but you know what i'm proud of her

Don’t you know I miss her, too ?

If you could only know how passionate That Will Be All got me. After watching it ten times and breathing my thrills out, I suddenly felt the need to get back to my watercolors.

[edit: NOT spoon, spork. I got confused since she has a mug w a spoon on it]

You know what? I’m really loving EVERYTHING happening with Jane in our post-credits like….

She had so much shit turned against her that honestly could’ve been ruined forever for her. The Crocker company, the color red, all that stuff…

but instead of being put off by it, or thinking about her negative experiences with it, she’s taking it back.

She’s stepping up and OWNING it.

‘Oh so the Condesce made Crockercorp a way to brutally take over the world? No worries, I’ll rebuild it with the aim of helping everyone in the world and kingdoms.’

‘When I was being mind-controlled and forced to do terrible things to my friends, I was wearing red? Well the obvious solution to this is to wear red as I choose to do everything in my power to help everyone now.’

Like…. She’s taking control of her life in the best Janey way she could, and I love it.

(also turning the logo back into a spoon spork bc hello spoons spork are great)

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How does Owen show Claire off? We know he's possessive, but he's pretty proud of her too. What's that balance like? Please and thankyou.. You know I love ya

Subtly. Although Owen’s cocky, he’s not much of a show-off. He has pictures on his phone that he shows the guys at work when life settles after the incident, enough of a show to have them all smacking their legs and whistling long and low. He doesn’t like to flash his ‘things’ around to other people. His mom taught him that boasting was unattractive and tainted one’s personality. 

He’s not had much time to civilian life since joining the military. Purely because he didn’t have much to come back to other than family - which Owen adored. Watching his mates go back to girlfriends made going home to his siblings a little less exciting from the way his friends spoke. Owen witnessed friends lose their significant others to affairs. Never did he want to be that person. Owen felt if he ever found someone special in his life that he would keep them close, hold that treasure for what it was without rubbing it underneath other people’s noses. 

He stuck to that promise with Claire. Of course, he can’t help it when they’re out to dinner and she’s dressed to the nines, beauty practically radiating light. Possessiveness kicks in there, more than anything, Owen highly aware of the gazes of others. He wants nothing but to take her home or to hide them away in the back booths of the restaurant. 

Just being with her is showing her off. Her hair catches the light in the most magnificent of ways in a sea of brunettes and blondes. It’s not hard to spot Claire Dearing whether she’s in a cocktail dress or high-end casual wear. She makes herself noticeable, an envy for men and women alike. 

Owen loves to watch her conquer. Part of the reason he fell in love with Claire was her spirit and her independence. She was work minded, just like he was and wouldn’t judge him for that. Watching Claire work a room full of people is his favourite thing, she knows how everyone there ticks and if they don’t sing in her favour she knows how to encourage them to do so. It’s not necessarily showing her off, but he does feel a great deal of pride on nights like that. Chest puffed out, hands almost beating against the flanks of his ribs; that’s my girl. 

His percentages sit on 20% show-off and 80% protective. Owen doesn’t want to waltz around the planet gloating that she’s his. It doesn’t sit right and when people call him ‘lucky’ for having ‘a girl like that’ it often makes him feel weird. He doesn’t ‘have’ her. He is lucky enough to share his life with her but Owen in no way considers Claire his. Not beyond a playful joke. 

He does try really hard not to protect her. She can protect herself. Sometimes he thinks of it protecting his place in her life. Protecting the bed they share, the home, the lifestyle. Cocky as he is, Owen still thinks Claire is too good for him. They have similar qualities and experiences that bind them together but she could do better. In his opinion at least. Owen would never ask her to find better, though. He does know she’s not leaving him anytime soon. Where Owen wouldn’t use the word ‘mine’ Claire uses it freely. He’s comfortable with their life, happy, content to die and know he had loved and was loved in return.  

hush child, your mind does no good
hands idle, it plays its cards wrong
mouth too loud, it’s too crass
no one wants to hear, no one wants to listen.
hush child, not now
take a hint and go home.

Cover me up and take me away
My mind is no good 
Too lonely, too poor
It’s okay to be alone

It’s okay to have no one

angel of silence protect me
angel of silence engulf me
angel of silence kill me.


fictional loves: captain carswell thorne

“I don’t like to think of it as ‘stolen’. They have no proof that I didn’t plan on giving it back.“
“You’re kidding, right?”
He shrugged. “You have no proof either.”
She squinted back at him. “Were you planning on giving it back?”
An orange light blinked on in the corner of Cinder’s vision-her cyborg programming picking up on the lie.”

You know what would be cute? If, in the shinobi world, they had that tradition where the bride’s first dance as a married woman was a dance with her father. But, at Temari’s wedding, since her father is no longer with us, it’s Baki-Sensei who insists on leading her through her first dance, insisting he would be honoured.


Painted new shoes. Really proud of them and just wanted to share the finished project.

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i rmmbr seeing this animated somewhere: a girl challenges a guy to a wrestling match and just when it's about to start she leans forward and kisses him on the nose (i think) so she wins he gets all flustered and ask her out... this with iwachan pls?

“You want to what, now?”
“Oh, come on, Iwaizumi-kun, I know you heard me~ Wrestling time, one shot only!” She smirks at him, and is already standing in a somewhat relaxed fighting stance before he can voice any remote amount of protest.

“Iwaizumi, do ittt.” Hanamaki and Matsukawa, match the girl’s taunting grin as they egg him on. Iwaizumi’s lips flatline in the only form of protest he can manage, but he does reluctantly oblige. Probably can’t get into too much trouble; it is gym class, after all.

“Okay, in 3, 2, 1, and–” Iwaizumi gets ready to somewhat-gently tackle her when she springs forward, pecking him on the nose. 

It’s only when the ten seconds, that he’s been knocked to the ground, have passed, when he realizes he lost to a rather cheap tactic. 

“Ehh, ____-san, isn’t that a little unfair?” Another classmate watching laughs as Iwaizumi finally collects himself, clearly too confused–conflicted, even–to really process what just happened. She stuck her tongue out at the classmate, before turning back to Iwaizumi, looking very pleased with herself.
“Fair or unfair, Iwaizumi-san?”

He blinks, still somewhat recovering from the shock, and without thinking, blurts out: 

“Fair enough if you let me take you out on a date.”

Everyone in the vicinity goes silent, including her. Matsukawa lets out a low whistle, and herds Hanamaki and the other classmates spectating away. 

“I-I-I, I mean!” Iwaizumi cuts himself off, and rubs his neck sheepishly, before continuing, his tone meek. “Would…would that be okay…?”

She’s quiet for a moment, and he is, too, though he shifts between either foot anxiously.

“…I’d actually…really like that.”

Wanda though. Wanda looks at him with eyes like embers and he doesn’t have to understand what her powers are to realize that she knows. Knows loss, knows confusion, knows Hydra and the pain they can cause. Wanda Maximoff looks into the ruin of his mind and simply nods.

“You know what Anne’s last words to her imprisoned lover were? ‘Had you fought like a man you need not have been hanged like a dog.’ But I think she proved that fighting like a woman was more than effective.”

Anne Bonny and Mary Read were the fiercest pirates in their day, holding their own and beyond among crews of men. The fearless swordswomen led wholly scandalous lives full of adventure, debauchery, and daring exploits in their careers as rovers of the seas. Though not many details about their lives are known as fact, they undoubtedly remain two of the most iconic nautical historical figures of all time. 

The curator of the Maritime Museum of San Diego had been putting the finishing touches on a new exhibit about the two infamous female buccaneers when the cornerstone piece, an eighteenth-century pistol belonging to Mary Read herself, was stolen. According to legend, the superstitious marauder had recruited a sorceress to conjure up a curse; should the revolver be taken from its rightful owner, the malefactor would be sorely punished. Bizarre and unexplained accidents have begun occurring on all of the museum’s ships, and the curator is convinced these local misfortunes point to one of his staff being the culprit. Is this merely the work of a disgruntled employee? Or has Mary Read’s vengeful malediction been enacted?

Join Nancy Drew in her next case: The Swashbuckler’s Scourge.

do you want to know why i love lydia martin?

  • i love lydia martin because she is the girl i could have been, in another life
  • i love lydia martin because she is the girl who had been morphed by society’s expectations, by her family and her friends and the world she had grown up into
  • i love lydia martin because she hid her intelligence into the darkest crevices of her mind the way a person stows away a lucky slip from a fortune cookie
  • i love lydia martin because until she met allison argent - allison who was beautiful and smart and kind and charismatic, allison who saw lydia as a person and who loved her for all of her flaws and her abilities - that she began to realize she was worth more than half-baked promises and a hollowed out life
  • i love lydia martin because she may have been a bully, once, but she learned from her mistakes, she grew as a person, and she became better 
  • i love lydia martin because where once she cowered away from anything remotely involving her intelligence, from anything that could have made her seem different from others, she now stands with her back straight and her head held high, and she shows them what she’s made of
  • i love lydia martin because she went from i don’t date losers to i don’t want to be with the bad guys anymore
  • i love lydia martin because she is proud and stubborn and brokenhearted, because she has scars marring her fragile flesh and yet she does not break, because there are voices in her head that she used to scream and rage against but now she listens to them and she trusts herself 
  • i love lydia martin because where once she would have stared at the wreckage of her own self and waited for another person to haphazardly sew her back together, she now picks up the needle and thread in her quaking hands and stitches herself whole

(i’m something, she had yelled in anger and frustration, and yeah, she is - she’s the queen)

Hello everyone!
I’m sorry for my loong hiatus but i’m lazy person XDD
today i’m done this draw and i’m really proud with me
this oc is molds in style @guzik-prawda
i love her OC Maciek
I know this isn’t similarly but uh i tried XDDD
Aaaand i’m sorry for my english, i believe in you understand me :’)
Ps this character is person which is fan star vs the forces of evil - i looove this show and i must.