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Bruce Wayne x Reader: Young And In Love

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thank you for requesting, hope you like it and i warn you [Y/N] is.. idk how to call it kind of a player? but its not how it sounds or whatever just read it to find out what i mean :)

[Y/N] [L/N] didn’t have many friends because she knew that wouldn’t mean they were her true friends. She just needed an honest one.  And she had enough luck to have Bruce Wayne having a role of her best friend.

Not gonna lie she thought he was cute. She knew that the boy was crushing over her, it seemed like that cause he would blush around her sometimes.

[Y/N] liked that Bruce could act shy around her but also be goofy him. She admired how smart he was. And not to mention his handsome looks.

It wasn’t like she didn’t crush over him but she liked seeing him flustered. Savage bitch she was.

“Bruce, I swear my head is actually hurting me because of this whole history thing!”

[Y/N] wasn’t really interested in history but she had an essay to write and she knew nothing. So of course Bruce would (or at least tried to) save the day.

“[Y/N], please, it’s only been 10 minutes. And you didn’t even start to write.”

[Y/N] imagined somebody watching them and laughing at how ridiculous it looked.

“I know Brucie, I’m sorry! I swear I’m telling you the truth!” She had this look in her eyes, she knew he couldn’t resist. She felt kind of bad acting this way towards him but she knew he would just write it in 15 minutes including checking it trice and then they could do something fun.

“Uh..” he was all blushy and cute “I guess I can help you a little more than I was supposed to..” he rubbed the back of his neck and looked down on his lap with red cheeks.

“Oh Bruce! You’re seriously the best person I know!” she laughed and pecked him on the cheek, she was enjoying it way too much.

She sat on a couch beside Bruce and played with her ring as he was writing on a coffee table in an extreme speed. Just as [Y/N] thought.

When Alfred was passing the room they were in she would get closer to Bruce and pretend she was reading something from a book that lied on a table beside a paper and act like she was interested. Bruce was too busy to even notice that.

“Uh, okay, it’s done.” said Bruce after 8 minutes and slowly looked up from the paper. He put a pen down and stared into [Y/N]’s eyes. They were so [colour], shiny and surrounded by thick, long lashes.

Her eyes lit up even more and she smiled gently at him. It made his heart melt. “Thank you so much, now we can do something way more fun!” She kissed him on both of his cheeks this time.

“L-look, [Y/N], there’s something I-I need to te–” he was interrupted by Alfred. Great.

“I brought you both some tea and sandwiches in case you get thirsty and hungry.” he looked suspiciously at them.

It was obvious Bruce was red on a face and didn’t really know if he should explain himself.

“Thank you Alfred, that’s very kind of you.” [Y/N] smiled innocently at him.

He bought it because he just said “Very well.” and then left.

She winked at Bruce and said “So you were saying..?” She kept a comforting smile on her face.

“[Y/N], I really don’t want to sound pathetic but I like you. I have for a while.. In fact– in fact I think I love you, no, wait, I know I love you, ugh–”

She hushed him by connecting their lips together. Her hand immediately made it’s way to his hair.  The kiss was sweet and surprisingly long, very innocent but felt perfect at the same time.

“I love you too, you idiot, don’t you forget that.”

He pulled her closer, and kissed her again closing any space left between them.

They were young and in love.


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154: He snaps at you (part II).

Contains references to sexual assault and drugs.

Harry: You knew after the third double vodka and coke that you should have perhaps stopped, especially with Harry not around to get you home safely. But here you are and after the sixth one, you can barely see straight. The contacts in your phone are blurred and you’d blocked Harry’s number after the twenty seventh attempt at contacting you. “Maybe I should walk you home, love” the bartender murmurs softly, a smile dancing on his lips as he begins locking up. You shake your head and slowly climb down from the bar stool, steadying yourself once your feet are firmly on the ground. “It’s ok, my boyfriend will probably be here to pick me up” you murmur, as you take in your surroundings and realise that everyone else has left the bar, and it leaves only you two. “He’s a fool” the bartender mutters. “Letting a beautiful girl like you out of his sight and letting you drink yourself into a stupor. People might get the wrong impression” he strides across the room, and you move away from him, before your back hits the wall behind you and you’re trapped between that and the mans body. He grabs your face and presses a kiss to you lips. “No!” you yelp, bringing your hands to his face and digging your nails into his cheek. “Feisty!” he smirks. “I like it.”

Liam: “But you already work?” your friend asks you, confused. You shrug. “Yeah, but apparently not hard enough. My job will never pay me enough, and Liam buys me most of the designer stuff anyway. I never ask for anything” you murmur to your friend. “He’s right though. All I’ve brought to this relationship is my student loans and that’s a lot of money” you sigh, cradling your head in your hands. “I’m sure Liam didn’t mean anything he said (y/n). He loves you” your friend reassures you after your discussion on the argument you and Liam had had only a few days previously. You shrug. “I’m not so sure. I’ve never seen his that angry before. Especially not at me.” Your friend sighs. “Look, I don’t think Liam will agree with this idea, but if you really want the job, then come along. They’re always looking for young girls to do this sort of thing.” You cringe, knowing that the Liam before your argument wouldn’t want you working in some seedy bar with men gawking at you and paying for you to expose your body, but the Liam that you saw the other day, directing his anger towards you helped to make up your mind. “I’ll take the job” you murmur softly.

Louis: The music drowns out the talking of your friends and even complete strangers who have joined the party, and the smell of alcohol and cigarette smoke is overpowering but even you’d have to admit, going out with the girls was a lot better than staying in alone and wallowing in self pity. No doubt Louis would be out all night with the guys even after the football ends, downing one beer after the other, and you refused to let him have fun and for you to live a boring lifestyle. You hadn’t uttered a word to each other within that week and you began fearing for your relationship, but right now, you were here to have a good time and party and forget about Louis. “(Y/N)? Earth to (y/n)” your friend murmurs as she sits next to you and gains your attention. “You need to have some fun babe” you heard a voice say. You smile at the stranger, a guy who your friend was obviously going to be going home with. “Try one of these” he holds out a colourful tablet. You shake your head. “No thank you” you politely decline the drug. “Come on. Your boyfriend’s some sort of rock star or something right? He must dabble a bit” he smirks. “No, really, it’s fine” you insist. You refused to be led astray and you were proud of yourself to not give into peer pressure, but you had missed the young man slip something into your drink when you weren’t looking.

Niall: It had been a week. A whole week since the argument with Niall and you figured he was pretty pissed when he hadn’t bothered contacting you. It was only a stupid football game and you were his girlfriend, you should be his priority. How could you be expected to live together if you were constantly running around clearing up after him? You were living with a man, not raising a child for goodness sake! But you weren’t going to mope around, and your friends made sure of it. After a few hours of drinking and dancing, you turn to your friend. “I’m going to get some air” you tell her, before another friend adds a quick “me too” and accompanies you. You both take a seat outside, before he turns to you. “He’s an idiot, (y/n)” he tells you. You nod. “I know” you whisper softly. “But I still love him” you add, wrapping your arms around your body as the cold air, and the thought of Niall, makes you shiver. “You deserve better. I could treat you better, (y/n)” he tells you, before he quickly presses a kiss to your lips.

Zayn: You had zoned out after your fifth drink and you could feel the man’s hand on your thigh, finding it’s way up your skirt, his fingers gently caressing the soft skin. What was his name again? You couldn’t quite remember but at least he was showing you some attention and affection. Jack? Tom? Whoever he was, you were probably going back to his tonight anyway. Your thoughts suddenly changed when a tall, petite framed blonde entered the bar, your eyes fixated on her as she headed towards a small gathering of people. You ripped your thigh away from the young man, leaving him frowning in both confusion and disappointment as you approached the blonde. A quick streak of nervousness quickly disappeared when the photograph of her and Zayn entered your head again, a wave of nausea overcoming you. You reached out a hand, tapping her shoulder from behind. The young girl was quick to turn round and greet you with a smile, yet her features changed when she took in who it was staring back at her. “I think we need to have a chat” you tell her firmly.

How do I study for tests or exams?

Hello! So I’ve decided that I’ll start a series of posts based on things I didn’t understand when I started to get into studying. Don’t take my me too seriously- I already enough of that myself, but I do have some advice that might work for you ;) . 


You know that kind of test where you’ve been given a body of relatively dry material, and now you have an hour-two hours-three hours-I lost count of how many hours of whatever to freak out about?

I’m talking some colour-the- questions, some write a designated-number-of-lines and maybe write a longer “piece” as well. You might get these in science subjects (hello psychology/ biology) or some humanities and arts theory classes (yes- I’m looking at you too fun general classes like geography), or something else.

Yeah- we’re going to talk about those, but this also works as a general study guide for learning specific material. 

Guess what? Your a few days/weeks from the date and you need to revise. Like now. So. What the ever living fuck do you do?!

1. What material do you need to know? What format is the test, and what can you expect. When is it, where is it, what do you need etc. Go ask your teacher, refer to a course guide/ syllabus etc. Attend class. Take notes. Seriously this is half the game. (side note- you need to be mentally present to take ANYTHING in.)

2. Read your text book chapter/s. Actually, shit- scrap that- skim read and grab a nice highlighter/ pencil. Go for definitions, key knowledge and terms and anything else that seems particularly relevant. (TIP- the diagrams should give you a good summary of what they are talking about- never skip them- look and make sense of each one. )

3. Notes time! Grab your notes taking thingy (pencil, computer, pick and handy piece of rock- I don’t know what you like) and make detailed notes for each section you need to learn. List definitions, statistics, explanations and DIAGRAMS! (If you want to know what quality notes look like, just search for ‘studyblr’- those damn minimalist-mac-lovers seem to know). 

Side note- notes can be done standard in a book, on a computer, in mind maps, on posters or whatever floats your creative boat. 

4. Summary. Now you have a lot of notes, and just reading them won’t help you remember the information at all (actually- up to 10% perhaps). Its time to make a summary. Start from the beginning of the section/ chapter and take the most vital points from your notes- definitions, statistics, DIAGRAMS, bullet points of information etc.. Order this summary all together, on a separate page (or at the back of your notes section in you book). 

5. Short Summary! Again, this can be done in a number of ways. Take the most important information only. You might want to make a mind map, notes page, list, poster, whatever and present it. I like to just go over my summary and colour in (I highlight on onenote) all the most important details so that it catches my eye

What do you have now? All the information you need presented in three fun and different ways. Arn’t you productive as hell!?

6. Practise questions! This is by far the most important stage (apart from note taking), and this is also where a lot of students fall down. Now. Listen carefully. 

-Open that textbook- chances are good theres some questions in there. Read and consider them. Do you know the answer?   -  Do them. Do you hear me?You can do this on paper, a computer- just write it down somewhere so you can check your answers. Don’t skip the hard ones- thats where other people will slip up- (take a sticky note and put it to mark the place, then take it to your teacher and ask. them. questions.) 

      now… (choose some to do)

-there might be an end of chapter study review- do that too! Thats really great revision and a good test of your knowledge. 

-there might be a lot of questions, in which case cherry pick the ones that ask for the key knowledge you wrote down earlier. Chances are, thats what will be tested. 

- make some cue cards with questions and then write down the answer- that could be fun. (split with friends and swap cards!)

- you might be able to get your hands on actual, official practise questions. Ask your teacher- they might have some, or ask for a past paper from other years. Try searching for your subject online and see if another school has posted practise questions/ exams. 

- Ask your teacher what questions you should revise on. What questions should you do. Email them, go see them in their office, send a carrier pigeon- whatever. 

7. Rinse and repeat. Not the whole thing, but the parts of it you struggled with. Didn’t understand a question? TAKE IT TO YOUR DAMN TEACHER/ friend etc. What don’t you know? Go learn that shit. Go study with other people! Test each other. 

8. Okay- You know the information. You know what to expect. You got this. Remember the motto people- EAT WELL, SLEEP WELL, DO WELL! 

Paid To Hate You (Part 5)

Summary: When you audition for a role in a reality show you’d never thought to meet Bucky Barnes, the guy who turned your teenage years into hell. You’d also never thought that you’d have to pretend to be his ex girlfriend on the show.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 934

Warnings: insulting?

A/N: I am getting better at keeping this short lmao. I hope you guys like this part just as much as the other parts. Please tell me what you think!

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4

Of course Tony found a way to use the face punching aka nose breaking scene perfectly. He came up with the idea that Bucky had been cheating on you and that you had found out and punched his nose because he hadn’t said a word about it and even dared to kiss you as if nothing happened. This way Tony could keep the dialogue he had so far and you and Bucky only had to end the scene which you absolutely loved because it meant Bucky was back in the blood covered shirt and they had applied a lot of fake blood on his nose.

 And besides that, you were also allowed to scream at him as much as you wanted and hit him against the arm. Over and over and over again.

God damn, you loved your new job.

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First #yellowout now #asianinvasion. Really? Can we as a community not be respectful of the Black community, and be supportive? Can we not be happy for our fellow people of colour for launching a successful and fun Tumblr event to celebrate themselves, without feeling the need to co-opt it and steal from it? What does it really take away from us to allow black people to have complete ownership over something they created? 

You want to have a Tumblr wide event that celebrates Asians. Fine. Be creative, Look at the issues we specifically face, and find a way to combat them. Don’t take another group’s idea just because it was successful. Especially since Asians have a history (and present) of anti-blackness. 

You know what would actually be a really cool thing? #asiansasartists . Because Asian artists are ignored and invisiblized. We are huge contributors to pop, music, fine art, literature, make up, clothing design, etc… world and yet there is very little recognition of it. We are creative and inspired, and yet our parents often discourage us from pursuing careers in the arts. We are stereotyped as too robotic, traditional, or perfectionist to truly be creators of groundbreaking art. So it would be really cool to have a day of posting and reblogging books, clothes, paintings, food, animations, music, or whatever else by Asian artists so we can see just how artistic our community is, celebrate that, and maybe find new authors to read, music to listen, and make up gurus to follow. 

If you all really want to do something, then be creative. Otherwise not only are you all being racist, you’re being boring about it.