you making you jump. “You scared me.” You placed your hand over your chest as he stepped closer to you. He blushed as his eyes scanned over your body. You had been trying on a few bikini’s to try and figure out which one to wear to Nikki and John’s pool party when Cass had walked by your shared bed room. “You never answered my question.” He smirked as he looked down at you brushing your hair off your shoulder. It was your turn to blush now as his blue eyes roamed your skin. You just shrug earning a chuckle from him. “I mean look at you. Those beautiful eyes, soft hair, perfect smile, gorgeous skin and that body… God was showing off when he made you.” Cass put his hand on your jaw line and turned your head up to look at him. Slowly he leaned down to place a hot kiss on your lips. “What do you say to skipping the party tonight…” He whispered against your lips as your stomach did a flip. You nod and giggle as he picks you up in his strong arms and throws you on the bed. 

dreamiinginviolet replied to your post: NiGHTS quietly floats up behind Helen, lowering…

They’d be lying if they said that they didn’t find the scream amusing, and perhaps they should feel guilty for that, but when she turns around and doesn’t seem put off, NiGHTS grins broadly. “Yep! And it’s nice to see that I haven’t lost my touch, hehe!”

           { 🎻 } “You most certainly haven’t. You managed to scare me so easily! You could scare anyone like that!” Helen said, laughing a bit, before her laugh gets a bit more nervous.

“Haha… Ha… pleasedon’tdothatagain

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I love your doodle tag. I was reading your tags about your adventure and for a second I thought you were so scared you started jerking off. XD

Wait you’re telling me you don’t jerk off when you’re scared for your life? Try to get one last nut before you move to the great beyond lmao.

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Hi guys, I was thinking about having a film night so what would you recommend to watch? You're more than welcome to come join me if you like. *winks at Sam*

Dean: Hey, Sweetheart *winks at you* What do you like to watch? I have a lot of classics I’m sure you’ll be into.

Sam: *smiles awkwardly at your wink* Uhm, I have, uh, well…*clears throat* If you’re looking for romantic comedy, have you seen “Just Married”? *ignores Dean’s snort*

Castiel: I’m afraid I haven’t watched a lot of films so…but have you seen Orange is the New Black? *smiles shyly* It’s quite…an interesting show…

Me: Well *raises hand awkwardly* I have one! I watched it last night. But if you’re into horror films, have you watched the Conjuring 2? That film scared the crap out of me. *shivers*

TFW and Bev Takeover!!!!!!