but you need something fun and colourful now and then

DIY Inspiration - Gold Leaf

Hi beautiful people! This year (the whole 12 days of it) the gilded bug has firmly planted itself in my visions. It’s such an inexpensive way to embrace and add rich colours in any spot in your home! I’ve gathered some sweet (and always easy) DIY’s that will get the ball rolling. Enjoy!

DIY Gold Leaf Rock

This gold leaf river rock project takes rock-art to a whole new level. This would be such a fun way to personalize a tabletop, give a quirky gift to a friend (monogrammed?), or just spend an afternoon making something pretty for your home.

DIY Clay Ring Bowl

Do you precious rings need a new home? This ring bowl is made from clay and is the perfect place to keep you nick nacks.

DIY Gilded Ceramic Animal

We’ve seen the DIY gold-painted plastic animals everywhere, but this take on them is a step up. I happen to have a giraffe on hand happily ready to be glided.

DIY Gold Mug

The perfect vessel for some end of season spiced apple cider. Cheap white mugs are easy to find, but with this treatment they look so luxe.

Is gilding something you’d like to try?


These kids need names!

So, the first three of the five expected baby goats have arrived a few hours ago, and now begins the arduous but fun task of thinking up names :D

We haven’t checked their gender yet and I’ll admit the heat lamp distorts the colours a bit, but still - if you have any suggestions, please do share them with me!

-masculine/feminine/gender-neutral names are all fine! ^^
-we’re not english-speakers, so references to things that are profoundly American or something my parents will not get
-my dad has this weird thing about names where he’s adamant about them being no longer than 2 syllables (yeah i know. i feel you. i could only make ‘vladimir’ happen ‘cause i convinced him he could shorten it to ‘vladi’)
-have a look at existing names

it’s probably easiest for me to keep track of suggestions if you put your ideas for names in the tags.

@babygoatsandfriends, might your followers be feeling inspired?

I look forward to your proposals Ü

First #yellowout now #asianinvasion. Really? Can we as a community not be respectful of the Black community, and be supportive? Can we not be happy for our fellow people of colour for launching a successful and fun Tumblr event to celebrate themselves, without feeling the need to co-opt it and steal from it? What does it really take away from us to allow black people to have complete ownership over something they created? 

You want to have a Tumblr wide event that celebrates Asians. Fine. Be creative, Look at the issues we specifically face, and find a way to combat them. Don’t take another group’s idea just because it was successful. Especially since Asians have a history (and present) of anti-blackness. 

You know what would actually be a really cool thing? #asiansasartists . Because Asian artists are ignored and invisiblized. We are huge contributors to pop, music, fine art, literature, make up, clothing design, etc… world and yet there is very little recognition of it. We are creative and inspired, and yet our parents often discourage us from pursuing careers in the arts. We are stereotyped as too robotic, traditional, or perfectionist to truly be creators of groundbreaking art. So it would be really cool to have a day of posting and reblogging books, clothes, paintings, food, animations, music, or whatever else by Asian artists so we can see just how artistic our community is, celebrate that, and maybe find new authors to read, music to listen, and make up gurus to follow. 

If you all really want to do something, then be creative. Otherwise not only are you all being racist, you’re being boring about it.

anonymous asked:

When i said 'triggered' was a 'thing' i meant bc the only time ice ever seen it was within the last 2 months. And all the while it was a joke- like when someone wore socks with sandals people wpuld say 'triggered' or if it was a depressing pic..

but that’s the problem. being triggered by something is not a joke. a trigger is a legitimate medical term for something that causes severe acute illness. being mildly offended or annoyed by something is not a trigger and the fact that people use it as a joke is really despicable because it pokes fun of seriously ill people (some of whom are now no longer comfortable with useing the term trigger because they worry people won’t take them seriously). it’s ableist and it’s harmful to people who need that term. you don’t make jokes about people’s skin colour, so why would you joke about their mental health…? it’s not okay.