but you know: go rangers!!!

So there’s this long list of prompts, and I love all of them, so I’m going to do a bunch of them completely unprompted.

Number One: “The skirt is supposed to be this short.”

“I can’t believe this is your dirty secret.”

Boyd raised his eyebrows, adjusting his belt. “What did you think it was?”

“I don’t know, scrapbooking? Ballroom dance? Secret piccolo prodigy?” Stiles tried to shimmy the massive wedgie out of his buttcrack, but it just slipped in further. God damn it. He was wearing way too many layers to go after it, at least two of them chainmail.

“Piccolo?” Boyd’s tone itself wasn’t threatening, but picking up a broadsword and sheathing it on his belt certainly was. It was much bigger than Stiles’ sword, that was for sure.

“Come on, dude. Do you really not see the irony of a literal werewolf LARPing? And not as a werewolf? You wouldn’t even need prosthetics!”

“It’s not roleplaying if you’re just being yourself.”

“Okay, but why roleplay when you’re already a badass? Let’s face it, if anyone here should be roleplaying, it’s the pack human who doesn’t have superpowers.”

“They aren’t superpowers!” Derek’s usual reflex response came from behind the curtain, and then he added, “Are you sure you didn’t give me Kira’s outfit?”

Boyd rolled his eyes like they were the ones being unreasonable here. “Yes, I’m still sure. Come out.”

Stiles couldn’t actually hear it, but it was like a sixth sense by now; he knew Derek sighed before yanking back the crookedly hanging sheet that served as a dressing room in a corner of their massive canvas pack tent.

“So, the skirt is supposed to be this short.”

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I don’t really need “previously on *TV series name*” but I’d be super grateful for sth like that in fanfictions

Jason and Zack: secretly soft boys 

Jason and Trini: actually very gay babes

Jason and Billy: unconditional love and support

Jason and Kim: the “cool” ones

Zack and Trini: always talking shit about you in a whole other language

Zack and Kim: “talk shit, get hit” destruction crew

Zack and Billy: “impulse control? what impulse control?”

Trini and Billy: those people that don’t cry over sad movies and get confused when you do because it’s just a movie (and then they talk smack behind your back about it)

Trini and Kim: lesbian fight club

Billy and Kim: hufflepuff/slytherin dynamic but no one can tell which one’s which

Rogue: Hey! There’s someone under that bridge! *Waves to him* I wonder if it’s a troll.
Ranger [Rogue’s babysitter]: (Sarcastically) I don’t know, maybe you should go ask him.
Rogue: Good idea!
Ranger: Wait, no- FUCK. I didn’t mean- God damnit…
Fighter: Are you sure you’re the smart one of you two?
Ranger: He just ran under a bridge in search of a troll. I only underestimated his stupidity.
Fighter: Fair enough.


’ I’ve killed Rangers before. ’
’ I’m strong. ’
’ How strong? ’
’ I’m gonna jump across with her and then you jump. ’
’ Piece of cake. ’
’ Let’s go. ’
’ No, no, no. Don’t jump. ’
’ That’s not a piece of cake! ’
’ Someone should’ve pointed that out. ’
’ It’s happening! ’
’ You know, I don’t think we’re ever going to understand each other. ’
’ Now you gotta come here every Saturday. ’
’ It’s just a hologram, like a video game. ’
’ That’s a strong-ass hologram. ’
’ That’s a lot of gold. ’
’ Did I just hear you say we’re Power Rangers? ’
’ You five are the Power Rangers. ’
’ The answer to what is happening to you is here. ’
’ Is this some kind of joke? We’re talking to a wall. ’
’ I was kind of expecting a little more. ’
’ How are we supposed to stop her? ’
’ It’s morphin’ time. ’
’ I’m pretty sure I’m a superhero. ’
’ This is your destiny… This is your time. ’
’ Me and four kids found a spaceship buried underground. ’
’ Pee in that cup! ’
’ Any other questions? ’
’ Are we more like Iron Man or Spider-Man? ’
’ This is them? They’re children! ’
’ They’re teenagers, that’s between infants and full maturity. ’
’ Show me the Coins! ’
’ I’ll show you mine, if you’ll show me yours! ’
’ Five little Rangers. How cute. ’
’ I’m sorry… I’m sorry… ’
’ A bull has only one udder, and it’s not an udder! ’
’ I blew up my lunch box. ’
’ Make my monster grow! ’
’ Okay, so we’ve got a new student joining us in detention. ’
’ Never use your power for personal gain. ’
’ Never escalate a battle unless an enemy forces you. ’
’ Always keep your identiy a secret. ’
’ Five little Rangers. How cute. ’
’ _______, did you just slap her? ’
’ She is pure evil. ’
’ No one may know that you are a Power Ranger. ’
’ Go, go, Power Rangers! ’
’ I’m gonna jump across with her. ’
How did that make you better at Stealth?!

Background: Okay, so during the last session I DMed, all my players were within 200xp of leveling up, and I thought it’d be more dynamic if I had them bring in two character sheets; basically, level up ahead of time, and I’ll tell you when you get to switch over. It might be triggered by particularly interesting RP, or a good round of combat, but they wouldn’t know until it happened.

Most people stuck to their current class, but the Ranger had been talking for a while about how he was looking forward to taking a level in Rogue; he also wound up going off on his own for a while, and being the first to level up as a result.

Ranger: *has just made it over a wall to a restricted area, using a rope to access a nearby house, an act which included several bad rolls in and of itself*

DM: Okay, just as you make it into the window, the guards come around the corner. [rolls] One of them doesn’t seem to notice anything, but his friend grabs him by the shoulder, and points out the rope hanging over the road.

DM (as guard): “Hello? Who’s there?”

Ranger: Oh. I’d like to roll Stealth, and then [rolls] …Nothing, because that was a natural one.

DM: What were you going to do?

Ranger: Well, it doesn’t matter; they know where I am, and I just made it more–

DM: Nonono, that roll was to see how stealthily you managed to pull off whatever you were going to do. The nat-one still applies. What were you going to do?

Ranger: *sighs* I was going to cut the rope and try to slip away.

DM: Okay. You pull the rope taught, and go to cut it with your belt knife. The blade slips, and skids across your hand. You take [rolls] three points of damage–

Ranger: God damn it…

DM: And inadvertently let off a small curse, alerting them to your presence. *smiles* You know, they didn’t necessarily know where you were before? They just saw a rope, they didn’t know which way you crossed.

Ranger: Yeah yeah… What sort of room am I in, by the way?

DM: Oh, it’s like an extra bedroom, but it’s currently being used for storage. The guards approach the door, and you hear knocking from below. There’s no response. After a while, you hear the guard enter the house.

Ranger: Is there anywhere to hide?

DM: Not really; I mean, you could try to fit under the bed… 

Ranger: Anywhere to tie a rope off to?

DM: What are you thinking?

Ranger: I could drop the rope out of the window, and shimmy down while he comes up to look for me.

DM: Roll me Perception.

Ranger: [rolls] Twenty-one.

DM: There’s some furniture, and flaws around the window, sure. Glancing out it as you look, you notice the other guard waiting by the entrance.

Ranger: Dammit! He’s standing watch.

DM: The footsteps pass underneath you, and start up the stairs…

Ranger: Which way does the door open? Into the room I’m in, or out?

DM: What? Um… [rolls] Out. 

Ranger: *grins* Oh, wonderful! Then I’m going to take my beartrap, and set it up right inside the door.

DM: *starts laughing* …What?

Ranger: I’ve got a beartrap I keep with me. I want to set it up right inside the door, so that he’ll step in it when he enters. It’ll snap shut on his leg, which ought to make him yell; his buddy will come running, and I’ll be able to escape. 

Paladin: Can he do that?!

DM: *flipping through notes, still laughing* Well, um… What’s the Reflex save on that?

Ranger: No save, he just has to Perceive it. DC20.

Healer (to Ranger): Don’t you have to roll to set it up?

Ranger: Nope! I’ve got the equipment description right here.

Ranger (reading from book): “Sharp jaws spring shut around the creature’s ankle and halve the creature’s base speed (or hold the creature immobile if the trap is attached to a solid object)” –I didn’t have time to do that, so it’ll just limit his movement— “+10 to Attack, 2d6+3 Damage, DC20 Perception to notice, and they need to make a DC20 Strength check in order to take it off.”

Ranger: Remember, it’s night time, and the room’s pretty dark, so that should have some effect on his Perception check.

DM: Oh, it will… *puts down notes* You know what? Sure. You set up the bear trap in front of the door, hearing him reach the top of the stairs as you finish. *struggling to keep voice stable and not choke*

Paladin: Oh my god…

Ranger: *biggest shit-eating grin you’ve ever seen* You’re not there. I back into the corner by the window, tie off my other rope, and get ready to run. 

DM: You’re not trying to hide?

Ranger: Nope!

DM: Okay. He comes down the hall, opens the door… [rolls] *slowly places hands over face*…Rolls a one on his Perception check…

Ranger: …Oh dear.

Healer: He falls head-first into the trap, and dies instantly! Completely silently.

DM: He does see you by the window, and is distracted by that–

DM (guard): “Hey!”

DM: –and as he goes to take a step in, his foot catches on the threshold, and he falls forwards.

Healer: Oh shit!

DM: *struggling to breathe* Roll me damage.

Ranger: [rolls] …Fourteen.

DM: The trap snaps shut on his knee. [rolls] He fails his Will save, and lets off a shriek, that eventually devolves into cursing. You hear the other one rush inside at the noise.

DM (other guard): “Eriz? Are you okay?!”

Ranger: I toss my rope, and I’m out the window!

Paladin: I cannot believe this.

DM: As you slide down the rope, you hear the guard in the trap yell “Out front! He’s getting away!” I assume you’re just picking a dark alley and bolting?

Ranger: Yeah, whatever’s closest.

DM: Roll me Stealth.

Ranger: [rolls] Goddamnit!

Healer: Seriously?!

Ranger: One!

Paladin: If you get arrested, I’m not bailing you out.

DM: Okay. The other one reverses direction at the shout, and dashes out into the street just in time to see you dash into the alley. What’s your movement?

Ranger: Um… thirty.

DM (other guard): “Stop!”

DM: You hear heavy armored footsteps chasing after you.

Ranger: Oh, he’s armored! That’ll slow him down!

DM: Yeah. Make me one last Stealth check. [rolls]

Ranger: [rolls] …I’m changing dice. Eight?

DM: *places head down on table, finally cracking and dissolving into full body-shaking, gasping-for-air-laughter* He got a six.

Healer: What?!

Paladin: No.

DM: Darting through the alleyways, you eventually hear his footsteps fall behind; you successfully lose him along the way.

DM: *laughs for a good twenty seconds before managing to recover* You can take your higher level sheet now.

Ranger: Woohoo!

Why do so many people think Missy is going to regenerate back into Simm? Why is the concept of a multi-Time Lord story so hard to grasp???? It’s happened many times whereas I’m pretty sure the closest we’ve ever gotten to a degeneration regeneration is the Curator.

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Summary: trini likes to hustle rich kids at pool. sometimes they hustle back.


Power Quartett ♡

hey y'all I'm begging u

If you have the money please go see power rangers! I know, its power rangers. I have literally always been like this is the most dumb series why would anyone but uhh
the thing is it’s so funny and good! And enjoyable! The characters are absolutely lovely and it’s diverse.
like there are definitely many cheesy parts and I’m not saying it’s the Peak of Oscar cinema or an edgelord dark knight take on power rangers but it’s GOOD.
PLUS ITS GAY. I know y'all. I know what y'all want. Pls don’t sleep on this.

We need the sequels.

Before I saw it I was like lmao what kind of foolishness. Now I’ve seen it four times and would very very willingly go back to see it 10 more times.

Adventures of a DnD group.

Gm: “After a couple of weeks out in the country, you start to realize you might be lost.”

Paladin: Pointing just ahead of him “I think we should go North from here.

Cleric: "How do you know that way is North?”

Paladin: “Well on every map, North is always up, so *pointing straight ahead* we should go up.”

Cleric: “So what your saying is every time you’re going up, you’re going North? And every time you go down, you’re going South?”

Paladin: “Yep.”

Ranger: “Oh your God, give me the map!”

Cleric: “You know where to go?”

Ranger: “Of course I do. Now, the sun sets in the East and…”

Cleric: “What? The sun sets in the West.”

Ranger: “Yes but we’re way out West now, so we’re past where the sun sets.”

Cleric: “You can’t be past where the sun sets, if that were true, I’d be directly South of an idiot.”

Monk: “Which is down?”

Cleric: “Exactly.”

Druid: “You know, maybe a compass would’ve been better investment instead of the 17lbs of jerky we bought.”

Human Knight: Ori, you go talk to him. Have a good one-on-one dwarf-to-dwarf conversation, you know?

Gnome Druid: Excuse me? Excuse me? 

Human Knight: What? Arent you a dwarf?

Gnome Druid: I’m a gnome! We’ve talked about this! But for you to just assume that just because we’d see eye to eye–

Elvin Ranger: You know what, I’m going to go talk to him.

Highlights from the Eion Bailey, Sinqua Walls, and Robbie Kay Panel (Lee Arenberg moderating) at Creation NJ

  • Question for Robbie:  Was it hard to take yourself seriously playing Robert Carlyle’s dad?  “Yeah it was a constant struggle to try to take that seriously.  They didn’t actually tell me I was 250 years old in the show and Rumplestiltskin’s father until about three episodes in.  About three episodes into filming they were like ‘oh by the way this is happening now and you are part of the ever growing family tree….’ and I was like thanks for telling me now.  But yeah it was kind of weird to wrap my head around.  We got used to it.  But Robert Carlyle is good to be around and he is a professional while we’re working so that made it very easy.”
  • Question to the Group:  Favorite scene:  
    • Sinqua: the first one for his character.  The entire first episode with Snow and Charming in 2.03.
    • Robbie: the end of 3.01 when Pan reveals himself to Henry.
    • Eion: showing up into town on the motorcycle in 1.09.
  • A general conversation about the difference between acting in film and tv where you know the entire arc of a character versus being cast and you may not even know who you are playing.
  • Sinqua:  About his casting:  “When I went into do it I read for a totally different character.  I said I think you made a mistake.  No you read for the right character they just never told you the name.  It was very covert.”
  • Lee Arenberg: Now a days they’ll just give you a scene from something to see what you do that isn’t what you are going to play.
  • Sinqua:  “Or they’ll give you a scene from something that doesn’t even exist.  They’ll give you something that says like… Rescue Rangers… I don’t know how I’m going to play this but I’ll be the best chipmunk I can be.”  Eion: “Did you say chipmunk?”  Lee:  “I think he said Rescue Rangers.”
  • Question to the Group:  If you could put one episode of Once Upon a Time and put it in a time capsule what would it be:  
    • Robbie:  The pilot.
    • Eion:  “I’ll say, when Mars is colonized, you take the box set and send it out on the discovery mission to Mars and it gets planted in that red dirt…  When earth is no longer… plants have risen and taken over Manhattan… a new form of dinosaur is roaming the planet… over on Mars some Mars-o-naunt is going to be like terraforming some hydroponic tomatoes or something there is going to be Once Upon a Time the entire series and people are going to be like that’s what it was like there and they’re going to think earth was like Once Upon a Time!”
    • Sinqua:  “I can not… I can not… he goes to Mars-o-nauts …”
    • Lee:  “You are going to play a Mars-o-naut as a chipmunk…”
    • Sinqua:  “I say chipmunk and everyone’s crazy but he goes Mars-o-naut and everything is cool?”
  • Question to the Group:  You all have pretty established fairy tale or legendary characters.  How did you go about makign the part your own?
    • Robbie:  Found it freeing to take a character who was generally considered nice and put an entirely new spin on it.
    • Lee:  Complimenting Robbie on the charm to his evil.  And on his acting chops.
    • Eion:  When he found out he was playing Pinocchio he had to think “what does Pinocchio want?  He wants to be a real boy.  So I could translate that to wanting to be authentic and true and the desire to be authentic and true and finding yourself not.  We all desire to be more something than we are because there is some aspect of our selves that we respect and appreciate to further and nurture.  And that one was something that I could understand too.  Like I sometimes catch myself being inauthentic at times when meeting someone and afterwords I think ‘fuck why was I not more real?  My true self?  Why was I politicking… or presenting an idea that is not truly myself?’  Once I find as an actor that core element is very much like the character and the characters aspirations than it’s a simpler process.”
    • Lee:  “Did you know you were Pinocchio early on?”
    • Eion:  “No.”
    • Lee:  “That was a great mystery on the show even those of us working on the show.”
    • Eion:  “I was reading a scene where I was in the diner talking to Emma telling her a story about having been on these travels in Nepal and in Nepal there is ruins of a monastery and around the monastery there were jumping these lemurs.  And I knew lemurs don’t live in Nepal they live in Madagascar.  So I wrote to Adam and Eddy.. like could they really have not known that?  And I wrote the two writers and said ‘you probably know this but lemurs don’t live in Nepal just thought I’d let you know.’  And they wrote back ‘no, you are not being truthful.’  And there I knew.” [Editor’s note:  He’s told this story several times before and he is mismembering, it’s Ruby and it’s the scene at the beginning of 1.15]
    • Sinqua:  “I had the biggest cheat sheet.”  Because there were so many people who have played Lancelot he could look at all of these performances.
  • Question for Robbie:  How did you like playing a villain, isn’t it a twist on Peter Pan?  “I loved it!  I can’t say that enough.  I had such a good time shooting Once.  Such a good time playing it.  You know it’s cool getting to be the hero and being the good guy but being able to walk on set every day and act along side people who just looked like they wanted to kill you all the time.  That was an element of satisfaction in that.  Having said that it was nice having a respite in the episode when I switch rolls with Henry and actually got to play a role where people didn’t look they wanted to kill me.  That was nice too.  The cast were all wonderful and I had such a good time shooting the show.”
  • Question for Robbie:  What would have happened if Pan, Felix and Henry united in the underworld?  “That’s a good question  Where was Felix?  Why wasn’t he with me?  The fucker.”  He said it would have been interesting and to expand what was happening between when Pan died and when we meet him running the Underbrooke pawn shop.
  • Question for the Group:  Favorite costume:  
    • Sinqua:  “I was fortunate that the armor was not as uncomfortable as it looked.  They found a good little compromise for how to make this metal, chain metal, plastic concoction not completely feel like I was dressed uncomfortably all the time.  I could go to the bathroom really easily.  I was amazed how quickly I could take the belt off go to the bathroom and put it back on. […] I really loved all of my costumes.”
    • Eion:  “It’s always funny to go into that costume shop because there is Eduardo who comes out in a cape or something and all these people are bent over these tables sewing machines and they look up like… like some sort of sweet shop.”
    • Robbie:  “Like he comes out of a warden’s office… ‘BACK TO WORK YOU… how are you?’  And you are like ‘Are you okay?  You get paid right?’
    • Robbie:  One of his favorite costumes was the pied piper costume from 3.04 because it was different from the green Pan costume.
    • Eion:  “All I ever wore was a black leather jacket.”  At some point Bailey bought a black leather jacket because he doesn’t want to look like August in the world.
    • Robbie:  “I have the same issue with my costume when I wear it out in the world.”
  • Question for Robbie:  Who in the acting business did you piss off that you keep dying?  “I’ll give you a list.”
    • Eion:  “That’s an amazing question.  Very bold.”
    • Robbie:  “I came back before maybe I’ll come back again.”
    • Lee:  “I actually think it’s the opposite.  Instead of pissing someone off it means they’re really investing in your death it means you are really radical.”  That deaths are great moments we remember.  “Like Sean’s death on our show.”
    • Audience:  “TOO SOON!”
  • Question for the Group:  Eion speaks a made up langauge he talks to his son.  Robbie speaks some french.  Sinqua just starts giggling and speaks really bad Spanglish.  
  • Question for the Group:  Who would you want to be on the show.
    • Robbie: Rumplestiltskin.
    • Sinqua: Rumplestiltskin.
    • Both praise Robert Carlyle.
    • Eion:  “Back to language for just a moment….”  Eion tells people to try and make an effort to learn a little of a language when traveling.
  • Question for the Group:  Favorite fairy tales:
    • Robbie:  My own.
    • Eion:  “Ditto”
    • Sinqua:  “My favorite fair tale has always been Beauty and the Beast.”
  • Question for Eion:  How did you film the nose torture scene from 4.15?  “It’s done after the fact.  There is nothing practical there… well what they did do is they made a wooden nose in three different lengths so I could see what they were going to do….”  and to set up focal lengths.  “It’s just straight up acting like my nose is growing and it’s painful…”
  • Question for Robbie:  Were you nervous to play Peter Pan?  “It’s a little daunting to go into a role that is so iconic.  Better not mess this up.”
  • Question for the Group (which only Robbie answered):  Most memorable moment:
    • Robbie:  “Trying to go to the loo.  There were plenty of wonderful moments for me.  Being able to work with a fantastic ensemble cast.”  Always laughing.  The crew and the cast.  “They are very Canadian in their political correctness.”
  • Question for the Group:  Favorite person to work with:
    • Sinqua:  Everyone he worked with on the show.  “I can honestly say that Once Upon a Time goes down as my favorite filming experience.  The producer are great, the cast is phenomenal, shooting in the city of Vancouver is amazing.  Every aspect of it …  I didn’t have a favorite because I loved every aspect of the process.”
    • Eion:  After season 1 started airing seeing the 150 or more fans who came from all over the world filming and it turned it into doing live theater.
  • At this point Sinqua discovered his baggage claim ticket stuck to his jacket.  There were a lot of jokes about how he traveled in the luggage compartment.
    • Sinqua had a traumatic experience going through TSA because he had been doing push ups in grass the day before at a bbq and the fertilizer set off the TSA bomb detection equipment.
    • Eion:  “Word to the wise about TSA.  And someone is going to be glad I said this.  I went though security just recently and there was something found like a bottle of water and I was like yeah get rid of that and then they swabbed it and they said you are going to have to go further checking.  And after they finished with my back I asked what the red flag was and they said the ‘a substance, a residue of something came up in your bag.’  And I was like what are you talking about?  And then I realized oh I keep herb in here in this bag.  And there it was the tiniest little crystals of green I realized I better not…  they patted me down my angles my arm pits my everything.  And I realized right there that either I need to get a whole new set of bags or not travel with these.  If there are any stoners in the room…”
    • At this point Robbie Key looked like he wanted to find somewhere else to be…
  • Question for Eion:  Where has August been?  “He left Storybrooke and moved to Japan.  But he has a special place in his heart for Storybrooke, you never know he might go back at some point.  But it’s another realm he crossed that barrier.  He crossed the town line… but if the town folks asked him to come back he might just come back…”
  • Question for Eion:  Who would you be shipped with?  “I don’t know if you know this but I was always working a little side angle, it was never in the writing, giving a kind of wink to Granny.  You know August likes those older ladies.  There is so much wisdom in an older woman.”  Audience suggests Old Leather as a ship name.
  • At this point Eion asks the audience to explain shipping.  The audience goes crazy.  
    • Robbie:  “Don’t ask don’t ask don’t ask…  Didn’t you hear the way they responded to that word?”  Robbie looks at the audience “Ship” *makes an arms in the air motion* *audience screams* “It’s like if you just mention Lana Parrilla out of the blue.”  *audience screams even louder*
    • Eion:  “So there are certain key words that just evoke pandemonium.”
    • Audience shouts a bunch including ship names.
    • Robbie:  “See what you’ve done?”
    • Eion:  “Swan Queen there is another.”  
    • Audience cheers, other ship names are shouted.
    • Eion:  “Old leather is the best.  I kind of have a crush on Beverly Elliott.  Is she here?”
  • Question for the Group:  If you could be on another show who would you want to play:
    • Robbie:  “I’d love to play someone like Jon Snow.  I love that show.  It’s one of my favorite shows on tv right now.  I just need to grow my hair out a little bit.”
    • Eion:  Confused Highlander and Outlander.  Mostly apparently wants to wear a kilt and fight the English.
    • Sinqua:  “Cast me on Shameless.”

Mortal Kombat X’s comic is like the most depressing thing ever, because you know what’s going to happen in a few years AFTER the story. So it’s like…

You’re watching D’Vorah being a part of the Kotal Rangers, even though you know she’s going to betray them.

You’re watching Mileena being SUPER NICE AND CONSIDERATE to all of her allies, even though you know they all betray her and she dies.

You’re watching Hanzo making a recovery from his revenge-loving self, even though you know he completely gives in to his lust for revenge and screws everyone over.

You’re watching Kotal Kahn be wise and making intelligent decision, even though he becomes a full blown idiot later.

You’re watching Erron Black nearly die TWICE, even though you know he survives everything.