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A Year Later

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 3.1k

Warnings: A little bit of kinky stuff, but nothing too extreme. Mostly just fluff.

Summary: You met Tom one day on the streets of New York City about a year ago. Now you travel with him almost anywhere he goes and he’s fallen for you.

A/N: I’ve been working on this for a bit. I just love Tom so much. By the way this imagine is written in both the reader’s and Tom’s perspective and it begins with the reader’s. I hope you enjoy. :)

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      The sun was peaking off the edges of the rooftops as I walked the busy streets of Manhattan. I was enjoying my day, exploring the area and capturing the city life with my own eyes. It was a hard time getting around. The streets were all filled with jostling people. I was barely able to move around without bumping into someone.  Making my way to Madison Square Garden, someone had the audacity to bump into me holding their phone to their face. They were also laughing while filming, but then they turned around and started saying, “I’m so-.”

      I faced the person to tell them off. When I saw them, I froze. I recognized him immediately. Tom Holland was staring right at me and I had nothing to say. He just stared at me and didn’t say anything for a bit. But immediately snapped out of it.

Tom: *puts down phone* “Um- I am terribly sorry about that.”

You: *nervously says* “Right you don’t have to be sorry.“

Tom: “No I do. That was quite rude of me. What’s your name?”

You: *pretends to be chill* “It’s [y/n] and it’s cool dude. It’s aaaalll gooood.”

Tom: “You sure [y/n]?”

You: “Don’t worry about it, like I said it’s fine.” I couldn’t help to notice him biting his lower lip. 

Tom: “Well if you wouldn’t mind. I’d love to take you for a cup of tea. As an apology on my behalf.” I started laughing and he asked, “What?”

You: “I just think it’s kind of funny that an English man is asking me to go drink some tea with him. Very ironic.”

Tom: *laughs* “It’s what were good at.”

You: “Drinking tea?

Tom: "That and apparently bumping into people.”

You: *laughs* “So we’re still going for tea? Or are we going to stand here and wait for more people to bump into you?”

Tom: “I’ll take my chances and go have some tea.”

      And that is the day I met one of my closest friends.


      It had been a year since I’ve met [y/n]. But it was only yesterday that I admitted to Harrison that I had developed feelings for her. Since then he hadn’t stopped being up my ass about it. On our way back to the hotel from the gym, he just wouldn’t let it go.

Tom: “Why can’t you just leave it alone?”

Harrison: “Because mate I’ve never seen you so happy.”

Tom: *hesitates* “What are you talking about?”

Harrison: “Every time you talk about her, you’ve got this strange glow going on.”

Tom: “Oh no that’s just my new highlighter, I call it sweat.”

Harrison: *rolls eyes* “I’m serious. And don’t get me started when you’re with her.” I slanted my head and gave him a look of disbelief, “Please… I am always happy.”

Harrison: “When you’re around her, you can never stop looking at her. And I’ve seen the way you look at her. Just ask her out.” I thought about it and just gave him a confused look, “I have no idea what you’re taking about.”

Harrison: “You’re such a fucking liar.”

Tom: *snaps* “I am not.” Harrison grabbed my shoulder and forced me to look at him, “What are you afraid of?”

Tom: “I’m afraid of the outcome.”

Harrison: “Are yo–”

Tom: “No it’s because I like her so much, I don’t want to screw it up. I mean look at my life. It’s been crazy and things have changed so much. It just seems impossible to be dating anyone.”

Harrison: “Well lucky for you, she’s with you most of the time anyway. I don’t see the issue.”

Tom: “I don’t want to drag her into my life,” I made gestures to the people I’ve noticed taking out their phones and taking pictures of me, “this life.”

Harrison: *looks at him* “You brought her into your life the moment you posted that Instagram story a year ago. You know the one of you bumping into her. I remember it clearly. I saw the way you stopped talking and noticed her. You were so focused on her. Admit it, you thought she was pretty the moment you saw her.”

Tom: *shrugs shoulders* I won’t deny it.“

Harrison: "So what have you got to lose?”

Tom: *sarcastically* Oh I don’t know, our friendship, everything we’ve built together. But yeah I could see how that’s NOT important.“

Harrison: *rolls eyes* "People’s feelings change over time. It happens, but you either be a strong person and embrace them. Or stay safe and hide them. You just got to decide which one you are.”

     I stopped and started contemplating. Harrison kept walking as I stood there for a while. I took out my phone from my pocket and debated for what seemed like eternity. I took in a deep breath and whispered to myself, “I’m fucking Spider-Man.”


      I was watching reruns of some random show in my hotel room when I felt a buzz on my butt. I took out my phone and got a notification from Tom.

Tom: ‘hey are you busy later? :)’

You: ‘by busy you mean watching reruns all day? then yes i’m booked 😉’

Tom: 'i just finished at the gym. walking back with haz. we should be there shortly’

You: 'Ok cool. are you planning to do anything else?’

Tom: 'well i’m actually going to take a shower because I probably smell like shit 💩’

You: 'really? because i always thought 21 year olds that come straight from the gym smell AM-AZ-ING. 😂’

Tom: 'i could literally hear the sarcasm 😒’

You: 'do what you must Holland ✌🏼’

Tom: 'actually i was wondering if you can come by to my room after i’m done. it won’t take long.’

You: 'yeah sure… Is everything ok?’

Tom: 'actually, I’ve never felt better darling ☺️’

You: 'native boy from southwest London you ok there? bc it seems to me you might be having a little stroke 🤔’

Tom: 'i call everyone darling don’t flatter yourself 😉’

You: 'haha wow you’re so funny. sometimes I forget how hilarious you are.’

Tom: 'STOP IT WITH THE SARCASM!?! anyway, I’ll be done in about half an hour. See you then?’

You: 'Sounds good to me… just make sure you actually take a shower.“

Tom: '😂😂😂’

      It didn’t take us long to get to the hotel. I told Harrison about the texts and finally going to go for it. He just smiled and told me that this was going to be good for me. Well I really hoped so. By the time we reached our rooms, Harrison gave me a comforting hug followed by squeezing of my shoulder. He nodded and went into his room. I walked into mine and headed for the shower. I took in deep breaths and told myself everything would be okay. 


      I knocked first to see if he was in his room. I heard him yell to come in. So I opened the door and saw him sitting on the bed.  He looked up and noticed me at the door before I had the chance to say hi. My heart raced a little when I noticed a smirk on his face. His hair was still wet from his shower. It was all tousled; his curls were peaking from his forehead and the sides of his head. He was wearing a white tank top and his famous grey sweatpants. The definition of his arms and chest were much more prominent and I couldn’t help but stare.

Tom: *smirking* "Hey, anything wrong?”

You: *stops checking him out* “Oh nothing, so what’s up? Is this another way for you to prank me? To get m–”

Tom: *playfully rolls eyes* “Calm down darling, I wanted you to come because I need to tell you something.” He moved a bit and padded the mattress to his left. I hesitated and knew he had somewhere to be.

You: “Don’t you have some press conference or something later today? Or did you forget already?”

Tom: *chuckles* “I actually don’t know.”

You: “Maybe you should check then?”

Tom: “I’ll ask Haz after, this is important.”

You: “Ok.”

      I made my way towards him and sat right beside him. It was hard not to stare at his chest or arms. They were so defined and glistened with the reflection of the sun rays passing through the window. He stared down and ran his fingers through his wet curls. He looked a bit nervous and I couldn’t help to still feel a bit intimidated around him. After everything we’ve been through, this boy still has this kind of effect on me. Stupid cute superhero boys.

Tom: *looks back at you* “I don’t know if you noticed but I’m a bit nervous.”

You: *lies* “What I couldn’t tell.”

Tom: *plays with his hands while looking at you* “It’s just, every time I’m with you I have such a good time and you’re such an amazing person. It’s been a while I felt this way about someone-”

You: *cheeks redden* “What are you talking about?”

Tom: *smiles nervously* “Well I think you’re a great person. You have made this whole experience easier. I  wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. You know you’re a great friend.”

You: “Now that’s an understatement, I’m pretty damn awesome. Even better than Haz.” *winks*

Tom: *chuckles* “Alright don’t push it .”

You: *chuckles* “You know I’m kidding. You’ve been such a kind person to me. I would have never thought we’d become so close in a span of a year.”

Tom: “Yeah me neither, and” *looks down* “I was just wondering if you’d-”

      He looked up and I didn’t let him finish his sentence. I leaned fast and kissed him. My heart was beating so fast it felt like it was going to come out of my chest. It was fast; a small slow peck on his lips. He didn’t have time to react when I leaned back to see his expression. He looked taken back at first, but then his expression changed. He looked at me intensely and I saw his whole body language change. His shoulders relaxed but he didn’t stop staring at me.


      I loosened up and I could feel the heat rush to my ears. She looked so beautiful and I just wanted to take a moment to admire her. I saw a worried look pass her face but I leaned in so fast and kissed her back. The moment my lips touched hers, I felt a sudden rush of adrenaline. It was probably a mix of nerves as well. My mind went blank as she kissed me back softly with a smile. In that moment, I opened my eyes and took a good look at her. I was smiling so much my cheeks were starting to hurt. She proceeded on getting on the left side of the mattress. She laid on her right side and positioned her arm. She put her hand on the side of her head. I turned my head to face her.

Tom: *jokingly says* “You totally stole my thunder.”

You: “What are you going on about now Holland?”

Tom: “I had this speech in my mind all ready. It was perfect and you go ahead and kiss me.”

You: *grins* “Get used to it.” *laughs*

Tom: “What stealing my thunder?”

You: “How can I possibly do that? You’re not Thor.” Then I saw her take a pillow and throw it at me, “I was talking about the kissing.”

      I started laughing while throwing the pillow back at her. She got up from the bed and took another pillow. She threw it back and I nodded my head. I stood up and asked her, “You sure you want to do this?”

      She gave me this playful look and went up to me. I got up holding the pillow and we started hitting each other with them. The sound of her laughter warmed my heart. I took away her pillow and had a grin on my face. She looked at me confused as I threw both our pillows aside. Before she knew what was happening, I grabbed her from her legs and tossed her over my shoulder. She was hitting my back with her hands.

You: *giggling* “TOM PUT ME DOWN!” I chuckled as I brought her to the bed and threw her on it. 

Tom: “I might not be Thor but I’ve been told I’m a mean Spider-Man." 

      I got on the bed and pushed myself on top of her. I pinned her hands above her head. I positioned myself that my legs were outside hers. She blew off a strand of hair from her face. She looked at me and said, "I get it, you’re a lot stronger than me just let me go.”

 Tom: *chuckles* “Or what?”

 You: *determined* “I’ll make you.”

 Tom: “Now ho-”

      She leaned up and kissed me. This was different from when she first kissed me. It was more desperate, I felt her pushing herself against me. I let go of her hands and placed my right hand on her waist and the other just beside her shoulder. Then I was able to press my body against hers. I could feel her heart beat against my own. She teased me as she tentatively traced the bottom of my lips with her tongue. I lifted my head up so she didn’t have the chance to kiss me. I felt myself smirking when a look of disappointment crossed her face. I brought her wrists together above her head and held on to them tightly . She struggled under me and I wanted to pull back, to let her know we both could play the same game. Instead, I pressed my mouth against hers and started kissing her deeply. She kissed me back and felt her tongue slightly slip onto my lips and just a bit into my mouth. I let go of her wrists and lifted myself a bit off her. We stopped kissing and she looked at me for a long second. Then she proceeded in moving her hands and stopped as I felt them on my chest. She left one hand as she traced my chest and stomach with the other. She paused right at my trousers and hesitated for a bit. With a big grin on her face, she slipped her hand under my shirt, right beneath my trousers. The touch of her fingers so close against my skin made me shiver. 


      I teased him by putting my hand beneath his shirt right at the opening of his pants. A small groan escaped from his mouth and my whole body reacted. I grabbed the drawstrings from his pants and pulled him closer to feel his pelvis against mine. He didn’t fight it. He put the weight of it against mine when he sat up and removed his shirt. He threw it on the side before looking at me and grinning. He leaned down and kissed my forehead lightly, then went for my lips. He gave me a small peck before starting to kiss my jawline leaving a trail to my neck. Once he kissed my neck, I thrusted myself upward to feel him. With one hand he traced on body side, outlining all my curves. He stopped at my hip and gave it a nice squeeze. In that moment a small moan escaped my lips. We were so distracted that none of us paid attention to Harrison coming in.

Harrison: *looked shocked* “Oh shit, umm, is this a bad time?”

      Tom was the first to lift his head and look at Haz. He looked a bit flustered and agitated. He played it off smoothly though as he smiled to his best friend while getting off me, “Actually, you couldn’t have come at a better time." 

      I saw that Harrison relaxed a bit. Tom was off the bed now, picking up his shirt. I on the other hand was so mortified that I barely moved for a few seconds. It took me a bit to actually look Haz in the eyes. I definitely knew I was blushing, but I was glad that I wasn’t the only one. Finally taking a good look at Haz, he was just as red and kept looking down hoping he didn’t see too much. I laughed a bit nervously as I got off the bed. I went to Tom while he put back on his shirt. He looked at me and smiled. I returned the smile and started looking in Harrison’s direction.

 You: *smiles* "Well don’t just stand there, come in.”

Harrison: *smiles* “I see you’ve been keeping busy.”

You: “Oh this,” I pointed at Tom and I, “This is new.”

Harrison: “Well I’m glad you’ve decided to start seeing this dumbass.”

Tom: *small laugh* “You dick.”

You: *laughs* “I can’t imagine a better dick.”

      Tom looked at me with a subtle seductive stare. His jaw clenched as he had the smallest smirk on his face. It took me a few seconds to realize that he was thinking about what I said. I blushed and I knew there was a satisfying look crossing his face. Harrison then looked back at Tom and headed towards him.

Tom: “So what’s up?”

Harrison: “Oh yeah I came to let you know that you had a press conference tonight but it got canceled. So I thought why not explore the city? It’ll help me with my ideas for my script.”

Tom: “Yeah ok sounds fun. Just give me a few minutes to get ready. I’ll meet you down in the lobby.”

Harrison: “[Y/N] you’re welcomed to join.”

You: *smiles* “I’ll come.”

Harrison: “Meet you down stairs in 10.”

      He left and Tom came in front me of. He wrapped his arms wrap around my waist. I instinctively wrapped my arms around his neck. He gave me this optimistic look.

Tom: “Do you really want to go? We can stay here and finish what we started.” He winked at me while putting his hands on my hips and giving them a nice squeeze. As tempting as it was, I knew we had plenty of time to fool around. I grabbed his hands off my hips and held them in my own hands. I laced our fingers together and nodded.

You: “As much as I’d would love that. Haz is waiting for us and I kind of want to go and see what this city has to offer.”

Tom: “Alright fine.”

      He gave me a small peck on my lips and whispered in my ear, “We’ll finish this later.”


Pairing: Prinxiety (platonic or romantic)

Prompt: “I love your laugh.” 

CW: Tiny little bit of insecurity, an almost-fight


Virgil didn’t realize there was an ulterior motive at first. Roman often picked ‘themed’ movie marathons, so by itself, the suggested ‘comedy night’ wasn’t all that suspicious.

What was a little suspicious was the fact that he hadn’t invited the others, too.

“I thought it would be good for us to spend some time together, just you and me,” he’d said, when Virgil had questioned him about it. “You know. Get some bonding time.”

“Uh huh.” Virgil had frowned. “Who put you up to this, Roman? Was it Patton?”

“No, I…”

“Because if so, I can just tell him it happened and you’ll be off the hook without having to actually sit through a movie with me.”

“No!” Roman had looked honestly upset. “Anxiety–Virgil. I…I really…” he slumped. “I misjudged you, before, and I…I really want to make amends. I want to get to know you better.”

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Frost (Chapter Six)

So this chapter has some of my favorite moments of the entire fic. No spoilers, but I can’t wait to hear what you guys think.


Enjoy :)

“Is there a reason for this particular banquet?” Tony asked, adjusting the necklace he wore every day so it lay better against his shirt. “It seems like you people do an awful lot of feasting.”

“And whatever could you mean by ‘you people’?” Thor teased, coming up behind Tony to help. “This color is lovely on you, Anthony.”

“Yes well, your servants seem to think you and I need to match at all times.” Tony rolled his eyes. “But we do look good all decked out in red, don’t we?”

“You shine brighter than I, my love.” Thor turned him from the mirror and brushed gentle fingers through Tony’s hair. It was getting longer and starting to curl and it made him look soft and young and Thor adored it. “Red might be my favorite color on you.”

“I thought blue was your favorite color.” Tony teased, and stood on his toes for a kiss.

“I rather believe nude is my favorite color on you.” Thor murmured into his lips and Tony laughed.

“I believe you.”

Thor sighed, more of a growl than anything, and lifted Tony into his arms before turning towards the bed, pushing the covers down to lay Tony out across the soft sheets.

“I thought we had a banquet to go to.” Tony protested half heartedly, feeling the electricity between them already rising to the surface, and when he ran his hand down Thor’s chest, sparks jumped between them. “Do we have time to–”

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Screwed || Bucky Barnes || Pt. 3

Part One | Part Two

Relationship: AU!Bucky Barnes x reader (Modern AU)

Summary: Bucky Barnes had never taken a liking in you, no matter how hard you tried he always seemed to loathe you. That is until you get a little drunk and carefree leading to becoming much closer to Bucky than you ever imagined. The question is, how screwed are you?

Warnings: the teeniest tinest big of angst, teeth rotting fluff!!!

Word Count: 1198 words

A/N: hooooooly shit this chapter is so fluffy i am in l o v e

You had never seen Bucky as anything else other than your enemy, basically. So seeing this new vulnerable, soft side of him was tearing you apart on the inside, not knowing how to react. 

You felt responsible since it was you who initiated everything with Bucky that night. He may have wanted to be the one to start things but clearly you had beaten him to it, either way you felt accountable. 

So when Bucky trudged out the door with no goodbye you knew something really snapped in him, everyone saw it. “I’ll go check on him,” Steve said, getting up from his seat, “no,” you interjected, stunning everyone, “let me, I think I know what’s bothering him,” you told him giving him a look that said you needed to be the one to talk to him. 

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Up to no good  ♡ Ethan

Summary: Ethan and you have been best friends since forever, so of course you invite him to your birthday party on the beach. As everyone is having a good time, Ethan decides to take you out for a walk and go skinny dipping.

Word count: 2.455

A/N: This one is for the beautiful, kind, inspiring and amazing Miranda (also known as @dolan-twin-trash) I love you so much! If you guys have any requests please send them in because my inbox is as good as empty :)


‘Girl, you look beautiful! What are you worrying about?’ your friend asked, following  your hands which were trying to fix your hair. But you could run your hands a thousand times through that frizzy mess, it wouldn’t change a thing.

Your brows were furrowed in a deep frown as s you looked at yourself in the tiny mirror and couldn’t stand the way your hair was looking tonight. Most of the time it looked okay, but when you needed it to look good, it looked awful.

‘No no, it doesn’t,’ you cried out frustratedly and let your arms drop next to you. You rolled your eyes and walked to the air mattress on which your friend was laying. You two were getting ready in your tent, making yourselves looking all fleeky for the big party tonight. Your friend had done your make up and she was really proud of the ‘birthday look’, but unfortunately your hair had a will of his own.

It was a birthday party which your friends had organised for you, along with a short vacation on a nice camping next to the beach. You absolutely loved the beach. When you were little you went to the beach with your parents every summer. It was a place where you had made many memories.

When you felt the sand between your toes and the wind blowing through your hair, you knew you could stay there for hours and watch the sun set. The fresh water and soft sounds of the waves made your worries all seem to go away. It was simply just peaceful and it put you in a calming state of mind.

'I just want to look nice tonight, just for once. Everyone is going to look at me, you know. It’s my party,’ you said and looked at your friend. She was laying on her side and glanced up, her eyes meeting yours. She smiled and stroked your arm gently.

'I know. But you always look good, and I’m not just saying  that to make you feel better. Are you…’ She stopped for a moment, thinking she maybe shouldn’t say what she was planning on. 'What?’ You asked sharply.

She sighed. 'Do you want to look good for, I don’t know… Ethan?’ You narrowed your eyes and studied her expression to make sure she wasn’t fooling you. You opened your mouth but closed it immediately.

Yes, you liked Ethan, but it was hard for you to say that out loud. Especially because you didn’t even know yourself if he was more than just a crush.

You guys had been friends for years, but in the last few months things between you had changed. At the beginning of the school year he started flirting with you like crazy. At first you didn’t know if he was being serious, but all of your female friends said that you were blind and he was trying to make a move on you.

Your friend could read on your face you were a bit struggling. 'It’s totally fine if you do like him, Y/N. All I want to say is that you should be careful with who you trust. Ethan seems like a nice guy, but you can never be sure until you actually go and talk to him,’ she said sweetly.

'I know. He probably isn’t even interested in me,’ you said, shrugging your shoulders. All of a sudden your friend jumped up, a big smile curling around her lips. 'Don’t be so negative, you never know that!’ She helped you up and hugged you.

A feeling of warmth filled you up, realizing that the person that was holding you was more important than any  boy that would ever come into your life. And you were eternally  grateful for that.

When she pulled back to look at you, she smiled. 'Don’t worry so much, Y/N. This night is all about you. Everyone is here for you. You are amazing, even if you don’t think that sometimes.’ 'Thank you,’ you said quietly. She winked and put an arm around you, dragging you towards the opening of the tent. 'Well, come on! We have a party to get to.’


The party had started out way better than you could ever imagine. One of your friends had made an enourmous birthday cake with the cutest decoration you’d ever saw. It was edible, but it was almost a shame to eat it, so much effort she had put into the details.

After you all had eaten a piece of the amazing cake you watched the sunset together, talking and laughing and acting like the world was at your feet. There was a bonfire and a volleyball net, which of course was very inviting to you and your friends to play a few games. It was a very fun night and you couldn’t remember the last time you had such a good time and your stomach hurted from laughing too much.

When the sun had gone down and all of your friends had gathered around the bonfire to roast marshmallows, you sat down and looked around you. You felt very happy to have all these amazing people in your life, and sometimes you weren’t appreciating them enough.

When your eyes had passed all of the faces which where lightened up by the fire, you couldn’t ignore the fact that Ethan wasn’t here. He had been flirting with you all night and he even insisted on being in the same team as you with volleyball, which meant more to you than you wanted to admit. But of course you weren’t complaining.

Just when decided to excuse yourself and go look for him, someone laid a hand on your upper back and sat down on the treetrunk next to you. Before you even saw who it could be you knew it was Ethan. No one else smelled the way he did; so good and manlike.

'Ethan,’ you breathed out. 'That’s me,’ he said and grinned. 'How are you?’ 'I’m good, thanks,’ you responded. It was quiet between the two of you after that, the only sounds coming from the crackling bonfire and the giggling people around you.

You noticed your friend at the other side of the bonfire, staring at you with a meaningful look. You could slap yourself in the face for the fact you didn’t know what you could say to him. Everything that crossed your mind right now seemed so unimportant right now.

'Eh, are you having a good time?’ You asked, looking at him. He looked so insanely gorgeous. His eyes looked like they were made out of gold in the light of the fire; they had his hazy glow which was very beautiful. His hair was a bit messy from playing volleyball and his attempts to fix it with his also beautiful hands made your knees go weak.

'Yes, I’m having a great time. Thank you for inviting me,’ he responded. 'Of course, E.’ It was the first time you called him E, and you weren’t sure if he liked that. It sounded good in your ears, though.

It was quiet again between you two, but Ethan didn’t seem to mind. You saw him looking at your thighs and before he could stop himself he absently wiped the sand from your naked legs. You watched his big hand gently touching your skin. He saw you looking and immediately pulled his hand back, as if he just now realized what he was doing.

'Oh, eh, I’m sorry… I-’ he started, but you just giggled. Even in this light you could see his cheeks getting a little red. 'It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.’ You glanced up to at his face and saw he was already looking at you. 'Do you want to go for a walk?’ he asked all of a sudden.

You were caught off guard, not expecting him to ask that. You hesitated. Wouldn’t it be weird to leave at your own party?  Ethan noticed you were doubting. 'We won’t be gone for long, I promise.’ You knew Ethan always had good intentions; you trusted him. 'Okay. Sure,’ you responded.

Ethan got up and grabbed your hand to stand up, even though you could easily stand up without any help. You expected him to let go of your hand, but as you started walking you realized to your surprise that he didn’t.

The softness of his hands kept reminding you an angel was walking at your side and all you could hope was that yours weren’t sweaty, which was usual the case if you were feeling a little nervous.

Maybe it was because of the few drinks you had drank tonight or maybe it was something else, but it felt like everything had changed and everything was possible. You weren’t sure, but you did know that you needed to cherish this moment.

As you guys were walking and the tension had finally dropped from your shoulders, you started talking. And he started talking. And making you laugh. And you made him laugh as well. If it was possible to listen to his laugh forever, you definitely would. It was your favourite sound in the whole wide world.

It wasn’t long before you were so far away from the bonfire that it was just a tiny dot, far behind you. 'Do you want to go for a swim?’ Ethan asked casually. You smiled and squeezed his hand gently. 'I would love to, but I don’t have my swimsuit with me.’

'Who says you need a swimsuit?’ Ethan asked, and the tone of his voice betrayed he was up to something. Up to no good. You stopped so abruptly that Ethan let go of your hand. 'What do you mean?’ you asked, your voice almost inaudible with the sounds of the waves in the background.

'I mean… maybe we can go skinny dipping,’ he said cheeky. You giggled. 'What?’ Ethan was smiling his beautiful smile now. 'Why not? I have known you for so long, it doesn’t have to be weird.’

You looked at him for a moment and in that short moment, you knew you were in love. And maybe this would ruin everything, but you couldn’t keep lying to yourself. You loved him. More than just a friend.

'Okay,’ you responded simply and before Ethan could say anything else, you quickly took of your shirt. Luckily you had put on one of the nicest bras you had, in case Ethan was looking. He took of his shirt as well, revealing his toned torso and muscly arms.

You took of your shorts and Ethan mirrored your actions. You sucked in a deep breath as you undid yourself from your underwear. Ethan kept looking into your eyes while he took of his boxers. The soft breeze that was playing with your hair felt nice and warm on your skin, but it still made your nipples hard, for a reason you didn’t know yet.

You had never felt so exposed in your life, but for some reason you weren’t nervous or scared for him to see you naked. But still, you appreciated Ethan didn’t look at your body right away, although he probably had when you stripped yourself down in front of him.

One of the things you adored about him was that he always tried to make you comfortable, and it didn’t matter in which situation you were in. He made a funny face before he turned around to run and jump into the water, making you laugh.

You could see his bare butt before he disappeared into the darkness. You followed him instanttly and to your pleasant surprise the water wasn’t cold at all. The night air was still warm and the water was very refreshing.


After some plashing and playing around you swam to Ethan. He watched you with a look you had never seen before, but one that made your heart skip a few beats. You had never gone skinny dipping but for some reason it felt very freeing, like you were one with the water.

Ethan was standing in the water now and his feet were able to touch the bottom. He laughed when you tried to put your feet down but accidently submerged. Ethan was at least twenty centimeters taller than you and this was his chance to use that in his advantage.

'Are you okay?’ he asked when you came to the surface again, coughing. When you went down you accidently swallowed a lot of water. You couldn’t respond while you were still coughing, trying to get the salty water out of your lungs.

Ethan swam quickly to you and suddenly a pair of strong arms grabbed your back and legs. Within a second you were floating in his arms, Ethan holding you like a baby. You looked up to his beautiful face and were so amazed by his beauty that you couldn’t bring out a word.

'Did you forgot how to swim, huh?’ Ethan joked, but you could hear in his voice he was still a bit concerned. 'Luckily you were there to save me, or else I would have drowned at my own birthday party.’ Ethan grinned and slowly leaned in to press a wet but chast kiss on your forehead.

'Ethan…’ you started, feeling confused. 'I know, I know… But Y/N, I can’t lie to you anymore. Or to myself.’ 'What?’ you whispered. 'Isn’t it obvious? I freaking like you, Y/N. And if you don’t like me back then we’ll just go back to being friends again and forget this ever happened. But I have to be honest with you.’

You were almost unable to speak. What this a dream? 'I-I don’t want to go back to being your friend again…’ you said, your voice sounding raspy. Maybe it was because of the salt in your throat or the fact you were feeling emotional with Ethan admitting his feelings for you.

Ethan was quiet, waiting for you to say something else. 'All I want to do is this,’ you whispered and grabbed his jaw, gently but needy pulling him to your face. And then you kissed him.

Ethan freezed for a moment but when he realized what you were doing, he leaned in even closer and parted your lips, discovering your mouth with his tongue. A quiet moan left your mouth when you felt a tingly sensation going down your spine. You twirled your fingers in his wet curls.

Everything was so good, so perfect. When Ethan pulled back and broke the kiss, you knew it was only because he was out of breath. And when he licked his lips and leaned in again, you hoped this time it would last forever.

peter parker imagine | you find out he’s spider-man

masterlist | request an imagine

words: 1423

warnings: kidnapping

prompt: Maybe a Peter Parker imagine where you’re kidnapped and Spider-Man saves you, and you recognize him right away because you for some reason always was paired up with him at projects of something. He’s all flustered and tries to deny it or something? [ requested by @imagine-the-imagine ]

Originally posted by spderman

You had thought that being kidnapped only really happened in movies. You realised as you awoke to find yourself gagged and tied to a chair that you were wrong. There were three kidnappers in total, all of them creepy, intimidatingly huge men and all of them refusing to acknowledge your existence as they paced around what looked like a basement.
You glared at each of them and searched for a way out, desperately trying to loosen the ropes around your hands. It didn’t take you long to give up. The rope burns were unbearable and you weren’t strong enough to free yourself. Besides, one of the men had noticed you were awake.
“I wouldn’t bother, little girl,” he sneered, grabbing the other guys’ attention as he did. “Save your energy. You might need it later.”
You wanted to ask what he meant by that, but the cloth that gagged you prevented it. You wanted to scream or cry, but it was all you could do to stare at them, your breathing ragged. And then another voice emerged from behind you, one you recognized immediately, though you couldn’t quite place why at first.
“Y'know, three of you against one of her hardly seems fair,” the voice said. Its owner came into view then, and you saw that it was Spider-Man. You had only ever seen him on the news before, and the fact that you knew his voice from somewhere only baffled you further. “I guess that’s why you tied her to a chair, right? So you’d even the playing field, make sure you wouldn’t get beat up by a girl half your size?”
“Well, look at that,” one of the guys said tauntingly, pulling a knife from his pocket. Panic rolled over you. Spider-Man looked smaller in person, and you forgot about all the times you’d seen him save lives on television. He couldn’t fight these men, surely. “It’s Spider-Man. Can we get an autograph?”
You weren’t sure what happened then; it was dark and it had happened so quickly your brain could barely register it. All you knew that the knife flew across the room and clattered against the brick wall, and its previous owner stared down at his now empty hand dumbly.
“Sorry,” Spider-Man retorted. “My boss said I’m not allowed to do that. You might sell it on eBay.”
And then the fighting happened. There were grunts and exclamations of pain, bodies thumping to the floor and silhouettes flying about everywhere. You shuffled backwards on your chair, and then Spider-Man seemed to be reminded of your presence and pushed you backwards with a force you hadn’t been expecting. The wind was knocked out of you as you and your chair hit the wall opposite.
It went on for what seemed like forever, though it could barely be called a fight. There was only one man left, and Spider-Man was fighting him as though it was effortless. From a distance, you could see things more clearly; his webs flying from his wrist as he stuck the final guy to the wall and kicked him once in the abdomen. He was unconscious and you breathed a sigh of relief.
You half expected Spider-Man to leave you to find your own way home, but the boy in blue and red made his way over to you and untied the rope from your mouth with a new sort of urgency. “Are you alright? Are you hurt?”
You shook your head, still wondering where on earth you had heard that voice before. “No. They hit me over the head before, but I’m alright, I think.”
He was untying your wrists then. “You should get it checked out, just in case.”
It was those words that reminded you of the voice and where you had heard it. A couple of weeks ago in biology, you’d cut yourself whilst dissecting a sheep’s heart. It had been Peter Parker, your lab partner, who had told you to get it checked out—just in case. It was the same voice, and the same amount of concern that filled it now.
You stood up, rubbing your now bare wrists and frowning. “You sound like…” But how could Peter Parker be Spider-Man? He was just a slightly awkward, kind of skinny, guy at school. You wondered if they had hit you over the head a lot harder than you thought.
“Captain America? I get that a lot. Trust me.” He scratched the back of his head uncomfortably, something that Peter Parker often did around you.
“It’s you, isn’t it? Peter?”
He scoffed and it turned into a noisy splutter as he turned away from you. “Peter. What sort of name is that? My name is…Pedro. Y'know what, it’s not important. You probably have a concussion or something. We should get you to a hospital.”
You rolled your eyes and stood on your tiptoes so that you could pull his mask off. You were not surprised to see the familiar face underneath it, but still you let out a sharp breath. “I knew it.”
“I really should start securing that thing on properly. Anybody could rip it off.” He tugged the mask back, a slight blush on his cheeks. “There’s no way I can convince you that I’m not Spider-Man now, is there?”
“No, I think your cover is pretty much blown,” you whispered.
He nodded, his eyes lowering to the floor. “As much as I’d like to have this conversation in a creepy basement surrounded by unconscious kidnappers, how about I walk you home?”
You agreed silently, following him out of the basement and relaxing slightly when you were met with the cool night air. He had already changed into his normal clothes and you found yourself questioning whether any of it had been real.
“Are you sure you’re alright? What did those guys want with you anyway?” he asked as you began to walk.
You shrugged. “It’s New York. It was bound to happen sometime, I guess. Thank you for saving me, Peter. I don’t know what would have happened if you weren’t there.”
“It’s my job, I guess.”
“Right. How did you find me?”
He smirked at this. “You missed our study date, remember?”
It dawned on you then that you had been supposed to meet Peter in the library earlier this evening and had been headed to do just that when you were attacked. “Right. Sorry.”
He stopped in the street, his lips pursed, and you turned back to face him. “Listen, [Y/N], you can’t tell anyone ab—”
“I wasn’t going to. You don’t have to worry, Spider-Man.”
He smiled and nodded, shoving his hands in his pockets as the two of you began to walk again.
“I am a little confused, though. You’re, like, a superhero. That’s crazy.”
“Yeah,” he agreed. “It is. I’m glad I can finally talk to someone about it, though.”
The shock of what had happened was setting in and you walked the rest of the way in silence, only stopping when you finally reached your house. You rubbed your wrists again, wincing where the rope had rubbed and blistered them. “Thanks for walking me home … and, y'know, saving my life.”
“Thanks for being cool about this. Although I do wish you’d see a doctor.” He looked down to your wrists, a flicker of guilt flashing in his eyes. You couldn’t understand why until he spoke again. “I should have been there sooner.”
“You couldn’t have known,” you sighed. “You got there right on time. That’s more than I was expecting of anyone, let alone you.”
You knew you should have been freaking out. Your lab partner-slash-friend was Spider-Man, and he had just saved your life. Still, when you looked at him, he was still Peter Parker to you, and he appreciated that more than you knew. He wanted you to like him for him, not for all the superhero baggage that came with it.
“Just … Just text me tomorrow, okay? Let me know you’re alright?”
You nodded and placed a timid kiss on his cheek, causing him to look down at his feet, the moonlight highlighting his flushed face. “Goodnight, Peter Parker.”
You made your way to your door, turning back to see that he was grinning. He gave you a small wave before you shut your door, one that made you feel that perhaps things were changing—and not just because your lab partner was Spider-Man, but because he had never looked at you quite like that before. At least, not that you had noticed.



I published my first story in my By the Grace of God series on September 29, 2016 on AO3/FFN–and didn’t join Tumblr until sometime in October.  I’d noticed that a lot of my favorite authors had Tumblr accounts, and many amazing stories were born out of prompts from here. 

Folks, I joined here knowing NO ONE!  All I knew was that I wanted a place in this fandom–somewhere to discuss the show and meta with others who loved it as much as I did.  I started writing my series as an offering to the gatekeepers in hopes that they would find me worthy. 

I never expected to find friends.

So, this is me–thanking all you beautiful people. 
THANK YOU for inspiring me with your own creative works!
THANK YOU for motivating me in my own creative endeavors!
THANK YOU for talking to me in chat about literally everything!
THANK YOU for making artwork and stories based on my own work!
THANK YOU for making me feel welcome and loved!!!

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Pairing: Calum x Reader

Word Count: 3,072

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Language

A/N: Holy shit, this song gets me. Based off Linger by The Cranberries. I got a little carried away. Hope you guys like it.

From the moment your best friend, basically brother, Ashton introduced you to Calum, you knew you were in for it. You, Ashton, and Calum were close soon after that, the three of you were inseparable. When you saw Calum with his first girlfriend, you realized that he didn’t feel the same for you, you cried yourself to sleep. Ashton of course knew, how could he not? The number of girls he started dating only grew from there, even worse when the band got picked up. They were touring almost all year and you could only sit there and read about Calum’s new girlfriend, to which you could only scoff at, because, your Calum, he’s the biggest playboy you know. He won’t settle down, not even for that beautiful girl in the picture and especially not for someone like you. He’s out there enjoying life, holding hands with model after model, it’s all over the magazines. You’re never the center of his attention and you suppose that’s what hurts the most, that you came on tour to visit for your birthday, upon his and Ashton’s request, and here you are, night of your birthday, at dinner with the boys, Ashton, Luke, Michael, Calum…and Calum’s date. You watched from across the table as he smiled at something she had said. Your heart continuing to break and fall. You scoffed at the sight, knowing that could never be you. You got me wrapped around your goddamn finger, you thought, eyes widening as you realized you said that out loud.

“What are you on about?” Calum laughs finally, finally, looking away from his date. You couldn’t control the hurt that spread across your face. He was still smiling, his date smirked, the boys sat wide-eyed as they watched you. And you? You were done.

“N-nothing, Cal. I um…I actually don’t feel well. I-I think I’ll just head back to the room.” You manage to say, standing up.

“You can’t leave, it’s your birthday. You’re the guest of honor.” Michael laughs, trying to lighten the mood.

“Sorry, guys, I just don’t feel good. You all stay, have fun. Thanks for the dinner, I was having a really good time” You lie. Luke and Michael give you doubtful looks, which you respond with a pleading one, your eyes gesturing toward Calum and his date. The boys expressions soften and you knew they were pitying you, normally you wouldn’t want that, but at this point you just don’t care. You push your chair in and grab your purse. Ashton standing abruptly ignoring the curious looks from everyone.

“I’ll come with you.” He offers and you were about to object when Calum scoffs.

“What? Are you two a thing now? Shagging behind our backs? That wasn’t very smooth, Ash, you should wait at least five minutes after she leaves before faking your sickness too.” Calum fires, his tone is one you know all too well. Jealousy. You almost stop in your tracks to question him, but you notice his date holding him closer. You internally scoff. Jealousy, you think again. He has no right to feel that way, or no reason to anyway. So you just mutter out a goodnight and walk out. You and Ashton walk back to the hotel in silence, which is broken when you get to your room.

“You ready to shag, Y/n.” Ashton tries to joke.

“I’m leaving.” You reply, your voice wavering.

Ashton stays quiet and you look up at him. His eyebrows are furrowed and his expression mirrors yours, hurt. “Leaving the tour?”

“No…well, yes, technically. I mean…” You pause, letting out a frustrated groan, “Yes, I’m leaving the tour, leaving this fucking city, leaving this country, leaving Calum.”

“But you love him.” He states.

“Yeah, well love is all rainbows and butterflies, except when the other person doesn’t feel the same. I can’t take it anymore, Ash, I can’t. It hurts too much.” You cry. “I need to go. I need time.”

Ashton nods, if it’s anything he doesn’t want, it’s for you to be unhappy. He sighs and grabs your suitcase from the floor before mumbling, “I’ll help you pack.”

You offer him a small smile as he starts neatly packing your t-shirts, but it quickly falls into the same frown as you realize what’s probably going through his head. “Ash, I’m not leaving you, you know that right?”

“I ‘dunno, Y/n. I do almost everything with Cal, I just thought—”

“Ashton, I was your best mate long before he ever came along.” You reassure him, wapping your arms tightly around him. “I would never stop talking to you, Ash.”

Ashton’s mood brightens noticeably and the two of you continue packing. You’re almost finished packing when there’s a sudden knock on the door. Ashton moves to answer it and you continue what you’re doing.

“Mate…” Ashton trails off. You look towards the door and Ashton has the door cracked only a little, hiding you from whoever was there. Your breath hitches when you hear Calum’s voice.

“How could you do this, Ash? You’re my best mate, you know how I feel—”

“First of all,” Ashton starts as he cuts him off, “Nothing like that is happening. Second, you brought a date to Y/n’s birthday dinner. I don’t know about you, but if I felt the way you did, I sure wouldn’t bring someone else to Y/n’s birthday dinner.”

“Just let me talk to her.” Calum tries, but Ashton only pulls the door tighter against his body.

“Look, mate, I really don’t think it’s a good idea. It’s best for the both of you if—”

Apparently, Calum caught Ashton off guard and pushed the door open. His eyebrows furrow as he looks back and forth between you and your suitcase. “What’s going on?”

You look at Ashton for help. He sighs and walks to stand between you and Calum. “She’s going home, Cal.”

“But you just got here.” Calum says. You look at Ashton and nod your head towards the door.

He nods before muttering something about calling you an Uber.

“I thought you wanted to spend your birthday in New York City?” He questions.

“No, Calum.” You sigh, “I wanted to spend my birthday with you.”

“I know, that’s why you came all the way here, that’s why we took you to dinner.” He says, as confused as ever.

“You don’t get it,” You laugh dryly. “I wanted to spend my birthday with you, I didn’t want to spend it with you and your date.”

“She has a name.” He defends.

“I don’t care about her name, or the girl you were with before her. I’ve stopped remembering their names years ago.” You reply bitterly.

“I still don’t understand why you’re leaving!” He responds, getting back on topic.

You groan at him, “God, Calum! You can be so stupid sometimes, do you know what it feels like to fly all the way over here to the US to see you, to be with you, and then have you treat me like I’m here all the time. Like me being here isn’t a big deal. It fucking hurts, that I can be visiting you for my birthday and you’re still off with another girl. If there’s one thing fame hasn’t changed, it’s that part of you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He asks, offended.

You shake your head at him. “It means that you have always had a different girl on your arm every fucking day. You remember when you asked me to be your date to Mali’s wedding?”

“Of course I do.” He whispers.

“Do you remember during the reception? I asked you to dance with me and for some reason you said no. I wasn’t sad, or hurt, or angry, how could I be? You asked me to be your date, something I thought would never in a million years happen. The world could’ve ended right then and I’d have been happy, because I was with you.”

“Y/n, I—”

“No, I’m not done. Do you remember after you a while of us just sitting there watching everyone else dance, when you asked me to get us some drinks? Of course I said yes, I’d have done just about anything you asked me to. But when I came back, you weren’t there, at first my naive mind thought you were in the bathroom or with a family member, but no, soon enough I saw you. Do you know what I’m talking about now?” You ask.

Calum shakes his head no.

“Do you want to guess?”

Calum shakes his head again.

“You were on the dance floor, with El Bradley.” You say. Realization spreads across Calum’s face.

“Y/n, it wasn’t like that.” Calum tries.

“Of course it was, it always is!” You yell, throwing your hands up. “I thought the world of you, Calum! I thought of all people, you would never hurt me! I was so happy that night, but when I saw you dancing with her, I knew I would never stand a chance. You broke my heart! I heard you and Luke talking that night too, saying you needed to make her jealous. You asked me to be your date to make her jealous. You used me.”

“No, you’ve got it wrong, Y/n. Please, just listen—”

But you continue, as if he hadn’t said anything. “I’ve stood by you, Calum, even after that, because I kept holding onto the hope that one day you would want me the way I want you. Do you know how many nights I spent crying over you? I have been in love with you forever and…holy shit…I-I think— I think you know, but you keep stringing me along. You get with these girls, making it so abundantly clear that we will never happen and still just break my heart everyday. You know I’m such a fool for you.”

You don’t know what kind of reaction you’re expecting, but the look of utter confusion is not it. HIs breathing is labored as he tries to get a word in, but you won’t let him, not now. He has had so many chances to explain himself before.

“I am too in love with you that the jealousy I used to have, doesn’t even get to me anymore, but for some reason you disregard my feelings, you make the pain I get when I see you with someone else just…linger. And what’s even worse is I just sit here and I take it.”

Calum looks broken, lost, “Y/n—”

“Not anymore,” You cut him off again, packing the last of your things and zipping the suitcase, “I don’t want to hurt anymore, Calum.”

Calum’s face pales as he realizes this is actually happening, his voice cracks as he whispers, “Don’t leave. Don’t go.”

“How can you ask that of me? After all you’ve put me through.” You ask, rhetorically. You heave the suitcase off the bed and pull the handle up.

He stands there, his mouth opening and closing, like a fish. You try wiping away the tears that haven’t stopped sliding down your cheeks and shake your head, pushing past him. You pause as your open the door.

You barely look over your shoulder and swallow the giant lump in your throat, “Goodbye, Calum.”

You should have felt better, like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders, but you don’t. You felt like you just left your whole heart in that hotel room. Ashton, of course, is waiting for you by the elevators. Hugging you tightly as you cry into his chest.

The flight home was long, you slept through most of it. When you get home, you celebrate your birthday with your family, pretending your whole world isn’t crashing down on you. It’s dark outside when you manage to slip out of the house, the way you used to when Ashton would convince you to sneak out. Climbing down from your window on the second floor is much harder without Ashton there. Using your flashlight, you make your way through the dark to the ‘secret spot’ you and Ashton used to go to when you were about eight and his parents were fighting and he needed a friend. There’s a small opening between the dunes, a palm tree randomly in the middle of the sand where you sat and leaned your back against the trunk. You bring your knees up to your chest as the tears start forming again. You turn your flashlight off and sit there listening to the waves crash against the shore. How could you let yourself fall so deep?  You jump when you feel your phone buzzing, you look down at the screen seeing Ashton’s face.

“Hey, Ash.” You answer.

“Hey, you.” He responds softly. “You at our spot?”

“Yeah, why?” You ask, confused.

“Your parents noticed you weren’t home and were worried, so they called and asked if I knew where you would be.” He explains.

“Oh.” You say, closing your eyes and letting your head fall back against the tree.

“I’ll call them back and tell them you’re okay…or alive anyway.” He says.

“Will you call me after? I really need you.” You ask, letting more tears fall.

“Of course I will.” He replies before saying a quick ‘bye’ and hanging up to call your parents. He doesn’t, call back though, it’s been half an hour. Maybe something else came up with the band. You sigh as you stare out into the darkness. You don’t know how long you were sitting there before you heard the crunch of footsteps. Figuring Ashton told your parents were and they were coming to get you.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to worry you. I just wanted to be alone for a bit.” You say, not looking away from the water. Your voice was hoarse from the crying.

They didn’t answer, instead placing a what looked to be a card on your shoulder. You managed to give a small smile as you gingerly take the card, turning your flashlight back on and opening the card. Your smile fades as you recognize the messy handwriting, and the date. You quickly turn and point the flashlight at the culprit.

“Calum? What the fuck are you doing here? You have concerts and interviews!” You begin, forgetting that you were angry with him.

“Y/n, read the card.” He mutters.

Your back straightens and you try to hand the card back to him as you remember why you’re here in the first place. “No.”

“Please read it, Y/n, or I’ll just read it to you.” He warns. You sigh, knowing it will be read either way. You breath heavily out your nose and open the card again.

“2012, (Your birthdate.)”

You pause as you look back up at him. “You do realize this is year 2017, right?”

Calum rolls his eyes, “Just read the damn card, Y/n, please.”


I can’t tell you how many times I have rewrote this, just trying to find the right words. This has to be the seventh card. Anyway, I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday. I hope today is the best day ever, because that’s the way it feels for me everyday. Everyday, I see you, or think of you, it just makes me smile because you are the best. You make me feel like no one ever has before. I love you, Y/n. I love you way more than a friend and certainly not in the way that Ashton loves you. Since the day Ash introduced us, I knew you were the one. I didn’t even try to fight it. There’s no denying that. I can’t and don’t want to remember what my life was like before I met you, because honestly, I don’t want to think of a life without you there. I may sound overdramatic, but I’m not me without you. I wanted you to know the way I feel and hopefully, if Ashton is telling the truth, you feel the same.

Anyways, the happiest of birthdays to you, Y/n, and many more to come.

Yours always,


“Calum—” You whisper.

“No, it’s my turn to talk. I wrote that five years ago, Y/n, but I never gave it to you, because I was just…too scared. I didn’t want to lose you if you didn’t feel the same. Y/n I swear the last thing I want in this world is for you to be hurt and, God, it nearly tore me apart, knowing I was the one hurting you. At Mali’s wedding, Luke was questioning me dancing with El since he knew I was head over heals for you and I guess that’s when you heard I was trying to make her jealous, but the her I was talking about was you. I didn’t know how else to get you to be mine. I was young, and scared, and stupid.” He rants.

“That doesn’t explain why you still go out with different women all the time.” You counter.

“Because, I’m trying to distract myself! If I had told you and you didn’t feel the same it’d be awkward and weird between us and I’d have to move on, so I saved myself the trouble. I’m so, so sorry that I’ve hurt you, Y/n. If you hate me now I understand, but you had to know, I do want you the way you want me, this whole time.” He says, before whispering. “I love you, Y/n.”

You don’t know what to say, so you stand and look at him for a quick second before jumping towards him and wrapping your arms around him. His arms hold you tightly against his body.

“I’m sorry I’m such an idiot.’ He mumbles.

“You’ve always been an idiot.” You laugh as you pull away slightly, looking all over his face, your eyes landing on his lips. You lean in and he meets you halfway, soon, your lips are moving together so perfectly, so magically. Everything felt like it was meant to be, the sparks flying, butterflies fluttering like crazy in your stomach. You break the kiss when your lungs burn, needing oxygen. Your both panting as you rest your forehead against his. You and Calum finally together. Finally happy.

So guys, guess what?


I honestly didn’t think we would have ever reached 2,000 followers, let alone 1,000! It’s absolutely awesome that we have so many people who believe in this comic, and we hope we’ll get even more, later down the line. As always, we greatly thank every one of you, as well as our future followers, for your continued support! We wouldn’t be here without for guys!

Think if we swap out for Tom’s real parents anyone will notice?

Also, I know that, looking towards the future, people are gonna be all, “Hurr hur hurrrr, Tom’s canon parents don’t look like that/their names aren’t Stan and Lucy.”, and to those people, keep in mind that we’ve been working on this comic since before Season 2 of SVTFOE even finished, so unless we broke into Disney TVA’s offices and/or interrogated Daron and the crew, there was no way we were going to figure out what Tom’s canon last name was, let alone what his parents looked like.

Heck, as some of you guys may have already known, Tom’s original last name was going to be Walker, but then the Interdimensional Guide book came out right as we were starting with the first pages of the comic, and it was revealed to be Lucitor, so tl;dr, we were able to change the last name from Walker to Lucitor just in time. But Lucy’s maiden name is Walker, as a nod to what their family name was going to be, had it never been revealed. ;)

We got one more post to show off, so give us juuuust a second….

Reveal Week Day 4: Comedic

[ao3 link] @miraculous-weeks

For Adrien, history was not his best subject. His grade was barely passing when he was home schooled, and he had to put in extra effort in public school. Even Plagg of all people tried to help him without a single sarcastic remark. Apparently his kwami was more than a bit of a history buff. As a result of his struggles, Adrien hung on Ms. Bustier’s every word when it came time for history.

“Elisabeth of Valois, despite being a young queen, did not get that much done during her nine-year reign due to her death during childbir-”


Oh no.

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Is the NickyOvi mob au a part of the Sidgeno Mob Wife au? If so, I wonder what Nicky's reaction to meeting Sid and his terrifying husband.

AU where Sidney was born into a rival family and his marriage to Geno was arranged (they had met several times and it was fortunate they very much enjoyed each other’s company, but it’s not like their parents wouldn’t let them break it off if it wasn’t working or anything–they were sensible people, after all). So the Crosby-Malkin conglomerate was a big ol era and well known in the Pittsburgh area, and Ovi had a business meeting with Malkin, who’d just returned from his–

“–third honeymoon?” Nicky repeats. “Why does he have to go on so many honeymoons?”

Ovi shrugs. “He loves his husband more than life itself. There’s a saying in their circle: if Sidney wants it, then Sidney gets it.”

“You fucking made that up,” Nicky deadpans. “You’re really fucking with me.”

“No, no,” Ovi says, arranging a few daffodils in the vase, then shouts at a rookie to cut the stems diagonally and to stop hacking at it, Jesus. “No jokes. Zhenya would rather shoot himself than deny Sidney anything.”

“Is it going to be dangerous?”

“No,” Ovi says. “Why, you worry?”

“I’d hate to see you full of lead,” Nicky says as calmly as he can, but the concept that Ovi was actually in the mob still freaked him out. 

Ovi ropes him in and noses at his cheek. “Such a loving boyfriend. I make new saying in our circle–whatever Nicky wants, he gets.”

“That’s okay,” Nicky says. 

“You sit with me, play nice with Sidney, drink expensive champagne,” Ovi says. “Should be fun.”

“Champagne? In your dirty little back office?”

Ovi had the balls to look offended. “Of course not. We’re having dinner at Ritz.”

“So, like at someone’s house?”

Ovi gives him a look.


The Ritz, as it turns out, was not the name of a mob boss. Ovi meant the Ritz as in the luxury hotel downtown, where half the restaurant had been cleared and their bodyguards were stationed discreetly in the corners. 

“What does Sidney look like?” Nicky whispers, feeling stiff in his starchy suit. He expects that Sidney would look, well, like a mob wife. Not that Nicky really had any idea of what that looked like.

“Here they are,” Ovi says, and stands up. “Zhenya!” he booms, and adds a couple of quick lines in Russian.

Evgeni Malkin is tall, perhaps even taller than Ovi, and lankier. He looks kind of like a dad. He greets Ovi with familiarity, and then introduces the man hanging onto his arm, who must be–

“Sidney,” Ovi says, kissing the man’s hand. “Beautiful as always.”

“That’s unnecessary,” Sidney says. Nicky notes that his accent wasn’t Russian. “Nice to see you again, Alex.” Sidney turns to Nicky, smiling warmly. Oh, he doesn’t look like a mob wife at all. He looks like a kindergarten teacher. “You must be Nicklas.”

 “Nice to meet you.” He must’ve stared too long at Sidney’s ink-stained hands, because Sidney noticed. “Sorry.”

“No, no, I’m sorry,” Sidney laughs. “I’ve been trying to finish grading papers the whole day. It’s been a mess.”


“I teach third grade,” Sidney says.

What the hell? Throughout the entire dinner, Sidney is pleasant and kind, and so is Malkin, although more boisterous, and Nicky feels like he’s at a PTA meeting, not that he’s ever been to one before. 

“You’re still screwing with me, I know it,” Nicky mutters in Ovi’s ear. “These two aren’t in the mob.”

Just as Nicky’s convinced that Ovi’s been fucking with him still, Sidney lays a hand on his husband’s chest, and Nicky catches a glimpse of the largest diamond ring he’s ever seen in his life, resting on Sidney’s finger. 

“Told you,” Ovi whispers back. “Whatever Sidney wants, he ge–”

“Okay, okay.” 


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Pairing: Sam x plus size!Reader
Word count: 811
Warnings: Low self esteem
Request: Anonymous. Can you do a sam x Thick!reader where she feels like he doesn’t like her because of her body shape or anyone else wouldn’t and he convinces her she is perfect. Thanks ma dude!

“Y/N?” Sam called, moving through the bunker. “Y/N? I know you’re home, so get your ass out here!” He called playfully. “Don’t make me call Cas in here to find you for me.”

Coming out of the library, you raised an eyebrow at him. “I’m kinda hard to miss, Sam.” You pointed out. “Now, what do you need?”

He chuckled, shaking his head. “Got a case. Pack a dress.” Sam winked, saying nothing more before making his way to his own room. “And heels!” You heard the grin in his voice, making you wonder what that was about.

You shook your head slightly before rushing after him. “Why?” You asked. “Me being in a dress wouldn’t help us at all. Why do you think I never wear them?”

Sam stopped, looking at you, confused. “Wait, what?”

Sighing, you shrugged. “Sam, girls like me tend to not like showing off our bodies.” You told him. “Some do, and they’re awesome, but I’m not one of them.” It was old news. How did he not notice that you never wore dresses, or skirts? “Hell, I don’t even know if I own any…”

“You’re wrong, you do know that, right?”

You crossed your arms over his chest, giving him a bored look. “I know there are clubs out there for fat girls, I know there are men with a…fetish…for bigger girls, that doesn’t mean I want to be used like that.” Your cheeks were bright pink, hating this.

Sam sighed. “Cas!” He called out.

“Come on, I’m right here!” You groaned.

He gave you a smirk right as Cas appeared. “Yes?”

Turning, Sam pretended to not notice the look you were giving him. “Find someone to take this case. Get the details from Dean.”

Cas looked confused. “Are you ill?”

“No, I have some plans to make.” He sounded entirely too happy. Turning, he left you alone with the still confused angel.

“Are you aware of what he’s talking about?” He asked you.

You shrugged. “I’m not sure. We were talking, and then…that happened.”

It was way too quiet for your liking after Dean had left. He clearly knew something you didn’t- the man had that look in his eye. If it were anyone but Sam staying back, you’d be scared of what that something was.

Heading towards the kitchen to make yourself some dinner, all you heard were the sounds of your blood pumping through your ears, your breathing, and the small noises the bunker made at random. Everytime you passed a room, you glanced into it out of sheer habit. It wasn’t like some random person could get it, but it was better to be cautious than lying on the floor unconscious.

“There you are.” Came Sam’s voice from behind you.

Turning, you playfully glared at him. “How is it that a man the size of bigfoot…is quieter than a ninja?” You teased. “Come to see what I’m making for dinner?”

He grinned, shaking his head. “Nope.” You raised an eyebrow, putting your hands on your voluptuous hips. “Come on.” Sam motioned for you to follow him.

“Will dinner be provided?”

“Of course.” He offered you his arm and you took it.

After a moment of walking, you glanced at him. “This better not having anything to do with earlier.” You told him. “I’d like to just forget the conversation, and enjoy our Dean free time.”

Sam chuckled. “Wait and see.” He told you.

Finally, you were led to the living room and he had you sit down on the couch. “We’re watching a movie?” You asked as he grabbed the laptop that was now hooked up to the tv. “Please not another weird documentary…”

“Promise. No weird documentaries.” He told you, turning everything on. “I had Dean go through his phone…and find every picture of us together he could find. I went through mine to find any pictures of you I could find.” Sam explained, a picture of you popping up on screen. It was you laughing at Dean when he’d put way too much hot sauce on his taco. “Watch my face when we’re together, and notice the pictures I have of you.” He told you, letting the slide show play as he reached off the side of the couch to grab the bag of takeout.

Ten minutes later and you were blushing. In every picture of you and Sam, his eyes were on you, eyes full of love, and in every picture he had of you, you were smiling, or laughing, or simply looking peaceful. Chewing on your lip, you didn’t know what to say. “See it now?”

You glanced at him. “See what?” You asked softly, wanting to see if what you were seeing was what he’d meant you to see.

“You’re perfect for me.” He told you, tucking your hair behind your ear.

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The boys are in Caem enjoying a nice meal when suddenly Nocts hand slides up Promptos thigh from under the table. How does Prompto react? Would anyone notice?

You would expect Prompto to jump - he isn’t the most subtle of people most of the time. However, the touch is familiar, one he knows all too well, one that over the years he’s come to expect from Noctis. 

Ignis notices because Prompto has stabbed the same potato three times and missed, and the normal rosy, sun-kissed flush on his cheekbones is a shade darker, making his freckles more prominent. He’s not an idiot; he can easily tell from the trajectory of Noctis’s arm that it isn’t as close to his own body as it should be, but that’s a rather small detail that comes from simply knowing the prince as well as he does. 

Gladio has no idea. He continues recounting stories of their travels, and every time he expects Prompto to chime in, the blond does, though his voice is a little higher pitched than normal. He thinks nothing of it, though, just Prompto being Prompto. 

Iris suspects, and has suspected for a long time, but Noctis’s face is so calm and unassuming that it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what he’s thinking anyway. He smiles on cue, and keeps eye contact, so there’s no reason to think there is anything perverse going on at their end of the table. 

Cor definitely notices, and he makes eye contact with them, a silent warning that they better not get carried away. Prompto pushes Noctis’s hand away, but it isn’t long before he’s reaching for it again and putting it back on his thigh. Cor just shakes his head with a scowl. 

Talcott notices, and thinks nothing of it. He sees Noctis reach for Prompto and he just smiles because he thinks that’s something that adult best friends do. He hopes he has a best friend he’s that close to when he gets older. 

They go all of dinner, right up until Prompto stands to help clear the dishes, and he instinctively leans down to kiss Noctis. Everything comes crashing in at once - from the realization that they had kissed in front of everyone (not that that’s too terrible; most of them were used to seeing that before the trip), to the glaring fact that Prompto’s pants weren’t tighter from eating. 

Prompto has never sat down and let Noctis take care of the dishes so fast in his life. 

BTS REACTION: Their S/O being stalked.

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You’d randomly bring it up on day during dinner. You weren’t really sure about it but you just hadn’t been feeling safe lately. Jin would start off with just making you feel safe and protected but when he actually noticed the guy, he’d get slightly angry. One day you were waiting for him in the park and Jin saw the guy heading straight for you when he himself arrived for your date. 

Jin stopped him before you could even notice the both of them and oh if looks could kill.
“I know she’s beautiful but she’s taken so back off or I’ll make you.” He spat.
The entirety of your date he’d be touching you and looking around to make sure the guy had understood. He’d do it every time you two went out for a number of weeks before he’d finally feel like you were safe.
If your stalker dared to show up again however, he would have wished he hadn’t.


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He’d noticed before you did to be honest. There was this guy that always took the bus at the same time as you did and he thought of the possibility of him stalking you. He stayed quiet about it because he wasn’t completely curtain but he’d still be slightly more protective then usual. offering to drive you to work or going with you whenever you went to the store. He didn’t particularly like grocery shopping so you knew something was up but decided against questioning him. One day he noticed the guy waiting for the bus around the time that you’d usually go to work, but when you didn’t show up, he saw the  guy walking back home to the same apartment block that you lived. This is when he told you about his concern. You two weren’t living together yet but that certainly became an option as you were together a lot anyway.

He wouldn’t confront the guy if it didn’t get too serious but he’d show that you were his whenever you two went out and when he saw the guy, he wouldn’t hesitate to give him a cold glare.


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You were out a lot to practice your dancing for an upcoming concert. You were a backup dancer but still didn’t want every move being less than perfect. Hoseok missed you so he decided to surprise you and come over with some snacks and drinks. He was about to enter the building when he noticed a guy staring at the window of where you were practising. He went inside and asked you if you had noticed. You’d answer “Yea, I’ve seen him a few times. It’s kind of freaking me out to be honest.” He wouldn’t hesitate to tell security about it and would always pick you up from practice. 

Only he was allowed to see your private dance shows. 


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You didn’t tell him at first that there was a guy bothering you at work because you knew he could get a bit jealous. So when he came to pick you up as a surprise one day and noticed the guy constantly bothering you, He’d walk up to the both of you and tell him off. “She said she’s not interested. With good reason.” He scoffed, getting in his face. He’d lay it in thick that the both of you are together until you could get off work. Even if he left already, Namjoon wouldn’t want to let go of you. He’d also talk to your manager about it who said he’d keep an eye out as well.

Let’s say the guy was lucky he didn’t get punched.


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He wouldn’t think. He’d just act.

Whenever he noticed the guy around you he’d go from squish to angry as F***. He’d want to go up to him and punch the living daylight out of him for scaring his dear Y/N but you’d stop him every time because you didn’t want him getting into trouble. One time however, you weren’t there to stop him.
He went up to him, not actually planning to do anything but to scare him off but when he saw the guy looking at pictures of you on his camera, he’d wouldn’t stay as friendly as planned. He’d take the camera away from him and punch him across the jaw. It took everything in his power to just leave him there and bring the camera to the police.
“He won’t bother you anymore baby.” “Don’t worry, he’ll just be a bit bruised for a few days.”


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He wouldn’t know what to do at first.

Tae would lay it in thick that you were his. Jimin had showed him a website that completely revolved around you (after you debuted in a group). He didn’t care if everyone found out about your relationship, as long as the creep would back off. He’d probably try to keep you inside as much as possible as well. tempting you with cuddles, sweets and video games.

If he felt like it was going on for too long, he’d go talk to your manager or the police even. He’d be fine with it if it were just company pictures but this was just going to far.


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He’d be alarmed, that would be a fact. Jungshook if you will.

He would come over to your place one day and see a bouquet of flowers on the table. “Where did these come from?” He’d ask. You thought he had left them the day before as he was one of the few people that knew your favourite flowers but when he told you he didn’t, you’d both be a bit freaked out. Jungkook wanted to go to the police immediately but you stopped him, deciding to wait it out as the police couldn’t really do anything anyway.
He’d definitely talk to his hyungs about it though and he would constantly be worrying about you, never letting you go anywhere alone.
He’d probably glare at every guy that looked at you wrong.

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Oh my g o s h I was looking at your Imagination Meets Reality pics, and I just noticed that Mickey had a reflection on the glass in the second pic dhajkfkladhfklahfakd l know I'm always saying this but your art is so amazing X3333

Lol thanks :) if you look closely i put one for Louie on the one where they’re all hanging out on the sofa couches. There are a few places where i forget little details like that but it was a fun experiment

Dear anybody… everybody 

Have you ever felt so physically and emotionally alone? That needing to be held in someone’s arms? That feeling when everyone around you is in a happy relationship and you think you’ll never get your turn?

Because all of a sudden you’re 18 and never been kissed. Never been noticed. You’re going to university and you don’t know the first thing about dating. And the best friend who promised to be by your side? She got noticed. And I’m so happy for her but it just made me realize that no one has ever wanted me that way.

And eventually you start thinking it’s your fault. You’re the problem. Your expectations are too high, and you try becoming someone you’re not. And it works for a bit but you’re not happy. You’re not comfortable like this. So I go back to the same old me…

I’m not very pretty. I’m not very anything.
And I’m just afraid that it’ll never be enough.  



Hadlee: Just…just tell me what happened.

Jax:…..You really wanna know…what they did…

Hadlee: *nods*

Jax: First…they laughed at me. Called me a freak, said I belonged in a dungeon…they said…I should be shipped off to a mad house. I started to cry…I tried to stop myself but…they noticed. One of them, grabbed my arm and pushed me outside. There…the other…hit me in the stomach and knocked me to the ground…

Hadlee: Jesus Christ….

Blink and you'll miss it

My mum once told me
To think about life
My whole life as just one year
January to December
In January you’re born
In December you’ll die
For me it’s spring now
The last spring days
Sunny and some rain

A year passes by
So fast
Sometimes too fast
Like life is something that happens
When we close our eyes
When we open them again
It’s the first December day
And we don’t really know
How we ended up there?
Just that the whole year went by
Without us even noticing

Blink and you’re dead
You were in November
Almost thanksgiving

I missed you
In a blink of an eye
You were gone
This time the moment
Didn’t last a lifetime
I wish it had
I had so many things
I needed to tell you
So many things to show you
And now you’re gone

Your time stopped
And I’ll keep my eyes open

(Poetryriotprompt - blink)

B.A.P reacting to their girlfriend having many boy friends


I think Yongguk wouldn’t have a problem with it. He would trust his girlfriend a lot so he wouldn’t be jealous over it. 


He would be a little jealous but he wouldn’t tell you about it. He would just give you hints and he would hope you will notice it. 


Daehyun would be so jealous and he would let you know he has a problem with it. Everytime when you said you will hang out with one of your male friends he would be upset. 


Youngjae would act like he don’t care at all about them but always when you were talking with them in front of him he would look at them with a disgusted face.


Jongup wouldn’t be happy with it but also he wouldn’t think it’s bad. Like Yongguk he would trust you a lot and he would try not to worry about them hanging out with you when he’s not around. 


Junhong would be also jealous about it but he would feel bad for it. He knew he can’t be like this because it’s your life and you can be friends with anyone you want. 

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