but you never noticed

You couldn’t allow him to affect you in such a way and revel in the sight of you falling apart. You had to get him just as bad as he got you. You straightened your posture, tilting your head so your lips brushed against the shell of his ear. “How have you never smelt mine?” Your voice was taunting, and his body instantly tensed at your words. “How have you never noticed how wet you make me? How horny you get me? Tell me, Derek. How have you never thought about how I control myself when I’m in heat?”

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How do you think Sidon would react to finding out his s/o is a werewolf (or whatever the legend of zelda equivalent is)?

(Super cool idea~ Hope I covered everything you had in mind~ Enjoy!~)

Werewolf S/o:

Warnings: Transformation

  • Suspicious Around Full Moon

- Sidon never mentions it to you directly but he notices that around the time of the full moon you become a lot more reclusive, avoiding contact with other people including him

- He notices how your body flinches away from his touch, how hesitant you are to kiss him, how your temper flares over trivial things, and how antsy and sensitive you are overall and how it only gets worse the closer and closer that it gets to the event

- At first, Sidon thought you were just a nervous person in general but when he figured out that there was pattern to your feelings and how it is only the week of the full moon that you do these things so he becomes suspicious that something must be wrong

- The Prince would try to ask you about it, but subtly because he knows that it must be a very sensitive topic if you are keeping it secret from him

- So, he’ll ask you to go out around this time and pull you away from the hole that you dig yourself into; Sidon asks you out for lunch, a quick swim, or anywhere outside hoping that you’ll relax and forget about whatever occurs during this time

- Nearly every time you say no and when he tries to ask you why you always give some excuse to get out of it because you clearly do not want to be going anywhere during this period

- Even on the rare chance that you do agree to go out with him the dates are always brief and you still maintain a distance between the two of you

- After a while of just wondering and worrying however the Zora Prince would eventually break though because seeing you so distressed and he has absolutely no idea what is happening or how to help you

- That’s his worst fear, and for it to be happening to his lover would crush him even more until it becomes too much and he must confront you for answers

  • Confrontation & Initial Reaction

- When he finally resolves to confront you, it is on the night of the full moon when he feels you get out of the bed and creep out of the room he follows you so that he can catch you in the act of doing whatever it is you have been hiding from him for so long

- Sidon finds you sneaking down the halls of the Zora Palace heading trying to leave without drawing any attention to yourself

- He calls out to you and doesn’t even get the chance to ask the question that has been burning in his mind because the moment your eyes meet his you panic and start running

- The Zora follows right behind you, remaining hot on your trail as you leave the Domain and even when you run to a dense forest in a way that makes Sidon think that you have been coming to this location for a while

- The entire way he is calling out your name, begging you to stop and just let him talk to you until he finds himself in the center of the clearing with you standing right there kneeling on the ground your hands clinging to handfuls of grass and earth

- Sidon can see that you are in pain, it is written all over your body as it quivers and you let out strained whimpers and groans but when he steps forward to try and help you snap at him and demand that he must stay back which only makes him more confused and concerned for your safety

- But then your body starts changing and Sidon is at a loss for words as your small frame erupts through your clothing tearing the fabric as muscle and black fur burst through while you cry out in agony

- Your entire being shifts and contorts before his eyes until you stand before him, still shorter than him but much taller than your original form, as a canine-like being with thick black fur and large muscles with the shredded remains of your clothes still clinging to your body

- Sidon stares at you bewildered and he has to say your name and watch as your muzzle nods hesitantly in response before he fully grasps that yes, he just witnessed his lover transform into this beast now standing before him

- When you let out a whimper not hearing him say anything else your new form shrinks in defeat and just when it looks like you’re about to take off Sidon approaches you tentatively placing a hand on the side of your face

- “I’m so sorry that you felt you couldn’t tell me this love.”

  • Acceptance

- Sidon spends the entire night by your side not asking any questions in demand of answers, he just follows you as you move about the forest hunting down food to satiate your seemingly endless appetite and keeps you in company during the long night

- When the moon finally rises you go back to the clearing and he has to turn his back and avert his gaze while you change into the clean clothes you had stored there prior to the full moon

- As you’re walking back to the Zora Domain he notices that you are running on fumes, clearly exhausted by such an eventful night so he will take it upon himself to carry you

- He continues to hold back the millions of questions racing through his mind until the both of you are properly rested and, more importantly, you are ready to tell him

- And you do, over breakfast that Sidon has delivered to your bedroom, after the Prince assures you that no matter what form you take he, will always love you

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As you walk down the crowded sidewalk, you see a store you've never noticed on your daily route. Managing to stop in front of the store amidst the river of people, you see the store's slogan on a sign posted on the window. It reads:

Ey yo gimme somethin good ya damn microwave. del is a CULINARY TRAP. EAR THE 🍝🎂🔪🌏🏯🕋🚌🚲🛫🕞🕕⭐☔🎁 I WAS SEVEN YEARS OLD.

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So i was thinking, everyone thinks this twincer thing is gonna happen. I dont think so, but what if AD wore a spencer mask and thats why she was acting shady? And we all know the real alison i shady and if shes AD i could tottally see her doin the things that was out of spencers character!

It’s possible you know. But some say and I do have to agree with them how is it realistic enough that they talk in the mask and no one notices. But you never know, this might be it.

I am so done with this. *throws the pastel monster down*


What a great episode I watched it nearly nine hours ago and I’m still yelling g o o d

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But then
I turned around
and found you
staring at me—
and darling
I felt like
walking in a field
of billions of people—
and for once
I was never
about you,
not noticing me.
—  ma.c.a // Look at Me
Shades of purple with hues of red, line your neck, where my lips collide with your skin. A catastrophic explosion, pulsing with energy leaves my mouth. I fall into your gravity. The intensity of the gravitational collapse emitted from the rush of passion between us is cosmic. This lustful supernova triggers the emergence of exquisite artwork that now stains your neck. The space above your collarbones now radiates an illustration of a nebula.
—  love bites and galaxies within us