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I just went thru ur entire blog (instead of homework) and I love u and this made my heart happy. Also for your consideration: obscure southern phrases. My favorite bein "cold as a witch's tit" and other such stuff (I'm texan IDK what constitutes southern slang 😅) ps ur art is beautiful and the tags you leave for other artists are so nice

aw omg thank you so much!!!!! im so glad you think so its so nice of you to send such a nice ask :’)) i m laughing really hard at “cold as a witch’s tit” omg??? the south is truly amazing

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Reasons why you ship steggy, go!

I think the main reason for me is the way Peggy was able to humanise Steve? Like, the title of Captain America would be intimidating to anybody, esp. for somebody who was dating the man - to constantly /not/ feel like you were overshadowed by him. Peggy to me, was someone who held very strong moral values of her own, and wasn’t swayed by what anybody else thought irrespective of who they were. That’s why a lot of people, including myself /and/ Steve admired her so much.

Peggy Carter believed in Steve before he was Captain America - she believed in the little guy who stood his ground and fought to do the right thing. It didn’t matter that he eventually became Cap, she had fallen in love with /Steve/.

And I feel like she was one of the only people who could ground Steve, keep him from not becoming his title, because that responsibility can go to /anybody’s/ head - and I feel like Steve would appreciate that - somebody who /could/ and /would/ say ‘no’ if something he suggested, or did, wasn’t necessarily the correct choice. So basically what I’m trying to say, is that they are unreservedly /equals/ and balance each other in a way I feel like, nobody else could.

Did that answer your question?

Quality time together. Some beer, snacks and stupid jokes, no one has to know about. Big bro and Little bro.
I just love how short Carlos is compared to the Boss. On the character list his height is 5'5". And he’s like 30-something cm (maybe 20? I’m not sure. He’s SHORT okay? }XD) shorter than the Boss - you can see that in the cutscenes. Which makes the Boss’s height at least 6'2" (6'3")… (if you rely on the information given by that reference picture.)
Well, Ion is for sure one tall son of a gun. He always was. (He hates low ceilings. At his old home he was knocking his head on all of the doorposts.
“That’s why you aways so angry, hon? Isn’t it?” - his Mom.)

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I mean.... Kylo slaughtered all of Luke's new younglings and students and didn't seem to have been effected much by it.

Maybe he did. Maybe he didn’t. It’s more likely that he did but we have yet to even know or see what happened with Luke and the ‘new generation of jedi’ so we can’t use that as fact.
And how would we know if it affected him or not? That was nearly 6 years prior, and again, we haven’t seen it??  We know literally nothing about it?

glass eyes

Part ½
word count: 2.6
warnings: none, I think
Dan’s an alien that happened to land into Phil’s classroom, and Phil doesn’t quite believe that extra terrestrial life can actually exist. Fluff and angst.

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With a new wave of Wedge Antilles fans, there’s a new wave of ‘oh god why didn’t that actor come back for episode VII’* posts and I just… *head in hands*

I get it! I get it. It would have been nice to see Wedge one more time. But like… as far as I can tell, Wedge was meant to be where Lor San Tekka was. Which means he’d probably be completely, absolutely dead. I don’t want that. Also, it should hardly be a surprised - Lawson was asked if he’d like a part in Revenge of the Sith and gave a pretty swift no on that one, too.

Watch this interview. Just watch Denis Lawson’s face when the interviewer brings up Star Wars at 3:24 or so. (Also, note – Denis only has one ‘n’ in it. Maybe the Star Wars credits guys couldn’t get it right, but we CAN.) That is a man who does not particularly care for it. And why should he – it was a couple of weeks work, at most, done early on in his career. Hell, he wasn’t even the first choice for Wedge Antilles! (That’s why we have fake!Wedge in the Yavin briefing scene!)

This is a man with a long, varied, and interesting career, who won an Olivier and was nominated for an Emmy, who’s been in some much beloved British film and television series, and has done some really stunning work: wouldn’t you be annoyed if all anyone wanted to talk to you about was a series of movies you had a bit part in forty years ago where you didn’t even do anything interesting? (Also, by all accounts he’s perfectly lovely and cordial towards private Star Wars fans at conventions etc. And he did agree to do some more Star Wars work in 2001, when we provided some fresh voice-over for Wedge in one of the Rogue Squadron video games.)

I mean, just… please, before you begrudge his lack of patience with Star Wars, maybe watch something else he’s been in, and you’ll appreciate how utterly wasted he was on Star Wars?

He was in Local Hero (1983) playing scottish hotel owner / accountant / town leader Gordon Urquhart, in possibly the most charming movie I’ve ever seen, about an American oil company attempting to buy up a Scottish village. (Also has baby!Peter Capaldi in, if that’s to your taste)

Or how about british telly institution New Tricks, where the Metropolitan Police forms a unit out of retired police officers to help crack unsolved cases. He’s in series 9 through 12 of this, and is a delight as grumpy scottish detective Steve McAndrew.

Or The Ambassador, where he plays MI6 agent John Stone, liason and friend to the British Ambassador to Ireland just after the troubles / before the Good Friday agreement. They only made two series of this delightful little show, but he’s fantastic in it. (US viewers note that I believe this is on Amazon Prime for you, it may be available elsewhere)

Or, you know, Dead Head (1986) aka, the one where he’s handcuffed to the bathtub and you see his bottom a lot? He plays Eddie Cass, a man who finds himself accused of murder and on the run from the British Security Services.

Essentially he’s been in a whole lot of things. You could also check out Bleak House (2005) (period victorian drama, Dickens, stars Gillian Anderson and about everyone else ever), Marchlands (2012) (period post war drama, also has Alex Kingston) or Kit Curran (he wears the most obnoxiously eighties outfits ever. Reunites him with Lindsay Duncan in s2). Or like… just check out his IMDB page. He’s good in pretty much everything I’ve ever seen him in :D And remember that, yes, he might well be Wedge and we love him for it, but oh gosh he is so much more than that.

(One last thing: if you are curious about Denis, I’d also recommend this absolutely charming interview with his nephew, Ewan McGregor, if only for a) the giddy way he says ‘I got to work with my Uncle Denis!’ and b) the sheepish look on his face when he brings up Denis being in Star Wars, as if to say, sorry Uncle, I know you hate talking about it :D)

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i just looked at your description of monolith and cc's relationship and im thinking 'monocrank isn't possible' please i wanna be wron g

Ahahaa Sorry. Not every au I do is gonna have the potential for every ship. Monolith would have to do some serious developing in order for him to actually LIKE Crank.

I mean, I might be trash and draw something out of character anyways but yeah. If youre itchin for AU Tythan, I have them in the Angel Au and im thinking about adding Tythan to the Cool Patrol AU (just because thats my general high school au and itd be cute)