but you make my stomach warm

The opposite of butterflies
is the hive, dead in your stomach.
Is having to birth the dead bees.
When sunlight comes and you
think only of what new thing will
die, today. In the thick of my legs
I pull in to find the nerves, to
shake them awake before the night
comes, before I make pretend of coming,
so the bees that still live there may be
less lonely. What piece of that
warm hum will crackle off tonight, crawl
out from where we put ourselves
to bed, once? When you do not
feel like your body is erupting from
the overwhelm of wings, you will
feel like something large and
whole died inside you. And, as if
it had tried to come out, you will find its
arms mangled too close to the surface.
You will touch its fingers to yours. You
will think maybe, like an animal,
it tried to go home to die. The inside of
bodies like me, is no home.
—  “The Opposite” By Emma Bleker
i. you told me that i don’t believe in anything.

ii. danger ties itself to your name, wraps itself around those saturnine syllables like crimson silk but i’ve always had a taste for fine things that look like they could kill me. 

iii. my god, when you glare at me like i am the monster under your bed, i have never wanted to be the force underneath your sheets more. i want to tear you apart, god give me the strength to keep my hands to myself these days.

iv. you make it harder for me to find solace at the bottom of a glass. you make it easier to string arguments together, you make me want to swallow intelligence instead of poison amber and i don’t know how i feel about that.

v. arguments feel like home now. i see your lips part and i can’t help but feel warm, like summer itself has found a home in the base of my stomach. you never raise your voice, and i never frown. this is quite a pattern we’ve worked ourselves into.

vi. you are a masterpiece, all creamy flesh and swollen mouth and unraveling you with nothing but my words has become my new favourite past time. you fall apart for me, and you’re every bit as bold as you usually are when you’re choking on my name. 

vii. je t'aime, mon amour, je t'aime mais je ne sais pas comment dire ça. voulez-vous me croire?

viii. those looks i steal from you, those looks are memories that i wish i could draw. if i could commit those half-moon smiles to paper, there wouldn’t be enough canvas left in the world. i’d smother them all in the shapes of your lips when you throw me a little smirk, the one you know makes my heart flutter. you’re ruining me one step at a time.

ix. permets-tu? will you let me hold your hand like this? will you let me follow you? i’ve never wanted to die with anybody before, but will you let me? if heaven turns its back, will you kiss me like this in purgatory? i’ve never believed in anything, but i suppose i –

x. my darling, you were wrong. i believe in you. i always have.

—  you are charming and capable of being terrible. i am terrible and capable of being charming. // 12:26 am.
“My Throat Is Trying to Kill Me” Ginger Brew

So I have contracted a horrible, horrible cold from a comic convention (I know… I know) and figured this would be the prime time to share my recipe for an all-purpose throat/cold healing brew.

You Will Need:

- Ginger root

- Honey

- Lemon slice


1. Mince or finely cube the ginger until you have about one teaspoon.(You can add more for a stronger brew).

2. Put your ginger, lemon slice, and a squeeze of honey into a mug.

3. Fill your mug with boiling water, and wait at least ten minutes. Stir thoroughly.

Sip your brew, and feel it work! Ginger is settling to the stomach, the citrus and Vitamin C in the lemon will help your cold symptoms, and the honey - to quote my partner - “makes it not taste like crap”. Warm water is also much more soothing to the throat than cold. (pro tip: If your throat is straight up scratchy and burny and awful, do a shot of whiskey or other straight unsweetened booze like vodka to clear the back of your throat, before sipping your brew - The alcohol content both numbs the uvula and helps with unwanted bacteria).

Now to crawl into bed and watch Last Man On Earth until I pass out. :V

Sherlock insisting on putting in the Christmas lights himself, because, after all ‘I know just how to do this quickly and efficiently, John! You’ll mess it up!’

So John watches affectionately as Sherlock is struggling with six different cords at once, surrounded by the soft glow of the Christmas lights. He watches as Sherlock starts scowling because the lights are obviously refusing to cooperate with him. 

And he smiles, one of those warm smiles that makes Sherlock’s stomach flutter, when John rises and easily untangles one of the knots that formed in one of the cords. 

John kisses his cheek. 

‘Need a hand, love?’

Sherlock’s cheeks are bright red when he mutters out a ‘yes’. 


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Reader decides it’s best to go outside for some fresh air.  This is the second part of a pick your own story i’m try second part Dean version part one is here

Reader X Dean

Warnings: Smut

Standing up I look at the door and slowly head toward it still dizzy. I open it the cool misty air quickly rushing around me. I smile feeling better already. I walk out and close the door. Holding the side of the building I take a deep breath feeling my stomach doing flips.

“Darlin’, you alright?” Asks a familiar voice making me look up to see Dean standing there. Judging by his wet hair he has been out here for a while most likely packing the car.

“Mmmhmm I’m okay.”

“Lair.” He says patting Baby’s hood it only a few feet from me.

“Come sit down I got some food should still be warm.” He says going to the front seat pulling out a white paper bag.

“Well warmish.” He says digging in it and handing me a breakfast burrito.

“You really know how to treat a lady.” I say smiling and taking it from him.

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Teen Pregnancy with Draco would Include:

-You being scared to tell Draco for fear that he’ll get upset or push you away.
-Draco doing just the opposite and being extremely happy and excited to meet the baby.
-Both of you being nervous to tell Lucius and Narcissa.
-Narcissa being brought to tears of happiness because she’s so excited.
-Lucius: “Why couldn’t you use protection? Come on, Draco, even a muggle could do it.” But after a while, he warms up to the idea and becomes as excited as Narcissa.
-Draco going to every single one of your doctors appointments and shedding a tear or two when he hears the baby’s heartbeat.
-Finding out it’s a boy.
-“That’s mine!” Draco points to your stomach. “I helped make that. My son.”
-Getting gifts from all of your friends (including a knitted hat and socks from Hermione and a sweater from Mrs. Weasley).
-“Draco, I’m not naming my baby ‘Phoenix.’”
-“Why not?”
-“'Phoenix Malfoy?’ I don’t think so.”
-“Fine. What about Scorpius?”
-“Scorpius. I like it.”
-“Only two more weeks until I get to meet my son! It’s happening! I’m so excited!”
-“Yeah, only two more weeks until my womanhood gets ripped open and painfully destroyed. Hurray.”
-“You’re a ray of sunshine.”
-Labor hurts, but you forget all about it once you see your little baby boy. He gets all cleaned up and wrapped in a little blue blanket with a matching hat, some blond hair poking out. You get to hold him first. Draco’s jaw drops when he sees him and he just bursts into hysterics.
-“That’s my baby!” He cries. “My son!”

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Everytime there’s someone new, every single time, you seem to have this unexplainable way of knowing. I know it’s near impossible that you’ve found out but I really do start to question that when you go from ignoring me completely one day, to looking for me and smiling whenever we see each other. I can’t help the fact that I’d do anything to have you back. I’d do anything to go back to last year where I would get those butterflies in my stomach; the good ones that make you feel warm and somewhat unstoppable, not that ones that I get now when every I hear your name. They eat me alive and make the pain of missing you even stronger. I don’t feel the same way about anyone as I feel about you but I think that’s because I’m stopping myself. You don’t need to be told twice not to put your hand in a fire because you know it’s going to hurt, just as I don’t need to fall in love twice because why would I want to hurt myself just as much as you did the last time?
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write, 18
what love feels like to the signs

Aries: fireworks in your belly, slippery marbles in your mouth; hot, sweet honey dripping down your throat, a buzzing in your ears, sparks shooting from your fingertips 

Taurus: sinking into a warm bath, a long sigh, water dripping from your hair, the taste of vanilla and strawberries in your mouth, a song only you can hear playing nonstop

Gemini: a giggle just about to break free from your lips, the tingle of spicy food on your tongue, doing cartwheels on soft grass, soap bubbles erupting in your stomach and making you feel like you could float away

Cancer: a warm blanket being thrown over your shoulders, numb fingertips, hot tea sliding down your throat and warming you to your core, butterflies softly fluttering in your stomach 

Leo: soulful cello music, comforting hands on your shoulders, a relaxed jaw, the wind in your hair, silk sheets rubbing against your legs, a shot of espresso, the sound of a crackling fire

Virgo: staying up all night, sweaty palms and a dry mouth, a sign of relief, watching the wind blow in the trees, staring up at the moon in awe, the smell of soap and fresh laundry 

Libra: a single red rose, white candles flickering behind your eyelids, a cool breeze against flushed cheeks, walking a garden path, warm hands cupping your face, closing your eyes to sleep after a long day

Scorpio: a hot, humid day by the lake, a tingle in your stomach, breathing hard and fast after running as fast as you can, a throat sore from screaming, a dark room lit by a single candle, lovely words handwritten on white paper

Sagittarius: getting too close to a bonfire, the taste of syrup and sugar in your mouth, a ringing in your ears, a hot shower, the tickle of someone’s eyelashes against your cheek, the smell of sandalwood and cherry 

Capricorn: a cup of strong tea, steady hands and strong arms, the glide of a good pen across paper, flower petals falling in your hair, a hand brushed across your cheek

Aquarius: a deep belly laugh, reading until you fall asleep, feeling light enough to float away, a strong wind whipping your hair against your face, spring after a long winter, the smell after it rains

Pisces: the roar of the ocean in your ears, a trembling in your jaw, red, bitten lips; the lingering scent of roses, the burn of soda in the back of your throat, dancing under the moon, a curtain of fog wrapped around your brain, a cool cloth against your forehead


On this day, I unfortunately saw my tc for the last time. We might see each other in the future but only God knows.
When I walked into my house building, he was right in front of me talking to some teachers. He ditched them, walked towards me and gave me a hug. Last Thursday I emailed him which he replied the following day saying he’s busy but he’ll reply..which he didn’t, before I could go “you didn’t reply to my email.”
He cut me off saying,
“I know what you’re going to say and I knew that as soon as I sent that response to your email, you would’ve immediately went he’s not going to reply.”
He was right and I just burst out laughing.
Something that warmed my heart was the fact that he even wrote a post it note to remind him to email me. Little stuff like this makes my stomach flutter and heart beat 10x faster.
We continued with our conversation and we came along the topic of keeping in contact, he said that he will give me his personal email but I accidentally said,
“or you can give me something that’s not an email”
oops and he jokingly went,
“Oh like my mobile number?”
Even thought he was joking, I could hear a tint of seriousness in his voice. We took a few photos but for some reason when we had to seperate (we were holding each other by the sides) we were just still standing there holding each other, even though the photos were already taken. Once again we spoke some more, we hugged for the last time but this time, the hug was so different. It was more of a relationship type of hug and we were standing there for so long just taking in the moment. Moments like this I will always remember and cherish.
A couple of hours ago, I was about to go to bed when my phone went off. Turns out it was him emailing me. He was thanking me for everything personally and it was the most cutest thing ever. It warmed my heart and I ended up crying nonstop for a straight hour but with tears of joy. Words cannot explain at how thankful I am that I was able to experience all of this with him, without him I wouldn’t know what love is or even share my experiences with you guys!!
Within the email, he attached his personal email and I will for sure be contacting him through there which I will keep you all updated.

I keep replaying the first moment I laid eyes on you. I don’t remember the last time I felt my head spin and my stomach fill with butterflies like that, life before you was dull and waiting for you to be in my arms was far too long.

I didn’t mean to stare nor did I mean to be so cliché, but man nothing compares to looking over and seeing your beautiful brown eyes and that little nose scrunch you do whenever I make you blush.

I can still feel your finger tips running up and down my body, I am so beyond cold and I am in need of your warming touch, darling.

Promise me that when I come home, we can fall in love and these terrible thoughts that haunt my mind late at night won’t come around any longer.

—  Wipe away these nightmares with your love

we’re laying in bed topless. your head is on my chest, and your eyes are drifting closed. i slide my hand into yours and you murmur something about my heartbeat, your voice thick with sleep. your arm snakes around my stomach and you pull yourself closer to me. everything inside me feels warm and quiet. i know you feel safe in my arms, and being able to keep you safe makes me feel safe, too. i press my lips against the top of your head, whispering something between a prayer and a promise. we’ll be okay. i love you.

Fall snuggles

Author: really-meg

Pairing: Stiles X Reader

Word Count: 614

Synapsis: Spending fall with Stiles

A/N: Okay this isn't even an imagine idk what to call it i can't remember the word but I got the idea from here I thought it needed to be wrote and took me like thirty minutes (Short!!) because I wanted to have something posted for you guys. ALSO I wrote this while listening to Brooklyn Baby by Lana Del Rey and I think it goes so enjoy:))))

Resting in between Stiles’s legs I cuddled further into him, pulling the warm blanket closer to us. My eyes fixed on the movie while his hand ran through my hair soothingly. The smell of fall was taking over, the crisp air making it perfect snuggling weather, one of my favorite things. I reached across his body halting his movements to grab my tea from the side table. I snuggled back into him feeling the lean muscles of his stomach through our shirts.

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The Demon Within- Jungkook Smut

//How can one person be so sexy yet so intimidating//

*Do excuse me if this is bad. It has been awhile since I’ve been to this side of my brain… For the nonnie who request Jungkook demon rough sex.*

“Y-You’re a what?” I whisper, trying to adjust to what Jungkook had just told me.

“I’m a demon” Jungkook breathes, hot breath fanning the skin of my neck. My breath catches. A demon? Why do I find that to be oddly sexy?

“A demon” I take my bottom lip between my teeth as Jungkook runs his fingers up my arm. “Yes” He whispers seductively, taking my earlobe between his teeth. Delicious shivers run down my spine, making it almost impossible for me to stop.

“I know you like it rough, Y/N” Jungkook tightly grasps my waist, pulling me flush against his warm body. I gasp at the feeling of his hard on pressing against my stomach.

I slowly raise my eyes to meet Jungkooks. His gaze is intense and dark, making my stomach churn. I couldn’t help but feel intoxicated… The way his red eyes bored into me, heating my body, how he smelt, musky yet fresh, how his dark hair illuminated his white skin. He is truly beautiful…

I gingerly wrap my arms around Jungkooks neck, slowly raising on my tippy toes, gently placing my lips on his. He wraps his hands in my hair, deepening the kiss. His tongue glides into my mouth, ravishing my warm cavern, claiming me as his.

A soft moan escapes my throat as Jungkook harshly grabs my ass, hoisting me up. I wrap my legs around his waist, entangling my hands in his dark locks.

My back roughly comes in contact with the wall, making me gasp. I take Jungkooks lip between my teeth, slowly grazing them against the plump skin. A low growl elicits from Jungkook, and it resonates somewhere deep, deep within me.  

Jungkook tears off my shirt, beginning to place wet sloppy kisses down my neck. Suddenly I feel Jungkook grazing his teeth against the expanse of my neck, sending shocks of arousal through my body. I arch my body into his, feeling his erection grind against my sex.

I can feel the heat pooling in the pit of my stomach, the anticipation building between my thighs. Jungkook travels down south, pushing my breasts out of my bra and burying his face between them. He nips and sucks at my sensitive skin, making my body writhe against him.

He gropes my breasts, the cold wall being my only support. I undo the buttons to Jungkooks shirt, desperate to touch him. Jungkook smirks against my skin, undoing the button to my shorts. Is he making this a competition?

Jungkook lifts his head, a mischievous glint in his eye. He brings his lips to my ear, hot breath tickling my all to sensitive skin.

“I’m going to fuck you till you’re begging me to stop” his words travel through me to my groin, I bite back my moan.

In seconds, we’re in some bedroom. The lighting is dim and the walls are a dark, crimson red.

Jungkook makes quick work of my clothes, practically tearing them off me. At the same time I attempt to remove his shorts– Attempt.

A small chuckle sounds through the room as Jungkook places a searing kiss on my lips, devouring my entire being, stealing my breath as his own. Jungkook takes off his shorts and boxers, removing his lips from mine, leaving me breathless.

“On all fours. Now.” Jungkooks tone was dominant, and undeniably sexy. Taking my bottom lip between my teeth, I place my arms on the bed and spread my legs for him, my ass in the air and on full display.

“Good, now you can only come when I tell you” Jungkook whispered, tone dark and controled.

“Okay…” I breathe. Then there’s a sharp smack to my ass, sending shivers straight to my heat. “Ah!”

“It’s yes sir, do you understand?” another smack comes down on my ass, but on the other cheek, the shock of pleasure all the more intense.

“Ah yes sir”

And in one swift movement, Jungkooks inside me, thrusting his hips in and out of my slick entrance.

Jungkook reaches around my body to my breasts, taking my nipples between his fingers as he pounds himself into me.

I can already feel myself building, the pleasure from his hands and his cock all too overwhelming. “Mmm” I moan, sinking my teeth further into my lip, trying to stifle my embarrassing cries of pleasure.

Another hard smack comes down on my ass, making me jump and let out a long, loud moan. “If you come, I’ll have to punish you” Jungkook warns, his words strained and husky.

I try so hard not to come, but the way he feels inside me is incredible. The way his thick member brushes against my walls, how he reaches so deep within me, the tightening pleasure and friction it creates, it’s so consuming and I just can’t hold myself back–

“Oh fuck! Jungkook~” I cry, my orgasm ripping through my entire body. I grip the sheets tightly as my body convulses in hard erratic waves. My walls clench tightly around Jungkooks member, bringing him to his own release as well.

My body is set ablaze as the pleasure skyrockets through me, sending me into euphoria.When Jungkook pulls out of me, I collapse onto the bed, my body shaking as the pleasure courses through my veins.

For a moment, I forget how to breathe, how to speak… All I can do is just lay there, absorbing the intense pleasure.

“What did I say” Jungkooks tone was stern, yet it had a hint of playfulness to it.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to” I bite my lip, containing a whimper.

It’s time to get the flogger

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Have I ever told you how pretty your eyes are?“ he asks, startling me.
I look at him with something akin to disbelief; no one has ever said my eyes looked pretty. Ever.

His face breaks into a beautiful smile and my stomach flutters.
“I feel like brown eyes are so under appreciated. Blue eyes don’t look like fire in the sunset. Green eyes don’t get gorgeous lines of light in them. Grey eyes don’t make you feel all warm inside when you look at them,” he similes coyly.

He leans closer to me and I take in a quick breath. “What makes your brown so special,” he says, “is that they positively light up when you see me.”
He brushes his lips against mine, and my world is on fire.

—  stella .
excerpts from a book I’ll never write [13]

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Jonathan in a crop top makes me want to take a nap with my face nuzzled up against his stomach, like in a completely, 100% innocent way. It would be so warm, and I prefer my pillows firm. ;D He would blush so hard if I asked, but he would totally let me, and maybe gently play with my hair after I fall asleep. <3 You could attempt it with Joseph and Rohan too, but there's no way those jerks would let you sleep in peace, lol.

Jonathan would be blushing like crazy the whole time but he’s still down with the idea of you sleeping on him and not only does he play with your hair but he quietly talks to you the whole time to help lull you to sleep. Joseph would mes with you while you were sleeping and that’s if he stayed still long enough for you to fall asleep in the first place. Rohan would ask if he looked like a pillow to you and if so you need to get your eyes checked

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How long does Thace usually sleep and how? Like on his belly, on his side, cold room, warm room, how many blakets, kind info.

Character building time. Fill my inbox with questions about my muse!

Thace likes to usually sleep on his side, but sometimes switches to sleeping on his back or stomach, especially if his scar is hurting him. He isn’t a fan of the cold since it makes his scars ache and his fur fluffed out to help keep him warm. Sleeping with constant gooseflesh is very uncomfortable if you have two manes on your front and back. Sometimes he curses his genetics because of this problem. So he prefers to sleep in a warm environment with a couple of blankets. If it can’t be avoided and it’s cold, then he would more or less disappear in a sea of blankets and curl up with a pillow underneath his head and shoulders. Thace also snores very softly when he is in deep sleep. If he is lightly sleeping or not getting a good rest he usually will stay soundless. The horrifying nightmares he constantly has can exhaust him too, leaving him more tired than before counting space sheep. That being said, Thace can stay asleep ranging from nine hours to two hours.

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so I just got home from a party where people were accusing me of making out with one of my good guy friends (I did not but I was wearing bright lipstick and his mouth was red from his drink) and I was so upset I cried and threw up, am I broken?

You are NOT broken. You are someone who just went through an experience anyone would find upsetting - being accused of something you didn’t do and which makes you uncomfortable.

I’m so sorry you had a bad night. Take care of yourself, okay? Drink water, get something to eat once your stomach settles, maybe take a warm bath or read a book. Take some time for yourself to recover, and then get back out into the world and kick some ass! Your feelings are valid, but something like this won’t keep a fighter like you down for long.


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Tiny One shot

Author ladyoftheteaandblood

Warning smut

“Hi there this is Magnus, and how can I make you scream today? I think by your silence you are letting me decide so….

Let’s start with those sweet lips of yours; my fingers will lightly trace their delicate line before pushing gently into your hot waiting mouth for you to suck at, at taste of things to cum little one.

My lips will brush against your neck and over your throat going back to that little hollow under your ears, that when I nibble and suck at you squirm as warm feelings rush to your loins. I will slowly undo the buttons of your blouse, letting my long fingers drift over your now naked breasts, following them with my hot mouth hungrily devouring your pert hardened nipples. I can hear your breathing; you so want me don’t you?

Taking my time I will let my lips and tongue wander down over your tightening stomach, taking small bites as I go to make you squeal with pleasure. Your jeans will be opened with slow tantalising care that will leave you pulling at my hair to relieve your frustration and your now wet panties will follow them just as slowly as I pull them down by my teeth. Back your hands will go to my head as you pull me forward to your hot wet pussy straining to get my tongue to lap at you like a cat with cream. But I will make you suffer and beg by using small movements on your clit with my hot tongue and then long soft strokes from bottom to top. And when you finally scream my name and beg for release I will eat you with a hunger you have never known, until you yell your pleasure to the whole world as your body falls into oblivion. Oh but I haven’t finished there my pet, for then I will raise up release my manhood now hardened and eager. And this devil will pin you to the wall with my lust and wanting, pounding at you without mercy till I spill my seed into your oh so tight cunt and you yell my name yet again.”

“OK Mrs Murphy, glad to be of service, don’t forget we take all credit cards on the Magnus sex line. Thank you for calling and feel free to call again the next time your husband, falls asleep!”

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movie night + michael would include

- him pushing the bowl of popcorn towards you with only a few left so when you finished it you would have to replenish 

- grinning innocently when you glare at him with the empty bowl in your lap

- neck smooches to convince you to go get more popcorn

- neck smooches when he’s bored of the movie

- his hand on your bare stomach under his shirt you’re wearing bc his hands are cold

- sneaky boob touches being like “your stomach isn’t warm enough”

- you in his lap + his head on your shoulder while you watch the movie

- a lot of “mikey stop this is my favourite part” when he tries to convince you to make out with him instead of watch the movie

- but also taking your phone and sitting on it so you watch his favourite part of the movie

- snapchats of you / him singing along to high school musical songs

- instagram pictures of you / him falling asleep before the movie’s done

- mikey pouting when you reject his kisses, too engrossed with the movie

- him being more interested in watching you than the movie

- his arms around you playing with the hem of his shirt you’re wearing while in his lap

- him chuckling at possible sexual innuendos making you roll your eyes at him

- him getting a teeny tiny bit jealous when you drool over the male leads

- you having to promise you won’t ever leave him for an actor or he won’t put his arms back around you 


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You’re on the Same Volleyball Dream Team as Rocky and You Get Hurt

You were struggling with tying your shoes, hands shaking from nervousness. This was one of your biggest matches and you didn’t want to let down your team in any way. Big hands pushed aside your small, shaking ones and swiftly tied the laces on your shoes. 

Looking up, you saw your team leader, Rocky, looking at you with a warm smile. “Don’t worry y/n. You’ve been practicing hard for months now. You’re going to do great.” Your leader’s support helped you calm down a bit but the butterflies in your stomach were now dancing for a different reason.

You stood up to create some distance between the two of you. You didn’t trust yourself so close to him, you might do something you’d regret later on. “I hope so,” you laugh, “I want to make my team proud.”

“You guys are up!” Your coach called out from the front of the room. The whole team gathered in front of him and listened to him give you a motivational speech. After a few words from Rocky, the team made their way out to the court.

The team you were competing against was very good, and so the scores were even when you got to the end. With a score of 19-19, whoever scored the last point would win the game. Your whole team was sweaty and tired, basically running on adrenaline at this point. 

The other team was getting ready to serve and you were positioned right in front of the net. Turning your head to the left, you saw Rocky standing in the middle-left of the court, anticipating the serve. His hair and face was drenched in sweat and his shirt stuck to his lean body, but even like this he looked attractive. He noticed you staring at him and gave you a reassuring nod before looking back to the front. 

You turned your face to the front again as the server threw the ball up in the air and smacked it with their hand. A hush fell over the crowd as they noticed the ball didn’t go as high as they expected it to, in fact, it actually flew very close to the net. You decided to take the chance and jumped up into the air and smashed it into the middle of the other court. Your team won the point. 

The spectators in the stand were on their feet and cheering. Your team had clustered into a group hug, jumping up and down in joy and cheering. Rocky snapped out of his excitement when he realized you weren’t celebrating with the team. Looking around, he noticed you on the ground holding your ankle in pain. Rushing towards you, he frantically asked you what happened.

Holding back your tears, you answered him, “I didn’t land the jump properly. I think I broke my ankle.” He immediately stood up and called for the first aid helpers. Two women carrying a red duffel bag ran towards you and asked if you could possibly walk to the benches on the sidelines so they could treat you properly. “I’ll try,” you told them and attempted to stand up without putting any pressure on your injured foot.

It was harder than it looked and you almost fell backwards when Rocky grabbed your waist so that you wouldn’t hit the ground. He wrapped your arm around his neck and helped you stand up properly. He was pretty much carrying you to the benches. Once you reached them, he carefully helped you sit down and took a seat beside you as the two first-aid ladies started taking off your shoe and fussing over your foot.

When you flinched in pain at their probing fingers, he grabbed your hand and held it tight, telling you to not worry and that your ankle would be just fine. “Don’t worry dear,” one of the ladies spoke up, “your ankle is not broken, it’s just sprained. We will wrap it up for you and you can get it checked by your doctor later, okay?” Nodding in relief, you smiled at Rocky, “Thank you for helping me.” The two ladies got up and wished you luck before leaving.

“Thank you for winning the game for the team!” He laughed, “If it weren’t for your amazing smash, I don’t even know how the game would have turned out.” You weren’t sure if your face could turn any redder than it already was. Looking down shyly, you thanked him for his praise when suddenly you felt fingers pushing your chin up. 

Rocky’s face was surprisingly close to yours and in a sudden burst of confidence, you leaned forward and pecked his lips. His eyes widened in surprise and you grew hot from embarrassment. Wanting to get away from the awkward situation, you stood up to escape, forgetting that your leg was injured.

You almost fell to the floor when pain shot up your leg, but Rocky caught you just in time and the two of you ended up in a back hug position. “Why are you trying to run away y/n?” He whispered in your ear. Looking down, you blushed, “I didn’t mean to do that, I don’t know what took over me. I’m sorry.” 

Chuckling, he slowly turned you around to face him. “I’m not sorry. I just got surprised because you stole my move.” You look up at him astonished, “Wait, what?” Smiling, he brought his face close to yours one more time, “Can I kiss you y/n?” Not believing his words, you nod, making him smile even more before bringing his lips down to meet yours. 

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