but you know what

people who act like tony stark has somehow been mistreated by the mcu frankly just baffle me

you guys, the entire franchise is centered around your fave and his decisions have been vindicated again and again

what do you want

ya boi otto went from “yes sir”  to “your daughter calls me daddy too” and i like to thank god for that every day of my life.

just look, man. this is cute but ultimately vanilla.

now this here is what i’m talking about


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I think I just saw in my dash that someone else wrote the same post (THAT I BELIEVE) you wrote before?

Oh seriously? Well, I guess these are things that happen? It does not bother me honestly.

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I love the Winters as much as anyone. It is so obvious that you put so much time and love into them. But what I love infinitely more is seeing you do something on your blog that you thoroughly enjoy. You aren't letting anyone down, my dear. Anybody that says otherwise is more than welcome to make their own blog and do it their way. You're in no way obligated to do anything with your game that you're not enjoying 1000%. No matter what, I will be here to support you wholeheartedly ❤💕❤

hi love!!!!! i’m sorry this took me so long to reply to i was building an apartment and i didn’t want to reply on mobile and have it be all messy ;p i really dhskfs don’t even have words to reply to this you are the best ever and i’m just ;_________; your existence is a blessing and i’m so grateful i just ahhhhh i cant even form sentences im so sorry thank you thank you thank you i love you