but you need something fun and colourful now and then

Life of an INFJ...

That one week where you have it all together: Your papers are alphabetically filed. Your closet is colour coded. Your house is clean and your schedule is firmly in mind. A-type personality all the way.

Fuck, shit, Hell. You don’t know what happened. Because now it’s that week where you can’t seem to breathe. You need out, you need something different and fun and sensory. You go out every night, get zero sleep and all your friends are ecstatic that you are coming out for once.

*This is a week of excesses. Too much caffeine, too much alcohol, too little sleep and too much extroverting. Bad decisions, impulsive behaviour, yes please.

But suddenly without warning, you close your front door, look around and see that your house is a wreck and you can’t remember if you ate last week. This is the week you need to introvert. You tidy up, finally sit down in your favourite chair and try to make sense of your life, all those thoughts in your head need to be processed and made sense of. People text and phone, but you need some quiet now.

*Big life decisions are often made in this week. Warning: Brooding, melancholy and meaningful music choices often abound in this phase. Beware of intensely deep thoughts and overanalyzing

And then you wake up to a clear mind and an organized closet again, schedule firmly in mind. Life is calling and you have responsibilities.

The endless cycles of a INFJ’s life….

Okay so I’m really gonna apologise in advance for how late these are and for the fact they’ll probably suck because I’m really spacey on cold medicine right now and actually need sleep- I did do some research into Japanese weddings but let me know if I got something wrong- but haPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY @josukesonsen YOU OLD NOW BOO HAVE FUN

Taking your hand in marriage holding a whole new meaning here

Kira’s Wedding Headcanons ~implied Valira~

  • Kira would actually be pretty involved during the planning and preparation of his wedding- always ready to offer his views or opinions on various colour schemes or meal plans. He’d go along to all the fittings and give input on everything down to the music choice.
  • He’d more than likely want to have a traditional Japanese wedding in a Shinto Temple, but would willingly bring in aspects or traditions from his partner’s culture if they were passionate about their own heritage. He’d also want to keep it quite small and quiet since a large, extravagant wedding just goes against his tastes.
  • Of course, he’d want a morning wedding in Spring- perhaps in April or May so there’d be time to view the Cherry Blossoms and for them to add to the beauty of the photographs.
  • He’d have been quite open in having his partner choose their own attire for their wedding; his only request being that they wore a clear gloss nail varnish on the day.
  • Kira would have personally selected the favours that the couple were going to give to their guests- making sure they were of good contents and high quality. 
  • The music at the reception would primarily be of his choosing in the end, and would be of the Kayokyoku genre- he might even have hired a live band to play since he wasn’t the biggest fan of electronic DJ’s.
  • The finalised meal would probably consist of the typical Japanese Wedding meal chosen by Kira and then a selection of desserts chosen by his partner if they had a sweet-tooth, ie; Daifuku, Taiyaki/Bungeoppang with both red bean and ice cream fillings, and finally miniature Japanese cheesecakes.

First #yellowout now #asianinvasion. Really? Can we as a community not be respectful of the Black community, and be supportive? Can we not be happy for our fellow people of colour for launching a successful and fun Tumblr event to celebrate themselves, without feeling the need to co-opt it and steal from it? What does it really take away from us to allow black people to have complete ownership over something they created? 

You want to have a Tumblr wide event that celebrates Asians. Fine. Be creative, Look at the issues we specifically face, and find a way to combat them. Don’t take another group’s idea just because it was successful. Especially since Asians have a history (and present) of anti-blackness. 

You know what would actually be a really cool thing? #asiansasartists . Because Asian artists are ignored and invisiblized. We are huge contributors to pop, music, fine art, literature, make up, clothing design, etc… world and yet there is very little recognition of it. We are creative and inspired, and yet our parents often discourage us from pursuing careers in the arts. We are stereotyped as too robotic, traditional, or perfectionist to truly be creators of groundbreaking art. So it would be really cool to have a day of posting and reblogging books, clothes, paintings, food, animations, music, or whatever else by Asian artists so we can see just how artistic our community is, celebrate that, and maybe find new authors to read, music to listen, and make up gurus to follow. 

If you all really want to do something, then be creative. Otherwise not only are you all being racist, you’re being boring about it.


These kids need names!

So, the first three of the five expected baby goats have arrived a few hours ago, and now begins the arduous but fun task of thinking up names :D

We haven’t checked their gender yet and I’ll admit the heat lamp distorts the colours a bit, but still - if you have any suggestions, please do share them with me!

-masculine/feminine/gender-neutral names are all fine! ^^
-we’re not english-speakers, so references to things that are profoundly American or something my parents will not get
-my dad has this weird thing about names where he’s adamant about them being no longer than 2 syllables (yeah i know. i feel you. i could only make ‘vladimir’ happen ‘cause i convinced him he could shorten it to ‘vladi’)
-have a look at existing names

it’s probably easiest for me to keep track of suggestions if you put your ideas for names in the tags.

@babygoatsandfriends, might your followers be feeling inspired?

I look forward to your proposals Ü