but you know)

  • Mexico:America, elections are going to come soon.
  • America:I know.
  • Mexico:your people are going to choose between two candidates that would be your new boss.
  • America:I know.
  • Mexico:... I am not going to share a border with a country that has an orange racist, misogynistic lizard as his leader!
  • America:*sobs* I know...

Da Vinci didn’t die for this.

–Mod Trash

It’s not natural herbs from the earth.
It’s bad.
Do not drink it. 
Please, for real, don’t do it.

  • Mark:*cracks egg and puts the shell on the frying pan*
  • Mark:Trust me on this one, guys.

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Hello, what do you think about gray and his development towards juvia? Why do you think it took him so long to say he likes (romanticaly) her like like she had to die just so he can finally take her seriously

I dunno anon…cause it’s just like you said









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How's my son doing? Tell me if there's anything you need. 💜 -[weeklyheavendio]

@weeklyheavendio​ …G-Good? I guess? Thanks… I will…

(…and people think my tiddie window is bad…)

In the air, CA

There’s this sunset out the window that I can’t capture properly, this blue into red into city night over somewhere, a painful cacophony that’s crushing me, and I’m thinking of all of you thinking of someone somewhere, your heart that beats a morse code of secrets to a lover who feels it across a room across a highway across a city across a universe, and I can see the patterns from here, the piano and hum of your love letters like so many songs sung at once, in harmony, in longing.

And I could easily lose my mind.

Tobin sits drumming her fingers on her thighs at Christen’s kitchen counter whilst the brunette showers; Christen had invited Tobin round for a morning coffee. They usually met at one of many coffee shops in Portland, trying out each one, determining their favourite, but this morning Christen had texted Tobin inviting her round. Tobin jumped at the opportunity; she’d been to Christen’s place a few times but only ever briefly after dropping her home. Tobin’s eyes wandered around Christen’s apartment and she smiles. So Christen. It was clean and tidy but not overly so; it was plenty homey with pictures of her sisters and dogs all over the place. Christen apologised profusely when she met Tobin at the door; she woke up late and her morning yoga took longer than expected. Tobin just smiled and shrugged, reassuring Christen that it was ok and that she could jump in the shower, she’d get the coffee started. Christen just smiled gratefully, giving Tobin instructions as to where everything was in her kitchen before running off to shower.

Tobin had brewed the coffee and had both of their cups steaming in front of her, knowing exactly how Christen took hers. She could hear Christen shut the water off and the faint notes of Christen’s playlist made her way from her bedroom door. A few minutes later Christen appeared in the doorway. Her hair was still damp and she was wearing a pair of soccer shorts and a hoodie.

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