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To survive this game without feeling like shit all the time, you must be a conspirator and not a shipper. One is logic, one is sentiment. We got cocky too early – we let our love for our ship blind the part of us that reads codes. We thought we knew exactly what was going to happen so we ignored everything we were told. We’ve been celebrating for months, which is fine and dandy, but we ignored the clues staring us in the face about dual timelines, “two places at once”, multiple endings, The Geek Interpreter, The Lost Special, and the history behind “The Final Problem”. Do what you gotta do to enjoy the Fandom, but we were told many things and we ignored them – which we don’t usually do. I do not doubt their ability to write – I doubt my ability to accurately read their code because i was blinded by sentiment. Ah, irony. It’s bittersweet.

I’m a conspirator first and a shipper second, like i always have been. That’s the only reason I’m one of ten people in this Fandom that doesn’t have an ounce of doubt about the intent of this game. I’m not operating on hope or faith right now – I legitimately believe this to be true because of the many well-constructed arguments laid out before me. Could i be wrong? Of course. Wouldn’t be the first time. But I’m not going to worry about something I don’t believe will happen. I’ll cross that bridge when i get to it.

I’m writing this long post because I’m getting bombarded with messages from those who doubt. This is my only advice to you:

For one week, choose to be either a shipper or a conspirator. Whichever one you pick you must step away from the other. This week will hurt so, so much if you try to balance logic and sentiment. So either play the game or leave it alone. All in or all out. Anything other than that will eat. you. alive.

I just saw someone in the Luke tag telling us fans to “chill” about the Luke hate because “no one in this fandom hates Luke.”

Okay. Tell that to the countless folks who have been bashing Luke in favor of every other character under the Sun for years. 

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1st Place - One detailed art for 2-4 characters with detailed background. (Bonus: A small animated gif of one character of their choice. (With simple background))

2nd Place - A simple shaded art with simpler background. (Bonus: Free animated of any character of their choice)

3rd Place - A flat colored art. No background.




I will randomly choose the winners for thus raffle. Those who DOESN’T know my age but gets it right anyways, will get an extra prize


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how would RFA, V, and Saeran react to reading fiction-writer!MC's work, but then realizing that the two love interests say and do things awfully similar to them and MC? As if MC was basing it off of them? idk this is a weird request lmao.

Thank you for your request!I hope you like it!(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me


  • When MC was typing something on her computer, he could see the title without you realizing it, now he knows what you write!
  • After that he runs into the living room, searching that name on the internet and then he finds it.
  • He starts to read, it takes some time to make him realize how much that couple looks like him and you.
  • This must a coincidence…Right?
  • What? The character made an awful omelette? This is definitely about him!
  • At a point, the main character is thinking about her boyfriend…The boyfriend who reminds a lot of Yoosung.
  • The main character said that her boyfriend is beautiful, cute, perfect, good at gaming…Good in bed…WAIT WHAT?
  • He’s blushing now.
  • But now he has a confident smile too!
  • He’ll not talk to you about it, and every time he sees you writing he get super excited!


  • He needs to be honest…He doesn’t like when you’re writing when he’s there.
  • He needs attention!
  • When you go to the bathroom he runs to the computer and he takes a photo of the screen.
  • He always has his phone ready to take a photo.
  • When you’re back, he’s taking photos of himself…
  • You don’t suspect a thing.
  • When you’re writing again, he starts to search for that, and when he finds it, he’s happy.
  • He’s awesome.
  • When he starts to read…He already thinks that you based that character on him.
  • He laughs and hugs you from behind while you were sitting “I loved that you write something about our life…” he whisper in your ear, making you quiver.
  • He spins you making you look at him now, he’s with a sad face “But people are expecting a…How did they say…NSFW part…Do you need inspiration?”


  • She always wanted to see what you write.
  • She wants to know how talented you’re!
  • She requested and requested, so you give the name and the site for her.
  • Now she was going to read what you have been writing for the past months.
  • Oh…those characters have a little resemblance of us…
  • No, wait, they have a BIG resemblance of us…
  • She can’t help but smile when she’s reading it.
  • It’s so sweet how you’re writing little things you two do every day.
  • She finds it very cute.
  • She’ll remember this, and she’ll every time she feels a little bit sad.
  • Thank you MC.


  • He needs to know everything about you.
  • He needs to know what you’re doing on that computer and on the phone.
  • What he can do?? He wants to appraise you in every way.
  • He doesn’t want to invade your privacy, but he’s so persistent.
  • You pick his phone and put the website there, so he can read.
  • He’s reading, quietly, you’re flustered because of that, so you go back into your writing.
  • After some minutes Jumin goes to you, he holds your arm and makes you stand up “Jumin? What are you doing?!”
  • He starts to kiss your neck, laughing a little, and then he looks at your eyes, “You wrote a lot about us, and about this…So you must know exactly what i want to do” He picks you up bridal style going to the bedroom.
  • Looks like your writing will have good content now.


  • When he sees you writing and writing you can bet he’s going to hack you.
  • Yeah, and like that he finds it.
  • Oh MC…Good to know you’re like that….( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • He doesn’t know why, but this makes him excited…
  • And those histories about you two…Will be in history forever.
  • And he’s happy that he’s your inspiration!
  • And it’s so cool to see those comments “This history is impossible in the real life”
  • Lol
  • Little did they know.
  • One day you two were in the living room “Hey MC…If you were writing something…You know…You think it would suit your writing the main characters make some babies, in the living room, kitchen, or…Garage?”
  • You look at him, what kind of question is that? You laugh “I don’t know Seven…Maybe…The living room?”
  • He laughs and then he’s closer to you within a second “This is good…We don’t need to go to another room then”.
  • ???
  • OH!


  • He can listen to the sound of the keyboard.
  • He already asked you if you were writing some history, you said yes.
  • When he asked if you could read to him…You couldn’t say no.
  • That smile…Who can say no to him?
  • So when you began to read for him, he’s just smiling, paying attention.
  • You don’t know if he realized that those two love interests were based off you and him.
  • But when he began to cry, you start to freak out “V…?!It’s everything alright!”
  • He smiles with a lot of tears on his eyes, “I’m just…So happy…You’re telling our history to everybody…It’s so beautiful MC…”
  • You smiled and hugged him “Thank you MC…For letting me be in your life…In your history” he said as he hugged you.
  • Now you’re going to read to him every time you do a new chapter, he can know all those situations…But he always wants to remember.
  • All the moments he spends with you are especial to him.


  • Can you stop with this noise? He’s trying to eat ice cream in peace here!
  • You know what? He’ll hack and discover this site you’re, delete it, and you’ll have to give him all the attention!
  • The perfect plane
  • *Insert evil laugh here*
  • When he hacked he saw that was a history with a title “The ice cream couple”…What are you thinking?
  • He read the chapter one, two, three, he even laughed when the main character said: “I’m not cute, i’m punk!”
  • Ok, this is based off him, now he has certain.
  • He puts that in his favorites and goes to the living room where you are.
  • He sits beside you and holds your hand without saying anything…He just smiles looking at the TV…Because he knows this moment will be in that history.
  • You can be writing that history, but the history of your life who will write is him.

“the fact that bioware have continued the mass effect series where the ending doesn’t even matter is laughable and pathetic of them”

okay but do you realize how HARD it would be to make a game that did?? to include the major choices that were made in me3??

and do you ever think that maybe JUST MAYBE the point of that ending and not going further with it is meant to represent sacrifice in war, hoping it’s all worth it in the future but accepting that you might not live to see it?

“a future paid for by the sacrifices of those who fought and died alongside us. a future that many will never see.”

I would like to take a moment to be really honest with you guys.

I appreciate the attention my writing gets. I appreciate every like, reblog, comment, all of it. I really, really do. The positive comments and constant love keeps me going most days.

But I noticed the other day that my most popular work is my romantic/shippy things. I mean, this is for obvious reasons. It’s what people want. And people read what people want. That’s why I have an influx of romance/shippy prompts in my inbox (I think 15 of the 21 prompts are romantic in nature or include a ship). I don’t totally mind this. I’m happy for the attention.

But I prefer horror/dark sci-fi and I noticed that work doesn’t get nearly as many notes.

And by that, I mean I’ll get 40+ on a romance prompt fill and then I’ll be lucky to get 15 on the darker pieces.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful, please don’t think I am. The problem is I want to make a career for myself writing this darker stuff. I get horror isn’t for everyone, but there’s almost only likes and no reblogs on those darker pieces and it’s killing me. I almost feel like I’m wasting my time writing these things even though I’m far more passionate about them.

It’s part of the reason I’ve been in a writing rut with prompt fills. The romance is fine, it’s just not what I’m passionate about and I’m losing my passion to write all prompts in general because what I am passionate about it’s getting as much attention.

Am I doing something wrong with those pieces? Is there something I’m missing? Are they just not connecting? Are people just not interested? Are they not willing to reblog darker material?

I need to know.



what should i dododododo….



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“Hi! Otis, right?”

“And you must be Nissa, good to meet you. Though I feel like we’ve met before. We haven’t met before have we?”

“I think I’d remember meeting you. So tell me a little about yourself.”

“I”m a bartender, working my way up to master mixology fame.”

“Bartending is a useful skill. One of those jobs you can do anywhere you live … oh, hey, you think vampires are totally real, right?”

“Vampires? Fuck yeah, they’re real. Hey, so I’m going to wander out and shoot some hoops. Chat with you later?”

“That went so much better.”

Otis Kent by @tinycitysims

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ok… i am going to do… another art raffle.. and maybe a stream in the weekend.. i dunno.. here the prizes:

1st place: 1-2 characters full body with: color shades and background(even if i’m not that good XT) (example below)

2nd place: 1 character fullbody with color and shades NO BACKGROUND (example below)

3rd place: 1 character fullbody lineart (example below)

how to partecipate:

-you must be following me ;

- like = 1 entry , reblog= 1 entry

( like + reblog = 2 entryes ; only 1 reblog counts)

- no NSFW requests for the prize

-no offensive requests for the prize

the art raffle will end the 6th of february


i will draw any character that u want^^

i will be drawing ONLY with MY style

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i will never understand why black men target black woman so much like who do you think gave birth to you??? smh

EXACTLY! Like you must of fucking forgot that the women who raised you are fucking BLACK! 

It sickens me to no end to see the treatment we get from or own men and then we get bashed for wanting to find love outside of our race because they talk so much shit to us. 

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Like we get hate for wearing extensions but I see the KKKardashians and others with weaves, fakes asses, and other shit get praised. 



this is a picture from 2015 when I went to holland, my favourite place in the world for holiday and I just found out I’m going again this summer BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER

Edit: by now you must’ve figured out i don’t like showing my face in photos lmao

Felt like ya’ll should know that there was at least one person in history that actually referred to Alexander Hamilton as “Ham” and that was James McHenry, or “Mac” as Hamilton called him. McHenry is the only person Hamilton invited to his wedding that actually ended up attending. McHenry composed a nice poem for Hamilton in celebration of the happy event:

“… And now would friendship’s voice prevail
to point the moral of the tale.
Know then, dear Ham, a truth confest
Soon beauty fades, and Love’s a guest.
Love has no settled place on earth;
A very wan’rer from his birth;
Ad yet who happiness would prove,
Like you must build his hopes on love,
When love his choicest gifts has giv’n
He flies to make another heav’n;
But as he wheels his rapid flight
Calm joys succeed and pure delight.
Faith adds to all: for works we’re told.
Is love’s alloy, and faith the gold.

… All these attendants Ham are thine,
Be’t yours treat them as divine;
To cherish what keeps love alive;
What makes us young at sixty five.
What lends the eye its earliest fires;
What rightly managed still inspires.”

Hamilton wrote McHenry a thank you letter a few days later, retracting his repeatedly made claims that McHenry sucked at poetry.

  • MC: Where’s Seven?
  • Jaehee: Probably off somewhere disappointing Jesus.

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