but you probably will because criticism is inevitable

The Imposter Syndrome
Experience makes anything look easy, but insecurities never fully disappear. This is true for everyone, especially true for women, and truer still for women in male-dominated fields. Here’s the thing though: it gets easier. You start trusting yourself. You’re an imposter less and less, and you’re yourself more and more. You may not believe me, but I’ll try and convince you all the same. You belong here. And you are going to be great.
By Julie Zhuo

Many people come to me asking for advice.  I’m generally pretty taken aback, so a lot of the time my answers are some version of “I was lucky” and “I honestly have no idea what I’m doing.”  These are my own ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts).  I’m trying to examine where they come from.  Is it because someone will inevitably tell me I’m wrong?  That’s probably a good place to start.  The ANT exterminator (see what I did there?) then says, “Well no shit.  You’re on a public forum here.  And so what if they do?  You’re also here to learn!  No one ever stops learning.  Constructive criticism is good.”

Am I just being modest to a fault?

“Also likely.  You need to learn to own your success.”

But now I feel like I’ve fallen behind.  How was I ever successful in the first place?  I’m obviously a fraud then, so my past success means nothing.

“Life happens.  You’re back on track now.  Detours and setbacks aren’t always personal failures, and they certainly don’t negate past success.”

Repeat this with me, ladies:

“I deserve my past and future success.”