but you know what whatever 7 days guys!!!!

30 Day Phobia Art Challenge!!

Okay so this was lowkey very inspired by the “Goretober” drawing challenge. Basically what you do if you don’t already know the phobia, look it up, do a lil research and then come up with a drawing to represent said phobia! It could be a person, animal, whatever you want! Be creative! The idea is to get the creativity flowing in your brain! So have fun with it! I’m gonna do it so yeh! Also, use the tag #softansquishysphobiaartchallenge when you post so I can see your guys’ awesome art! 

Day 1- Cynophobia

Day 2- Agyrophobia

Day 3- Zelophobia

Day 4- Scotophobia or Achluophobia

Day 5- Metallophobia

Day 6- Diplophobia

Day 7- Pediophobia

Day 8- Gnosiophobia

Day 9- Wiccaphobia

Day 10- Logizomechanophobia

Day 11- Chronophobia

Day 12- Ecclesiophobia

Day 13- Batophobia

Day 14- Hagiophobia

Day 15- Tonitrophobia

Day 16- Uranophobia

Day 17- Verbophobia

Day 18- Quadriplegiphobia

Day 19- Nosocomephobia

Day 20- Ligyrophobia

Day 21- Isolophobia

Day 22- Rhypophobia

Day 23- Xyrophobia

Day 24- Onomatophobia

Day 25- Claustrophobia

Day 26- Aphenphosmphobia

Day 27- Philophobia

Day 28- Zeusophobia

Day 29- Mastigophobia

Day 30- Kinetophobia

The official dates and events have been set! 

Amechuweek is set to take place August 23 through the 29th. 

Thank you guys for your patience with us! Each day has a theme! Here’s the list:

  • Day 1-  Food
  • Day 2- Walls
  • Day 3-  Horror
  • Day 4- Masquerade
  • Day 5- Road Trip
  • Day 6- Music
  • Day 7- Seasonal

If you don’t know what to do for a theme, or don’t want to do the theme, that’s a-okay! We want everyone to have fun with it. Obviously, some of them are vague. They’re all up to interpretation! Whatever you can come up with is gonna be great yo!